Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 mile ass

5 mile ass, 44 miles saturday. for some reason i think alex g might start his winning streak early. about a month early.

and dave welsh is looking pretty skinny. i bet he has a good day.

bart is a mystery. dont count out the beagle but its a long day.

no hiding.

for some reason riding dirt roads does not seem fun at all. white rim, 5 mile ass, leadville, just a few that many seem to love.
nothing seems more boring to me than that. might as well bring the road bike, or cross bike and do lotoja.

rico says he has ADD, well join the club. cuz i dont see any fun in riding dirt roads all day.
i've done it white rim, lotoja and its pretty boring. ya the scenery, nice.
it looks the same in pictures.

now the E100, or rim ride. thats worthy of some pain. get some twisty trails and lots of dh action you might get my attention.

wow, i better start ridin more. i have to get paid some how. the trails have been put on hold for awhile.

im retired for the year, so i put on a few pounds. sitting at the desk eating krispy kremes is pretty easy and i've been lazy.

and im goin to nyc tomorrow, so i will be doing a lot of picture blogging.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sworks copy

who rides hard tails anymore anyway,
besides alex g, kday, chucky, bz and 80% of other racers? why?

i have been on a scalpel since 2001. would never ride a ht ever again!!!

a lot of xc pros do, tw is stoked on his new 20 pound gt ht,

i wonder how he would rip on the 19 pound scalpel SL

it locks out so it climbs like a road bike, then it dh's like tomes in 92'

remember this pic i posted last week? well heres the rim...

dangerous dan says it made it 18k's i rode a rim like that for 15 miles once, thing is, stans wont seal a new tire on it.. dangit

Monday, April 28, 2008

the shagen wagon

i spotted this shaggin wagon in winnemucca.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

rollin deep in the 818

livin large in the penthouse suite.

the same hotel that was $200 friday is $30 sunday night.

this bike weighs 8.5 pounds. its stupid light, he says he rides it but i wouldnt.

would you? its all drilled out and shaved down.

san jose, cupertino, los gatos. south bay. hot and sunny, workin on my tan.

swappin it up, cleanin it up, workin it, mackin and chillin sly style.

the tables in reno turned bad, as you would expect in this game. life on the edge. rippin traffic, 2 hrs of ping pong dodge car on I80 east bound. beach to snow to dusty desert sand.

check out the moto with a double bike rack

Saturday, April 26, 2008

sleep and dream is all i crave

the arm pit of the earth

battle mtn nevada says they are but reno is pretty bad. this place stinks of smoke and is full of $200 hotel rooms this weekend.

what a rip off.

i dont know why anyone lives in reno, so we left. went to cali and found some $100 hotel rooms with $4 gallon gas. yaaaaaaaa!!!!
i won $35 bucks at the tables in 3 mins. then left, thats about a half of tank of gas. about 1/8 what i'll be buying this weekend.

i have a fun game that is like a treasure hunt while driving on any major interstate or busy road. while going 80 to 90mph try to spot the full bottles of trucker piss on the sides of the road, we found quite a few in a 10 mile section. about 30 bottles i think.

its a good time, passes the miles and deters white line fever.
were going to the beach tomorrow, i hope its warm.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

it snowed,.. again..

it really is snowing in the big city.

this wheelset is better than bionic daves

i got some superlite wheels today, i have had this kind for a few years now they are sweet. and superlite.

stans rims, am classic rear. discs of course. i sealed them up with maxxis 310 rear stan crow front but it was used and had big holes. thanks to kday. i wanted to ride them bad so i put a tube in the front and ripped around town.

this scalpel feels like a road bike. its 19 pounds and climbs like a raped ape. too bad my watts are MIA.

so it snowed, i waited till 6pm and the sun was out a few hours i headed up to the zoo. it was ok, mud here and there. mostly there.

kday was right the crow tire sucks, and master bates hates it too. so its a crappy tire dont buy it.

its not even that lite. i need to take the seals off the bearings and spray wd40 in there to loosen up the spin.

but the scalpel is 19 pounds so suck on that for awhile. 4" travel with gears. and a freewheel.

jeffs dogs, roscoe and daisy. i wanted to put some bike parts on them but they were trying to bite me.

gates pass last sunday
i wonder if atrain is watching the jazz game

public enemy knows best

sweet pic, no tire.

better header pic here

StupidBike said...
you know how i keep from getting sick? I take bathes in and drink pure un adulterated bleach,

Art said...

from a supplier of food grade peroxide:

Please note: Pure Health Systems does NOT recommend H2O2 internally for general health care, but just for cancers and other life-threatening health problems, for the following reasons:It kills your friendly flora, and can cause intestinal problems. (Despite Lactobacillus bacteria producing their own H2O2 in minute amounts, as the article mentions, the large amounts of H2O2 ingested with various protocol WILL kill these bacteria). It is a potent free radical, and can do cellular damage, especially if used long-term.

