Saturday, June 30, 2007

1 speed is gay like the tour

you know you are in happy valley when you see plates like this.

the van was loaded with, well im guessing some lds folk. its not bad, im just sayin.

i dont like the tour, i just like this song.
today brad p whipped my ass for the state title. only 5 guys were there, ali flatted on the 1st downhill with a big lead. i was riding slow and got beat.
i guess my threats of racing 1 speed scared everyone away. the last few weeks there have been about 20 1 speeders lining up. then the state race comes and they all dont show.
what the hell?
steve wasmund was the only guy who had the balls and he got 3rd. if me, ali and brad didnt sign up only 2 guys would have been there.

thats really gay

tour de france is gay
bike racing is gay
1 speeds are stupid, its my blog and my opinion so i can say what i want.
so suck on that for awhile.

im putting shifters on my bike right now cuz my arms hurt from standing up the whole climb.

im tired so thats all you get till later

bobby got 2nd in expert, chipo made his first podium in 12 years in 3rd. but i passed him on the 1 gear. yaaa

dramatic chipmunk with tecno TDF kraftwerk

Friday, June 29, 2007

expert rider teee-dub

tyler wilhelmsen

tall and skinny, tee dub just moved up to expert this year. i have known him for awhile. he used to work at guthries until they closed shop. norm, spencer and chan used to shoot rubber bands at him.
he likes to ride, race and work on bikes.

he rides mtn and road. maybe you have seen him at the ICUP. hes the tall skinny kid with the guthrie jersey.

here he is watching the tour. livin large, or bein hard core

ya rip it.

Sly, I have answered the questions below and attached a photo.

I like your blog.

Rip the DH.


Do you have many debts?

I still have to pay for my road bike, that should happen this summer. The only other debt that I have is for my truck which I bought last fall. I'm trying to pay extra each month on it.

Do you own or rent your home?

Neither, I'm mooching off of my parents. I helped them remodel it last year, so I figure they owe it to me. Ripping two layers of shingles off the roof every night until midnight for a week and breathing in 30 years of toxic dust while tearing out the basement was a lot of fun.

my parents live 5 minutes away from where I work, so it is nice living at home for a while.

How much do you weigh?

Anywhere from 145 to 152 since 9th grade.
It depends on the time of year.

What does your spouse think about your career?

I'm not married, but if I were I'm sure she would just hope it paid the bills. Selling paper shredders, binding supplies, laminators, etc. is not very glamourous, I feel like Jim on "The Office." Hopefully it is a stepping stone for getting a sales rep job in the biking industry somewhere down the road. I would rather be driving around selling stuff to bike shops than sitting at a desk selling stuff over the phone.

Have you ever brought a law suit against an employer?
No, I guess I'm just not very good at confrontation.

Where do you usually go on vacation?

When I was two, my mom's side of the family built a cabin in Island Park, Idaho near Yellowstone. We go there every Memorial Day, Labor Day, and usually for a couple of weeks every summer. It's nice to get up in the mountains and relax or ride the bike.
I like to go to the first two intermountain cup mountain bike races in Southern Utah every spring as well. It seems like I race better when I have to travel to get there, like I have more invested in the weekend and I don't want to waste it. Also, the other racers haven't been riding that much yet. I always get my butt kicked later in the season when everyone gets into shape. I guess I'll have to try to change that.
Two summers ago I went to France to watch the tour. I spent a week in Paris and Normandy then followed the race from the Pyrenees to Paris for a week and a half. We rode the Col D'Aubisque, Peyresourde, Soulat, etc. We would usually pick one or two climbs per day, it's amazing those guys can do 5 or six of them at the pace they do.I would like to go to Europe to watch a Moto GP race, probably Valencia.

What do you think about romance in the office?

I work with a very attractive girl who sits right across from me. She has a boyfriend though, so it's cool just to be friends. I think that would make work weird every day if I were dating someone there. My brother is marrying a girl that he worked with, though they didn't start dating seriously until after he got another job. Maybe I'll quit my job so I can date that girl.

Have you ever been sexually harassed?
The old married ladies in our accounting department like to flirt with the younger sales reps, but I guess that's not sexual harassment.

Do you have plans to get married?
Yes, I just don't know when. I'm kind of an anomaly in this culture being single at almost 27 years of age. I have too many friends who did the "right" thing and got married young and are now divorced. My main problem is I have a hard time settling down, there are too many things to do and places to see that would be difficult with a family. Maybe I'll just have to wait until retirement to do that.

Tell me about your family.

