Monday, June 30, 2008

alien spotted

my feet hurt

Sunday, June 29, 2008

campin up at 9700' tonite. bloggin in the tent yaaaaaaaaaa

im up above desolation lake looking down on pc, off the crest trail. we walked up here and tomorrow we will walk 6 miles back and i will be fried. my pack weighs 60 pounds. i cant take it.

rip the crest trail, saw 6 bikes, its clear except a few small patches. time to shred the high alpine 1 track. crest at night this week. time to roll.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

deer valley? bc7? gate city? umm no....

well lots of action goin on this weekend, but not for me. chippo called me all crazy about the results from bc7, seem sager and bart took the win by 12 mins today.
in the 1st 90k stage race today.
well who else is up there?
wicks and sneddon
shaulk and eatough
hestler and shooomus
plaxton and shep,
tinker and mitch
ok i probably screwed up the teams, but they are up there, racing and they got flats or broke down, lost, bonked or you know the 100 things that can go wrong on a 5 hour race.

thats pretty sweet, that means they didnt get lost or crash. or maybe they did and still won. im sure a story will develop over at

maybe they might post the results at bc7 main page one day??? who knows, but watch and see.

oh and alex g got 11th in the dust up at dv. ouch.

Friday, June 27, 2008

point of post below

its not doomsday,
doomsday implies apocoliptic demise. this is the end of times as you know it. nafta, 1 world order, 1 world government, no borders, microchip implants. its all around for you to see. open your eyes and wake up.

the north american union the amero new money by 2010

yes its on the

the new dollar is the AMERO.

google it, youtube it.

tons of info, and the new super highway is being built right now through texas. connecting mexico to canada.

why do you think they are not building a fence, a border for the mexicans.

because they dont freaking care. they are going to get rid of the dollar and make the amero the new dollar for mexico, usa and canada.

just like the euro.

i will post a few videos, there are tons more on the web.
go read people. if you watch this crap on my blog you only get 1/4 of 1% of info.
i wish more people would wake up. i realize a lot of stuff i put on here people dont want to even give a chance to believe

. they think im crazy or some loony.
i have many opinions and i write this to educate. one day stuff will happen, and you will think to yourself, sly wrote some crap about this. you were warned.
atrain says people dont care. hes right,
most dont care, most think this stuff is lies and made up to get attention. they want their nice cars, hbo, cable, mcdonalds and nba/nfl on cable or live tickets.
they watch american idol and care what britney or paris is doing.
or most bikers read this thinking im going to post a story about a trail i've ridden 100 times, go to a new city and buy bike parts, write about a race i trained 4 months for and bonked.
yeee freakin haw. ya thats light hearted, off topic and not scary.

they dont know whats going on behind closed doors to change this world and take away your rights.
take a few minutes a day and watch the videos i post. i pick short ones so it doesnt take long to learn a few things. each day.
this blog turned from a training log to stop for laughs to a place to learn about the corrupt system most call freedom.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

love guru

i dont mean to brag, but there have been a few girls that have mentioned that...

well off topic, you should go see this one, its along the lines of austin powers and goldmember. if your into that crap.

income tax???

this one is for you atrain.

watch this movie.

if you have ADD, and dont want to spend the best 2hrs of your life watching this.


stolen underground goes underground

Hey guys,
I have decided to stop as I no longer feel it is necessary to continue. I am going to focus on opening an actual Stolen Underground extreme shop with urban apparel, BMX, skateboard,snowboard, and some road / mtb bikes.
Over the years Stolen Underground has helped to raise questions and expose a lot of facts to the general public.
I have been an inspiration to David Walsh as he stated to me and toother anti-dopers in some small way. I know for a fact that I have changed a few dopers into anti-dopers and inspired others never to dope.
Our new store will have a lot of the same emotions but will steer away from any controversial material that could get us sued for slander etc. (EVEN IF WE AE CORRECT).