B-Horn said...
I endorse whiskey...

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
the fda requires them to put that to scare everyone off. they would rather sell people drugs that have 1000 times more side effects and screw them up more, or kill them.
more living in fear straight from the liars.
like the the same companies saying cigarettes dont cause disease. i wouldnt use it internally either, with out expert supervision. externally seems ok but its the fact that fear is used to scare people away but its ok to load up on "doctor prescribed" drugs. thats ok.

everyone is fed lies and they believe them.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
breathing air cause excellerated free radical damage. so dont go ride or run. you are doing damage.thats about the same logic.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
ok lets talk about killing flora, taking antibiotics kills everything and they prescribe that for colds. now who tells you to go replace that with 30 billion probiotics when done with anti?nobody."oh but i eat yogurt"
big deal, dont bother it has a fraction of what you need and would take gallons a day to replace if you wanted optimum levels.
then candida takes over and people are infected with fungus.

hydrogen peroxide bath

back in the early 90's i heard a tale that if you took a bath the night before a race in with a bottle of HP dumped in you tub it would oxygenate your body and you would have a kick ass race. for some reason i didnt try it and have forgotten about it.

however i recently remembered it and found this article, it doesnt say anything about the bath but it says some other stuff, maybe you might want to try it. more here

When it comes to hydrogen peroxide therapy there seems to be only two points of view. Supporters consider it one of the greatest healing miracles of all time. Those opposed feel its ingestion is exceptionally dangerous, and only the foolhardy could think of engaging in such behavior. Before either condemning or endorsing hydrogen peroxide, let's take a real close look at what we're dealing with.

also over the past few years i have learned that the FDA does NOT endorse/approve HP for its healing properties because it is only 1 dollar a bottle and the drug companies dont make money off of that so why would it be beneficial?

they endorse harmful drug companies that kill thousands but will not approve simple H2o2 that fixes most ailments.

another government scam the FDA is corrupt!

Besides the obvious (cleansing wounds), did you know that it is probably the best remedy to dissolve ear wax? Yep, and it is used around the world to prevent the flu. Athletes also use hydrogen peroxide to build stamina. Additionally, we have received severeal emailed reports that hydrogen peroxide has cured melanoma, prostate and mesothelioma (asbestos) cancer.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

april showers bring may smack downs

i took louder motor pacing, he was climbing good, it was cold and rainy. i had ski pants/ jacket with thick gloves. hes going to tour of romandie tomorrow so good luck with that. the cold rain today should get him ready for euro racing.

now the suns out and it warmed up so i should go ride the buffed out trails, also have to get ready for more driving. goin to san fran for the weekend tomorrow night. i bet i will have some good pics during that drive to post.

heres the new sweet bolt for weight weenies with scalpels or a lefty. its the lefty hub bolt. this one is aluminum, i just picked it up so i bet you dont have one.

the old steel one is heavy, i bet it saves 20 grams. i bet you dont have kevlar shifter cables either.

i dont believe some people still use tubes, like kerkove and mitchell. stans is way faster, lighter and 100 times more dependable. you have to trash UST tires, they are super heavy and run normal tires like SWORKS or maxxis super lites.
they dh better, roll faster and you dont worry about thorns and nails.

oh ya i just saw heather holmes bike too, she has tubes. what the?

the easy part is getting a light bike and works good, i dont understand the people that train all the time and dont give much effort for making the bike better/lighter/faster.

if racing is your job is should be a top priority, if you ride for fun it doesnt matter but its still nice to ride a light bike that works over a hunk of lead.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

chippo changed his name to kingpin

i wonder if its the the fake hand or the bald head,

and sager shops at "a mans world"
i went riding with ut rider mark and matt ant love, they were droppin me on the climbs but i didnt show any pain and left it in the big ring.
nice glasses

i dont follow rules i make them

white line fever
800 miles to tucson through vegas
700 through flag/page/kanab/richfield
20 hrs drivin
on the road i go, nobody knows where.
but me
Some folks take it as a "given" that they're going to suffer because of what's happening economically; others want to know how to ensure they don't suffer.