I come from your typical Utah family. Luckily my parents never forced culture or religion on us growing up, we had the opportunity to make our own decisions. My parents both worked while I grew up. My sister lives in England where her husband is an Air Force helicopter pilot. They have three kids who now have british accents. My older brother has two kids and lives in Ogden. My younger brother is getting married in July, so that pretty much leaves me alone in my current state of singleness.There was never any drama in our house, everyone is pretty laid back which was a nice way to grow up. We all remain good friends. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies which my parents tried to cultivate.
All pretty generic and unexciting I know, but I definitely don't regret anything.

1 speed tomorrow

up at solitude tomorrow im breakin out the 1 speed scalpel. this bad boy is super lite and rips the dh, i got new tires and they are hookin it up good.
i took the shifters off so nobody cries foul.

i wonder if team rico is comin up to join in the fun.

one gear no fear, forrest would be proud.
and master bates

hope the watts back up the smack talk

the mini truck will be fixed next week. seems the tranny gasket blew and all the oil leaked out into the water shed.
no dogs up the canyon but its ok for all the animals to take a dump in the river, people go fishing and piss in the river, people throw garbage around, camping, people live in cabins and trucks and cars can drive up and down the road all day every day spewing exhaust and dripping oil on the road, (like me).

seems kind of stupid to me, but what do i know.
i got some old skool billy idol on the player. check it yaa

Thursday, June 28, 2007

mini sager, the other boulder millionaire

blake harlan aka mini

young buck blake here isnt even legal yet. 20.6 years young. good thing he hangs with bart and sager. team mova vie cannondale.

those old guys. good mentors for the upcoming years. i have realized we, me and the fore mentioned are over the hill. like bike racing glory days. well except for dreams of ned and tinker.

anyway the point is blake can go fast already, he has good people to listen to and take direction from. bike practice is good but if you line your self up with guys like jason then you can maximize your potential.

whats with texas anyway?

over the next few years watch the u23 and pros for mini. hes a quite a catch.

117 pounds out of the shower. add a few watts to that and it starts gettin ugly.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all yourhuman needs - such as food and water - were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?
If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
what is your idea of a perfect date?
If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?
whats the big deal about texas
what do you want to do with the next 2 years of your life
do you really like sager


1) my memory foam pillow

2) some company...Yaaaaaa
Travel, Travel, Travel. See as much of the world as i could and bring all my friends. Oh I would fly first class everywhere. Take it back, private jet. Thats what you would do right?
If i had six months to live i would do the same as if i had six months with no obligations.

3)Perfect date = no BS. Have fun doing whatever.

4)Dog. Have fun, for the most part not stupid, like people.

5)Everybody has to have something to hate.. I guess texas is it for many. I lived in Austin, its the accepted bubble of the lone star. Everyone should visit. but FYI theres about 5 states worse than TX.

6)I'm on the month to month program.
7)Who else is going to teach me how to talk smack?
good point, but im the best in the game.

mini fits in the mini truck, in the middle. no problem.

tolbert told me to man up

tolbert says to ride a 35/14 gear at solitude. i guess if gallager is goin down i have to man up with the big meat.

3 laps at the tude on a 1 gear is crazy.

sager sent me this pic of a chick dumpster diving while on the cell phone. it doesnt look to clear whats goin on, im just wonderin why hes hangin with the chick at the garbage can?

those boulder millionaires kill me.

ya the time stamp is correct, im up at 530am. ok, im takin a nap later.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i blew up the truck

i took the sweet ride up big cottonwood, it made it to mill D and blew up. well i think the tranny did. i pulled it off the road since it was late and rode up to solitude, it was almost dark so i didnt get much riding in, only about 5 miles of trail. then coasted back down to mill d. tried to see if it worked, it didnt. it starts but it has no gears. so i coasted it down to the 7-11 and parked it, rode the bike over to my friends house and thats that.

maybe i should push that hunk off a cliff

tmac likes cement

terry mcginnis

rolf sorensen with tmac in germany

when i was 13 my dad had a shop in draper. i went there after school and put bikes together, did repairs and stuff. i rode my bmx bike 15 miles a day to school and then to draper. it was good times. tmac would come in with his mtn bike and tell us we should go ride with him. i was 14 or 15 and he kicked my ass a few times. he raced expert and won a lot. he liked riding motorcycles with dave wood and ripping the dh.

that was back in 88'.

now hes in bed recovering from cancer and the treatment.

i talked to him on the phone the other day and he was having a tough time. obviously, i dont know what hes going through so i hope this helps a bit.

we have tmac wrist bands and i hope that keeps things rolling on a positive note.

keep it up tmac its a hard race but one you can win so dont drop out.

