Thursday, May 31, 2007

sly turns trash to cash

i have been selling a lot of junk on the internet lately, i dont mean junk, i mean trash, like worn out cheap parts. people buy crap. stuff you think is worthless they pay good money for.

used tires, cogs, chains, old used bib shorts. stuff i would never buy. all to save a few dollars.

i went up to bill corliss' house in park city tonight with todd hageman. his wife gave me all his bikes and a ton of parts to sell probably like 20 grand worth of stuff. its weird doing this. as i have done it for derek leyde and al butler. im into recycling good stuff and moving parts and memories for them that just collect dust. when im sitting here looking at the parts every time its just weird. not a bad thing, just that you know those guys were using this stuff and now they are gone.

i wonder who will sell all my crap when i die. i hope that does not happen in the next few years. but the things i do some times i wonder. since the aliens are after me. i might not die. i might just disappear, vanish, with no explanation.

you guys can have all my stuff, dale at will probably take my stuff and sell it. you all know i tried to sell it for 100 grand. nobody wanted a bunch of bike parts and dishes. oh well it was funny.
this is topic nobody wants to talk about but i wonder from time to time.

but before that i got rip some trail with kday, he can shred with the best of them. mad bmx skills and wheelie king. i cant ride a wheelie 20 feet. we were going about 30mph down A STREET. then he busts out this coaster wheelie going about 30. crazy, ya and he holds it for like 8 blocks in a row.

im going to sundance tomorrow. im going to sleep on the trail on a yoga mat. burn incense and light some candles chant to the cross country gods for big watts.
i heard the young gillespie family from alabama is in town.
sager is gone, then i saw climb-um jones mom at the post office and he MIGHT BE making his 2007 debut at the hard alpine ski resort.
trade one fast guy for another. the timing of this is like a solar eclipse.
what the hell, how am i supposed to win if these fast guys keep showing up.
im taking up darts.

tbird and his wife

i have to write this cuz its my only time i have glory with tbird. its long ago, back in the day. livin in the past i know. 1996 snowbird hillclimb i passed him at the line for 3rd. levi and dave z beat us. wow that was a long time ago. i think he was sick that day and still hauled ass in 45 mins.

but even before that burk raced mtn bikes with us, he was fast and i thought it was nice of him to let me by on the dh and he even raced 24 hrs of moab with tom cook. that was funny.

thanks for the good times at the races tbird.

1 Do you ever wish to be a pro mtn biker
2 If you were going to the moon, who would you take?
3 Do you ever feel you can't win?
4 Do you feel most people cheat if the conditions are right?
5 If you could be granted superpowers, which superpower would you want?

1Yeah, back when Norba was cool.... BTW, when was that?

2. Bear Grylls.

3. Well, yes. About 99% of the time. But that 1%.....that's where the magic is, right?

4. No, I don't believe most people will cheat if the conditions are right. I'd put it more at around 30% of people will cheat if given the opportunity.

5. Riffs like Jimi Hendrix. He was a super-hero in my book.

sager aka the green lantern

one time back in 2004 he bought a scalpel off me from ebay, he never paid me and i left him a negative comment. i didnt know who he was. all i knew was he was a dead beat bidder. then i saw his ebay account last fall when i was bidding on the sager wrist bands. i checked the feed back and saw i left him a comment about not paying 3 years ago. so i asked him why he did that and if he knew it was me. he said no i didnt know you and "you seems shady and i didnt want to get ripped off"

yaaa watch out, internet sales are 99% legit.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs - such as food and water - were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

Good shoes - whenever I watch Lost, one thing that always drives me crazy is that their shoes are in such good shape. The 2nd would be a good set of snorkel fins and mask/snorkel - is that 3 things or do they count as a singular item? With shoes you can now explore the island, and with your singular unit of mask/fins/snorkel...the ocean is now your canvas.

If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?

Interestingly enough, it likely wouldn't be much different than it is now - the only significant change would be that I'd arrange it such that more friends and family could travel with me and we'd eat a little more richly at times, and certainly surround ourselves with abundance and spacious lodging.

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
Spend it with people. They say the best thing to spend on someone is time, and I agree, as time usually ends up being our biggest regret in life.

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be, and why?

Someone from the future would be the way to go. How about, just like in Back to the Future III, I'd have a tofu-dog and BBQ chips with someone from ESPN Ocho and find out who's going to win all of the March Madness games for the next 40 years.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

I'm really more of a machine than an animal... But I'd compare myself to a giant squid. Giant Squid have 4 times as many arms as me, weigh 10.7 times more than I do (on average), and since I'm a fairly nice guy, that makes me most like the giant squid because they have three hearts.
If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be?

