Saturday, September 30, 2006

wow look what i found, the MIA post yaaaa

i am a machine, white line fever.

i have said it before and i said it again. i can get on the road and haul ass.

click off the miles and never stop. get in the groove and rip some pavement.

1800 miles
36 hours
270 bucks in gas
24 hours of house music
10 hours of napping
won $100 at 21
no cops=no tickets
met 15 cats, 3 dogs
dale knows hoes in different area codes.

this gay lezbo couple in azusa the corima rep. she has 13 cats and loads of bike parts every where. so he stayed on the couch with the cat hair and i stayed in my van.he likes deals, and goes around buying reps samples and crap. kind of like me but on a bigger scale.we loaded the van, then went to the encino velodrome and swapped it up for a few hours.

got the in-n-out burger double double with cheese then proceeded to drive in traffic for an hour on 1-10 and i-15.that town sucks.dropped him off in vegas for interbike at 9pm then got locked up in a another cluster fuck of cars on the strip forever.

that town sucks worse. floored it for 5 hrs straight and got back at 4am.

thats how i roll

hittin the high country

slowran wants to ride the crest, i think its snowy and muddy. we'll see, be back in 5 hrs. time to punish him for the pain cave he put us through last night. that was ugly.

maybe i'll borrow one of his 5 carbon rush bikes from dirt demo.

i remember something from vegas, all the companies there, and no floyd posters, last year he was every where. posters from 5 or 6 companies that sponsor him. no tyler or heras posters, at specialized no filip posters.

over the past 5 years i have seen those guys at the show, signing posters and hangin out. but they are dopers, they dont and wont be seen in public. i wouldnt either but no company wants to be a part of that obviously.

too bad, the price of fame and glory. some will do anything. i wonder what i would do faced with those decisions

you can say all you want about no no no, but you will never know until its for real and you are up against the second by second choices that blow your life up or save it from the fate of the guys i mentioned.

i saw georgy, tommy d, dave z, tree farm, sideshow bob, these guys are the celebs of the show now. hopefully they wont disappear like the others.

park city ass whoopin

friday night fun at the ski jump. i got smoked and im upset at my performance. i thought i would do better. thanks for the guys saying good job, its hard to agree with them. i have high expectations some times and im trying not to be so bummed. i like short hard races with lots of turns and some dh action.
thats what we got, so time for me to pull through with the form.

i had nothing to show for and hung on for 8th. i was hoping to get in the top 4 or 5 but it will come sooner than later.

it was a hard race and im glad it was cut short.

im going to be gone for the next 2 week ends out of town and wont be racing until the 20th so by then i should be faster.

results will be posted here im sure in a few days if you want to see all the guys who kicked my ass and i got some pics of the B class, i'll post tomorrow.

Friday, September 29, 2006

salt lake area ass kickers

check out the dynamic three some i found in vegas

gardie, sager and dave z. i walked by right in time. damn i've got good timing.

then i found racer jared rippin down the strip on this sweet cruiser.

im tryin to concentrate on the task at hand. ass kicking.

tonight up at the pc ski jump racing under the lights. i will be trying to follow bart. yes i said trying.

check out the hot messenger chicks from brooklyn. the chain belt, smokes, budwieser, tats, pink hair. wow i'm so hot and bothered. yaaaaaaa

Thursday, September 28, 2006

50 smoking drunk track bike riders = 1 vegas alley cat

every time i see these guys i have to shake my head. i dont get these track bike smoker bum looking drunks. i dont want to sound harsh but god they are ugly and stupid. especially the girls, i thought i was dirty but i guess im pretty metro compared to them.

this vegas alley cat was ok,it was put on by some guys from brooklyn and its like a scavenger hunt mixed in with lots of traffic riding and pissing off the strip walker, aka the tourists. i made a lot of people upset.

i got lost a lot and had to run 12 mins down the strip in my road shoes as part of the contest. collect a hoard of photos from the luxor to fremont street north, pix of the new york, bellagio, treasure island, palms kona pool party, a lap dance on the strip by a hoe at the bus stop, buy a camera at the wallgreens, pic from a top the stratosphere which i didnt do, find racer on a cruiser and a pbr riding down the strip at about 8mph. yaaaa,
and a bunch of other gay stuff in between. about an hour later and many detours i won this goose chase. i guess its not fair to the fixies. i shred the scalpel on the strip. this one guy took out a honda and it ripped his front wheel off and pretzeled it. ya dont try to follow me on the strip on a fixie and run red lights. the dumb ass has no fucking brakes.

