Friday, January 22, 2010

primetime blog about as good as alex g's which isnt sayin much

this blog is about as good as alex's
bart and ali, or chippo.

facebook is taking all my time.

heres my bike from today i shouldnt have went down cove wash.

im down in st george again. the barrel and rim runner was prime but the river was flowing down the wash and it sucked so i rode to the car wash.

i cant get my sram xx all jacked up this early in the year.

we were also down here last weekend. it was about 65 if i can recall. my memory is fading in my old age.

the week before that. it was the 9th we went to chicago and drove up to madison. thats always a good swap.
the week before that was new years and i guess you can see how that went,


ag said...

how'd the xx cassette do in the mud?

Jonnie J said...

Whats the verdict on the new SRAM stuff?