I'd be the banana pudding at the Shonny's buffet - it never runs out, the best parts are always used up first, and the left overs are fused into the new each day...constant renewal.

shannon and stormin

i hope shannon and jen win that lottery thing.

here you go. My mind may be clouded with lactic acid so I take no responsibility for the answers.... ya so is mine.
Why race/shred:
It think it is different for everyone. I race because mountain bike racing is such an exciting and unique sport. Where else would you get to compete in some of the coolest terrain in the country. I have raced in the red rocks of Moab, high mountain meadows in Crested Butte and Brianhead, incredible pine forests in Washington, the desert in full bloom in Phoenix, in Vermont and Michigan forests so deep you can't see the rider 10 seconds in front of you, and watched shooting stars cross the darkest night sky at the 24 Hours of Moab. I don't think you can experience beauty like that in any other sport. After 16 years of racing I still compete because when I am not I can't stop thinking about it.
How to find someone special:
That's a tough one. The best thing to do is really think about what you want from a partner. Then when you meet that person don't be afraid to go after him or her. You never know what might happen or if you will ever see them again. You may be making yourself vulnerable to getting hurt but you may end up changing your life forever.
What's a normal day:
I start work at 7am. I usually eat breakfast in my car because I hate getting up early. I try to sleep as late as possible. I am a Nurse Practitioner at the University of Utah and I work on the Orthopedic Trauma team. We treat people who have suffered fractures of "big bones" like femurs, tibias, pelvis, and humerus. We also treat people with clavicle fractures for all you bikers out there. I split my time at work between the operating room, hospital floor, and clinic. I finish up at 3 or 4 and then come home to hang out with Jen for a little while. We usually leave together to ride for a few hours and then meet back at home. Then I eat and hit the sack. We are like old people, we usually are sleeping before our 93 year old neighbor even gets home. He likes to go out dancing, no shit.....
Dream job:
I stumbled on it a few years ago. One of the Surfing magazines owns a boat and each year they pay for a group of experienced shredders and a hand picked group of younger hardcore surfers to cruise the ocean all year long. Just going to greatest beaches in the world and hitting the best waves. That's all they do! Photographers take pictures of them all day tearing it up and sell them to help pay for the travel expenses. That's what I want to do but on mountain bikes! Get a huge RV with some serious hardcore old pros like Tomac and Alison Dunlap and a couple of young freakshows and just cruise around hitting all the best trails in the world. Tearing it up all day and then hanging out at the RV and barbequing all night. Who wouldn't love that...
If I died tomorrow:
I would be bummed. I have a lot of plans and none of them include me dying at 31. I would be disappointed I haven't spent more time with my friends and family. Work sucks!! A friend of mine, Ben Krieg, died 2 years ago at 30. It still really bums me out when I think about him. I didn't get to see him much and I always just assumed we would run into each other and get to hang out again. Now that isn't going to happen.Wow, that last one was a real buzz killer!!

short and sweet, just like stormin.

1 hows the new truck. the truck is great.

2 do you think you can ever beat me in a hillclimb, no i cant go that fast.

3 who would win in chess between you and turbo
turbo, im not good at chess.

4 what do you tell all the chicks that want you

ya come to me.

5 how did you get into racing

I rode my dad's 86' Cannondale one day to Liberty park and did some laps and since then I was hooked.

thats really odd, liberty park. the pink guy rides there. and this is no lie. i saw the pink guys house its pink, and on the mail box it says "earth wind fire" norm jr.

amazing. boggling....

heinrich deters

a few years back, probably like 2003 h went to indonesia to teach english. i would email him and tell him he was missing out on the riding and races. he was jealous. ya then i got scammed on the internet and shipped two dh bikes to indonesia. the guys over there scammed me for 5 grand and they lived about 2 hrs from h. i told him to go get my money and i would give him 1g. anyway it was some mafia type thing and he didnt want to get shot.
glad he made it back. pc life livin large, look and see how to live the free ride life. h does it best.

1 hows married life is it all you dreamed of and more:

Marriage is great....I know she can't leave me now.

2 why race, ride or shred

All the above...better than going to work.

3 what is the best day entail

Your Bros...and the little lady...doing whatever..really does not matter as long as everyone is there...guess a funeral might be the exception or maybe even being in jail...anyway you get the point.

4 if you didnt have a bike what would you have done with you life so far

Gone to rainy England and been a professional footy player for Liverpool!

5 whats a dream job
See question four.

Hope your well sly....sorry I am missing the races, but not too important at the moment...when I get free time, the 'Bean' and I are out on some epics or travelling to new riding spots.H

from heinrich

Wanted to let you know that Young Riders/Squatter's (Team Big Bear) are throwing a party to kickoff the NORBA weekend at Deer Valley.

The event will take place at Squatter's Roadhouse Grill (Park City) June 14th, 4-7pm.Cost is $5 at the door.

Food buffet of sandwiches, wings, pizza, etc. will be available, while drinks may be purchased at the 'Cash bar'.

Pro teams from around the country will be there to sign autographs and mingle with their fans. Trek, Bear Naked, have confirmed so far.

Also, there will be a drawing for prizes. This is really a community event to draw locals and national racers, etc. together. I am hoping for a large national media presence as well. No big prep, just an easy food, beer, party....If you do not mind spreading the word, that would be wonderful.
We are expecting all the local mtb teams, riders, young riders and their families to be present. Young Rider parents and participants will have the chance to meet their coaches.