Whether they're real estate agents, housing developers, investment professionals, transportation industry workers, or someone else whose livelihood is affected by declining consumer spending, many folks are struggling with the "reality" of an unfriendly economic environment.

I've even seen articles addressed to coaches about how to handle the slowdown in the coaching field.

This is a good time to remember that you choose your reality. No one else chooses it for you.

Yes, you can get sucked into the fear and lack mentality, but only if you let yourself. When you know your thoughts and feelings are what matters - not the state of the nation - you can experience any results you choose.

The way you make that choice is by being deliberate about where your attention and focus goes.

Here's a helpful reminder from Abraham:
"Can you see how thoughts of recession or thoughts of depression arenot about any reality? They're about focus! Do you know that there are those that thrive in the worst of times? And that there are those that don't do well in the best of times? Do you get it that it's about vibration and not about any sort of reality?" - Abraham 2008 Mexican Cruise
It's easier for me because I rarely catch the news and have no office-mates sharing their woes. Even when I started reading that article for coaches about how to handle the "dip" in business, I tossed it and thought, "Well, if that's how you want to do it."

In my world, the economy only affects my bottom line positively.

And so it is, because that's what I choose. (I've broken enough of the other "rules" that this one's a cinch for me.)

But for those of you who are seeing no commissions and no clients and hearing colleagues complain and reading reports about declining numbers, your work is to remember that you get to pick.

If you can imagine different results for you, if you can expect a new outcome, and keep your attention focused in that direction, Universe has to accommodate you.

Although it helps if you can think of a "reason" to believe things will be different for you, the only reason the Universe needs is because you said so. Go ahead and imagine/expect the "impossible." The only reason it's "impossible," anyway, is because no one else has dared to hold steadfastly to that thought.

Your power lies in what you're thinking. So use that power, please!

Another quote from Abraham about not needing any reason to expect positive results:
"We want you to decide that you are going to direct the thoughts in order to INDUCE the feeling response. In other words, you are the MAKER of the feeling of relief. You're no longer asking for the economy to be the maker of the feeling of relief. Or somebody to buy your product and that to be the maker of your feeling of relief. You're going to start counting on something that you CAN count on, which is your ability to direct yourself slightly downstream instead of slightly upstream. You're going to start pointing yourself deliberately downstream in order to INDUCE relief, because someone who can IRRATIONALLY induce relief, will always have outrageous success." - Abraham, Buffalo NY, May 2007
i didnt write this, i copied it from an email from

Monday, April 21, 2008

no race no bitch

1971? pimped out green pinto. runs on grease. smells like fries. with wheelie bar.

some people like to complain,

the glass half empty theory, some see it half full, other are whiny little bitches.

but i will show you this, and its going to get worse so turn your diesel into a grease burner or shut up and keep driving your H3 and F350 with mud tires on I-15.

7mpg yaaaaaaaa!!!

nachos kick ass

winger kicks ass


Sunday, April 20, 2008

mini horsees flying tomatoes and the gray wolf

chippo says mona vie kicks ass.
here is sager, looking confused. where is blake and tinker?

the link below contains vulgarity and if you are easily offended by swearing dont click on it.
anyway, atrain sent me that pic so i blame him for tainting my mind.
ok, down in tuck son today for the semi annual 4th ave swap. snake didnt show up, but i spotted the gray wolf with his 12 pound road bike, no front der, 1 front brake and the newest lew carbon tubulars.

the shocking news of the day is my nostradomus like race predictions for the otter. wow, the dark horse mitch p, aka the flying tomotoe was on fire getting 4th. thats impressive, nice work hair. must be the new scalpel.

i should start being an online booky for mtb races.