they are all drunk on pbr and smoking cigarettes. what the hell??
come on now, you cant hang and i have hand.

other than that i walked about 10 miles got about 400 posters and alot of stares for my hawaiian shorts/shirt and vans mix.

thanks to sager, gardie and dave z, i got this sweet pic but you have to wait till friday for it since im not the tecno geek blogger and cant load pix on the road. too bad for you.

i lost all my money so now they call me skinny pockets fox.

tomorrow i have to triple my poster load and then haul ass back to get gardie home by bed time.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

they call me prime time or "fat pockets fox"

miss julie seems to like my new name fat pockets fox, when youre a high roller i guess call a spade a spade.

the drive down was entertaining. imagine gardie and miss julie bantering back and forth like ohran and kwait.

what a sight, those 2 are a match made in heaven. then we checked this out at the tropicana, the bodies. weird to see some chinese dude skinned and cut up. i cant take it. bart would eat it up.

time to get some posters and stickers, cash cow. yaaa

i will get some sweet pics for ya'll

T.O. allstar receiver for the cowboys attempts suicide, nothin like being a millionaire and famous and wanting to off yourself,

i have had bad days but come on now.

Monday, September 25, 2006

monday is better than friday

valverde takes 3rd at worlds. thats pretty cool, zabel and bettini, old dudes still ripping it up after all these years.

i have a lot to do today, so i was woken up early by linde T smith. this guy is crazy. he lives down in hobble creek canyon on a dirt road like 20 mins out of provo. he drives up to pocatello yesterday to race cx, then goes home and instead of staying in idaho he has to drive back early this morning for some work thing.

thats gay,
talk about save gas for global warming

oh ya and bart won that race in id-a-hoe. lapping everyone. so despite what he says, "lack of form", "slower than years past" i dont put stock in it. he likes to down play his form. as usual and dont expect anything less than ass whoopins all around come friday night.

you cant fool me i have known you for too long.

check out dave harward sand bagging in the "B" class.
hey you gotta start some where.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

36 hours round trip slc to burbank

i just wrote a story and its deleted so im pissed and not writing it again. im goin to rip some trail and maybe i will think of a better one.

so check the pics. i ripped up the roads.

rippin up the roads like a dave Z time trial

ATRAINS new name. im prime time, he's ATHRONE. since he calls himself the "king of cross" heres a perfect fit.

cave man racing at the ghetto velo in hollyweird

slc to burbank 36 hours roundtrip

i am a machine, white line fever. i have said it before and i said it again. i can get on the road and haul ass. click off the miles and never stop. get in the groove and rip some pavement.

1800 miles
36 hours
270 bucks in gas
24 hours of house music
10 hours of napping
won $100 at 21
no cops=no tickets
met 15 cats, 3 dogs

dale knows hoes in different area codes. this gay lezbo couple in azusa the corima rep. she has 13 cats and loads of bike parts every where. so he stayed on the couch with the cat hair and i stayed in my van.

he likes deals, and goes around buying reps samples and crap. kind of like me but on a bigger scale.

we loaded the van, then went to the encino velodrome and swapped it up for a few hours. got the in-n-out burger double double with cheese then proceeded to drive in traffic for an hour on 1-10 and i-15.
that town sucks.

dropped him off in vegas for interbike at 9pm then got locked up in a another cluster fuck of cars on the strip forever.

that town sucks worse.

floored it for 5 hrs straight and got back at 4am.

thats how i roll

Saturday, September 23, 2006


im in dangerboys hood, upland, ontario, azusa. glendora mtn road. the pit of the planet. sitting in the van and a huge pack of roadies just went by. dangerboy is rippin it up.
joel from utah, aka dangerboy.

encino man, im hittin that place today. then over to the labrea tar pit. that place is cool. some saber tooth tigers n shit. yaa

yesterday im rollin bout 90 down I15 and i come over a hill and see the 5-0, black and white it got lasered me and i know it, so i see him pull out on the road and im thinkin hes gonna chase me down, so i floor it and try to get to the next exit thats about 2 miles away.