YR is giving away shirts, camelbacks, jerseys.Hope to see you there, H

he is also putting on this race in july

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

run forrest run


i had to use this pic, its great.
being green, riding to work. rippin up the roads.

well this year we started talkin but i have known his since 1996 when we were both fast racing semi pros in 1996 at the big norbas. i saw him at the races. i didnt know he lived here from him. the weird thing i know his father in law. at the time i was mailing a bunch of internet orders every night at the airport post office probably about 4 years ago. lets call him clyde, the weird funny guy at the post office. always asking me what i was mailing, conversations switch to forrest, "ya my daughter is going out with this crazy biker snow boarder forrest, do you know him?" umm ya i do, that was weird. thats why i asked him about his wifes dad.

1 how is life in the conservative bee hive state

Its offensive at times. If you have lived anywhere else you know what I mean by that statement. I say live and let live! But I wouldnt be here if I didnt love it. I can rip on this state, but it has more going for it than not going for it, you need to look at the big picture, and right now the big picture is good to me and my family, its a good place for our kids to grow up too. Besides the snowboarding here cant be beat, thats what drew me here and kept me here. From big mountain riding, powder and to jibbing the rails, Utah rules in winter!

2 what do you think of your father in law

He means well, I think he needs a cool girlfriend that would be a positive influence on him. Working at the Post office your whole life will do odd things to a man.

3 racing green, will you be riding to deer valley or sundance in the next few weeks,

riding to those races I dont know if I can even race those races yet with my schedule. Racing for me is usually spur of the moment now. I was thinking about Deer Valley, climb up and over Big Cottonwood, but getting home would really hurt. But I was planning on racing green for Snowbird or the state Champs at Solitude. Nothing like 2-3 thousand vertical warmup for a race. This is my green philosophy, do what you can do. Cars are a reality and necessity for modern life, but if you can cut back, it helps with the inversion. Yeah I rip around on snowmobiles on occasion in the winter to access some snowboard lines, but I figure if I commute and race green as much as possible its an overall benefit. Plus I didnt have a car until I was 25, I got some carbon credits to my name. I biked everywhere, to school, to dates, even to do my laundry, etc.... I would even hitchike to NORBA Nationals back in the day with my bike too. When I finally got a car, I had quit racing and got lazy for a few years, I am trying to change that now. If everyone did something small, it adds up to something big. If everyone commuted only 5 times a year to work the overall benefit would be big. I am no nazi when it comes to my philosophy on life, live and let live, I am the one that has to look myself in the mirror at the end of the day.

4 why race a 1 speed any way, i dont get you guys

Short answer- it builds character.

Long answer- I didnt understand it either at first. Then a friend of mine dared me to do 24hrs of Moab solo and on his singlespeed back in 98. He wanted me to be the first to do a 24 hr race on it. I took him up on the offer and it showed me it wasnt always about the bike but about the self. I was hooked. I stoked people out when I finished. The next year Stamstead did 24hrs on a single speed and got second by less than a minute. He almost won the damn race on a singlespeed. I dont ride the singlespeed all the time though. Most mtn bike rides I ride my geared bike. I just like racing on it, it makes you tough and I love passing guys on the downhill on their full suspension bikes. Its a personal challenge. Sometimes its how you race that is more important than the result. Thats why I told you to race like Prefontaine! Its not always how you do in the race but how you carried yourself in the race. It proves its about the rider not the bike.

5 where would you be if you didnt meet your wife

Probably partying and losing focus on the big picture. I got off track for a few years. she grounded me and I think I also grounded her. Her and her boys put life in a new perspective. To be honest it was weird to go from no focus to being a provider for a family. It woke me up.

if you guys are bored with the interviews too bad. i think its funny, the same questions over and over. different people with diff views. i should have thought of this a year ago.
how many times do you keep coming back to see what sly did today, god knows that gets boring.

yaaaa big ring.

in my odd existence, i got a new couch, set up wireless multi in office computers, got 500 items of clothing ready to unload.

no race tonight, im tired from monday. but sundance saturday. that will be good. shred the bike messenger sat night.

yaaa the long sunny days are here.
and some new kick ass tunes at the bottom of the play list. if that music doesnt make you want to rip trail then you got problems.

more interviews..

jeff louder comin up in a few days, jeff bates, steve wasmund, t bird.

ya good times

heres cancer free master bates 24 hrs moab 1 speed class.
bunch of freaks.

bob from kentucky

the best story i have with bobby is down in phoenix this year with bz and kathy. we stayed at some guys house who wasnt home, trashed the place and went to the water fountain and got some funny pictures. i never saw him laugh so hard, since its easy for me to make a jack ass out of myself its worth it to see those guys laugh and cant breath. kathy and bz only know what im talkin about.
its good to have bobby at the races, putting together a big club/team, racing hard and even doing cyclocross. ya big ring it.