1.whats your perfect job

I had so much fun announcing the Tour of Utah last year I would have to say Phil Liggett has the perfect job and I’d love to have his. Following the best bike races and racers around the world would be awesome.

whats your biggest dream, this may have changed recently so tell us if it did and how
If I could, I’d like to be able to do nothing but train and race just like a pro. Sly you are living my dream!

what have you been thinking about lately

Mostly about what great friends and family I have; how much support they have for me during my battle with cancer. It has been amazing to see how many people I have met and developed relationships with over the years.

tell us about family tmac
I have been married for almost twenty-one years to Cindy and have two wonderful children; Margaret, 20, who will start her junior year at the University of Utah in August and Nicholas, 16 who will be a junior at Olympus High and can’t wait to be able to drive without me in the car.

if you won lottery for 2 million what would you do next
Make sure my family was set for life and then do some traveling with them to exotic places.

whats up with the concrete conventions
We all have to work sometime.

how is it training with jeff and tbird
The best! Those two are amazing riders and it has been a real privilege to be one of their training partners over the years. It is so cool to ride with guys that put their egos aside and go to work, riding steady, consistent and predictably. And, of course, it stretched me and made me a better rider as well.

tell us about the last month, what kind of things have you learned through your health or lack of and the treatments
I have learned that because I have taken good care of myself I can tolerate the chemotherapy better than most. I also learned that cancer does not discriminate and can get you no matter how good your health may be. And I can tell you from first hand experience that cancer sucks.

would you rather be stuck on a island like cast away, stranded or be right where you are at right now
Where I am right now; surrounded by friends and family and fighting for all I’m worth.

tuesday night at solitude

last night was pretty good. looked like about 50 people showed up for the first ever tuesday night worlds on the best 1 track in big cottonwood canyon. alex g was sitting in on the first climb talkin to me while i was pinned trying climb fast. once we got near the top him and bz decided to go faster. my legs were heavy and i was breathing ok but really loud. that is not always a bad thing. i have felt worse.

ya my tires are bald and worn out, they were marginal for the race and i didnt change them. so i had a slow leak and hit a rock, end of game. 20 mins of bike gaming. it was ok cuz saturday took its toll.

i was practicing my one gear climbing. this sat im lining up with the 1 speeders so lets see how that goes.

the 29/20 gear works fine on that course so i will use it.

bz was goin pretty good, and brandon. i think i could have worked them over but thats the good thing about hind site.
alex g was riding his own pace and dropped everyone.
ok nothing new there.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

bionic dave

this post marks the 47th interview. 53 more to go. hope you guys are not bored yet.

dave harris team healthFX

ok he lives in durango, but he races here sometimes and hes moving to st george soon.

so when im down there we might do 10 hrs rides. who knows.

dave here and lynda like to ride a lot. sometimes together, this weekend they are racing trans rockies mtn stage race in canada.

dave likes to ride for 3 days in a row, do 24 hr solo mtn races, 12 hr, 100 milers and crazy stuff like that. oh ya he won the 12 hr solo race at pc round valley last year with 13 laps or some crazy shit, and passed the leader on the last lap. i bet that guys was blown and pissed like me.

hard core.

back in march we both did the rim ride in moab. its 90 miles of moabs best technical trails linked together in one loop. we rode together for 5 hrs in the rain and mud. then he stopped for a rain coat and i kept going. maybe he thought he would catch up. oh well that was a hard day and his chain broke. my legs were cashed for 5 days. but he was just warming up. i cant imagine going 14 more hours, as in a 24 hr solo race, or even for 3 days in a row like he just did a few weeks ago.

i dont know how he does it, but if you want to read some epic stories of him going big check out his blog. its something crazy.

see you in the desert bionic.

what is your real job

Cycling seems pretty real, except for it's effect on the bottom line. To support the habit, I'm an engineer, modeling communication protocols.

tell us how you enjoy riding more than 5 hrs

Good question. Some years ago I had a coach. During the winter he'd have me doing 5-6 hour road rides and I hated those with a passion. My, how things do change...

Much of it has to do with understanding what it takes to go long. I tend to be analytical about my training (but no coaches anymore) and try to hone in on what the demands of any given event are. This drives training.

Once that is figured out, then the fun really begins. Racing a 2-3 hour XC, you're pinned and busting your ass to get to the finish as quick as possible - and looking forward to the relief of the finish line. Nobody can go that hard in an endurance event - you have to pace yourself. In the good events, the mind is completely clear, the endorphins flowing, and no thoughts of the finish line. The distractions of your "everyday" evaporate; you become keenly aware of all race details, the efforts of your own body, but everything else in the cosmos is as if it never was. It is enormously liberating accompanied by an unusually clear mind, one you have complete control over.