you see he couldnt get on the road right away, heavy traffic he had to wait a few precious seconds.

so i pegged the silver bullet and made it off the next ramp and he didnt see me.
i fought the law and prime time won.

oh ya i scored a hundo at 21 last night, split sin city and camped out in the van for 5 hrs near glendora mtn road.

i love this town

Friday, September 22, 2006

im changin my name to prime time

prime time formerly known as slyfox. i know its taken by deion sanders, but he is my fav. NFL guy. plus hes retired so im takin it.

so if you see me at the races call me by the proper name or i might not respond.

see more here

beaver utah. home of TBIRD. passin through to SO. CAL. we decided to stop in vegas for the night.

that means im hittin the 21 tables and throwin down 2 large per hand. cash cow is rollin deep on the strip.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

i woke up lost and mixed up

it was a crazy day in the SLC. all this in a row never happens to sly.
have you ever woken up some where and cant remember where you are? it takes a few minutes to figure it out, then wonder what the hell happened?

ya so it was one of those days. nothing familiar, but it was all good and a nice wake up call.

time to mix up the monotony:
wearisome uniformity or lack of variety, as in occupation or scenery.
the continuance of an unvarying sound; monotone.
sameness of tone or pitch, as in speaking.

mix up daily life with an injection of fun, new scenery and company.

crashed at a friends house, finding a new cat, ya like a nice kitty, the kind that doesn't bite.

going to a new place for breakfast. trying to find ATRAIN at the wrong home depot. not going to work, getting some new kick ass house music that is long over due, blowing off all phone calls, doing a ride that i have not seen in years, firing up the electric blanket and not giving a damn about anything else.

watch chapelle show, that is the funniest shit ever. the one with sam jackson beer, rick james and dave blows up the toilet in slow motion. oh my god i have not laughed so hard since like a week ago when atrain clogged his toilet.
dammit that was terrible.

ride time 2.5 hrs and missed the rain. perfect temp. considering the recent weather.
weird flavored ham and egg omelet
buying sheet rock mud ??
going to san diego for no apparent reason
what the hell? wondering if gardie will leave me on the side of the freeway
staying up all night listening to ecclectic 80's tunes mixed up with some kick ass dj's
D fuse is playing LA saturday night, maybe mormondale or here will come with me. i call him that cuz its like cannondale,...weird.

short trip, but i dont like it any other way.
get back just in time for interbike.

this blog is blowin up

what the hell??

damn, i've never seen so much fuss over a god damn RMR. i wonder who anonymous is?

read it here

ya so i have to say those guys are all fast, they are all friends, from aj, harward, sandy, et, the whole bunch. we have been racin for a long time. i just want to come out once in a while and mix it up.

i race trails and shit. thats a good time, so who ever this anonymous guy is he's funny, pissin off mad mike hanseen? i think, and aj. im glad they flatted, i was ready to blow. that was some hard shit.

laughin my ass off readin this crap. its a bike race, like aj said. have fun. damn guys.
and ill see you all maybe at the cross races while i'll take the dark horse win and smoke bart, crispy and ATRAIN.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

dont eat that much water melon

winter coat

pissin down rain all night now its 50 degrees.

i pulled out the ski parka, last time i had it on was like march or something.
then there was 35 bucks waitin for me in the pocket.

i wonder how much money i have lost over the years and not even missed it?

im going to san diego for a day then driving back sunday. swap season is here,

vegas next tuesday.
philly in 2 weeks, veloswap denver in oct, san fran and tucson in nov.

i found out my friend carmen from oregon is going to tucson in november for the winter. she is sick of the columbia river gorge rain forest.

i might shack up at her house in tucson instead of st. george around december. we'll see, but its looking like lots of hours in the arizona sun.

hope you bastards like riding the trainers cuz i dont.

if you dont know this then dont race

the lazy ass' in the back dont win. ya so sometimes the pure sprinter sits in the back all day. what can you do, you can attack his ass and split the field up. right from the start. every year at rmr about 1 or 2 times someone can get away with it.

dont under estimate the 1st lap attack and remember this.....

ya so i dont have any tats, talk to sleevie.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

9th at rmr

i got this pic of the guys in the break heart rate 190. not bad.