***The world is obviously controlled by an elite few who basically attempt to brainwash us***

and manipulate us and the entire LanceArmstrong story is a microcosm of the way the world works.
Control the money, control the media, and control the people etc. I wish the best of luck to Greg Lemond in the future as I feel his lawsuit against Trek can finally close the book on the Lance doping issue however I fear that the American public are honestly too ignorant to ever see the truth. ahh yes.

They would rather just watch the tube and never have to think.
There are a few more battles to be won (my upcoming court case against Kayle Leogrande), but I am very pleased that I have reached enough young cyclists around the world that I can retire from the online anti-doping war.

I will invite everyone to join us at the Grand Opening of our store even if some of you live halfway around the world and can not make it.
It will be in the next few weeks, and probably will be a small event but fun.

I do not know if I will ever return to pro racing, but I do not regretstarting stolen underground . com and making my stand.
It has allowed me to find happiness in my life by being able to tell all of my stories and things that I have witnessed over the years. If I didn't, there is no doubt I would have ended up continuing to do drugs and probably would have ended up 6 feet under.

If I never return to pro racing, I am happy with my career. I could walk away from the sport today with everything I have needed to learn about life.

My last post is the ZEITGEIST documentary. It is 2 hours long, but I beg you to watch it.
I will allow you to figure it out for yourselves if you believe it or not. Don't ask me if I believe it. : )
The website will shutdown at the end of the month. So please try and check out the movie I have posted there before the end of the month.

My last race this year will be the Masters National Championships, and I hope to win the stars and stripes. Be sure to check the results because it could be either the official stamp that I am returning to racing, or the official stamp that I need to retire for good and/oronly do the old fat guy beer races.

Matt DeCanio

and i suggest you watch zeitgeist as well. here in utah, its liable to get me shot. but oh well.

master bates poker tournament

jeff bates, like tmac, eldens wife and many others have battled cancers, different types, that attack diff body parts.
recently master bates went to denver to get radiation and chemo for some sort of melanoma. his 170 pound biker frame was trimmed to 132 pounds.
the best way to trim down for an upcoming event.
read the flyer, if you dont go, help out if it pleases you.
on another topic, the long awaited bc7 stage race starts saturday.
with team mona vie carrying 3 duo teams watch the results for some impressive performances by beagle, sager, mitch, tinker and chippo.
7 day mtn stage race is crazy. i can barely finish one 5 hr day a week. not 7 in a row. i will be glad to spectate the www from my arm chair and live through the stories and pics of the mona vie team.
tinker and mitch
sager and bart
chippo and sue
i wont make any prediction as my crystal ball has become fogged with mtn dew and pizza.
maybe sager will bring the laptop and keep us informed from his tent in the woods.
watch out for bigfoot. or floating human feet in tennis shoes???
that would suck to come to a river crossing and see more feet bobbing around.... or other body parts.
i did nite ride #3 last night, does 36 mins count?? prob not but im blogging it. 30min is weak, i'll go up to upper milcreek/big c for a camping trip this weekend and upload some pics of the snow levels from my camp site deep in the wasatch back.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wolf called me

this guy goes by wolf, mike wolfe. he calls and left a message but didnt leave a number. and his old number is diconnected. he says he needs some advice.

well, wolf you came to the right guy.

oh ya and its not on caller ID, so take your stealth block off the phone.

nite ride 2

to keep in theme with forrest,... ride counts. mostly cuz im not creative. ripped around at 1030 last night.

saw another guy with lights, 2 dogs and he was on the 1 speed.

some guy is camping at the bottom of dry creek in a tent.

looks like a sweet spot.

2 feet off the trail. ya sweet.

