Thursday, July 31, 2008

tofu tt champ

who will it be......

tbird and jeff have been training hard for the upcoming tour of utah. today jeff was doing over 430 watts up emigration going 20-25mph.

i told him i pay $100 for a tt win.

every bit helps.

at least i know what its like to drop him.

none of you can do it, so i feel kinda special.

any other local who wins a stage, turbo, dh, alex, burk, todd, gardie, jesse, etc i pay $100 for a stage win so go off the front and see if you get lucky.

not saying you need luck, but you know what i mean.

i wonder if i hand out 20 bills in the crit if anyone would take them

utah red necks with big ass trucks, on I-15.
sweet,.. dog.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what did you expect?

It happened again.

I expect money to show up in fun & easy ways, and just as I logged on to write this issue I see a note from Paypal showing $150 unexpected income from Martha Beck for a referral.

(I didn't even know Martha paid for referrals!)

But it's not really a surprise since we get what we expect. So as I expect money to show up in easy abundance, it does. (Thank you, Martha; thank you, Money.)
This weekend I expected my boyfriend to be somewhat upset to find three new foster kittens in the guest bathroom when he came home from a business trip. And guess what? He was.

Our expectations (i.e. thoughts & beliefs) are powerful things!

The question becomes, what are you expecting?

One of my private coaching clients expects her sister to be supportive while her brother is indifferent. And guess what? They are. Over and over again.

My sweetie expects his golf game to suffer after a week off the course. Guess what? It does.

When I point out to my client and my boyfriend that their expectations become reality, they get a little frustrated with me.

"No, Jeannette, that's really how it is. That's how they are." They say this isn't something they are creating, this is just the reality of it.

I know better than to argue. Rather, I check in on my own expectations. Do I expect them to get it? Or do I expect them to be stuck in that perspective?

I realized I expect my client to get it and my boyfriend to be stuck. And guess what? My client gets it, while my boyfriend struggles with his game.

Last week I spoke with a woman who is offering her writing and editing services. I hired her instantly. Not because I read samples of her work, but because she said something that made me know she would deliver: "I am a really good writer."

She can't be anything BUT a really good writer with that powerful an expectation. So I don't even need to read her material - I already know she's a great writer because she said so. And that's how our world unfolds - according to our expectations.

(Her name is Candy and her email address is if you're looking for a talented writer, editor or copywriter, but she's booking up fast.)

Now, if I hired Candy with the thought that maybe she's not as good as she thinks she is, I might be able to elicit subpar work or interpret her material as not as good as she said it was. Because my expectations are powerful, too.

So I'll ask again: What do you expect? Did you expect to get good material from this newsletter? Did you expect to to find resources to support your goal? Did you expect to have a so-so day today? Or a fabulous day?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Watch where you point that thing (your focused attention). Because we get what we expect!
once again, i didnt write this. its copied from
im not a member but they email me these every few weeks.
seems like a good time.

just the most innocent little guy

they pick the one out of the bunch to take the fall, there are way bigger fish than this guy. just let him take the heat, then the rest of us can get away with it.


im on fire today

calcium in broccoli

i have the best cook around, in house even.
the dish of the summer is sea bass with broccoli and cauliflower. i never used to eat this crap but i was eating it prepared the wrong way and it wasnt as good as this.

forget your calcium pills, broc and caully got way more.. and your little pills dont break down in the gut, especially if you have low stomach acid.

heart burn
take tums or any other poison that inhibits stomach acid production.

the little clue is if you have heart burn you dont need an ant acid, you need more acid.
get some digestive enzymes or try swallowing at mouthful of apple cider vinegar.

its not too good, but it will do you good.

so you drink milk? oh great, human bodies dont even absorb calcium in milk. you get all the phlem and negatives with milk and dont get the calcium either.
wow, what a marketing campaign.

would you drink elephant milk?
monkeys milk?
horse milk?
dog milk?

ok you get the point.
seems outrageously gross, yes it is. thats how brain washing works.

where did the cow get the calcium? from grass, green grass. cut out the middle man and save your own life. eat grass, or broccoli.

figure it out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

cnn ass hat

there was some tool on cnn who wrote an article in some east coast paper, NYT or some other garbage publication saying how the new batman movie is similar to the current american situtation.

i agree with that,

with out ruining the movie if you have not seen it, the part i dont agree with is he says batman is bush!!

