Wednesday, May 31, 2006

mueller grueller = 4hrs

note to self: never ride mueller at 7pm i passed the whole freaking town. probably over 100 people, its a sweet 7 mile ripper dh really narrow and with all the green foliage and dusk shadows it was a granny cruiser tonight. better go slow than break a leg, yours or mine. after i did a short road ride this AM. then some sweet 1 track up city creek the hours in the hurt locker are about 4. i'm not riding tomorrow my chips are cashed in and im as i said in the hurt locker. i got some pics of the lake. good days of summer the cave reminds me to enjoy them fully as may 06 is now in the books and hot june is now here. heres my secret stash. up top of mueller its rudy flat. a small camping area and 3 fire pits. go due south on the main trail you can see city creek about 1/4 mile up this trail it dead ends. you passed the stash. go back 50 feet the trail forks west. this goes down to rotary park in city creek. its the worst trail i have ever ridden. thats why im telling you about it. its steep as any norba downhill. overgrown, narrow as your front tire and supposed to by for hikers only. nobody is ever on it. its almost covered up by brush and branches. if you want to ride it , its super slow and a waste of elevation loss. but its there still and for some reason i ride down it once a year saying i'll never do it again. but its a short way back to the big city.

this is antelope island this is looking due south into city creek and the slc valley

a free tip from sly, training breaks you down. rest days build you up. so ride hard, then rest hard. i intend on resting hard tomorrow.
i need some more water melon. i wonder if ATRAIN will be fat when he gets back from texas.

what is lucky

every time i go to nevada they say do you feel lucky>?!?!?!. im talkin about luck in life or a race or something like that. some guys say after the race they were lucky. what the hell does that mean. you trained your ass off and planned something how is that luck. maybe you didnt flat then you passed a guy with a blown wheel. luck ya whatever, karma, luck something.
i heard someone say luck is when preperation meets opportunity. that sounds more like it.

i did some trails last night then rode up the canyon. 3 hrs shammy time. so today im thinking of going over the top to eagle ridge golf course then up mueller and back its about a 3 hr round trip. we'll see how i feel once i get down town, and as always i will let you know if i see anything news worthy.
oh ya i saw a snake, not snake from flag. up in red butte last night but who cares its a snake not bigfoot.

ATRAIN and the wolfs sites are blown up again. get on it and flip that you trick ass switch

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

dont steal my bike

the wolf has a blog
check it out straight outta seattle.
so you dont worry where i am, im going riding mtn trails for 3 hrs until it gets dark. thats the good thing about may and june. longest days of the year. the next 3 weeks are cool it gets dark at 930. in case you forgot. if i see anything worth a double take i will be sure to tell you.


Monday, May 29, 2006

east canyon 3 hrs in the pain cave with bg

we scared off stormin normin and sean young, they didnt want the fury unleashed on them. saw them coming off big mtn but were afraid to climb up it again. went down the east canyon dam then came back to emigration. 1st rule if you want to ride easy dont go with any kind of gillespie family name, dad, brothers, wives, 1 years olds, 6 year olds? grannys, dogs, cows, any of them. its like a race the whole time. that goes for jones as well. if you want to race and hammer then go ride with them. even known bart was cruising anyway just looking at the scenery. heres roj and bg dropping me.

some nice sheep.

we saw steven p lewis at the lake, he got 3 flats and barts tube had a hole in it so hes hitching it 13 miles back to echo.
peace out homey

i found another repeat customer SEMPER FI !!!

i got this awhile ago i just found it again and thought i would share it with you. good times on the www.

Item: mavic crossmax mtn disc tubeless wheelset used (7185154999)
This message was sent after the listing closed.
james031972 is the winner.
Hey man, this is not a trivial CRAP, what is wrong with you freaking bastard, don't be an asshole. The last thing I need right now after rotating from overseas is having to deal with a jackass like you; I want to enjoy my time here stateside so freaking don't ruin it. The item was auctioned used indeed, and having checked the rear rim with a tire truer, YES asshole there is a 1/4 inch hop. Make up your mind, I am trying to resolve this with you. You did not mention that there was a hop in the rear wheel. There is no trivia here. I took pictures and I can show them to you. Listen punk and listen good, resolve this or I will have this freaking wheelset shoved where you don't want it shoved. Don't let me come to where you live and treat you like a raghead, you understand me. Semper fi.