Monday, June 23, 2008

ripped it at nite

i was thinking about racing in moab24 in oct. then i thought, no that would suck.

then i thought, its in 3.5 months. so during the next 3 months i thought i would try to get in 45 to 60 night rides.

we'll see, it sounds like a lot.

the pros of nite riding:
no one is supposed to be around,
so for me this means,
no passing, up or down.
usually nobody passing me.
no stopping to talk to friends
its cooler
i dont like riding in the morning
its fun to ride with lights
its good practice to ride by braille
it sounds cool
if you die nobody will find you till tomorrow
if your lights burn out you can walk home in the cool midnight air
if you break down you can walk home
if you haul ass, 30mph on a dh feels like 50mph

you can see weirdos and noctural animals
you can do other stuff all day, then when people are sleeping im pinning it.
just like when the other 90% of americans are at work or riding at 10am im catching some z's.
its good practice for 24 hr races, you can be the designated night lapper and rip it up all night while your team sleeps
thats all i can think of.

hour and half at night puts you in a time warp, felt like 4 hrs in real time. up at the saddle of dry creek some guys were walking down. it was past 10pm at this point.

who the hell rides up there that late with no lights.

they were lost and asked me where bobsled was.

but they were walking down dry creek,

well they were not even to the dh yet. they were almost there, so i sent them down dry kiln to the upper hood and told them to ride down the road to popperton park where their car was parked.


up there at night its a different place.
spiders, tarantualas, wolf spiders, whatever. those birds sit on the trail then fly in your face 1 foot before you smash them.

3 deer,

and the wolfs.
sometimes a porc.
i wanted to get away from people, but it didnt happen.

i saw the 2 guys lost, then up the next climb i look around and about 2mins back is some other jackass with lights chasing me.

what the hell

i better move to alaska. im becoming a hermit with each day passing.

give me the pound
lock it down

break the pickle

tickle tickle.

team rico can ride with me on his slow days, so he wont drop me.

time to rip it at night

if you want a new life go buy this one

im hoping to not see anyone up on the trails at night. every where i go people want to ride with or along side me, i go alone and they are already up there. every where i see people they want to stop and chit chat. or ride and either they are too fast or too slow for my pace. so i go alone and hopefully nobody will be around on the mtn at night.

all around here and yesterday when i was up in pc on mid mtn. same thing. everyone wants to talk. i dont talk, i rip trail.

i got these new lights, 500 lumens
time to light up the dh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

old news bonen on coke

whenever this happened a few weeks ago i dont really care. but the more i read about it the more my temper flairs.

the more blogs that write about velosnooze or cyclingnews headlines, like you guys dont think nobody else reads the cycling pages either?

anyway this is a waste of time bringing it up but cant anyone else besides me see through this horse shit?

you think those pros making millions are that stupid?

you think the cover story is really the main story?

see through the crap and see that its made to make him look better.

first thing i thought of 1 millisecond after it was made public was its a cover up.

those euro trash pros are doped to the gills on who knows what and he was going to get busted, so his doc gave him, and ullrich and whoever else so called "rec" drugs to cover it up.

im no doctor, obviously, and no chemist.

but my 6th sense comes through quite often and its not about a stupid mistake like a rec drug to ruin his career.

the rec drugs penalties are lesser than doping so faced with either or, im sure many in those shoes would do the same.

i wouldnt, but many would.

prophet sly

mc rap

Friday, June 20, 2008

more of this

this girl here is running moab 24 style.

logan to heber.

i wont be running 20 feet. but i like to watch people partake in self torture.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

tecno lunch party

check out that vintage header pic, its a phone cam copy with a glass cover. i'll get a better one next week. 30 pound steel goose w/accutrax fork, 7 speed xt shifters, toe clips, 2.1" smoke front tire and long horn bar ends. old skool desert shredding.

here is the latest from tiesto.
turn it up and chicken peck you head.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

plane crash

You might remember when this accident happened 8 years ago this March.
This Southwest Airlines flight from Vegas overshot the runway at Burbank The plane smashed past the airport fence, careened across the street and ended up with a collapsed landing gear, right next to a gas station.

