Sunday, July 23, 2006

pissed off and ready to kick some ass

check out my new song, it fits the mood perfect.

i trained and busted my ass for 5 months for the race yesterday. on the results it says dnf. that is bullshit it should not say dnf. i rode for 5 hours yesterday. it should say "sly didnt do the course but he kicked everyones ass anyway"

more fuel for the fire. its my fault i dont blame anyone. i dont think it should say dnf. like add 15 mins to my time or something. i missed less than 10 mins of the course.

i learned more things not to do next weekend. or every weekend. i learned things to do. maybe its getting me ready for the next 5 weeks of races where all the things i have learned over the past 15 years will help me throw down.

well i will be faster, i will be weighing less, that means more ass kicking. im goin to do the 50 mile same course as yesterday on aug 26th just to blow the record up and show them i didnt dnf.

i rode crest trail with bart today, i did 1.5 hrs, from mill d, loop back to the van.

he rode over lambs then over to emigration.
millcreek odd day riding sucks, we should get to ride that trail any day. i feel like going over there with a big 2 foot machete strapped to my leg and pulling it out on any hiker who starts talking shit that its an odd day, and say look at this big ass knife you wanna make a deal out of it?

brian head saturday and next week. maybe all this rage i have will destroy the field saturday. i own the course record down there at 3.5 hrs and its going down.

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LyndaW said...

Nice to see you out riding so fast.

That course was a biatch to follow...