Thursday, November 29, 2007

on the road again

or blogger slacker

i've been busy with bike stuff so sorry to be boring.

ok what bike stuff?

ok this stuff, it takes most my day to ship all that crap out.

no rides, or crazy things happening.

but its about to change. big things goin down the next month of dec.

tomorrow its white line fever to san fran. spend the day in the big city and head north to portland for no particular reason other than i can.

stop at my friends shop and pick up some deals.

maybe the green lantern will be in town.

next couple weeks i'll be goin to kansas city, st george for xmas, new years. i got the new scalpel down to 19 pounds. time to rip some trail.

im sure i'll see somethin good tomorrow.

i saw this, 1994 national pro cx champ racing again in the bay area

don myrah, hell ya

Monday, November 26, 2007

rave house party in the fox den all day


these new cd's kick ass
some of my hoes came over to shake it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


i found this story and updated the post a week later.

i found out friday about mike janelle, it bothers me when people die. it might not seem that way if you know me. i dont like to talk about it.

but if its someone you see, know. friends or relatives its weird cuz they are gone and you wont see them for a long time. its like going on a vacation and not coming back. not being able to email or call on the phone.

so even known these guys are not best buddies or the like, you see them from time to time. give the what up and move on. watch these guys at the races suffer, give the good job look and i know how you feel look after its over. not saying much but communicating with feelings instead of words.

seeing these guys, like mike and AB , there are more, but these 2 stand out the most for me.

at events across the country. sometimes over the years maybe like 4 or 5 years ago him and jay henry came to st george for some early season march racing.
they were both "out of shape" and put the hurt on. i remember the old days like it was last week.

just acknowledging that you see them, saying hey and moving on probably too quickly.

then to learn theyre gone and that was your last chance, for awhile.

just so you guys know how good this guy is, i got this pic of him and bart rippin the first lap at moab 24 last month. side by side dual in the desert for an hour in the sand.

here the end of the lap. about 100 feet from the finish.
big pic here
sager has a good pic up in deer valley.

i hope there are good trails up there, otherwise im goin to be bored.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

ballistic hornet is off the chain

it was a cold dry day in the 801, but sunny.

big city SLC, the last truly wooded area in the whole valley.

acres of dirt roads, ducks, goats and 1 track. in the heart of zion.

ya true beauty is kids and ducks walking on 1/2" thick ice and watching them fall through and scream bloody murder.

im starting a new website.

stuff on ducks dot com

if you were at the race today you can see B horn and g love tag teamin it like old skool sandy and gardie.

good times, big time pain cave with goat heads today. nice to chill and watch some cx action.

i dont think there was one person today that didnt flat or crash.
the corners were super 2 wheel drift high speed gravel with a few million goat heads. i told you to bring the slime tubes.

kathy didnt get enough winning by 10 mins so she lined up with the guys later and crushed georgia gould style.

rolled a tire and kept going.

who needs tread.

thats got to be demoralizing if your a dude racing for the first time of the day and the chicks pass you, the chicks that already raced and started behind you.

kathy, heather, erin, tiff, meara. sorry girls the rest of you missed out on the pic.

Friday, November 23, 2007

ali G is sellin his ego on egay

check it out, make a bid and you might be able to gain some self confidence with a bit of help from his ego.

i was told,

chippo is sick with giardia and cant make it to the race tomorrow.

hes in ICU, throwing up.

im not allowed to set up the course at wheeler, there are too many goat heads and the route i would pick has 50 million. as it sits a lot of people are flatting so they pick the roads with no thorns, and the grass up front is off limits.

jon bear will set up the freeway tomorrow.

bring the watts and slime tubes.

outta the jungle

prime time kicks it live,

slow ran says hes givin me 2 g's to finish top 25 in ruta next year. all expenses paid.

if chucky and sager can do it, then why cant i

looks hard, maybe he should have said top 5.

name the 3 amigos and win a prize

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wheeler farm

saturday i wont be racing. im retired,

but the swiss miss is in town for the holidays so shes gettin the superlight reynolds/tufo sew ups and domination is unleashed.

remember heber last month, kathy was on an off week and thats a good thing cuz she would have went down like a ball of flames

last weekend she crushed it indy style.

indiana cx states on the scalpel got 2nd so come check out the watts shes throwin around.


pig out on pie tomorrow, i will. 4 hrs in the saddle to work off that cherry and apple pie(s)

its cold, i need sun from a southern hemisphere.

i wonder if bart is back yet

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LDS vegetarian

im sellin it all. nobody bought my life so im sellin cats and bike parts.