But that's not the amazing part!!!

kday passed me on main street, so i towed him at 30 for awhile. he didnt even breath hard.

it was hot out yesterday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pain cave

i can remember over the years 3 or 4 real bad times i blew my legs up like i did sunday. oh wow im in some serious pain over here. running or walking downhill blows them up like no other.
i can barely walk, sit in a chair. forget about trying to step down 3 stairs.

i find my self doing this every other year, back in 02 i tried to do a biathlon at soldier hollow i ran for an hour and got worked. it took a week to get over that leg crusher. in 92 i did a super muddy mtn bike race at hunter mtn new york it was 3 hrs in shit mud the brakes were cantis and the pads burned up. with metal on metal i was running the rocky slippery dh and after that weekend i couldnt walk for a week.

in 89 i lived in st george and thought i would try the marathon. its mostly downhill, from veyo to town, that shredded me i couldnt walk for another week.

now i did it again, i should start many things in moderation but i just jump in and pay the price.
bike shape doesnt equal run shape. i should have learned this long ago.

check out the new tiesto cd, its an ass kicker.

cyclists, mtn bikers, any type, road mtn whatever are a different breed. as you might already know.
ocd, add, adhd, bi polar. tons of mental issues going on with this crowd.
im no different. i think its a mixture of genetics, upbringing and life lessons.

who else who drive themselves to self torture several times a week and call it fun.

addictive personalities. some have it more than others. some take it to the extreme and dabble in drugs and alcohol, trade one vice for another. some run, some ride. some race, some do it all and then go to the bar.
or the drug pusher.

if you didnt know about this guy, you might want to check out his story. its pretty crazy. sad and so much was wasted. also its not over, hes not dead and has gotten out of it.
there is a good amount of info on him on the internet.
google chad gerlach.

i see many similarities between him, me and many of my friends. one choice in either direction can take you to the tour, winning it, being a weekend warrior. a local hero or on the street.
i say me because i am in a lot of ways an addict, i cant try anything small. its all or nothing. if i went down that road i would end up on the street. its hard enough for me with normal life things, and food. if i tried one drink or drug it would be my undoing.

my point is i dont think anyone is a victim. they choose the way. but to realize how close i, or any of you reading could be to either the top of the mtn or the bottom.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i went hiking

ya i took this one girl, and we walked all day. my feet hurt and im blown.
i've never walked that far in my life.

9000 foot olympus peak. it has a mailbox at the top, filled with 3 years of summit accounts.
check it out next time.
i spent 10 hrs walking today. thats a steep son of a...
10 hrs cuz i took a short cut down the west facing shute. but it turned into a long cut.

its pretty steep and had to hike down cliffs, bushwack and slide on my ass down this snow field.

got home right in time for the dark. time to sleep.

Friday, June 13, 2008

earthquake predictions

there are a ton of predictions for california for a the worst quake in 100 years in san fran to LA, in june or july.
massive 9.0 quakes, this is pretty powerful stuff. the golden gate bridge is going to ripped in 2.

im harnessing my prediction powers to more useful info then local race winners.

search more vids on

fear mongering

it continually blows me away how the news is pre programmed to keep the public entertained with trivial nonsense and lies.
im sure some of you will say, well i dont watch the news, ok thats fine.

but if you do, dont you ever ask yourself, "is this all they have to talk about"
i do,

i wonder all the time. cant anyone see past the smoke screen? i dont know whats going on, im in the same room as you, but i can tell there is whole other world going on and its not being told to any of us.

there is so much going on in the world and it never airs on the "news" they play fear mongering tactics like diseased tomatos and spinach. but then sell the mass consuming americans quantities of toxic lotions, perfumes, make up, deodorants and OH MY!!! bug spray and sunscreen.

god dont get skin cancer or west nile!!!!

my rule is if you cant eat it then dont put it on your skin.

and if its advertised on tv or mass media its pretty much a scam/money maker anyway.

do you really think if there was a sweet money making gig they would tell you about it?
oh of course, buy this one, for $50.
thats the money making gig.

buy all this useless crap, consume mass quanities. drive your h3, buy lots of gas, drive across town, buy more crap, put it in your big house, drive to work, punch the clock, drive home, then drive your F350 with the boat and jet skis to the lake and burn gas and pollute the water and air.


but the people run and do what they are told because its fear, and once you scare someone they will do anything you want.