what the F(&#$R^#*&$^@&*$^@*&#*(&())!!!!!!!!!

i saw the similarities while watching the show, its a kick ass show, but bush is not batman.

bush is the joker, or in the movie the mob makes a scene, bush could be the mob or the joker but no way in hell is he batman.

in this variation of the lame story i saw on cnn, batman does not exist at the current time. i dont know who would be the hero.

he makes parellels such as the joker is the terrorists and the the bush administration is the gotham government.

what a bunch of horse shit.

the movie is good but bush is no batman.

hes the joker

the other thing,

on all these cable news channels like lou dobbs, glen bech and hannity and colmes
they keep saying "wake up washington" "are these guys stupid or in bed with so and so"

well hello, they are not stupid, they are not a government for the people. they have their own agenda, they dont give a damn about american middle class, they do what they want when they want, they answer to no one, they lie cheat and steal, then cover it up. then they tell you what you want to hear, not whats really going on.

the elections are a puppet show, go vote if you want. it wont matter. they install who they want.

believe it or not, this is not a democratic government.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

a vision

some things pop into my head and i randomly dismiss them. but i better document some, from time to time i find out trivial things happen that i thought of but nobody cares about here say.

its a vision or paranoia, obama may be assasinated before the election.

this will be pinned on a scape goat like MLK, JFK, lincoln etc. but the cia will be behind it at the roots and cover it up like they are paid to do.

Friday, July 25, 2008

struggling in ohio as economy tightens

doesnt look like they missed too many meals

carlin profanity laden if offensive dont watch

this guy is dead

i dont use hand signals or wear funny hats

the butcher

stole this from jennie, i couldnt help it.


why was afghanistan invaded?

to build an oil pipeline from the kaspian sea to the ocean so the usa could steal oil, taliban would not allow it, so they moved in and killed them. pakistan allowed it because they are in on the deal, want a cut and have nukes.

why was iraq invaded?

to steal oil and build a mid east military compound airbase to serve as launching pad to invade iran.

look at a world map people its pretty self evident.

iraq on one side of iran

afghan on the other side.

syria to the west, perfect launching pad for another "war" /illegal invasion.

does anyone play chess?

why is a war still going on?

if you have the greatest military power in the world why does it take 7 years to defeat a bunch of guys living in caves in 3rd world countries?

its not a war, its an invasion to rebuild the mideast military bases

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24th day celebrations

i'll let simmons explain,

i still say this is the best movie ever made

my election predicitons

bush takes over, plans and in the next 3 months another fake terror attack happens, in this he claims national emergency and eliminates the elections, taking over and saying hes around for 4 more years.


obama wins, takes hillary as VP , obama is assasinated and hillary/bill take over and continue the bush plan.


mccain wins and continues the bush plan.
invades iran to steal oil and sell it to the american public for $5 bucks a gallon.
might be $6 a gallon by next summer.

100% profit margins on stolen items, with inflated rates, gotta get the money some where to build the 1 world gov.

either way iran is going down in the next year, if not sooner.
doesnt matter whos in control.

nothing wrong with narcism

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

looking for broke back

somewhere in ida hoe

west bound in helena.


the last 24 hrs are not to be repeated ever again
miles 1100

gas $160
hours 24
hrs sleep 2
hrs looking at ceiling 8
drove to helena montana solo, made a drop off and flipped it back to the big city.
some old handi man, (handicapped plates) tried running me off the I-15. no need to explain the details but it involved me passing the right lane, him flooring it to cut me off in the fast lane and him going to pass me in the dirt on the left.
with 3 cars going forward in 2 lanes.

in case youre wondering why i do this, from time to time i get called upon to make an urgent delivery that fedex cant do. they pay upwards of $600 for over night.
i dont think its worth it.
since thats nowhere near my cut.
i'll be working at wild oats soon, the sea bass there is damn fine.
this is still the best movie ever made.
better than hancock, batman and hulk

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

science part 2 and bed ridden

bobby has xrays, looks sweet!

chippo bart and sager are going to canmore for 24 hr worlds. im not sure whos racing who but we'll see soon.
i have to go to helena montana, on the scooter.

for a biz trip, be back in 24 hrs.

this hog gets 100MPG!


free airline tickets was a sure fire hit, only got 5 left out of 100. better hurry and email me

