Monday, June 25, 2007

the flying scot from st george

steve and the kids

lynda wallenfels here with bionic dave

this one girl from far far away. now likes the hot summers in dixie.?!?! ya hot. but similarly she burns hot laps for the whole day, keeps up with coaching, the hubby, the 2 kids, training with bionic dave, trans rockies mtn stage race, 24 hr solo races, 12 hr solos, 100 milers. ok you get the idea. she likes to ride a lot. so i had to catch up with lynda and see what makes a tiny girl like her keep the pedals going for so long.

rippin the dh while the guys walk. ya that gets it done.

emma & wes

dynamic duo lynda and dave in canada racing trans rockies

how come you like riding all day, race long, train long hours all the time.

Well I just like to ride my bike and I hardly ever get tired so don't have the sense to know when a good time to stop is. It keeps getting bigger. A hundie was big, then it wasn't anymore, then a 24 solo. Next year I'm racing Grand Loop which takes about 3 days and in 2009 I plan to do the Great Divide Race which is 2500 miles. That sounds quite big.

why do you live in st george

I was wondering that myself yesterday when my patio thermometer was reading 106F

tell us about mum lynda, riding, racing, coaching, training, all that has to fill your day.

That is a big question! Want an essay? I don't have a routine. Things change all the time. I make lists of things to get done and get them done. It is like a puzzle and I figure it all out. The answer is not the same every day. The lists are full of a mix of mom, coaching, housewife, training and bike stuff. If you want me to do something make sure it is on my list. I like ticking stuff off. If I do something that is not on the list sometimes I will write it on anyway so I can tick it. The kidz are too big now to shove in the bike trailer, Wesley is out of school for summer and most of the daylight hours here are over 100F. In August my little one Emma starts Kindergarten. That's gonna change my world - free time 9am - 3:30pm five days per week. Wanna go ride?

do you really like bionic dave

Oh yes he is cute and lovable but most of all he is very incorrigible. I like that in my friends.

how am i as the premier blog interviewer

I've been enjoying your series of interviews and am very flattered to be asked but where are the how to pick up chicks question for me? Do you not want to know how to pick up a chick like me?

if you could go back in time what year would you pick and what would you do

Well the 1800's would be pretty cool so I could see the country without roads and concrete. Actually I think right now is pretty great. I have big plans on the cards for 2008 and 2009.

do you like cold snowy winters

Snow's fer penguins


Dave said...

You heard it here sports fans, LW dropping the hammer on the GDR in 2009. That is going to to be cool!

Bernice said...

Great interview with Coach Lynda! Thanks!


Brad Mullen said...

Lynda's from another planet. Great mom (see her blog), great racer & coach and unbeliveable person. She's simply the best... Thanks for the interview Sly.

Brad Mullen