wish people would wake up.

like me, im up at 130am.

get up and turn the tv on and watch more lies.
no dont watch the news. its crap, as many of you know already. its censored and biased. its full of false hoods and misdirection.

get the publics attention off the real topics and give them scape goats for the "almost busted"
gov. scams.

i always wondered what the real story is behind these food contamination stories were really trying to hide.
like whats the motivation for scaring people from eating veggies?

it could be a lot of things, maybe they want you to eat at burger king.
maybe they dont want canada to be the lead exporter of tomatos?

i recently heard, well tomatos are acid, salmonella cant live in an acid state, and cant live without cholestorol, so this is another media scam to scare everyone. i dont know why, but like bobby says.

dont believe the hype

best 3 videos i have ever seen

check these 3 out.

new world order is coming soon to a dictator near you

Thursday, June 12, 2008

gas bitching

i watch the news a lot, mostly glen beck, cnn, oreily all that crap. most the time they talk about how the country is in the shitter, bad house loans, bad gas, bad gov, bad war. bla bla bla.

its all programmed anyway. they wont let them play the real news.

so everyday they say, ok new record high at the pump.


if you're so upset about the gas price then dont buy it.
change your life style. change your life, better it. dont buy that crap.

i hope it goes up to $10 a gallon. maybe these people would change and stop driving F350's down 400 south black smoking the commuters and flooring it so loud i can here that hunk of shit in my apartment window clear down the street.
those red necks dont seem to get it yet.

so make them pay $10 a gallon to go 10miles per gallon.

i've said it before,

i'll say it again.

dont play the game.
dont buy the gas
dont use

dont make bushs oil company rich.

its a scam,
gov. scam to manipulate the market.

"oh its the environmentalists"

horse shit.

its bushs little oil game, dont play it.

ride a bike or get a motorcycle or ride the bus.

pretty simple to me.

i put $2.50 in gas in the scooter for 2 weeks.

i drove it up some canyons and went 100 miles to the gallon.

i ride my bike to the post office

i walk to the market

i hardly drive in town. this is a big town. if you drive thats up to you. but i have a problem with the bitching. its a choice. its not forced.
so if you are the driver. im not bossing. im directing this to the complainer. the gas buyer who thinks hes forced to buy it.

get a clue to the incompetent who cant see through a glass door.

im tired of hearing the complaints.
go fix yourself. (your unimaginative thoughts)

im done.

my new fave website

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

puff diddy

this guys has his stem raised so high its not even tight. connected with a bungee. ya sweet

Monday, June 09, 2008

get one

everyone needs one of these
no batteries, solar radio with flashlight, when the sun goes down use the crank to generate watts.
its only about a half a pound, and $30 bucks online.
pretty sweet.
it comes with a phone charger cord as well, and a siren/strobe light.

i got it from obama

Sunday, June 08, 2008


well the race is supposed to be saturday, next sat. it got delayed to july 5th.

im not sure even thats enough time. there is still snow at the base lodge.

heres the finish line.

i found a quarter in the snow. yaa
i waiting for the snow to melt so i can hike and camp. i've ridden these trails so much i could be dropped off blind folded anywhere in the wasatch and tell you where i was in 5 mins.
riding them seems boring still so im going to walk around and camp. i should go over to little c. i have not spent much time in those, since its mostly wilderness.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

titanium spork

8 gram soup fork

like dork bikes

4mpg yaaaaa!

i dont know this guy

check out the sweet sprinter lopes mobile
i drove by sugarhood at around 430pm , i saw tbird in the break. or i thought it was him with 2 other guys. i dont know who won but if you want some tbird memorabilia get this.

bacon & eggs

while the race is started and over, im in bed eating.

here are the results for deer valley pro. i was off a bit, but alex comes through for the win.

alex g
shannon bofelli

5th was unexpected, i forgot about the climbing power and the dh skill of tall and skinny.

i though mitch might get 3rd, he moved up a spot, and he predicted rob in 4th.
nice work.

now im going to brunch.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

new link down in provo

i found this company at utah lake. they look good, have a lot of shiz for sale and its in stock. most of the companies i have found on the inter web are back ordered up to 8 months on food orders. get yours now.

im posting this link on the side for future use.

early pics for saturday.

course conditions, (snow and mud) guys skills in mud and every day life have influenced my choices, as the top 5 have been training, sick or busy moving.