9th sounds bad, well to me it does. but considering how i got it and who i was racin tonight i will take it.

pain cave right from the get go i took off like i was chasin bart the beagle or climb-um jones.
that hurt but it split the group into a 11 man break.

harward flatted, sager ?? what up sager where did you go, peiterzak, aj, ET, bad MF, jesse the body, sandy and sleevie. some other guys i cant remember. thats alot of horse power and the porcs were layin it down. 5 porcs, me and 2 goble guys. that sucks.

i have not been to rmr for 3 years and now i know why.
i got dropped on the last lap but oh well it was hard and just what i needed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

4 hours yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hammerin like its april or may. but really its time to hammer.

come watch the park city cyclocross next friday. the scalpel will be rippin the dh.

im going to RMR tomorrow and find the pain cave.

nice weather and lots of energy to burn, ride till sunset. dance till sunrise. party on. house party all night, tiesto mixin the fat beat.

people like to talk about my friend, or here. its like national enquirer.

so we are gettin married next week when we go to interbike. no more speculation.
if you dont believe me stop by the reynolds booth she will be workin it, then wednesday we are gettin hitched.

sly style

Sunday, September 17, 2006

50 miles

i put the road bike back together this morning to do some easy miles in the big ring.
it was a nice day out to draper.

i wanted this guy to come riding but he didnt make it. we saw him walking down the road and i told him "lets go"

i think he flipped me off

1) Over Sixties One-liners

1. Kidnappers are not very interested in you.
2. In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.
3. No one expects you to run into a burning building.
4. People call at 9 PM and ask, "Did I wake you?"
5. People no longer view you as a hypochondriac.
6. There is nothing left to learn the hard way.
7. Things you buy now won't wear out.
8. You can eat dinner at 4 P.M.
9. You can live without sex but not without glasses.
10. You enjoy hearing about other peoples operations.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

what the hell????

snow at 5,000 feet all along the shoreline this is mid day 1pm.

most of it already melted.

you know its cold when i bust out the leggings and the sox.

yesterday it was 85 today its 45. snow on the trail and 2 days of rain turned it to a shit pile.
its cold and muddy, that bites ass.

2 days of no riding im cooped up and went out for a few hours in the mud. i saw 1 guy all day. imagine that.

a flat and a new empty air can, what the hell is going on. its cold as a witchs tit and the air can squirts water out. its an air can not a water can. so i have to ride another flat down to the guthrie and fix this shit.

2 hours later its not done and its getting colder, guys are saying things like wear a helmet and get struck by lightening so im getting paranoid of an accident.

im going to bed, maybe it will warm up tomorrow and i will ride more. but this moving to st george idea i have is sounding better every day.

south training camp in the desert. training compound south st. george/vegas december to march. big hours and no work.
ride and sleep. thats how tbird and pockets work it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

drugs kill

i found this guy on myspace. i didnt know him, but what i thought was weird is this picture.
so i checked out his profile and as you can see, he is dead now.

he posted this picture about a week before he died. then he passed out in his car from taking medications that made him drowsy.

he was 21.

drugs suck and as you know, kill many.

cutters dont dope

cant sleep clowns will eat me

ya so i copied that from bobby

and i copied this from tommy

nothin else to do at 3am. watch infomercials on 75 cable channels.

shoot me now.

kevin trudeau has a new health book. yippeeeeee.

go buy it, you might lose 20 lbs out of your colon and win worlds next summer.

bike racers blow me away, they will ride for 30 hrs a week, spend 5 grand on alot of equipment, or get for free the best super lite cutting edge technology equipment. take vacations to mtns and states across the country, take time off of work, base their whole life around a peak and a race but they wont take care of their body. more hours on the bike. more suffering.

no pain no gain.


how about a paradigm shift. no its not 2- dimes. 20 cents. 30 short of fitty.