Elite men
1 Miguel Martinez 2.21.30
2 Sam Schultz 3.25
3 Sid Taberlay 3.39
4 Mitchell Peterson 5.10
5 Federico Ramirez Mendez 6.18
6 Adam Morka 6.39
7 Chris Sheppard 6.50
8 Pierre-Yves Facomprez 7.13
9 Rotem Ishai 8.50
10 Ken Onodera 10.05
11 David Tinker Juarez
12 Kenji Takeya 10.15
13 Peter Glassford 11.27
14 Stefan Widmer 11.54
15 Eric Batty 12.14
16 Erik Tonkin 12.39
17 Ryan Woodall 13.13
18 Jason Sager 13.20
19 Carl Decker 13.30
20 Manuel Prado 14.08
all results on or
and on the ladies side sure win got 3rd! wow thats equally impressive. georgia gould should be banned to race with the semi pro men for life.
or world cups only.
i found mini the 2 foot high pony out in the southern AZ desert.

work it mini.
oh ya dont forget about the world cups, todd w. got 11th. hes pretty happy bout that.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

damn im smooth

Results - ProvisionalElite men

1 Sam Schultz (Subaru / Gary Fisher) 28.06
2 Ryan Trebon (Kona) 0.09
3 Cody Peterson (Scott) 0.30
4 Ross Schnell (Trek / VW) 0.39
5 Andy Schultz (Titus / Kona) 0.47
6 Carl Decker (Giant) 0.54
7 Chris Sheppard 0.55
8 Miguel Martinez 1.09
9 Adam Morka 1.23
10 Mike Phillips 1.49

here are the results from the sea otter short track, check the post below, i pretty much picked the top 10 2 days ago.

damn im smooth

winnin big in the city that doesnt sleep

alien ship flew by

the tables last night were once in a life time, good thing i got out of there quick like.

Friday, April 18, 2008

the otter

since the couple fast guys that usually do sea otter are in belgium racing world cups, the otter has come to be known as the racers of the B pack. i was checking out the start list, and although not complete, as its missing day of reg. im sure it will close to 100 starters, i think sager has a good chance of getting top 10, or top 5. depending on if he doesnt break a chain.

but the B list is not what i would call B. here are some of my top picks for the weekend.

sid taberlay
ross schnell
carl decker
mike phillips
andy and sam shultz
Federico Ramirez Mendez
chris sheppard
manny prado, last years semi pro winner.
cody peterson
little mig martinez
and my dark horse the flying tomato mitch P.

dont be surprised if all these guys are in the top 10 come sunday after the 38mile XC.

wish i was there.

ok not really.

i wonder if chippo is racing in the bigfoot costume

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the lie they dont want you to know about

the cholesterol lie.

good or bad it doesnt matter. high low, it doesnt matter. fact is im no doctor, i dont need to be. the doctors are misinformed.

you dont get clogged arteries from fat and chlestorol.

you probably dont believe this but i dont care, cuz i know better. in fact i know a lot more than you do or the doctors.

it starts with chlorine, in your water supply. in your shower and tap. to be terse, since thats the only way i know, chlorine tears your blood vessels and arteries, repeated abuse after years and years of exposure will micro tear your vessels, in turn then the fats and cholesterol grab on to the shredded parts and stick, then causing the clog, or problem.

classic western medical advice fixing the sypmtom. not the cause.

once again, get to the root of the problem.

thats like taking your car to the mechanic, telling him the check engine light is on, meaning something is wrong, then he cuts the wire going to the check engine light, then telling you its fixed.


jazz rockets beat down

like last year, the first round is mentioned in the title.

i look for the same out come, Tmac flailing to get past the 1st round. that tall chinese guy crying from the bench.

domination at the DC, ok ESA...still think its a stupid arena name.

atrain to buy me some court side tickets

series will be 7 games as the 1st 2 are in tex ass.

lakers sweep denver,
hornets go down to the mavs
shaqs sun sets in san antone
who cares about the east,
boston crushes everyone, and might steal the finals. although, if the wizards make it into the 2nd round and meet boston, that could get ugly, as washington beat the celts 3 of 4 this year. the only team to do that, its a game of match ups and the wiz have bostons number.

40 games in 40 nights. its better than march madnesssss

if you think this post is stupid and you dont like nba action then you probably are gay,
not thats there is anything wrong with that.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i was going to go out and rip it up, but i stepped out on the porch and it was blowing snow, windy and about 40 degrees.

so i went to sleep, got up at 5pm and it was still cold and cloudy so now im watching tv.
jazz game comin up so i guess i'll go ride tomorrow. the trail will in primo cond so see you on the mtn.