Sunday, July 20, 2008

movin up movin on

im tired of bloggin about biking, so you wont be reading about any of that for awhile. you might only hear about boring stuff like beach trips and me getting fatter. i piled down a bag of great harvest oatmeal cookies, the ones that are big as small pizzas.

i bought a time share the other night, so this fall and winter i'll be chillin in st george, barcelona, tucson, key west, st. lucia and kona.


shauna is buying a house soon, so im movin out of the slc high rises and then im goin to strip it and flip it so i might need your help since i dont know a hammer from a nail. but im a bit ambitious and want to go total solar and sell excess watts to rocky mtn power.

got some new tunes from barry at the bottom of the player.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

its all downhill from here

rode dusty big water GWT with mark and krispy. read more from them.

not much to say other than im slowest since 2005, i dont like riding with 2 parking lots full of other hikers and bikers. im staying off that trail until 9pm from now on.

nothing against my fellow bikers, im just anti social and a hermit

Friday, July 18, 2008

science project

please stop

airfare for 2 and 2 hotels for free to vegas/LA?

ya that title is correct, i scored something big yesterday and im not even lying so if you want to go to los angeles, or vegas, paid airfare for 2 and 2 hotels all for free we need to talk.

i have unlimited number, (ok 100) of tickets for free, so if i have your phone number, meaning if you like me enough to give me your number already i will be calling you tomorrow to tell you about it, otherwise if you want some "no strings attached" FREE airline tickets email me and we will talk.

you need to live in or near salt lake.

email me if you're into it, then if i dont have your number call me.

this is 100% legit, no scam, no strings attached, no sales , nothing to buy.

2 hrs = free hotels and tickets.

more info email me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

surrounded by idiots

numb nuts on egay buys a scalpel fox shock off me, puts it on a jekyll and breaks it riding around his river trail and or culdesac,
then wants a refund or will leave negative comments, since hes stupid and doesnt know the difference between the 2 bikes whats a G to do?
up in arms

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

astrology cancer = the crab

chippo and barts b-day tomorrow and friday, im pretty sure if i remember right, although chippo is forty something now and bart is a spry 34.

crabby is their sign.

read more here

or go to their blog and leave a note, or send a dollar as a token of acknowledgement.

atrains favorite music

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

stop lying

me and atrain are using the interweb to wake up the walking dead zombies in the USA, soon to be the north american union.

tues morn trail shred

2 a days,
puttin in the hrs. am and pm.

solitude tonite. i need a ride so if you want to drop me off email me.
downtown/sugarhood area.

bz, ag and kday are busy with stuff.
maybe spannring or shannon will take the w.

on the way back to the den

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ride the lift

thanks to brandon firth for the rocky dh bikes and lift passes up at stein erikson. its good to hit the slopes a few times a year, turn and burn.

i was trying to figure out how to teach girls to ride without crashing and getting scared of rocks and trees.

its harder than i thought, need more work on patients.
thats another long story. i dont have any, it seems everything i do in a day is a race and it needs to be tamed. race across town, fast driving, standing in lines, waiting for traffic and red lights, slow people in my way every way i go, stopping or waiting for a group on a ride. lots of that. no good.
putting something so simple to me into words is a challenge. need more practice, or just follow and learn.

we made it out with no blood.. and i consider that a bonus.
its the law to put the helmet on in dv, but not on the lift.
tan is coming along better.
i'll keep you posted.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

one more time.. workin on my tan

big c

to guard road

puke hill

big c, mil d to guard road, crest to upper milcreek , one more time. 9miles of dh on road, hot city riding back home.

all this sitting inside and night riding im turning noctural, going white. had to work on my tan. but when i had my weekly shower it all went down the drain.

though i was workin it up good, but its just dust.

haulin my ass up this dirt road to 10,000 feet every other day is gettin old, but the dh is worth it, if i dont have to stop every 5 mins to let people by.

like who says "let ride crest backwards today!!!" ya!!! lets do it the stupid wrong way and jack everyone up!!! ya!! lets go!!


now i know why i go at night, i didnt say i was the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

in the old days i used to ride the super crest, i cant do that anymore. well not until next week.
ride from the downtown over to big c, up to brighton to crest to milcreek down to wasatch and home.

it takes about 4 hrs.
so i got dropped off in big c, im not a fan of riding a mtn bike on 50 miles of pavement for a 10 mile trail.