buy it all, buy it now, buy it cheap.

i sold my old smelly nike road shoes beat to shit for $10. people will buy anything.


i wonder if sager is a member?

bart chows burgers so i know hes not.

lots of my friends think "milk is good for you" i have not had any cows milk since i was about 14 or so. i think its gross and its not good for you. its about the worst thing you can drink besides gasoline.

i found this stuff, check it out. milk is a scam and making you and your kids sick. im not perfect, i eat cheese and lots of other crap. my point is i know the difference, most people dont know. my excuse is i dont really care. knowing and not knowing are 2 different things.

wake up.

no wonder why every one gets colds, spewing flem and mucus,

it has to go some where.

here and here and more gross here. that page is full of info. it doesnt surprise me either.

high speed dh flow

yesterday around 2pm was one of the best days on the bike i have had since mid summer. its the temps, the trails, the conditions, the timing, the tail winds and the dh flow.

on road bikes you can haul ass with tail winds, on mtn bikes its even better.
like today,
south breezes, 75 degrees on the foot hills with trail memorization and knowing how to take a corner that has been ridden 500 times.

tecno full blast on the ipod.
cannondale rush 5" travel.
2.3" oriflames and mad skills means hauling ass and if you know what im talkin about this trail shred was flowing and it gives me goose bumps.

these moments are rare, it takes the stars aligning and i know thats why pure downhillers risk it all for this 3 min run of glory.

it could be the risk of dying, i feel like im on the edge of death sometimes. one mistake and i could be screwed bad.

the tires hooking up just in time for the next turn or kicker, lock it up a bit and drift it.

first it started out on roller coaster over by the zoo, on the rush, these fat tires eat that shit up.
normally on 310's it would be over. sharp rocky high speed dh, not like any xc race course i have been on.

plowing the g force on the bottom of these rollers is more fun than a real roller coaster. hitting the bottom at 40mph compacts the suspension and forces the blood from the brain for a few seconds.

next was fast tail wind section over to red butt, short 1 min dh sections that are rocky and have small kickers.
eatin all up on the rush.

climb up dry creek head over to bobsled,
this trail over the years has been good and bad. mostly rutted out and muddy. but over the last year i have been down it more and the dhers have buffed it out, its fast, got jumps, drops and options.
4mins top to bottom hauling ass and plain just layin it out on the line.

next up climb up the road to the top of bobsled again and hit the high speed 40mph dirt road of boulders and rocks into city creek. since the leaves are gone, its easy to see through the branches on the lazy lefts for hikers. normally in the spring or summer this is a death trap trying this high speed no brakes on this trail.

mid day 2 to 4pm i saw a few hikers and bikers. plowing the boulder field and 2 wheel drift the corners, praying not to fly off the edge or smash any dogs.

3 hrs later im cashed and its cuz this big ass bike climbs like atrain and its hard to steer that much travel with out dying.

its a day for the history books. warm sunny dh trail shred before the snow flies, if it ever does.

Monday, November 19, 2007

flipper? or flipper?

good movie

this movie is kind of old but its a good one, make the right decisions.
lots of other things dont get a story.. but.

65 degrees in november, t shirt riding weather, rides with forrest and mark, hours of trail shredding in dust, movies, food, friends, trips, plans, sleep, excitement of the new, mega bike parts, new bikes, no snow.

tomorrow looks like the last warm day for awhile so i got to get out for 3 or 4 in the dust.

"title fight, im peakin, its my time, im a humanist"
al pacino

a guy who "flips a house" is known as a flipper, i thought that was a dolphin.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

enough about the weather

more trail time, 3 hrs is bonus time in november in smoggy dry city trail riding.

check out this homo

but i found my dream girl, thanks to alison. too bad she just got married. another bites the dust.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

november t shirt riding and martha stewart

i was up for a some mid november trails at the red butt, with mark. since his work is 2 blocks from my house and we both have open schedules its easy to hit the trails together pretty much whenever we want.

the bearings blew up in my egg beater and the main body slides off the spindle so that ended my ride a bit early. we will hook up tomorrow and rip some more bst its nice out, and before i know it i will be south bound and the snow will be flying.

after that i had martha stewart come over and make some chops. check her out.

it was good, she can cook.

i cant.

thats why i go to rubios and 1 world

gay mans sport

climb um and bz were spotted golfing in november.
what the hell

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

racin and stuff

im not a hater on local cross.

neither is forrest. obviously dr x is not a hater. just cuz some people dont settle, dont put up with things we can change, offer advice to make it better.