1 why race or ride

Besides being obsessive and compulsive, I like the burn and the post race euphoria, I like being on the dirt and pushing the envelope to see how much I can push myself, I want to win, but I actually feel better knowing I am able to do this sport and do well occasionally. In addition to that, I have to say that the cycling community is awesome, like minded people who all seem to be more than willing to help others out, in any way. I have met some great friends and continue to meet more.

2 are you glad you moved here from Kentucky
It has changed my life, I picture my self, if I stayed in Kentucky , smoking cigars, very little exercise, unhappy at work. Today none of that is true, so yes I am very glad, the one part that is not so great is the fact that our families are so far away, we rarely get to see them.

3 would you ever race 24 hrs moab solo
Never one to say no to anything, I would maybe do it in the future, but I would want to do well, so my training would have to be completely different, and I would not do it on a hard tail. That answer sounds far more positive than those guys/gals are crazy, hell no!

4 what do you tell the girls when they ask you out on dates, when you are out at the clubs and the cheesy lines flow like wine
I tell them that Lyna will kick their ass, of course you will find me at home on weekend nights trying to get to bed by 11. So I generally don’t have to worry about the groupies anymore, or Lyna kicking their collective asses.

5 what goes through your head when you are at heart rate 190 pinned in the hardest race you can remember
I think it is something along the lines of “grrrrraaarggghhhhhhooooowwwwweeeeeeeouch What the hell am I doing this for, I am so quitting, arrrggghhhhh, oh crap there’s Pilling, maybe I can catch him.ggrrrrrrrrrooooooowwwwwwweeeyyyyyyyyPOP” Every race is hard, I can’t remember which one was the hardest, but generally the hardest races are when my heart rate can’t go above 150, cause I am blown, out in the middle of nowhere, with the only option being to ride to the damn finish, at these points I ponder lifes greater questions (no shit) and realize how lucky I am.

wow bz hookin it up


1 whats after life What is after life...
the "afterlife" I suppose...Ok but besides the obvious ;) I think it's just a bunch of people standing around in white robes or something crazy like that (I would have a pink robe)...but maybe not, maybe it's a giant slip in slide with hot babes in bikinis like the one they made at the playboy mansion. Yeah that idea sounds much more feasible, not to mention more pleasant than the aforementioned idea. Except my pink robe would be bitchin!!
2 how is it hangin with bz
Well... he is about a foot taller than me so my neck gets a good work out by having to look up all the time ;) But when the view is a sexy cut cheek-boned face with's worth the neck work out..haha! If that doesn't make him blush then I don't know what will (sorry bz! just being honest). The dude knows every breakfast nook and cranny where only the coolest of the cool if you need some advice there, he's 'yo man!
3 what do you think about watching bike racers
Funny thing is that I'm still new to the I hate to admit it, but if you catch me checkin out your spandex shorts I'm not trying to be crude...I just can't help it!!! I'm just not used to seeing that and believe me I'm not complaining...and I don't think you dudes mind that much either right? I just don't want to be infamously known as the chick that stares below the waist...LOL!
4 what do you tell guys when they ask you out, and you dont want to deal with them.
It all depends on the plan of attack that they execute... If the dude drops a "liner" like "is 'yo daddy a baker?", then I just roll my eyes and walk away. It's hard when it's the nice sincere guy you just aren't interested in...I'm funny cuz I always try and set them up with a friend of mine (hey it's better than getting just the cold shoulder!). In most situations I just avoid the question or pretend I never heard it, or I start asking random questions and never answer. Then I will just quickly spring from the situation leaving the guy wondering what the hell just happened. Sometimes chicks play dumb, but in reality we might be smarter than you think!
5 whats your dream job
I want to be the CEO of a fashion design firm. I want to be a kick ass chick who gets to call the shots! Then once I have had enough of the biznasty world I want to be a island retiree...and what I mean by an "island retiree" is basically a bum on an island who just gets to be active and do all kinds of crazy new stuff every single day. I want to push my self to my ultimate physical level by learning all new kinds of physical activities, or by just hiking/running my little butt into places no one has ever been.


when you see this it means pain cave.

i didnt ask garzelli 5 lame questions, but if i saw him i would.

he reminds me of this guy.

team rico, aka eric rasmussen.

heres the deal about team rico. his dad and my dad are friends from way back. bmx type 1988 old school days. when i was triple jumping on 20" wheels our dads were working on trucks and stuff.

so we didnt hang out but i've known him for a long time. since im a bit older 6 yrs, i think. i have seen him race mtn bikes 10 years ago then watch him race road bikes for 5 years.
this guy started in the bottom of the basement and with tons of training, riding with the best and suffering hours on end in the winter on the trainer this is the result of nothing but hard work.
i dont know how you do it team rico. but i guess its all in the name.

1 hows life in magna

Magna has its good and bad. I grew up there so its easy for me to live there now I guess. Good- Out of the way of everything (nobody comes to Magna to shop or see a movie) Bad- Its out of the way of everything especially the high Alpine singletrack nestled in the Wasatch. I have made it a point to get out of there sometime soon before my girls get older.

