Tuesday, July 31, 2007

terminator meets jesus

month of the leos (the asskickers)

july 22nd to aug 22nd the month of the dominators. my bday is next friday the 10th so get me somethin nice.

"i kick more ass before 9am then 90% of the population"
"wake up, kick ass, repeat"

The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo's symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage. "The lion's size and strength have captured human imagination since ancient times"
Leos, like lions, are thought to be strong leaders. They generally have a regal quality to them, and possess a noble manner that is hard to miss.
The glyph for Leo represents the mane of the lion.

here are some famous leos

ned overend, axel merckx, tim johnson, stuart ogrady, davide rebellin, udo bolts, jessica grieco, atrain, kristin armstrong, fabio casartelli, laurent fignon, jon lieswyn, erik dekker, madonna, dom deluise, alison dunlap, henk vogels, magic jonson, halle berry

ok you get the idea, if you are a leo check out who was born on your bday

its all back wash

hell yaaa

oh hell nooooo

Monday, July 30, 2007

from the mind of ali g

my new fave show hasnt even opened yet

i cant wait

Sunday, July 29, 2007

pro racer or concentration camp victim

looks like bart or jones. go get some pizza.

i got a donation yesterday

i didnt do the 14 hrs at park west, instead i did my own trail ride. 4 hrs of millcreek.

i rode up to the crest over to pc at mid mtn, then up powerline to jupiter lake, back down millcreek. i ran out of food and water but thats ok its only 4 hrs.

i got a donation too, so thanks and keep em comin

Dear cris fox,

LW Coaching just sent you money with PayPal.

LW Coaching is a Verified buyer.
Payment Details
$0.99 USD
Transaction ID:
Foxy you crack me up.
heres bz ridin the wild pony

Saturday, July 28, 2007

donation for primetime

check out the copy cat

only 500 bucks, thats no 100k. but im askin a lot of jack.

heres an experiment, see how many people will paypal me a dollar.
if you feel the prime time entertainment is worth it, please enlighten me.

send your donation by paypal here.


Friday, July 27, 2007

junior racin in north carolina

i got horn swaggled into racin 10 hrs at wolf mountain tomorrow with chippo. i dont know why i do it. sounds like hell, but i got nothing else to do so i will ride around for 5 hrs on some steep trails and rip the dh.


heres a pic in north carolina from my correspondant bz. junior action with ryan harrison at the front with chris peterson.

those 2 kids always get top 3 so lets hope for some podium pics in a few hours.
the other holmes, from bz's new IPHONE.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

new T shirts from ali g

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

kenny jones eats shit

over at the fat cyclist elden has a good post going, as usual.

glad to see kenny ok, check out his skull.

holy hell thats ugly

i need to interview those weirdos in utah valley, elden, brad keyes, tolbert, skid, kenny etc.

looks like kenny wrecked his track bike on the dh.


rabobank pulls the chicken from the tour--- DOPER!

news flash,

everyone in top 10 at least is on something. get a clue.

see it here

yaaa dopers

nothin new, the tour is full of dopers.

and i got this link from atrain, good stuff.

read it and weep my fellow LDS brethren more good stuff. laugh me ass off.

kathy and sara doin the shit shuffle north carolina style, looks like a blast.

sweet maria

im on a secret training plan with elizabeth and some melon. i dont have anything else to say, im hungry and missing rubios.

no you tube, no jokes, races or interviews so when im done not eating i might think of something funny to say.

i dont even see the pink dude any where,

bz went to north carolina for the norba, hes hangin with kathy and will be sending pics of the action this saturday. im not doing the 10 hr race at park west so i might go play tecno all day on the trail. i sold some of my junk so i might go to wendover and lay it all on red.

i just went to a movie and now im watching mtv.
some one poured coke all over my van and the wipers stuck to the window, i turned them on and they got ripped off stuck to the window

yaa rip it.

my new fave show is ice road truckers, check out the preview clip.

these old fat smoker crazy canadians drive 12mph on a 300 mile lake at the arctic circle.
they think they are tuff.

fun stuff

Monday, July 23, 2007

run chicken run

Sunday, July 22, 2007

bart and alex G on the road in vermont

bart and alex went to vermont to lock horns with the pros.
heres the top 10.
bart ripped it for 7th, alex got 13th and sager finished in 27th with a flat and broken wheel.
they are racing short track today so check out the stories in their own words when they get back out of the woods.