im goin to east canyon with bg and roj.
i wonder where ATRAIN is the wolfs server blew up again, no wonder its free.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

on 7th east.... the pink dude

i went to 2 movies today, x3 then davinci. i always see this guy walking around town. here he is today with his pink fur coat, appropriate for the weather i think and strikingly stunning, wouldnt you say?

bg TT series

if youre wondering why bart and jones didnt race yesterday its because they are east side millionaires. they dont race on flat courses and in the cold, wind. no really its because bart was working on this trail network around his house. when its done we are going to have tuesday night worlds on this sweet short track course, its a 10 min lap raced TT style because of the tight twisty 1 track. with a big climb on the back hill it should favor the land owner and trail builder, obviously. so next time you see the raleigh duo give them a hard time for bailing on the best trail we have raced on in 10 years, and watch to see when the trail is done so we can shred the oaks.

here you go kday, so lets dance.

if you want to see a map from yesterday kday made a sweet one at

its snowing up here right now so i think i will watch tv all day and see how this late may weather turns out.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

i raced in a field

i almost won this one, almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades though. bp passed me with 2 mins to go and i lost by 10 sec. too bad the wind turned this easy course into a 1.5 hr threshold pain cave. 50mph headwinds made you feel like you were climbing snowbird. only like 10 guys showed up in expert, we passed the 6 other younger experts, they started a minute ahead, and i made up 1.5 mins on 4 pros, does that count? i hope so, they did another lap but still a flat trail with wind sucks ass.
im tired now i will have a nap.

Friday, May 26, 2006

cut my head

the pedal spun around and while i was cranking the other one off and ripped my skull open. i will spare you with any pics. the blood was running down my fore head. im gonna go ride dry creek then go home. pretty boring day, so thats all i got for you. hopefully i wont get blown off the ridge.

i wonder if bart g is going to ride the cx bike, xc hardtail or full suspension tomorrow.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

worked over

im wasted, my legs hurt from goin up 10 steps. jones says i do too much climbing. oh ya jones, he crashed last sunday in boise fell in a ditch in the trees hit his leg on the stem and still won 600 bucks. thats why they call him climb-em jones. i rode about an hour and that all she said. then i had a nap and hopefully ill feel better tomorrow. nothing like sprinting around in a field for 2 hrs. sounds fun i cant wait. maybe art will race his cross bike. maybe slowran will show up, he says hes gonna win. watch out for indo-ran.

if you know who this is email me

seems hes undercover.

i had a dream... oh wait its real

its 5am and im awake, so i found this on the web. sweet memories

too bad it wont show up but if you click on it, it works.

i dont know why im up, its a mystery. im not tired, its dead quiet in the house, no mice, no babies, no bart going to work early. maybe ill go ride, i never ride early, it reminds me of 24 hrs moab. sunrise laps. i dont have my own mtn bike since cannondale cant make any leftys and keep up with the demand. all bikes are like 5 months behind. so that means mine should be here in october. sweet. so im borrowing a rush. its a good bike but not my style of xc race bike. its a free ride bike and it fits good for the cobbled feeling of saturday in the field. the dirt in the field is really hard bumpy crap like a bunch of cows walked in the mud then it got really hard. so anyway i found this hard tail on ebay i think im buying it until the scalpel shows up.

over at revolution, happe and ryan. those guys i think are gay lovers. they keep showing me their ass.

ryan wife jody gave me an idea, im going to steal it but its about the 24 moab teams, hows the team name 5 inches in the rear. i like it

i can get this bad boy down to 18 lbs, it wont do me any good until july but at least i have a cool sick lite weight trail shredder. ya 18 lbs, its not a lie. i checked these reynolds wheels out again yesterday. the bare wheelset is 1 lb lighter than crossmax sl, the tires are another pound. over maxxis lust. tubeless tires suck, heavy ass big knobbies. ever heard of stans???? with a normal tire???? save yourself some pain on the next 45 min climb at the and try lightening your freakin tire load.

i did a ride with the heavy ones and another with the light ones yesterday. if you have any idea on rotational weight you would go buy some these even if you are homeless. 2 pounds of rotating weight on the very ends of the wheels?? come on im not a UDOT BARREL TECHNICIAN but if youre going to race, and train 15 hrs a week dedicate your basic life to winning then use some common sense. 2 pounds just on the wheelset is simply crazy.
so at the races come check out my new hard tail that weighs less than your road bike. also with 4" in the front