There are exceptions to the above. Like, when doing events where the competiton pushes you to your limits. For me, that'd be the E12 in '06 and the 24 hours of Moab, and for sure I'll be hurtin at 24 hour worlds in September. In these sort of events I'm looking forward to the finish line, but every now and then it's great to find your limits.

what is your next big enduro adventure

Not sure on this one. I'm strongly considering the Great Divide Race for 08' - Canada to Mexico. It started June 15 this year, the lead rider is well ahead of record pace and looks a sure bet to set a high bar for those wishing to do better. That's attractive, but it really isn't much of an MTB route - lots of gravel roads. I'm also looking at a solo time trial of the Arizona trail (~730 miles including a bike pack across the Grand Canyon), or a solo TT of an as yet undisclosed trans-Utah route.

do you really like sager

Sure, I've always been one to cheer on an underdog. He's taken his lumps this year but keeps good perspective anyway. I would so love to see him throw some serious smack down in Mt Snow!

how did you get into racing, then how did it turn into epic riding/racing

XC racing started not long after I got my first bike - a Diamondback Ascent EX in '92. I could barely ride when I got it, but a month or two later nobody would ride with me. I was more sociable back then so had to race to ride with others. That's how it went for years...XC was about all I knew. Then one day in '02 I was on an epic near Durango (back then epic was defined as 5 hours, LOL) and one of my riding buddies noticed that I didn't seem to slow down relative to others and suggested I try some longer races. I dabbled a bit in '03, then in '04 focused on the NORBA marathon series with good results. It has snowballed ever since. The longer the event I do, the more dissatisfied I am with shorter events and am always looking for the next great adventure (read: longer). Trouble is, it's getting to the point where I have to make my own routes. On second thought, maybe that's not trouble at all.

how am i doing as an interviewer

Great - and I've really been digging your interviews. One hole in the questions might be my thoughts about self-supported, no entry fee, no permit racing that is gaining such popularity right now...

if you won 5 million lottery what would you do next

Buy my mother a house, take 6 months and travel the globe in search of the next big thing.

you are moving to st. george? tell us why, and so am i, so we can hook up some long days in the sun.
I've been in Durango a long time. As good as it is here, it's time for a change. As for why StG...I'm a desert rat at heart. The times I need to be putting in the most training is during periods of crappy weather in Durango, and honestly, if I never see snow again it'll be too soon. StG is warm in summer, but I'll be travelling then anyway. The riding there in the fall/winter/spring is perfect. I'm fortunate to work from home so can choose my location with few limitations.

Maybe after a few rides with me in the desert this winter you'll find that special place enduro events can take the spongy mind and you'll be hooked.

syrus and leo chill at contender

cyrus is chained up all day. he runs off otherwise.
he likes beef jerky and sausage.

today he is featured as the look cleat dog.

he looks sad, its cuz alison shaved his fur too short.

leo likes to watch for the pink guy. he hangs out at contender looking out the window across the street at the coffee shop.

he likes to play catch with the tennis ball and sleep.
today he is wearing xtr brake pads on his collar.
the pics are lame, dark with no detail. sorry, i need a new camera.

from cat 4 to pro. just like that.

jeff louder

everyone knows jeff cuz he rips.
but it didnt start out that way back in the day.
everyone has to take the lumps and work hard, and if you do it consistently with a vision and dream big you can make it.

case in point.
i knew young jeff when he worked at guthrie back in 1994/1995. he was the shop mechanic with pro racing dreams.

one time in 1996 the down town crit was around the city county building on state street. we raced cat 4 and he was 17. he won with the last lap attack and beat me for the $75 prize money. i was pissed but now im not.
he used to race mtn bikes as well in 1997/1998 he was pretty good too.

11 years later he could still probably whoop me in a TT or hill climb, or road race, or mtn race, or something. if you know what im sayin.


now days he hangs with his wife and 2 little dogs, rides with tmac and tbird, likes to fish and stuff.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs - such as food and water - were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

Where does my wife fit into that? Is she a human need or an Item? More of the former (for me at least) but mostly neither I hope. If she was there and I still had two things to pick I think I'd bring sun block and a beach towel. Unless we are talking about some sort of "Lost" island. I would then bring a big handgun and a satellite phone and hope there aren't a bunch of psychos in the area.

If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?

