Thursday, April 17, 2008

the lie they dont want you to know about

the cholesterol lie.

good or bad it doesnt matter. high low, it doesnt matter. fact is im no doctor, i dont need to be. the doctors are misinformed.

you dont get clogged arteries from fat and chlestorol.

you probably dont believe this but i dont care, cuz i know better. in fact i know a lot more than you do or the doctors.

it starts with chlorine, in your water supply. in your shower and tap. to be terse, since thats the only way i know, chlorine tears your blood vessels and arteries, repeated abuse after years and years of exposure will micro tear your vessels, in turn then the fats and cholesterol grab on to the shredded parts and stick, then causing the clog, or problem.

classic western medical advice fixing the sypmtom. not the cause.

once again, get to the root of the problem.

thats like taking your car to the mechanic, telling him the check engine light is on, meaning something is wrong, then he cuts the wire going to the check engine light, then telling you its fixed.



Georges Rouan said...

Dig the new banner!

Anonymous said...
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Gary said...

True sly rib. keep the people just well enough to pay taxs and buy bandaid solutions keeps the american war machin rolling.

The Racin Caveman said...

Never heard this one before. How can one prevent exposure to chlorine if it's in our water?

KanyonKris said...

Nice theory - show me the proof.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

get a shower filter, kitchen filter, dont go in public pools.


read kevin trudeaus book natural cures, google your proof. its all over the web and proven scientifically.

Piotrek said...

Sorry Sly, but K. Trudeau is a snake oil salesman who's been charged, sued, you name it, and he always settles and keeps on lying.

The lifespan of people who lived using "natural" cures was 45.

TBS said...

where would we all be without Sly to tell us how it is? ;-)

Rhonda said...

I have never met anyone more like my dad than you, I think you are his long lost twin! He has been studying naturopathic medicine for years. He preaches the cholesterol, colon cleansing (if you want a good read "Cleanse and Purify Thyself" by Richard Anderson), and is even working on curing his bladder cancer drug free. Do you know the evils of root canals yet? :)

ckbikes said...

Sly's dead on with this one. Read the new book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes. The whole high carb, low fat diet was a policy blunder from the get go!