1 alex g
2 bart g
3 mitchel
4 dave welsh
5 robbie the junior
6 bz
7 kday
8 holley
thats far enough.
chippo, brandon F, and rico will get last, 2nd to last and 3rd to last.

brad pilling is the dark horse, hes been at the last few races i think but not in the results. dont know why?


i spent some money, consuming this week. i bought this cuz it has ti handles. cool.

then i put the front room on craigslist, sold the couch, tv, table and lazy boy. dont worry i have another tv.

im settin up a mock up camp site with tents and solar in the front room. its a disaster. if you have seen it before its not to organized to begin with.

check out my solar radio and head lamp. the radio has a crank for the nite.

im ordering a 1500 watt solar kit, i'll put it on the porch. its not for packing as it weighs 70 pounds, the batt is heavy. so i'll learn how to make it lighter and use if for when the power goes out.

and this lap top bag is kick ass

i hate being connected to the grid so soon i will be powered by sun and batteries.

i went to rei monday and scored a bunch of new cool camping equipment. im going to test it out next week up by desolation with a hike and a 2 nite camping walk. im bringin the lap top with a solar charger/ phone charger and the verizon card to test it out.

and this big knife.

no really i bought this one from the happy ninja in cedar.
grandma fox called, shes 82.
i told her to head for the hills, bush is taking over. she told me not to join any "radical gangs" as im going extremist.

well i have to warn everyone i can.

i wont end up like this guy...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

where your boca burger came from

atrain sent me this video.

its pretty long but if youre a vegan with attitude wake up. i dont eat soy. tbird told me not to 5 yrs ago.

deer valley?

i have not been up to park city since last fall. not even in the winter. i never go up there.

anyway i saw some pics of lower deer valley and its melting pretty fast. brandon said its going fast up top too.

anyway i want to post some race pics for saturdays pro event. last year we had 30 starters, the biggest ever at an ICUP.

that was pretty sweet. the bad part is ed pays top 3. so if you get 20 guys paying $50 bucks each. 4th place is no prize. that bites ass.

i need a start list to make the prediction more accurate so if you know anyone who is lining up for sure, or you yourself are reading, email, text or call me with your RSVP.
so i can put you in the top 5.

bz claims hes top 3 so i have to work him in some how.

anyone else besides the mainstay?


i need some motivation

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

dont drink, sleep and drive. then race.

mexican road race these roadies got smashed.


you wont see that happenin on a trail.

ok, maybe a red neck and a 4 wheeler.


This clearly shows that cycling is dangerous and should be banned. Those bikes will have caused terrible damage to the car as well

Monday, June 02, 2008

predictions of the summer

sometimes i try to predict which elevator will turn up first in a building. in the lobby where at the bottom 6 or 8 are usually located.

or i watch the red light turn green, and try to time that.

or pick local race day winner.

but it seems i have been thinking about the future of the country and the life styles we lead.

i think it might be coming to a close this summer.

in the next 3 months i predict bush will enlist himself as a 3rd term president. using some natural disaster or another fake terror attack as justification.
this will make him a dictator and he will impose martial law. finalizing some of the phases of the new world order

sending all kinds of people to concentration camps and putting all cities in a police state.
it kind of already is like this but it will get much worse.

then i thought, no way in hell im going to be caged up so i planned an agenda and im stocking up on stuff. bike ready stuff to live in the back woods. it involves camping, bikes, solar, bob trailers and heading south. since you cant count on gas, electricity or store supplies. im going self sufficient.

when the hogs run wild sly will head for the hills.

i hope im wrong but im not going to be round up and penned like a farm animal.