2 why the hell do you race road bikes

I gotta mix up my racing. I decided a couple years ago to try the road scene and keep the MTB for my enjoyment rather than my racing itch. Now I am slowly getting back to racing the MTB more. I may have something to do with my upgrade to a 2 which now means I get a good beating from the 1's every week on the road. Now I just get beat up by a few select Fat Tire friends in the dirt.

3 tell us about hangin with aj, dh and glen a. aaron jordin, dave harward, glen adams.

It is really great to race, ride, train and hang out with these guys. I have learned more from these 3 about racing, training and life than I could have learned on my own in 2 lifetimes. I owe a lot of my success to AJ for showing me how and when to train. DH has shown me to be tough and never quit and GA has helped me become a better MTB desender and road sprinter by example. I am a lucky guy to have these 3 as my good friends.

4 how is it to win your 1st RMR A pack

Its a big relief to get a win. Road cycling is such a game of chance and luck. I happen to have some good luck and I have a decent sprint to finish. I hope more are to come.

5 what was the process of you picking up on your wife, in other words tell us losers how to get married.

I am the worst for dating advice. I met my wife by chance and some good luck through a mutual friend. I am a serious introvert with almost no personality. It just goes to show anyone can find someone that will put up with their shit. Even the pink guy......

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

liberty park

i got the road bike out on I-80 for a few blocks, on the way back to the DT i saw this guy.

i tried talking to him but he wasnt havin any of it.

next time i'll have to try drastic measures.
this one speed thing is goin off the hook, i cant believe im thinking this, or saying it. i might race a 1 speed this year, i want to throw it down and see how those guys are. since hell i have been in the big ring all year, i dont use the middle ring unless im up at park city. yesterday i blew up myself, rode 3 laps in the big ring. so why the hell not just race with 1 gear. i could build a super trick lite 1 speed at 12 lbs and crush it.
so watch out, im going to do it, just dont know when.
oh ya and im tired of jon gallagher winning when ever he shows up. i like him but someone has to beat him. come on now brad, kenny and tolbert step it up. ya and i would add skid blaney to the blog roll but he never posts anything. 2 posts a year is laggin. get on it skid.
i might go to sundance tomorrow, if chippo is drivin im goin.
here are some pics from yesterday

giant killer


bryson is young guy, back when he was 15 he would come out to decker dash. he was like mitchel peterson, tall skinny and always trying to go fast.
hes still tall and skinny but when he was 15 i thought it was cool he was at decker dash way back in 1995, racing with us. now his skinny legs have tons of power and its hard to follow when the trail turns up.
after all these years i see riders come and go and if someone sticks to it like bryson you get it done.
racing good takes time, dedication and commitment.
bryson knows all about that.
1 you are a good mtn biker, why race road bikes

Good Question. I love them both. I will be doing more mtn bike races next year and later this year but I really enjoy doing both although it is hard to go back and forth.
I think I am better suited to the road but I love the mtn bike so I will never stop racing off road. I guess the biggest reason is there is only one race per weekend and the road racing seems to give me better fitness for the races that are my goals for the year.

2 how is life being a dad, with a job and racing so much at a high level

I feel like it is important to be balanced in life. I love my job so it makes it easy to work and I love being home with my family so it is easy to spend time with them. The hardest thing to do is get out and do my training and even more then that would be to be away from my family for more then one day at a time when I go to a race for a long weekend or a long stage race. I just try to keep it balanced. Make enough money to pay the bills, Spend enough time with my family so that I don’t miss anything, and train so that I don’t get my butt kicked on the weekend.

3 you beat jeff louder last week end, tell me how the hell you did that

I still am really excited about that one. I have been working really hard with my new coach Tommy Nelson so of course that has had something to do with it and of course my team had a big role in our win by keeping me protected all day. I never had to chase except the second to last time up the climb when Jeff attacked. Man was that hard. Jeff had to help bring back Sandy on the last lap so I got a free ride for a good 15 miles of the last 25 miles. On the last climb I was able to hang with Jeff when he attacked several times and luckily held him off in the sprint. I guess a little luck and a lot of hard work and a good coach is how I managed to beat Jeff. He is an amazing rider and I consider that the biggest win I have had because he was there. I just hope I can keep improving so that I can be with Jeff more often when we get to the end of races.

4 do you like being on sandys team, the dictator.

Of course I do. Sandy is great! Yeah he is loud, but he is a great teammate and friend. I will miss him when he goes off to Med school. Maybe I can get him to come out to a mtn bike race so you can interview him.