I'd probably go nuts. That sounds like a really long off season to me. I would probably do some traveling and maybe a house project. Maybe head to South America, do some fishing in Chile and Argentina and then head to New Zealand and do the same. Then, when I got home I'd remodel my bathroom, just to round it all out. If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time? Spend as much time with my wife and family as possible, and remodel the bathroom too. You know, leave a legacy.

Do you ever think about racing mtn bikes around here or at big races?

Not really. It would take years to get the skills I had as a 16 year old back. And by then I may only have 6 months to live. I'll stick to the road thanks.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

I really have no clue. I always thought I wanted to be a cat... sit around all day, sleep and kill stuff. Seems pretty nice as far as the animal kingdom is concerned, no worries, no responsibilities and you're still a predator just for kicks. But, I wouldn't say that is my personality in animal form. I'm way to slow and uncoordinated to be a cat. You tell me Chris.

If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be? Yogurt! Billions of active cultures? Seriously... who doesn't want that?

Who is the best motor pacer in town? T-mac is good but come on.

Your both good for your own reasons, I really couldn't compare. You have definitely gone beyond the call of duty though. I don't think T-mac would pace me in a snowstorm. Hope that answers all of your burning questions and you sleep better for it.


Monday, June 25, 2007

keepin it real

gary dastrup works at the jail yaa

gary dastrup, ya he races road bikes and cyclocross.
but back in the day he used to race mtn bikes with me and bart.
when we were 15.
then he went away. he hated us, he went on a mission and i never saw him for 10 years. then he decided to show up at wheeler farm bout 5 yrs ago and start gettin fast again.
so he saw me get fat and sick, then i got better and thinner.
i told him how, since he was sicker than a dog. he tried it and hes better now.
so everyone go wash out your ass. ya i said it so go do it. you will feel better.

i guess he likes to swing with the young dastrup

how is it working at the jail

It’s a consistent wage. The 20 year retirement is a nice thing to help make being locked up with hardened criminals eight hours a day worth it.
Really its mostly mellow treat people like people and generally it’s a good day. I have had chairs and food trays thrown at me, no poop. Those occurrences could have been any one some prisoners just can’t get along with any one. The chair thrower we shipped out to the state prison for an extra six months, not sure about the crazy guy that threw the tray. He cut my head open. I think the state hospital got him, he though we were messing with his food so he washed it like a raccoon, even his bread.
When I first started this jail thing I thought I needed to be big so I went to the weight room and put on forty pounds. Wow it looked cool but I was already riding slow as it was, bike riding was priority so it had to come off. I dropped ten or fifteen of it. Elizabeth helped with the rest. I look like I am wearing my dad’s uniforms now (all baggy).

tell us about family man dastrup

My wife and Son are what make me try not to be a bum. Before I got married I was still trying to make ends met working crummy yobs not jobs that allowed me to fit bike riding and a collage attempt in. I had no problem with having loser jobs with the exception of never feeling up to racing like I wanted to. Bobbie said you keep talking about it so give it a try. So now I have more of a career, and I can impersonate a bike racer now and we have a great mini us running around. I feel bad for them dealing with me and my addiction. Bobbie is strong to keep encouraging me and work full time jobs, raising me and Neil as well as keep are home in order. Bike racing is a rough selfish ride to take a family on.
I also have to say that I am living a second child hood watching my son grow up playing with him is the days high light.

whats your dream job

I am so glad you asked. Racing bikes of course. This question can help me clarify the statement above. All I ever wanted was to ride/race bikes I never cared about getting rich or famous just have enough to eat right and keep a place to live.
So in a nut shell a bike bum in a one room apartment with crates for furniture nice bikes traveling to and winning races.
That ship sailed when I decided to go on a mission my body hasn’t been the same since. It’s truly a dream now I wouldn’t give up my wife and son for that and I can’t let bike racing bring them that far down. I race to slow to ask any one for the same money I bring to the family now. Or any money for that matter. I am lucky Vanguard lets me pay them to put there jersey on.

how am i as salt lakes premier online blog entertainer

I don’t think there are many blogs that can compete with the one originating from the fox den. I do miss the Mopinators blog though, he and I could blaspheme like no other, when he pulled the plug I just became a blog reader instead of a blog poster. The Prophet Mop still inspires me though. And can pickle a mean jar of garlic I might add.

if you didnt have to work what would you do with your time

Ride my bike. At the risk of sounding one sided and redundant. I would get up with sun and put in a good ride come home and have lunch with the family take a nap, go see a show, get a snack and go bust out some more time on the two wheeler. Come home to another of Bobbies awesome meals and enjoy the family time. The newest thing is the huge swing set we have out in the back yard what a way to finish the day.

