Friday, February 27, 2009

warm day alta

its a balmy -10 windchill with 30mph sustained up on the sugarloaf, warm day for shorts.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

its all on facebook

Sly is obama is a gifted speaker, makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy but really is no better than bush.
7:30am - Comment

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Blaze Rippington at 8:34am February 25
who is this obama cat i keep hearing about?

Sly Fox at 8:40am February 25
people think the pres, whoever it is has control, but he has little to no control. hes a puppet installed by the men behind the curtain, to look nice, shake hands and make people feel nice about the decisions he has no control over . the guys behind the curtain stealing all your money have the control, and tie his hands, he cant do anything. he just talks good and everyone likes him.

Brock Cannon at 8:47am February 25
that's about as spot as i've heard. glad to hear not everyone is oblivious to the real "operation" going on here.

Sly Fox at 8:49am February 25
see below, sly knows everything. atrain

Mike Sohm at 9:56am February 25
it's the party man! it's all a big party!! woooo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

photo time with ali g

the cav doesnt mess around, i think boonen is washed up, its early and tommy is a classics rider so im sure he will do some crazy rides next month, but the cav is a pure sprinter and tommy boy cant hang with the speed so i say suck it.

photo credit by ali g.

if you want to follow the life of ali g jr. aka ethan read it all here, the life and times of a sub 1 year old talented blogger.

spring fever is in the air, seems just like last week we were moto pacing up emigration, ali and tiff want some pain so i say BRING THE PAIN

i was bookin around on the mo ped yesterday with no gloves, it was like 60. and the snow is all melted out of the front yard which is north facing so to me thats a big deal.

sunday night i stopped by chipotle for a chicken burro, i started to worry when i walked up to the door and there was a big pile of puke no less than 10 feet out of the front door out on the sidewalk.

some one got sick, this is the first red flag not to eat at this particular establishment on this particular day.

anyway i proceeded to buy a burro, and stuff it down the pie hole. we went home and i was sick no less than 30min later, oh it was ugly.

the location of said establishment is chipotle 1400e fort union.

over past 36 hours i have thrown up no less than 7 times, i will leave it at that but i should have taken some pics as i have not thrown up since 24hrs moab 2001.

it was ugly

Monday, February 23, 2009

in search of bikeman

this is my weak attempt at a weekly post. the www has not been calling lately.

hes world famous

white line fever

frozen lake at snoqualmie

idaho truck stop.
get some.,..... errrrr

24 hrs drive time up to seattle and back, 10,987 miles 567,897 vertical, 4 days lots of parts and the fixie hippie types are more dirty and dramatic than the slc brethren. long dreds, dirty clothes, sitting out with the coffee in a rare sunny seattle winter day.
seattle has deep bike culture, its a way of life.
other cities similar to them are portland, san fran, denver, madison and nyc. but noticed less waist long dreds on the east coast. maybe its the tree hugger pac northwest feel.
bike swaps are sight to be seen first hand. the best ones are in denver, madison, t-town, tucson, san fran, cow palace, north bay-marin, or south bay cupertino, seattle. i go to these every year. some are held twice a year, spring and fall.
the slc swap is way smaller than these and features more buyers than sellers. the slc swap is good for me to unload some jerseys so i will be there selling high end jerseys i have over 400 items of clothing to sell there. its on march 7th at the slc county fairgrounds at 9 or 10am.
if youre in town stop by and check it out, they charge $5 to get in but if you come to my space i will give you $5 just for coming by.
but remember you have to come say hi and say give me $5 bucks and i will gladly kick it down.
no obligation to buy.
maybe team rico will show up with his wing in a sling

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

aldo nova

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

north bound white line fever

less than 48 hrs i'll be driving the man wagon up to sea town, 12 hrs 1 way. gotta connect with my roots.

anyway seems like the racing season is under way, lots of races all over pres. weekend. road and mtn.

most impressive i have seen so far is miss wallenfels with the solo 1 speed victory at old pueblo. that girl is hard core.

she did more laps than all the solo guys, and this year she didnt break her collar bone.

good job
time for some R&R.

dang thats impressive.
you wont catch me riding any where for 24 hrs. my new limit is 3 hrs. thats enough.

old pueblo results here

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

time for lunch

60 pound rice krispy

cheese brick

the meat ship

i'll tell bart to pack this for you next trip up the wasatch summit

Sunday, February 08, 2009

its sunday so go to church

Friday, February 06, 2009

self imposed joke

i've been getting emails from some readers about my parental advisory label on this blog. its kind of a joke, i think its mildly humorous.

i installed it myself, since there nothing bad on here any way.

im sure i can offend a few mormons here and there with swearing but thats about it.

so thanks for the input but i can take it off when ever i want

we hit up alta with 18" of fresh, its too cold here im going back to the beach.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

turbo isnt going

i hope to be back next weds in time for iron mike tysons aka the nuge has the premier appearance on survivor next thurs. i should make it., so dont worry.

if any of you dont know this guy you should watch and see if he wins, cuz hes not telling. its about contracts and stuff. hes sworn to secrecy. any way i dont think he knows since the final prize is given live in a few months.

you cant miss the kid at the races, sometimes he goes to the snowbird hillclimb other times hes mixing it up with chris holley at sundance and soldier hollow, hes very handsome and very famous, well at least he hopes so.

maybe turbo will go to the pizza party, but i hear linde and kenny jones are. so thats a good time right there.

sitting on the beach all day is boring, good thing i brought the road bike, so we went out and ripped up the beach

Sunday, February 01, 2009

i like the under dog but

i think arizona is going to get waxed today.

my predictions are always 90% wrong, thats why i dont bet on football anymore.

the easy way would to be to pick the team that i think will lose, then you will win.

so i like the under dogs, i hope arizona can win but i think they will get crushed today in tampa bay