5 if you and turbo played checkers who would win

Are you kidding, I would kill Turbo in Checkers. Didn’t you know Turbo is color blind

ya i know these 2 fast girls


if you have been around the races in the last 4 years you know this girl wins all the races in utah.

cross or mtn, nobody can keep up.

maybe its cuz she dedicated it all and wanted to take it to the top.

i remember i met her and chris sherwin in 2003. it wasnt always 1st place. there was a girl in town back then that wooped her pretty good and kathy kept training and got real good.

thats dedication and commitment. most people dont know what it takes to get to this kind of pro level of racing.

but she does.

check out the face, you can see it.

how is life as a pro racer:
Life as a Pro Racer is good but it could be better. Always looking to make things better to include my fitness, the sport, my mind, the races, etc. There are some days that I get out there to ride and I truly realize I do have the best job in the world..........these thoughts usually fall on recovery days only though. Ha ha!

why race, ride or shred:
Do you know how good it feels to hurt? It is the best feeling when you know you are building on what you already have. Being spent is sweet and being spent is where you need to be after those races and hard workouts.

what would you do with out pepe:
First off, I would have my full time job back. No question there. And, I would need to find a new manager, support crew, feeder, trip organizer, wound kisser, sponsorship manager, tire changer, mental supporter, bike assembler, bike hauler, ass hauler, therapist for my header, and everything doer basically. He pretty much rules you could say.

what is a perfect day:
Wake up and have the right ratio of freshly ground french press coffee to H2O mixed in the french press. Then feel like crap all day and think that your workout is going to suck and get out there on the bike and freakin nail it with the best Vo2's you have ever done.........something your mind told you wasn't in the cards before the workout. LOVE THAT.

what would do if you were in a wheel chair because of a bad crash
paralyzed for life:
I have thought about that before because god you can go down HARD on an mtb can't you? For starters I would refer to what you put on your blog on May 19th by Ralph Marston and then I would tell all the doctors bah - hum - bug when they would use words like "never" "can't" "won't".

jen hanks
the 1st or 2nd half of shannon boffeli, i dont know which one to say first which is correct. so you get both.
i would say the 1st half. thats my view.
so shes from the mid west and likes to race, if kathy is at a big race and jen is at the utah race then she gets to win the pros, 2nd runner up to her is dang good. working full time and racing pro is hard core. i wouldnt want to do it.
i know she likes to rip 1 track and she weighs about 100 lbs so watch out on the climbs.
i remember in 2004 when i was real fat i was trying to train up millcreek on the road. i weighed a lot and i was hatin it.
she passed me and kicked my ass, i couldnt keep up.
i bet she does that to a lot of guys, racing or training. its demoralizing so keep it jen. you rip.
1 why ride, race or shred-
I have loved mountain biking since my very first ride on a completely rigid (low end) Univega on the Sugarbottom trail in Iowa City (1994). It is a great way to get outside, enjoy the beautiful scenery that the world has to offer, and get away from the stresses of the daily grind. Sharing this with someone special is an extra bonus. Because I love competition, I wanted to race right away and have been riding and racing since.
2 tell us single folks the way to find that special some one-
I have no idea. Shannon and I have been together so long that I wouldn't even know where to begin. Fortunately, I don't want to know,either!
3 whats a normal day-
Typical weekday: Wake up 6:00ish. Stretch. Eat breakfast. Take the best dog in the world for a walk. Get to work by 8:00AM. Work as a school-based Occupational Therapist with kids with disabilities. Day spent completing evaluations, consulting with school staff, supervising aides, attending meetings, and driving to 15 different schools. Home around 4:00. Take best dog in the world to the park. Bike ride!!!! Dinner. Bed. Up again for another day.
4 whats a dream job-I have a pretty great job and I love my profession. I do wish I was able to spend more time outdoors doing what I do. Perhaps using horses therapeutically to address the therapeutic needs of my kids with disabilities (they call this hippotherapy, I'm not sure why).
5 what if you died tomorrow-I'd be bummed! There is so much more I want to do.

Monday, May 28, 2007

that race was hard

i stole this pic from forrest.

i wont bore you with the play by play. i got pretty much worked over by sager and bryson, spannring. i held on to 4th, lost 5 mins on the last lap and finished just in time of a charging pack of 5.
i hate going backwards but its better than last week.

im still waiting for the dream ride of 3 weeks ago to feel like super man again. even when i feel that good bart and sager are still faster. i dont care if i get 10th if i can feel strong thats fine with me.

2.5 hrs today it was hard. ya hard. ummm im blown so im tired from staying up all night and im going to sleep.

i got some sweet pics, upcoming interviews check it out, but heres a preview.


hes racing green, for the lamen that means riding from his house, 1 speed 2 lap race, then riding home.

keepin it real.

the green lantern

when you hear bart or sager say they are jet lagged tired, over trained, sick or blown. that means they are going to attack you, put big time on you and win.

dont believe the lies.


here is blakes significant other.

who wouldnt want to interview her?

blake z aka thumbs mcgee

thumbs mcgee is makin a come back to the racing circuit after a blown thumb.


ok he raced 110 miles saturday won the race then came out and smoked me.

good job bp. i wish i could have been on your wheel.

the legend glen adams

when i was 15 i was a green horn on local mtn scene. glen was a top 10 norba pro. i watched them shred laps with ned, tinker and tomac.
amazed wondering how they hauled so much ass.
3rd in worlds downhill 1991. tomac got 2nd so that says it all.