whats the best story from elizabeth king

I should just keep this short and say when she told me in her Marry Poppins voice that I was full of rotten shit, or something like that. I wasn’t to taken back because I am told that among other insults at work regularly. She clarified by going in to a long and gruesome explanation about mucous and ph balances etc. So 20 days and draining one of my son’s accounts I started calling her the Fox’s performance in enhancing doctor.

new stickers goin on my new truck

manly rico lifts weights and gets big.

i just got in 50 of each of these sets if you guys want some

$5 bucks for each set. ya cash cow, milk it.

the flying scot from st george

steve and the kids

lynda wallenfels here with bionic dave

this one girl from far far away. now likes the hot summers in dixie.?!?! ya hot. but similarly she burns hot laps for the whole day, keeps up with coaching, the hubby, the 2 kids, training with bionic dave, trans rockies mtn stage race, 24 hr solo races, 12 hr solos, 100 milers. ok you get the idea. she likes to ride a lot. so i had to catch up with lynda and see what makes a tiny girl like her keep the pedals going for so long.

rippin the dh while the guys walk. ya that gets it done.

emma & wes

dynamic duo lynda and dave in canada racing trans rockies

how come you like riding all day, race long, train long hours all the time.

Well I just like to ride my bike and I hardly ever get tired so don't have the sense to know when a good time to stop is. It keeps getting bigger. A hundie was big, then it wasn't anymore, then a 24 solo. Next year I'm racing Grand Loop which takes about 3 days and in 2009 I plan to do the Great Divide Race which is 2500 miles. That sounds quite big.

why do you live in st george

I was wondering that myself yesterday when my patio thermometer was reading 106F

tell us about mum lynda, riding, racing, coaching, training, all that has to fill your day.

That is a big question! Want an essay? I don't have a routine. Things change all the time. I make lists of things to get done and get them done. It is like a puzzle and I figure it all out. The answer is not the same every day. The lists are full of a mix of mom, coaching, housewife, training and bike stuff. If you want me to do something make sure it is on my list. I like ticking stuff off. If I do something that is not on the list sometimes I will write it on anyway so I can tick it. The kidz are too big now to shove in the bike trailer, Wesley is out of school for summer and most of the daylight hours here are over 100F. In August my little one Emma starts Kindergarten. That's gonna change my world - free time 9am - 3:30pm five days per week. Wanna go ride?

do you really like bionic dave

Oh yes he is cute and lovable but most of all he is very incorrigible. I like that in my friends.

how am i as the premier blog interviewer

I've been enjoying your series of interviews and am very flattered to be asked but where are the how to pick up chicks question for me? Do you not want to know how to pick up a chick like me?

if you could go back in time what year would you pick and what would you do

Well the 1800's would be pretty cool so I could see the country without roads and concrete. Actually I think right now is pretty great. I have big plans on the cards for 2008 and 2009.

do you like cold snowy winters

Snow's fer penguins

monday morning ramblings

after the sunday biking festivities i went to the movies. met up for a minute with clintster & claw. got a TMAC wrist band.

he needs a blog or something to document the treatment hes doing right now. i talked to him on the phone last week and hes a tough bird. if you already didnt know. you can judge a guys character like that by how they perform on a bike. he can take pain like no one else. i wouldnt want to even try it. when the goin gets tough for me i just drop out.

so the option here for tmac is deal with the pain or die.

thats as simple as it gets.
then last week at soho i talked to fatty for a minute, his wife has been doing some cancer treatment for a few years and he was telling me about that. seems like everyone knows someone with it. i could go on and on. atrain etc. but this is supposed to be a short post and have a lot to say about it.
getting it, curing it etc. but i will get off the box and leave it at that.

i got a bunch of people to post this week. the weekend left me tired and lazy. thats no excuse but thats the life of sly. ride then sleep.

some tell me i have the gravy train life. its good but the grass is always greener on the other side. everyone has a good life i think they just need to see what they have instead of being envious of the other guy. even the hobos at pioneer park. i just like to make fun of everyone. even myself.
the best races of yesterday were mike hanseen in the 35 plus taking off sly style and getting in a break for 45 mins. then hageman bridged and beat him by 5 sec.
then in the 3's i told chris peterson and ryan harrison to take off and string it out. they did and for a few laps it was cool to see some pain and real racing. those 2 kids are 18 and rip the trail. mitchels little brother aka thin and thinner. if you dont know them its the tall skinny kids in the devo jerseys.

anyway, tomorrow night is solitude #1 so come rip the trail. i will try it and see how i feel. the dh is worth the climb.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

home less vagrant park road racing

nothin like 100 degree temps at 3pm in the big city. watching roadies do 1 min laps with all right corners

its so fun i dont know what else to say.