A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.

how about being healthy. training 10 hrs a week, no sacrifices, no suffering and winning BIG races.

wow what a concept.
im still working on it so dont say im on EPO when the shit hits the fan.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

anyone who doesnt race cyclocross is a pussy

tree farm



friday night at 7pm. sept 29th park city. race under the ski jump lights and try not to throw up.

mistress julie races cross, why cant you?

cameron diaz rules

read more here

so much fun i have to re-do it.

check out this dirty hoe

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

rip it up

i saw like 3,000 people up on the trail. what the hell? piss me off i started running them off into the trees and these little bugs flying in my eyes and mouth.

i guess its better than being in a wheel chair.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

old skool tomac & tinker

even the best go down from time to time

i had a few mis-haps on the ride tonight. maybe i should have went on the guthrie trail ride and whooped spencers ass.

i had the power goin on and it was feelin good, i was.,, you know big ringin it.

i once went to italy and raced worlds in 1991. tomac was king back in the day and he could rip the dh like nobody. a good climber and even better at power climbing. making up time on the dh at every race. either bridging gaps to the leaders or totally workin them over to get huge time gains while leading. i thought that was the best way to race. it was the best to watch also, nobody since then has filled those shoes.

todays pros dont ever match the talent and animation of the tomes, ned, tinker old skool, rishi, travis brown,dave weins,daryl price and stenger who once ruled the slc area pro races.

its all faded memories. what has happened to pro xc racing?
this is the worlds team this year.
jeremiah bishop
adam craig
todd wells
tree farm
i missed some one but the point is these guys are good but they dont compare to the old guys at the top of the story.

anyway back to crashing. i was at the worlds in italy in 1991 and i was watching dh practice. even glen adams was there. he got 3rd by the way in pro dh. tomac got 2nd. i saw the tomes eat shit in practice, the trail went across some pavement and he went down sliding side ways.

i shook my head in dis belief.

he wasnt hurt but the best do go down from time to time.

i put a new tire on the back and i was rippin it up by the zoo.
the whole thing blew off the rim and stans got all over everything. what a god dam mess.

i had to ride back downtown on a flat and that really blows.
so i fix it and want to finish the ride but its getting dark.

i head up to dry creek and its dark, so i rip down bobsled and cant see shit. full on night riding with no lights and im not going slow.

i like to call it riding by braille and its good for the reflexes to feel the trail and try to picture the trail from memory.

it didnt work to good and i ate shit, i have not crashed for so long i cant remember when it was.
what comes to mind is 2002 when i broke my pinky at solitude.

well that run is over.
and maybe i should be careful.

i didnt break anything and thats always good.

glen adams works at specialized and still kicks ass. 2nd to bart at 2004 E100.
tomac races dh from time to time at the norbas.
rishi is a mtn hermet in aspen
daryl price is the santa cruz rep for slc and i saw him a few weeks ago
tinker does raam and 24 hr races and i get to see him at the E100 every year
ned still races pro at 51 and kicks ass. 15th at norba finals last month in pro. thats hard core
stenger lives in cali some where and probably is drunk and stoned.
weins lives near crested butte and up until last year race marathon and won leadville like 20 times
travis brown races pro marathon and wins all of them if bishop doesnt do the xc/marathon double

gardie jackson fellow A.D.D. brethren

catherines pass, upper brighton.

gardie wakes me up at 8am today with a short voice message. "um hi cris its gardie" click.
that was it. what the hell?

he says he forgot what he was going to say so he hang up. ok thats pretty funny. i need to promote his new club so here you go. gardie is a personal trainer so get it from the best.

in 2 weeks we are going to vegas interbike. last time we went to vegas my brother got married on the strip and gardie left me at the gas station in beaver.

he didnt know i was missing until i called him with someones phone and he was 20 miles down I-15.

my phone was in the truck.

now thats seriously A.D.D.

ok so im goin to pour out a 40 on the strip for al butler.

Emo: An abbreviation for loser. Emo is the new goth, except goths are still around, so it's becoming almost unbearable.
Metrosexual: A gay guy still in the closet. This word is so contemptible that even the man who coined it has since apologized for being such a douche. I cringe every time I hear this word.
Retrosexual: This word wouldn't exist if "metro" didn't happen to rhyme with "retro." It's supposed to mean the opposite of a "metrosexual," which makes it another superfluous word since we already have a word for the opposite of a metrosexual called "straight."

Monday, September 11, 2006

i will kick your ass for $25 bucks

this is pretty funny. check it yo
5 worst movies ever. but i like the kenny loggins sound track

and here

whats with this guy?