now he still races, rides a ton, works with bikes and still can drop anyone half his age with ease.

once i get the info i will post the interviews. i cant wait.

i got ali g's info down below check it out.

and dont forget to vote for shannon and jen.

jen hanks and shannon need more votes so go do it.
vote for them here, they could win a trip to the transalp stage race in july. voting is down to the top 5 so if you want to help them out go vote. oh ya and shannon has a pet turtle.

this is the crap on tv at 2am

im stayin up all night, pull an all nighter then race at 9.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

wow what a weird sunday

weird stuff is goin on, i sleep all day then up all night. i have to get up at 7am go to draper and race the green lantern, bz, team rico and many others. i wonder if climb-um is coming

i had slice in my tire so i tried to fix it. the stans sealed it partially but i didnt trust it so i tried to seal up a different tire with some C02 cans, that didnt work so i drove around to 5 gas stations and those air compressors suck balls so that didnt work.

while i was out over at the wild oats mall i saw butta on the vespa and lucky he lives next to contender cuz he let me in to use a real air hose. got that tire aired up, then the pink guy walks by. 5 mins later i leave the shop and i see him walkin over by trolley. so i tracked, stalked, what ever you want to call it to his house. i found his pink house and tomorrow im going to go over there and interview him.

this next week im going to post interviews of some random friends i have so why not start with ATRAIN, ALI G, THE CLAW AND FLAHUTE.

ya check it out, pics and 5 lame questions for the guys you may want to know more about.

dark side bike racers, crossers, bike geeks and weirdos just like me.

stay tuned more to come this week.
yaaa . i have to go fix my bike.


i met atrain when i was 14, i worked him over in some mtn bike races and ever since then he has tried to keep up.

1 whats the dream job
2 why ride race or shred
3 whats on the other side of life
4 whats the trains philosophy on dating or finding that some one special
5 whats the perfect day

1. If I knew I would have it. I do have a long list of life sucking, go nowhere, jobs that pay enough to fool me into thinking it is worth it.

2. So I can eat more fish taco's and Peppermint Patties
3. A world where tall skinny men are worshiped as gods. It has to be....
4. Like them and they will run.
5. bikes, fish taco's, Pepermint Patties and a good metal show

ali g
i met ali g 4 years ago when he decided to race mtn bikes, coming from snow boarding, i didnt know who he was but thought it was funny he raced with a radio blasting in his jersey pocket.
check out the flite seat on the 3 wheeler.

tell us about this odd picture:
First off i'm a man of strange humor. Sometime dry, sarcastic, vulgar or juvenile. I've improved my tricycle toward speed, it is intended to make people happy or sad depending on how they feel about being smoked by a tricycle.. run, bike, trike.... testaskils. The rest of the kit is just my everyday training attire.

1 why race or ride: I've loved all bikes since i was young so i ride for the enjoyment. Even so, i would ride much less if i was not racing. I desire to race well, which drives me to train hard-ish, which in turn keeps me riding 5-6 days a week

2 what if you died tomorrow: I'd be dead.

3 some thing you wished you could have done but now can't cuz its gone, missed opportunities: When i was 18 i decided to pursue snowboarding and gave up the bike all together. I had an 11 year shred career that afforded me fancy things, candy paint, spinnin' wheels, wood grain grippin', i got that sticky icky, sticky, sticky icky. It might not have been a missed opportunity. i was off the bike for 10years so i always wonder how much gerthier my thighs could have been.

4 whats a normal day: Weekdays: Wake up, feed my dawgs, make a giant latte, eat and head out on the road or MTB for training. Get back to the shell around 11, consume nutrients, kiss the wife, head to Fishers Cyclery for a mellow 7hr shift. Slang bikes till 7pm, back to the shell for more hermit crab action, either more work on my side jobs or mellow till bed time 10pm. Saturdays: The best, morning starts the same but saturdays usually mean a road or mtb race. Pumps the jams for a few hours, stand near the podium, drink some powders, stretch and then consume pints of ice cream (chocolate-peanut butter) till bed or food coma sets in. Sundays: cycling with the wifey or substitute charity ride with "newbie"

5 whats a dream job: I would love to be a rally car driver on the WRC, i love driving fast cars, preferably turbo charged audis

i met steve just last fall, and we have many mutual friends that say good things.
since i didnt race cross in 05 i wasnt in the scene much that fall. but last year at the cross races he was there working for free. takin care of biz at the races.
nice work flahute.

1 whats a normal day

Got nothing good for this one.

2 something you wish you could have done but now cant, missed opportunities

Made my marriage work:>

3 why ride, race or shred>

4 whats your dream job
Already had it, and will hopefully have a similar one again:>

5 what if you died tomorrow and knew it was coming

the claw

who doesnt know the claw? local TT legend and staple on the canyon squad. so hes out going and comes up and starts talkin to me like 3 or 4 yrs ago. im like, hey ya whats your deal? do i know you? ya any way he races TT's road bikes and cross races, and has good stories about life.
rip it up claw.