but i had to work on my tan.

saw the remnants of the hc, everyone riding down. thanks to those that waved, and those that didnt, clint, ali, jenny, joel, mitchel.
those that didnt, alex r, flahute, krafty, kreig, and the other 200. must be that focus so you dont fly off the 60 foot wide road.
got up to the guard road and were about 50 cars parked. went up puke hill and there are small packs of people sitting in the grass eating. im going pretty slow and i think some of these girls i passed could walk faster than they were going down.

its a pretty buff trail, i dont know what they are afraid of.

momentum is your friend.
i didnt count but i probably passed over 30 to 40 people. its the day, weekend. mid summer, nice weather, the snow is gone, most popular trail in the wasatch.
even sandy p was up there, wow. gotta blog that.

red pine lake
solitude with dr. sandros2 in milcreek.
hes on summer break.
pro men
matt T.
adam c
j. bishop
sam jerkoffick
sam schultz
alex g 24th
bz 43rd
1 cam the hoff
2 mitchel aka mp3
3 A rod rock
4 kreigggy
5 a. olsen
workin on my tan, we're hitting the beach trinidad & tobago in 3 weeks. gotta look hot.
movie night yesterday was journey to the middle of iceland and italy.
tonight hellboy 2 yaaaaaa
stormin in oregon sand baggin in cat 2. won the TT and got 3rd today. hes pretty happy.
jeff louder is good in the TT cuz he trains for it. hes good in the mtns cuz he climbs fast. one time last year he drafted the scooter in the aero bars goin 45mph for 5 mins straight. thats hauling ass.
although its my opinion postal, discovery and astana are and were doped. 90% of the former team mates have been caught once they were off the "bruyneel/lance plan" they move on and dont do it right so they get caught. (beltran today) i could write a 20+ list but nobody cares.
lance has his hands all over columbia and it shows.
they are on some secret lance post cancer drug that is not detectable. levi can race clean, hes still fast. when in the US i think he is clean. i know jeff is and the results show it, a real race with no funny business.
now put levi in the tour , where he should be and watch how much faster he is. same with a lot of other euro pros who have secrets and doctors.
some people might say "levi wasnt trying" ya whatever, put any bike racer in a race and tell me they dont ever try.
what a crock.

Friday, July 11, 2008

sell junk online. get rich.

blown judy SL, buy it now.

got it out of the garbage can at contender.

porc bc hc

porc bc-hc

mp3 is in town, ready to throw down the double canyon victory. so is dz and basso. blake z and alex g are back east rippin trail, in the catskills.

j lao and tbird are in the northwest.

so whos the prediction for the hc tomorrow?

not sure, mp3 is sick. dz wont show, hes training behind a scooter for china.

so i might go pump the tecno, i got a kick ass getto blaster strapped to the back of the scooter.

i wonder if the 5-0 will let me lead the race with the jams bumpin

this one is for bobby

Thursday, July 10, 2008

pimpin syrus

catch the syrus show at contender 9th & 9th at 5pm

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


guys, guys mostly. i never see 4 or more girls doing this. walking down the sidewalk side by side taking up the whole freaking sidewalk.

ya ya, ride in the road.
its still stupid. especially cuz they cant dress different either.


nite ride=day ride

i hitch hiked another ride off bz up to solitude, arrived at 530pm. way to early for a nite ride. even with the 1000 lumens of power, i sat around for 90mins bored, waiting for the sun to set, although, team rico was having trouble with the prototype sworks, i was having some issues with the lefty., team rico senior aka kevin, was in the hizzy i informed him of the 3rd term dictator that will take hold in the next few months.

i had an on the fly change of plans heading up the road i flipped it and went down to mill d, up dog lake and down.
shorter and steeper this trail isnt my fave. it involves 40min climb to dog lake with the 2x9, my fat ass and 20% grade makes me hoof it over a short rooty section, along with 5 other guys who cant seem to find the watts with a triple.

as i climb, the trail is loaded with bikes, hikers and dogs.
dog lake has 10 dogs, imagine that.

its still light at the top, its still light when i get to milcreek. its not dark yet when i get to wasatch. oh well , no dark today.

maybe tomorrow.
and i'll get dropped off later, around 9pm instead.
way to many people for me to handle on this bike day, mid summer on the most popular of trails in milcreek.

does it count to ride an off limit trail at night if nobody is around to see it?
i say why not.
high level cannondale convention in pc.
basso should be winning the tour this week, instead i think hes riding with chippo.

