Thursday, March 22, 2007

the rim ride

well i would like to tell you guys i was down here shredding, you know riding all day in the sun and stuff. but i sat on my ass resting and walked to the maverick. i have seen many guys i know wreck their races or goals by over training and thats not my style. you may think i ride a lot put in big hours but i dont. compared to most,

people ask me if i train 7 days a week and i wonder if they are serious. like they dont know its the rest that makes you fast. not the hard training. i see guys ride and ride hard, train big hours then go to the races and get crushed,... and they dont know why.

all you have to do is sit on your ass a few days a week and rest, then magically you feel like superman and can hammer for hours with no pain in the legs.

its a simple concept that many dont understand.

the 2 kings of this rest concept is jones and bart. those guys train hard, but they rest more than anyone else i know.

so the moral of this story is dont think you are lazy for watching tv all day 2 days a week you might just be rested enough to go to the races saturdays and slay the competition.

mikey sent me this email,

Chris, my friend knows this guy. I guess he sold all his shit on ebay about six years ago and wrote a book about it and went on tour and shit. Here's the URL. Also, send me your email address, so we don't have to keep using this gay ebay message board. I didn't get to hear your radio thing yesterday, was it fun? Also, were you on CNN? Mike

i dedicate this poster to all the utah roadies who sit in a pack in a race and talk until the final sprint.

heres a pic of bz's giant hard tail. 13th floor, 1 south main. lookin over at BST, dreamin of ripping fast 1 track.

its sittin right where it should be. cuz its not gettin on the podium. there are too many scalpels in town to allow a hard tail with the fab 5. to the lamen thats the top 5 at the ICUP.

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Forrest said...

Yup, the rest period is when you get stronger. I rested an entire week before I did Moab solo. I did a hard week followed by a rest week. I think you can rest on the bike too, spin around for a half hour to keep the blood flowing, but thats it. No intesity or endurance.