Thursday, March 15, 2007

this one girl is in town

if you dont know my pal laini here you go, the digs in sunny san diego. i guess we are going to moab tomorrow. her and the girls are runners and like running 13 miles in a row. that sounds like hell, so i will check out the rim ride route.

then i think shes going to some music carnival in miami next week. sorry i cant make it. got to ride in moab for like 10 hours.
check out my sweet bib

fred at poison spider sent me this map and marked off the trail for me, so i guess i better check out some of it. i know about half those trails but its been a few years. hope i dont get lost.

i guess this means im going down next week and ride with some locals and follow wheels for as long as possible.

if i dont feel like finishing i wont. but i would like to try it anyway. sounds kind of fun is some sick way. i wonder if adam or bionic dave will be there

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