Tuesday, November 07, 2006

pseudo democracy, voting is a con game

you are thinking, what the hell does that mean?

"let the american public think they have a vote, say, or choice in who is elected. its a big con game and i will never take part in it.

its a side show

its a con

it makes you think (the tax payers, voters) you have a say. you dont have shit to do with it.

its already been figured out.

the government is a scam, they do what they want when they want. your vote has no validity.

when will everyone wake up?? who knows.

the electronic votes are manipulated, the rich win, they buy their way to the top and pay off everyone helping them.

al gore should be president.

that was fixed,

who ever wins the elections has deep pockets and will get what they want and make you think you had a voice in picking them.

its a scam, yes i said it 3 times.

my ass hurts, here is why

i put this seat on my cross bike 3 weeks ago, thats all i have been riding since then. its a carbon seat with no padding. ya its light and i like it but it sucks for long or mtn type riding.

today was almost 4 hrs and dry creek is a rocky bitch. with crappy brakes, no shocks and skinny tires it beat the hell out of me.

the scalpel just plain hauls ass on the rough stuff.
the cross bike sucks on the dh.

im glad i have the scalpel.
i put my new ipod in the washing machine and now it doesnt work.

why dont they make those things water proof


The Mop said...
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A-Train said...

my washing machine is waterproof..