so why did i go?

i was tired and bored

i wanted to see a wreck

i was hoping to see some chicks on dh bikes at the state crit.
maybe i would see some home less drug dealers napping on the grass.
since its only 8 blocks from my house i thought i would cruise over and chill for a few hours.

ok, thats harsh, they are not drug dealers but whats up with 100 hobos sleeping at the park with some begging for money from the spectators and loading up on free whos your daddy drinks
ya good times.
me and butta got to sit and heckle a bunch of bikers riding around in circles. thats a good time.
chicks on dh bikes at the crit, word up.

team rico in the hizzy

my fave flavor

remi the dog, 2 month old, the snoodle, licking the floor.

why do i do this knowing how hard it will be

can i push it to the edge, physically without hurting myself permanently.
its a tough call, the competion, drive of will power and thrill of beating your own thoughts of failure, giving up and letting down your friends, team mates and spectators who are hoping all the best for you.

the competion was 3 other duo teams. gould/butterfield from idaho, the holleys, skid aka blaney/brian tolbert on his 1 speed.

all these guys surprised me loads. even my team mate zep. all seven of these people are good racers but they showed up and raced hard core for the whole day.

for 12 or 13 laps us 4 teams had lapped every one else, 4 man teams, duo's, solos multiple times and we were all going maximum with only 12 mins seperating all 4 of us.

me and zep were doing 45/47 min laps for 10 laps then i started to crack.
our 7 min lead turned to 4, then 3, then 1, then the idaho guys passed me with 3 miles to go.

quotes from yesterday "im never racing again" but today i feel better.

"i'll give you $200 to do my lap"

"on your left," then the rider pulls over to the left right in my line. classic move in any race.
dislexic bikers.

i got an email from adam L, he sounds ok.
i was thinking about what i ate yesterday, 4 krispy kremes, 3 bottles gatorade, mojo bar, 2 bags clif blocks, builder bar. not much, but i cant eat when im in the red zone, or even when im sitting there waiting for the next 45 mins of pain.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

12 hours of sun and dust and pain

i have never been to the pain cave like today, never had such mental battles and physical barriers to over come in a race than today.

im glad im alive to write this. i was so blown today i could barely ride the last lap. 10 miles around the rocky dusty hot loop in the pc valley.

ya i did 7 laps in in just under 6 hrs. pinned it the whole way in the big ring for 5 hrs then crumbled when the chips were on the line and lost the race by 3 mins. i have not been in so much pain for a long time. zep did 7 laps in 6 hrs so we were in a dog fight all day.

why so much hassle, well heres my theory.
dehydration, i wasnt going so good to begin with but pinned it for 4 hrs and paid for it later.
riding big ring all day, not eating.running in road shoes for the mile lemans start, sleeping 2 hrs last night, just to name a few. ya lots of excuses, and i felt it big time at 2pm.

i have been done for a few hours and still feel like hell.
i cant imagine how the other feel.
like the solos, brad pilling who ripped 12 laps, rich 11 laps, many others who rode all day in heat and put 50 miles on me. i dont know how they do it and i dont want to try.

adam lisonbee got hauled off to the hospital with heat stroke, i hope hes ok.
im still in pc and i need sleepy and food.
this is a semi hypo glycemic post so maybe more tomorrow when im normal.

bike racing is gay

here is bobby and hot carl, pit zone tech guys from revolution

Friday, June 22, 2007

would you spend $7,250 on a road bike?

this guy did, i wonder if hes goin to ride it?
im goin up to pc for the 12 hr race. so tomorrow when you get up think of me, i'll be riding. then at lunch think of me, i'll be hot and dusty, mid afternoon snack think of me. i'll be blown.
then at dinner i will be wasted and tired, and im doing it with zep so its easier than solo but its still way hot. bart is going hiking with rosie. i tell you this cuz he likes to bring clubs and golf balls. launch a few off the high uintas peak.

i better drink some water now.
or some cokes.

she likes to clean the air

this one girl from idaho, heather holmes

she likes to clean the air, she tests the filters for pollution and stuff. i wont go into the details.
a fast girl with a passion for living green and ripping the trail.

maybe you have seen her in the red kit that says kenda, she doesnt race much around here anymore, shes rollin the pro life style at the big races. so if you see jen hanks, kc holley, kathy and heather pass you on the rail dont be mad cuz all of them can rip it. but shes the one with the long braided pony tail.

recently heather got 19th at the pro deer valley norba and thats where i caught up with her, although she lives 5 blocks from me, she never calls me back. boooooooooo

1 How do you feel about women's liberation?

I feel women's liberation is important. I think everyone on this earth should be treated as equals regardless of skin color, gender, religious belief, etc. For me personally I have had a lot of opportunities that wouldn't have been available for a female in the US prior to the feminist rights movement. I am very fortunate that women in this country started fighting for equal opportunities prior to me being born. There are many countries where women don't have these opportunities and don't get to choose how they want to live their life.