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

3 rides = 3 hrs

i went down to thanksgiving point to check out the decker dash. its just like the old days at the dmv. back 1995/1996. bumpy lots of apex turns and weeds. really gay. if you got the watts you might win so too bad all the roadies are doin that other gay stage race. they could come out, race in a field and say they race mtn bikes too. 10 miles 40 mins. 3 laps, 30 miles 2 hrs in a field with no shade. good thing we are starting at 9am. we have all these nice trails around here and we are racing in a field. good times. i dont have any pics today i just road dry creek and some guy was trying to drop me, i passed him, then he tried staying on my wheel i wasnt having any of that so i dropped him and didnt take any pics. now im riding home. too bad art is moving to texas he probably scared i'll kick his ass at over the top. alot of people talk shit, but only a few can back it up.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

mega pear

if youre going through hell,

keep going--
winston churchill.

check it out

im kickin it watchin tv, time to eat some watermelon, i will im goin to the foot massage then 2 movies, then more tv
im watching plastic surgery obsessions on vh1. people getting cosmetic surgery mostly movie stars. michael jackson type freaks that say they never had it done. some admit they are drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters but they deny having gone under the knife. what a bunch of shit.

those tv stars need some therapy. dont we all?

Monday, May 22, 2006

ride work eat ride eat sleep

thats my daily routine, im not complaining its a good thing. im not in a wheel chair and i can count to 100. thats another good thing.

i just got back from big mtn. 3.5 hrs today. im not riding tomorrow. im not working, im gonna coast down to town and get my van then eat pineapple and watermelon all day. drive home and watch tv for 9 hrs. sweet deal. for 2 days in a row i hit the green light down at the bottom of the canyon. i bet no one else has done that. this east side oaks entrance stings after 3 hrs. try it some time its like 10% and adds 10mins to your ride. good thing for the 34 cog. im upgrading my bike to a 27 t, just to put out some watts.

one thing is for sure, when this last 20 lbs comes off theres gonna be hell to pay.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

i bagged this bull moose

down by mt dell. hes cold chillin in the brush. i rode 2 hrs tonight up by big mtn. parleys is fav. of mine. i found some socket allen keys. add it to chuckys collection of old tools.

remember every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.

im riding 9 hrs tomorrow. maybe.

i won this race in st george

saturday nights at the race track. dont mess with fire you will get burned. this is casey, he tried passing me on the inside line, i shut him down.

grandma fox is 80 now, hope im around that long. the way i live on the edge im not sure it will happen. 2012 is coming up and the world is supposed to end with a asteroid or something. maybe i'll move down to arizona bay. i think i might try the mild winter of st george. oct to april. i used to live down there in 1990. it has grown a bit since then. everytime i think of slc winters i get a feeling of nausea.

its good to see the clan at a celebration instead of this, even if its ran by one the best roadies this side of the mississippi.
i've been to more funerals than need be in last few years. everyone should have a b-day party. i'm throwin a hum dinger up at barts on aug 10th. but he doesnt know yet. everyone is invited, the whole valley is coming so eva better take a nap.

drivin to st george is like a warm up, after all the drives i've been on in the last few years, or 6 months. seattle, san fran, portland,tucson, san diego, denver. at least twice. i hauled ass got back in 3.5 hrs. this van rips it up, 120 mph and 80 mpg.

at least i didnt get a ticket or wreck it like this one last nov. in san fran.

im puttin this on $900 bucks takes it. it looks bad here but in person its damn nice, needs a paint job. thats about it.

i stopped by d-rocks cabin its near kolob canyon down by zion. new harmony utah the mormon compound. his cat showed up today after a week in the desert. looking all haggard and hungry. reminded me of ATRAIN.
here are his dogs rigley, jamaica and bahama.
they keep the coyotes away. or foxs.

i have a few more pounds to shed, i'll try this book and let you know how it goes. looks like i'll find out in 2011.

well its 3pm, time to ride.
maybe i'll be back by 10.

Friday, May 19, 2006

friday night fun.. sly style

i almost got killed by 10 cars today, why are drivers so god damn stupid. i almost threw a rock into his window. if it wasnt for my catlike bike handling skills i would be dead. and you guys wouldnt be reading this. since its a fact i dont and never will wear a helmet. ya go ahead shake your head and call me stupid. im a stupid SOB. so when im not dead but in the hospital come over and tell me again how stupid i am. the UTA BUS DRIVES SUCK ASS. everytime im down town they cut me off and i call the info line and report the bus number maybe they will get fired one day. they all drive worse than krafty.

nothing like workin all day then riding till 10pm. i left at 6 and just got back. ya 4 hrs shammy time. im worked over i barely made it home. i was climbin like basso when he stole the pink jersey the other day. haulin ass in the 34 cog.