Monday, July 07, 2008

dr. cross shreds the trail at nite

bz calls this the poorwillow, but really its a whip poor will.

they sit on the trail, then 1 foot away from smashing it,
it flies up in my face. i think the light blinds it.

i wouldnt smash it, but its close to my rotor, and feathers could fly if i wasnt so quick on the reaction time.

sly was in stealth mode last night. i spotted dr x up on the hill and went invisible.

he didnt even see me.

1000 lumens of power, i was crankin bout 100 watts myself.
somethin isnt right.

we call this the GSL, SLC, big city lights. rollin BST at 930pm MST.
XC UH to DH. 4500' to 6500'.

dont mind my codes.

ali g trains for cx

ali g rode up to brighton today in an hour and 4 mins. hit 55 on the way down.
rippin it,

tonight is nite ride 3 and tomorrow is 4. meet at solitude after the race, ride up to crest down milcreek.

im gettin dropped off so figure out your own way to get your car.
leave at 8pm at solitude.

i got my other new light so i have 2 tri newts, 1000 lumens total output.
brighter than hairball dh.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

solitude to lambs canyon

alex g goes off early for the domination

state mtn champs at solitude today, bz picked me up, then i rode home.
heres bz, mid season form, takes 2nd.

dave welsh 3rd.

chad, rich and team holley
rich got 4th and holley 5th. i think.

reed is training for cx
team rico should have brough the ht.
since its the odd day i didnt want to ride down mill d, so i cut some brush over to lambs. from solitude ride up the road to crest, then across to deso, down to the mid mtn connector and millcreek split.
this option is lame its a waste of dh elevation and its slow, steep, rocky , bush wacking,
30 downed trees and a 8 mile hot ass ride down parleys.
i went this way cuz i didnt want to ride down big c.
if you want to try it go ahead but it sucks.
from the saddle the top of milcreek were you drop into park west go down the ridge connector for about a minute of 2, stop at the ski run where you see the run named signs. the big ass blue sign. look uphill to your left, you will see a small deer trail, hike up that for about 5 mins, bush wack and walk, its pretty over grown. follow the trail for another 5 mins and you will be at the ridge of lambs. its a few minutes of rocky dh , but there is a trail. its small and over grown. follow that down lambs, this is about a 2000 foot elev. loss and sucks pretty bad. lots of trees and over grown weeds. go down this for about 15 mins and you come to the lambs canyon road, coast down that for about 15 mins and your on I-80. then draft the 18 wheelers down to foothill and ride home in 102 degree heat.

Friday, July 04, 2008

millcreek gate is open

i was up at solitude, so i rode home via crest, millcreek. i forgot the date. its the wrong day for that canyon. saw some hikers and the parking lot had around 20 cars. once on the gw trail i thought maybe the gate would be closed until monday, since the holiday is here and the deep snow, maybe i thought they wouldnt open the canyon, but it didnt matter and they opened it on the annual july 1st.

thats really lame.

i think i better just ride up there at night.

check out the snow drifts. thats about 10 feet deep.

btw dont leave any comments about riding in the canyon on the wrong day. ya i know, its stupid.
i didnt have to write this anyway.

top of puke hill around 9500'
i passed some guys walking, i almost joined them.

2x9 is no good for a weekend warrior

action over at solitude saturday, race predictions.

well, its pretty easy. just look at the weekly series.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

best 10 rappers turned actors

heres a list of the best 10 and the worst 10.
but the funny thing it has their real names so, i wonder why they have stage names, not so tough when they were in the hood.

calvin broadus
marshall mathers
o shea



we've been hittin the movies a lot the last few months, last night was hancock. its pretty sweet, up there with ironman, hulk and batman.

most the time i wish i was like that.
boom, get out the way.

not complete, but a small list of shows we've seen lately.
indiana jones
love guru
10000 bc
drill bit taylor

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

old skool picture blog

i found an old album and here are some good ones from back in the day.

richfield 1990

finish line in 100 meters at snowbird 1994

alta 1992

deer valley


big bear 1991

5 mile pass, the real 5 mile when it was on the north side of the highway. now its 7 mile pass.


snowbird dick bass highway in the big ring 1994

dog lake 1988