2. what would you do with 2 million lottery win

I would use 1 1/2 million to do an air quality study here in SLC, and the rest to travel for a year and buy a house.

3. How do you respond to authority?

I back down big time. I'm a very non confrontational person and I don't like to get into trouble, it scares me.

4. How do you define sexual harassment?

I'd have to say I'm probably more lenient about this than most people. I have spent a lot of time around dudes and can usually tell when they are just joking around, so I let a lot of the verbal harassment slide. I guess I draw the line at inappropriate touching, unwanted communication via phone or email and unwelcomed visits to my home.

5. if you were stuck on an island forever with all the food and water what 5 things would you take

A hammock, journal to write in, box of pens, a book about Buddhism and if there's a surf break surfing gear, if not snorkeling equipment.

6. who's your favorite biker in utah

I'd have to say Tiffany Pezzulo. I did my first crit with her in New Mexico three years ago and she was a blast to race with! She's strong, really smart and she races all types of bikes!!!

7. how is the pro racer life style?

Well, it was really busy for me in March and April because I was taking three classes and doing research toward my PhD. Now that it's summer and I'm not enrolled in classes it's been great! My teammates are a blast and it's fun to have people to stay with at the races and go out with on Sunday after the racing is done. I think one of the best parts is having help when I go to races, if anything goes wrong with my bike I don't have to worry about it getting fixed in time and I have people doing my feeds for me so I don't have to lug around 10 waters bottles during the race : )

Thursday, June 21, 2007

cyclocross announcer & pro trainer gardie jackson

a few years ago he drove me to vegas, we went to my brothers wedding. in beaver we stopped for gas and he drove off without me.
my phone and everything in the car i had to call him from some one else phone. he was 20 miles down the free way, he said "sly why are you calling me from the back seat" i said im still at the gas station, come back and get me.
A.D.D. gardie, yes.

gardie jackson

back in 2002 i met gardie in a break at the rmr. it was spring time in the big city and i found myself at the front and he was cheering me on. "go fox go" but he wasnt spectating. he was the only guy with me in the break. usually the guy with you in the break says nothing, does nothing and tries to kill you in the sprint. so the whole time he is cheering for me, while im throwin him in the pain cave.

"hi im gardie and you are doing so good, just let me know if i can pull through and help you in any way!!!" "and by the way you are doing so good!!!!" yes it was like this for the next 45 mins and i had to stop laughing cuz i was going over the limit hard.

i was like wow, this guy super happy and supportive, maybe hes pulling my chain. but ever since then he has been the same so i guess i got the real deal.

if you have ever been to a utah cyclocross race you have heard gardie and sandy do the play by play announcing, and even last year at the tour of utah that was him too.

fun to hear, more fun to talk to, so if you need a pro trainer, go see him at his club in down town park city.

oh ya, and he likes the red sox.

1 have you ever been to jail, if yes what for
2 what do you tell all the girls who want to go out on the town with you
3 do you really like turbo
4 how is it to be the most entertaining announcer since phil ligget
5 if you could have super powers what would it be
6 how are you so happy go lucky all the time

1. I've never been to jail but once, when I was 6 years old or so, my father told me he would take me there to see what it was like if I was ever to lie to him. That did the trick.

2.I tell them not to believe everything that they have heard about me, I open doors and pull out chairs too!

3.Turbo is such a character on our team! That guy always has something funny to say about just about everyone we race with and against. He has good intentions. I'm glad he is my teammate....I sure as heck don't want to have to race against him.

4.Thanks for the compliment....I see myself as cross between Al Michaels and Rodney Dangerfield. I know the people and the set the race up as a story but I really don't think that anyone takes me seriously.

5.If I had super powers, I would like to be able to follow T-Bird's wheel up the toughest climbs, beat Dave H. in a sprint, hang with chicks like Beckham and spin the tables like Tiesto!

6.I guess the answer to that is: I consider myself to be so lucky to be alive after that near fatal accident a few years back. I don't take anything for granted anymore and try to live life like everything counts from here on out. I feel like I am such a different person now since that fall.

Thank you Fox!

no gardie, THANK YOU!!!

i got all these pics from sandy, thanks side kick. check umpacast 10 its the best yet