bart g

2007 USA Cycling national mountain-bike championships
July 22, 2007

Men's cross-country
1. Adam Craig, Giant, 2:16:31
2. Jeremiah Bishop, Trek-Volkswagen, at 4:26
3. Michael Broderick, Kenda-Seven, at 6:35
4. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, Subaru-Gary Fisher, at 8:52
5. Todd Wells, GT, at 9:12
6. Barry Wicks, Kona-Les Gets, at 10:54
7. Bart Gillespie, Mona Vie-Cannondale, at 12:45
8. Erik Tonkin, Kona-Les Gets, at 13:21
9. Jeff Hall, Salsa Cycles, at 13:31
10. Samuel Koerber, at 15:22

i wonder who is taking willows picture

i wonder about racing when you train for something for months or years, then the day comes and you are ready to rip then the bike breaks, flat or some bike problem happens. or the day you dont give a damn about the race, dont train for it, dont eat right, dont prepare properly and then out of nowhere you have power, dominate, rip it and win with ease. no worries no stress no pressure. then there are the days of suffering. when nothing with the body goes right and you wish for a flat, broken leg or something just to stop the pain. but when you are feeling like dog meat the bike works perfect.
odd story but thats how it goes for me out on the trail.

maybe thats the key. pressure comes from within, get rid of it and dominate.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

i went on vacation to the tetons

how much you want to bet i can throw this here computer over them mountains

nate dog, the team fisher holley duo

bobby and unleash the fury

so while i was here i did the taming the tetons picture blog.

oh ya and i still suck at racing, so i rode around
with the pro women.
dorito dog posse

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i saw this movie

optimus prime had this hot chick in the movie.
i keep hoping im selling some junk on egay that the alien wants so i can get a sweet ride and this girl

she already has my name so its a perfect match

then i did a night ride and im waitin for this sweet light to come in then me and rico are goin to bomb dog lake and hit deer and stuff.

one time me and chucky were riding at snow basin at 11pm with lights and i was first then he was bout 50 feet behind me, i scared a herd of bucks out of the trees doin about 30mph they ran out and plowed him over and he almost got speared by a big rack. it knocked him on his ass and he landed in a pile of rocks, he was all cut up and couldnt move. then he was so beat he couldnt race the next day. he could barely walk.
that sounds nice in a different sentence but not this one.

it goes like this

"i was at this party"
"ya, and...."

"i got speared by this big rack"





"then you woke up"


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


interview with the holleys

kc holley

the short girl on the 29er. but dont let her height trick you. she will probably drop your ass.

duo team fisher in the U.C. with that guy who is below.

what is your real job

I currently work for Pharmanex in their marketing department. My role is to create technical or educational materials and assist our markets with technical questions. Although in my heart I am a physical educator (without the standard hair cut).

what fun is it following chris around all the time, seems like hard training?

I enjoy the view of Chris from behind and I get a pretty decent draft also. He does get cranky though when I can't hold his wheel.

how do you deal with authority

I don't. I leave the man alone. I am afraid of him.

whats your view on womens liberation

I was never enslaved nor have I ever really felt discriminated against because I am a woman. I think women's lib has its place to a point but I also don't believe men and women are equal in all things. Biologically men and women are different. I won't go into the details, but if you look closely I am sure you will see some differences. For this reason, I don't believe they should be treated equally across the board.

do you really like kathy sherwin

Kathy who? I don't know a kathy sherwin. Oh, wait...is she the one who lines up on the start line, but then I don't see her again until the awards? Yeah, she is nice.

if you didn't race or ride what would you do

I am not sure. I would probably coach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, or some other sport and be a baby machine like the rest of the 30 year old women in utah county.

whats the big deal with 29ers

29 inch wheels makes everthing (rocks, ledges, etc) a little bit smaller. Although from the reviews that I have read, it is a miracle I can climb on a 29 inch bike because I am not 5' 10".

chris holley

i think they would both be faster if they rode normal bikes. thanks for the handicap!

utah county has a following of 29ers, its like preaching islam in front of the temple here in the DT.

it falls on deaf ears. anyway me and zep raced these 2 at 12 hrs round valley a few weeks ago and they were hangin tough for 8 hrs, kc is a beast and she laid it down. dont know how she does it but these 2 got 3rd only like 15mins behind us.
way to shred.

what do you think about plastic surgery, cosmetic only, not for like accidents and stuff.

I am all for plastic surgery. I am currently saving up for calf implants. I am currently accepting donations for that surgery.

what do you think about public transportation (should tax dollars be spent on it? would you use it?)