here are some snow pics up millcreek. i made it up about 8 miles with 20 dismounts in the last mile.

i got this newest tiesto cd today. it rules like all the other tiesto cds. hes the best dj in the world

art calls it ass fuckin music

jones went up to boise to collect some easy prize money, the race is tomorrow in heber. i wont be there. that course is lame. the even better one is the decker dash at thanksgiving point next week end. sponsored by

i stopped at this gas station i dont know what i was thinkin. just read the damn sign. everything in there costs extra.

im goin to the south in the AM. st george for a kegger at my grandmas 80th. its better than goin to a funeral.

i'll put in the cd on the way down and imagine art and the wolfe making out to this homo music.

i gotta get back to the dog whisperer.
until tomorrow dont get hit by a uta bus.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

when is going to snow

hot damn im hot. im joking, i hate the snow. but 90 is killing me already.

i ate a bunch of chicken and steak tonight and didnt ride more than 30 mins. seems im a bit sore and needing a day off. i want to ride up millcreek, maybe tomorrow. 3 hrs we'll see. i went to this girls pink party tonight instead, here are some really exciting pics, call me crazy.

this is taylor. he loves skatin

matt, nicole and mariah

thats what im doin now, cold mackin sly style.

viva la bam and don vito. its the best ever.

ya party on. good times.

thats all i got for ya, sly not ridin means no action on the www.
stay tuned for a snow report tomorrow.

i gotta get back to the worlds worst sports disasters.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

crank up the ac

i remember back in jan. i wished it was 90. well here it is, its 90 in the office so i cranked up the ac. now its 87.
for 2 days ive been trying to catch up on shipping. i packed over 100 orders and now i have 2 left for fedex. a wake board and a 1980 cannondale road bike.
last month i spent over $2500 on shipping and ebay got $4500. paypal takes $1500,... what a racquet. glad i could support them.

my legs hurt and feel like some kind of wood product. oak, or maple sounds good.
im hungry again and i opened up the newest velo. turned right to a page that says "hurting more than usual, youre probably thirsty" a pic of lance with white paste around his mouth. i wont speculate how it got there. but if you remember a few years ago he lost 9 lbs in a one hour time trial. try drinking a gallon a day and see how you feel. next time you reach for the advil or beer. the water does wonders.

im trying to get the motivation to ride home. it should take me 2 hrs today, the way i feel. it took me 15 mins to go to the post office 7 blocks away, i just put on a new road bar and tape. new cleats on my spd sandals. thats enough to get me up the hill. i'll stop by rubios and get 12 dozen fish tacos. then watch nba. at least its not 87 degrees at the den.

here are some pics from last weekend.
erik tonkin has a hold on portland. this guy sells paintings i guess, or drapes.

i should email this to the tree farm

here are some crazy things i found up in the hood river woods.

remember pain is there to tell you your still alive and kicking so get to know it better.

when youre in the pain cave embrace it. soon it will be gone and you can do it all over again tomorrow.

smashed finger

check it out, a cog tooth on a rear wheel punctured my finger nail. it would be cool if it fell off.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ohran the wicked clown

ohran put this on his new truck, ya sweet dog.
2 hrs of trails and road today. im tired and hungry. time to kick it and rest up for tomorrow.

then i worked him over up dry creek, he couldnt hold my wheel, i put him in the hurt locker.

more of the same, me waitin, made me late for my foot massage. so we ripped down bobsled. some fools are putting 10 foot drops on the side of the trail near the bottom of lower bobsled. what a bunch of clowns.
hence the term clown hillers.

9-11 was planned and ordered by the U.S. government. it was designed to scare the country so they can impose martial law and say "we are here to protect you so do what we say" F the government they wont get any of my money.

g-dub wants your taxes to run the planet. not just the usa, the whole planet. he wants your gas money, he wants to scare you into thinking they are the only ones who can protect you by taking away your rights. more security. signing away your rights. listening to your phone calls. implanting chips into animals and then people for tracking. 666 the sign of the beast.

welcome to the new world order.

your car door is a death trap

i picked up a few of these stickers

i woke up to this, nice blue skies and green sapplings. im going to go soil sampling today. slowran thinks he can wax me. i will be doing the waxing. his bald head into the pavement.

i got in 2.5 hrs yesterday, i shredded dry creek then rode up the hill in the dark. i forgot my lights and the moon was missing in action. when i got here i saw bart got me a new truck.