1 why ride, race or shred
It's better than yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn.

2 what if you died tomorrow, Team Time Trial with the dead grandpas.

3 whats a dream job

Fluffer for donkey porn.

4 philosophy of dating or finding that special some one.
Throw out some garlic-scented pheromones.

5 whats on the other side of life

I have no idea — I'm so narcissistic I am barely aware there are other people.

the mormons love booz

if i think about it this game seems kind of lame, running back and forth putting a ball in a hoop.

but if you keep thinking about other sports its the same thing. hitting balls, putting balls in holes, throwing balls, and then even more crazy is riding bikes up hills and around in circles for hours on end.

what ever you like i guess. big burly guys slamming each other blood sweat and tears, finesse of the soft finger roll, the alley oop, the eye contact communication, or some would say its hard to run back and forth for 2 or 3 hrs. but we dont have time outs or substitutions. its all a one man show when doing this bike game.

some people ask me if during a race do we stop and take a break, have lunch or a time out.

i dont know what to say some times. i think they are really sincere. try to be nice and dont laugh i guess.

yesterday when i was riding up corner canyon i was thinking of the 2nd or 3rd race i did back in 89' that summer i picked up the tomac mongoose with 18 gears, flat pedals and no shocks. i thought it was pretty cool since my bmx bike didnt have any of that. it was a natural fit the first time i ripped around on it. any way i got this bike at my dads shop in south jordan and nobody i knew was going to this weds night race put on by wild rose. i rode over to corner canyon in the rain and when i got there i was blown already. the race seemed to draw a lot of people i just remember a big pack going up the dirt canyon road in the mud, we raced up to the top and then turned around and came back down the same road. it was really muddy and the bike must have weighed 50 lbs. well the bike was about 29 lbs any way clean, tomac farmer john tires dont roll well in thick sticky mud.

i remember rich perrier and stenger were dicing it for the win and i dont even know what i got but it was probably last and i was so blown at the end i dont remember how i got home.

so tomorrow we race up that dirt road again and this time we will be doing it 3 times.

thinking of things like that when your in the hurt locker makes the time go by quicker and how much worse off it could be.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

a mini horse in the fox den

while i was out riding in draper with these guys i picked up a mini horse. rob & big style.

this is arrow the pony. now he lives down town in the big city. there is a no pets rule in my building but hes small and nobody will notice.


next week after the sundance race there is this bike messenger get together down town in the big city.

after i win the mtn race im going to win that too.

come watch the shredding, i need to pick up that free 1 speed.

i stole this from tbird

off the subject of comedy,

i heard about tmac today. i have no doubts someone with his tenaciousnous and will power will over come his recent diagnosis.

if anyone can pull through he can.
tmac puttin in the hrs. lake mead january.

Friday, May 25, 2007

the eagle has landed

i found the green lantern in the speed boat. pr to slc in 6 hrs flat.

i wish the mtn race was tomorrow. im on fire, big watts. must be something in the water. we had to go shred dry creek 1 track. nice sunny warm spring day.

get out and hammer. i guess i'll rip around town, wait and hold that thought for monday morning. ya

i got pulled over by an unmarked police car today. i was driving kind of like how i dh. some call it aggressive. this about the 5th time in the past year, and i didnt get a ticket.

5th time in a row for that too. once or twice might be luck, but 5 times, ya i know how to sweet talk the man in a uniform if you know what im sayin.

team shannifer needs more votes. maybe one day you guys will need some one to vote for you so go do your fellow mtn bikers a favor and vote for them.

i did.

jen hanks and shannon need our help. if you vote for them here, they could win a trip to the transalp stage race in is down to the top 5 so if you want to help them out go vote. oh ya and shannon has a pet turtle.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

draper days good times next monday

3 laps on that course should be around 2.5 hrs. thats a good day on the bike. i rode around with team revolution and checked out the dh. its a fast ripper 1 track blind corners and sand on hard pack has the 2 wheel drift goin on.

i used to ride corner canyon road back in 89. i had the feeling of when you see your old school and you think it looks a lot smaller.

like that climb used to kill me, it seemed like it took forever in the middle ring. i thought it was a lot steeper but i must be in better shape than 89.

the early morning start will help heat stroke. 1 bottle and the big ring is all you need.

sager got stuck in pr so we'll see if he gets a speed boat to drop him off in miami and maybe he'll make it back to the big city by monday on the grey hound.

check out the 27,000 sq. foot house up on the hill. or next time youre on I-15 look east, you can see it from the free way.

yaaaaaa i bet he has an H3.

since the green lantern is on a boat and bart is sick
i wonder if climb-em and bryson will come.. wow maybe rico and dh the dominator will turn up

ride jacobs ladder

pink dude enjoys the spring weather at great harvest. coffee and cinnamon rolls.

photo by bz, always on the lookout.

tonite at 530 at the horse barn. about 14600s. 1500 e.

learn the sweet dh lines, rip it up.

i had to post this, classic utah humor.