Bob said it well. I got flak for my blog entry about the course. I am not trying to rip on the series, shit I think Cyclocross is the next big thing. some friends are redoing the web site to make it cool and exciting so people can see what its all about, so people should not be calling me a hater.

I watch some euro cyclocross races on the web and those courses are nothing like the stuff I have been racing on. Cross Vegas was on cable last night, did you see it?

Look I like singletrack but does that belong at a cross race? I have never run for more than 3 steps at a Utah cross race. Watching those races from the past weekend in Europe dudes had to shoulder their bikes for 20 yards and shit. Someone needs to take Matt, jon and who ever aside and give him the 411. racers also need to be able to criticize the series without being called a hater. Its called input.

Did you see the results from singlespeed worlds? Wasmund hammered with the big boys of Craig, Trebon, Wicks, etc...

if you wondering where steve wasmund was, not winning the 1 speed class last week end look here

thats hard core, while sager is sand bagging in the 1 speed class, blocking for bart in the main. like he needs it. sounds like vintage sager smack talking during the race, bus driver in the school zone.

if you dont know the guy it could seem arrogant.

if you have not checked out the adventure they are on this week check it here or here

jonny hintze, jason asay and chucky all are down ridin in the jungle.
chucky and jason are too ADD to have a blog so if you want there version you have to take them to the bar and get them loaded.

bart is concentrating on riding and left the blogs up to the green lantern.

check out chippo hatin it.
30% grades. granny ring,

no big ring.

4 weeks to kansas city, im takin a load of bikes. if you want in email me. its easier and cheaper than the plane.
i have a few spots left as i got krafty, ali, kathy, bart, atrain and stupid bike.

sly is workin

i was goin to take the week off of blogging about stuff, i've been working, making mad jack.

but then i saw bobby back in town from the beach and it got me motivated to say this about his post.

the local courses are at good places BUT they are set up with zero skills, set up for the beginners and roadies in mind.

not exciting at all for me at least to race.

points system is a debacle, its gets people motivated to say i won the point series.
thats about it.


they should put me and dr x in charge of settin up the courses and people would really be bitchin how hard it is.

on that note, im workin on gettin the barrel trail integrated to the PRO ONLY XC at st george next march. if you dont know about this trail then thats a good thing. you probably would walk down it anyway, or break your neck trying to rip it.


that should add some hairy dh to the mix and liven up that race anyway.

enough dirt roads and freeway power sections. lets get this a bit more technically challenged.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

slc to tucson and back 70 hrs

boom boom giant slayer.

thats a sweet pic

i feel like i have been on the road so long there is nothing to say. i drive a lot, and buy stuff, then drive home. i've seen the sights so its nothing new. just white line fever.

not very exciting. maybe i should spice things up a bit.

1700 miles, 70 hrs round trip, did a few hrs of mtn biking, bought some parts, drove more.

traffic in phoenix is worse than LA, slc, san fran or vegas. $130 hotel rooms that are not that nice, lots of hippies in tucson and lots of really old dirty guys on bikes that look like they got them out of the dumpster.

a guy with a solar powered sewing machine mounted in a red wagon that he tows around on his bike.

i was going to tell the story of the cops, mexicans, bank, truck chase but it was kind of boring. so this is the high light of the trip.

notice the top speed at which i take pics and drive, in traffic 10pm grid lock in phoenix.

five sixs is a once in a lifetime sighting.
up there with aliens and bigfoot.

i witness first hand millions of cars in cities across the intermountain west, on interstates, in cities, towns and dirt roads everywhere.

its my prediction that this planet is screwed, nobody cares about being green. ok, 3 people do, forrest, devin and sara.

thats it, everyone else drives big ass trucks and black smokes me every where i go. flooring that big hunk of garbage and getting 5 mpg.

i see millions of vehicles all over, the fuel prices dont scare them away. they keep buying cars and driving all over.

i remember a long time ago when i hitch hiked to phoenix, san diego and slc. I-15 was a ghost town. it took hrs to get a ride cuz there were hardly any trucks that would stop for a biker.

now its grid lock, non stop to vegas, then to LA, turn off to hoover dam and go to phoenix and its wheel to wheel the whole way.

so many cars, and im not even talkin about the east coast.

we are all going to hell.