If it was convenient I would use it. I am all for getting rid of the carcinogenic cloud that hangs over the valley.

whats your favorite movie in the last 2 years

Inside Man. Denzel Washington is dreamy.

since you live in the provo area, are there any good restaurants down there

I like cheap Mexican food--Del Taco, Bajio, Mi Ranchito, Cafe Rio. This is why I am not ten pounds lighter and fast.

whats your favorite ride, or rides (road or mtb)

Porcupine Rim, Sovreign in December, Gooseberry Mesa on a Single Speed, or any trail when the legs feel good and there is good company.

whats the big deal with 29ers

I got one for KC a few years ago. Then ended up bikeless after selling my bike before my new one came in, while KC had two bikes. I borrowed her Paragon 29er and rode sovereign in moab. I don't know if it was the wheel size or what but I have never had so much fun on a bike before. That bike was then converted into my single speed which recently met its demise at a Sundance race when the head tube snapped off. That was a sad, sad day.

do you really like chucky

I think he is a bastard covered bastard with bastard filling. When I am not racing against him he seems like a pretty good guy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tinder box

it wasnt very hot yesterday so i decided for a 5pm ride up on the dry creek red butt. check out the grass, or dead grass. if someone drops a single spark up there the whole hill side is screwed.

the bushes are green but check out the fields of dead grass.

i only saw 1 guy on a bike for 1.5 hr ride time, and a dizzy squirrel on the trail. he must have been hot and dehydrated cuz he wasnt moving and didnt care if i bunny hopped him.

i probably wont race until the wolverine ridge, thats fine. im working on a secret training plan for august and sept. in the next few weeks i will be getting the new cx bike together. yesterday while riding i was dreaming of 1 hr cool weather cx races. soon it will be cold as a witches tit and i will be thinking of the hot dog days of july/august.

the cx bike is looking like this, rocky mtn with avid juicys, flat bar, reynolds tubulars, single crank 9 speed. 15 lbs. should be an ass kicker.

so i will hit the trails for 3 weeks and log some solo hours. the next 2 weeks i will call hell week. more on that later. it involves a lot of this, and this.

ahh yes, 10 days of spinach and melon always does the trick.

oh ya i think its barts bday today, or chippo. i cant remember those guys are old any way and its one today and one tomorrow. cant remember which day is which. so go buy them some rogaine.

Looking relaxed on 7/17/07, rockstar interview.

They took 5th on today’s stage, now in 10th overall

Monday, July 16, 2007

team shannifer

i guess they thought shannon was a girl and put them in the duo pro womens category instead of mixed.
check it out here

Elite women

1 Kerstin Brachtendorf/Daniele Troesch (Fiat Rotwild -Damen) 3.58.37
2 Sandra Klose/Peggy Klose (Zwillingscraft) at .06
3 Kirsten Rösel/Milena Landtwing (Team Haibike-Fujibike) 21.46
4 Rebecca Burbach/Mirjam Preyer (Srs Pro Sportler) 24.39
5 Shannon Boffeli/Jennifer Hanks (Race Face Uxc) 30.06

Sunday, July 15, 2007

what do the chicken and climb-um have in common

heres the chicken winning the the yellow jersey in the alps today.

im dedicating this post to the chicken aka mike rasmussen.

back in 1992 bromont quebec climb-um was a young skinny climber, a greeny, a spring chicken.
young jones was in the midst of a 3 hr world junior championship bronze medal.

on the last climb of the last lap young jones was blown and the chicken came and stole his bronze medal.

ever since then when i ever i lined up with jones he would take off from the gun inducing pain and suffering into the pack. i would only see him for a few minutes as the throbbing calves of death disappeared into the woods.

i suspected he had thoughts of the chicken and wanted to destroy all who lined up with him in revenge.

now climb-um is known as delivery-um. driving the brown truck dropping off packages. if you are lucky enough to be on his route watch for the aggressive driving and smashing of boxes as he takes out anger on your parcels and maybe if you are home you might see the calves of death jump into the brown truck and floor the gas pedal squealing and smoking the tires.

i found his hidden blog. dont tell anyone.

goin big

Saturday, July 14, 2007

snowbird picture blog with extra scenery

the real tommy boy
tolbert takes the 1 speed victory big trace mule packer yaa

bz on the ht

holley can ride uphill no handed, i dont think hes flipping me off
the rock spine

bg dancin to the beat

reed, alex and bobby can ride uphill with 1 hand

bobby can dance and win

i had the tecno house party on the trail. the snow patrollers on 6 wheelers tried kicking me off the mtn but i got in any way and was playin the fat beat.

alex g the summer time dominator won by 4 mins. then tommy and bart, kday and bz i think. maybe i mixed it up wrong a bit.

after the race we went catherine pass. tops out here at 10,500. ripped the trail to brighton then over the crest down mill d. 3 hrs of trail up high its still hot at 75.

kday was blurry with speed

alex rock doesnt need shocks

i found this girl up on the trail and lake deso is still there.