Friday, November 09, 2007

santos hor hay

i stopped off in hurricane to ride the rim trail. there is no smog down here and less people than the big city, but the red neck ratio increases so its a trade off.

i added the new kick ass song of the week, galvanize on the player. my finger is on the button.

and dedications for the green lanterns favorite song on the geico commercial.

royksop, turn it up and ride the big ring.
here is rigley
and xtr kitty they live in the cedar woods forest, new harmony on rock road. in the sticks utah, kolob canyon.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

XXXXXXXXXXX the air is clean and pure

its early november and the high pressure makes all the smog build up. we all know this, i cant wait to get out of the valley.

so i am going to tucson tomorrow for the weekend. its like 90 down there, and snake says theres a bike swap but i already knew that. it says, starts at 8am. but i've been there for 3 or 4 years and i know better.

you see the mexicans come up from nogales at 5am. people are in the dark setting up and they come buy all my shit. so i have to be on my game. with cash, lots of kitty. if you know what im sayin. got to stick it to the man, in my case thats the mexicans.. by the time all the locals get up and at it, the fox den is loaded and im north bound to south mtns national trail.

i am working on something else and im excited about it so i'll tell you the plan. so you should know once i put stuff on here it usually comes true.

thats a reason i started this thing. its about intention. a whole other topic.

so its happening, not just some idea on the shelf.

on dec 15th im moving to st george for a month of training. i have a swap in madison around jan 15th so i'll hit that up and then head down to canberra australia for a month. be back just in time for march madness.

livin large but someone has to, since sager is gettin married and domesticated.

its good to know people,

sly goes global.

seems i pissed off a few of my female friends last week with that rant about girls. i better watch my mouth. i thought it was harmless, asking a simple question.

some were offended, not my intention. i cant please everyone. i speak my mind and sometimes everyone doesnt agree.

heres my pal gram rippin up the marathons down under

oh ya and sandros stopped reading books for a few minutes and posted umpa 10.

so go check it,

turn it up and rip some trail, i got it on the ipod.

for the utah rider

mark was gettin on my case for leavin the fat lady up so long, i've been busy. ya its hard to believe.
so for the visually stimulating, heres a skinny lady for you.
until later...

Monday, November 05, 2007

the fat lady that fell down

im not making this up or telling a story to make fun of the disabled. if thats what you call them. those people that are morbidly obese.

i was goin down 3900 south and right when i pass this 500 pound lady, shes in a motorized cart or some kind of electric vehicle.

on the side walk she hits a bump and endos over the front on to the grass, shes laying there on her padded stomach and cant get up.

it was weird timing to see it happen, right then.

you have to understand im not poking fun at this lady, im just tellin you what happened cuz its really crazy.

she was really big and was in a motorized cart, she may have been top heavy for the cart and it flipped like a bmx triple jumper.

it was wacked, she wasnt hurt, probably just shocked and felt helpless. i sent out some texts about this to some guys and the answers i got back were good.

from some saying "did you spit in her face and call her a fat hoe"

to "awesome"

to "did you help her"

to "ouch"

to "you 2 have something in common, you both cant get up"

to "did you get a date out of it"

for the answer to the last one, well ya,

she asked me out but i cant handle that much woman.

i wanted to take a pic but i thought that would be rude.

straight outta portland

you know the green lantern is in town when he pulls up on snake skin dubs.

pimpin bling

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ride the hill and jump the plank

forget about yesterday

last night was about the worst ally cat ever invented, thanks ryan.

not a real bike race but a hunt for hidden clues in dark alleys at night with no lights.

5 mins of riding 15 mins of looking, per stop.

in weeds and behind filthy garbage cans with rats and pigeon shit every where. thats cut throats idea of racing. my idea of a sunday stroll.

then these guys wanted to race around in parking lots with 1 speeds till 5am. i need my beauty sleep.

thank you

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007


lets see what ali and bart can come up with tomorrow.

chi-a-pet....aka el diablo. TDF probably 91'- 92' im guessing.

this girl looks like a space alien

a doper and a drug addict makes good times

Thursday, November 01, 2007

just wondering if any girl like this exists

does anyone know some nice girl who

doesnt get drunk for no reason at
doesnt do drugs
doesnt hoe them selves out to any guy giving them attention
has some kind of basic morals
has enough self esteem and or self confidence to not follow the heard of jack ass losers
isnt married
does not have such self limiting beliefs to cast off every moron who doesnt live by some book
knows what the hell they are about and what they want in life
is not some fat ass lazy person who cant walk 2 blocks with out passing out
talk to a normal guy like me without thinking im god

in the past few years i thought i met a couple of these people. i was amazed at first and then after closer inspection i was way off.

just chalk another one up with many short comings.

am i after anything so rare?

i dont think so, but you cant find an eagle in a cave.

i'll stop looking in the wrong places.

winger kicks ass

this is lances theme song,

headed for a heart break


last night was crazy

these guys are wack

can you name the tres hombres?