Monday, December 31, 2007

the last post of 07

mark the utah rider texted me this,

i dont have anything to do with it, but its perfect.

for all that dont know me, i sit at my apartment in the big city and let the cash flow like wine.

dont know why this clown copied me, but its pretty funny.

check it yo

i found bionic and lynda

since chippo was blown, him and cole rode motorcycles all day. i went out solo in the cold windy desert.

i saw some people riding trails near town from denver, lots of people out on bikes today. then i headed west, out into the sticks. nobody out there except 4 wheelers, hicks skeet shooting and a few guys on motos

then off in the distance i see 2 bikers, i thought it was the dynamic duo so i ripped the dh, until they stopped. look what i found in the middle of nowhere.
this may seem trivial, but i've said it before.
meeting people in various places at the same point in time, at the same place.
its boggling to me. 1 or 2 mins earlier or later in the day, and place and the meeting wont happen. it takes more than i understand to make this happen.

it happens to me all the time. crazy things going on in dixie.

then bobby sent me this, climb um and his UPS truck in sandy. yaaa
its safe to say at this point.

I'll see you all next year.

with these two in tow.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

patriots win jazz lose. both are consistent

4 hrs in the sun.

no mud, no snow.

both trails yesterday and today were pimped out hookin it up good. the mud dried up and the scalpel is on rails.

jones and bz rippin snowbird, while we find the sweet line

look who i found in cabo!! what the ??

puttin the hurt on chippo, hes blown.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

can patriots go 16-0

marc D, or dave Z????

we'll see, i was in the pain cave today. reed and doov worked me over. if you dont know these 2 they work at contender.

its cold here. better than the deep freeze but still i want 75.

i'll be down south all week then i have to leave. in 2 weeks lynda is having a training camp but im going to madison to load up on parts.

tomorrow rico is bringin the bear and chippo is towin around cole. chucky didnt even bring his mtn bike??

what the hell

should be a good group.

Friday, December 28, 2007

ok heres the deal

Online Registration Now Open for The Last Call Cross and Awards Party

Online registration is now open for the Last Call Cross and Utah Cyclocross Season Awards

Party can be found here:

Spread the word and PRE-REGISTER with no fee.

We need everyone to pre-register so that we can get an accurate count for the caterer.

You can register day of, but that will cost you an extra $5, and we won't guarantee food at the party, and you'll have to sit at the Kiddie table.


Jon G

check it out at utahcyclocross then click on the news tab at the top.

i might even race, just to kick some ass.

i've been at home a few days in the deep freeze. last weekend kicked my ass and im feeling back to normal.
so, im going back to st george today for a week, try to do 20 hrs in 6 days. all off road. im trying a new training idea i came up with on my own.

it sounds good but the proof is in the races. we'll have to explore some crazy ideas and see if it works.
ideas like, mtn bike only riding, bike practice for hours on dh technique, low rpms, big ring power, hrs on dirt roads and high heart rates for hours on end.
4 hrs with minimal food and drink
4 or 5 day blocks of max hours with 3 or 4 or 5 days off in between.

i like this idea, it fits my style good.
black or white

all or nothing

very lazy and very crazy

chippo says go to the race next sat jan 5, register and he will get you drunk for free.
hes buying all the drinks

and hes buying me all the cokes.

oh ya its some awards party and 80's costume party, all are invited.
you dont have to race, or have done any of the races.

its a deep winter cx thing and i think its a good idea.

dj's and bands are there too.

i just want to go to see how many people show up and race in jan. in snow. at wheeler.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

fish taco tuesdays at rubios

i had to take the day off cuz im fried.

and i sold about 400 things today. imagine that, people shopping on xmas. yaa
once i ship all this crap out, a few days off and i'll be ready for more sand and mud.
last night at ali's in laws, it was sweet. check out this fat pug

its so sweet down south, its like 85 degrees with sun, imagine that. portland its cloudy and it rains daily. yaaaaaaaa

Monday, December 24, 2007

im so fast i turn off the lights and get in bed before they go out

muhamad ali,

speaking of ali, i crushed him today. nobody can hang with my watts, not even chippo.

check out my mullet

nothin like 2 hrs pinned at 180 followin these 2 around at the rim trail.

5 pack today, i'll be back at jem friday with tbird.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

we found some mud in the desert

im so cashed its crazy. 3.5 hrs of what seemed non stop hammering, a nice steady pace, riding in wet clay type mud, its dry 3" under the first layer and thats what sticks and flips up every where.

the sherwins are here riding with me and kathy says shes pissed there are no races, shes on fire. well i saw she almost got 5th last week, and well has obviously some endurance left over, and she was riding with me all day and we were not going really slow. thats pretty amazing, well im not fast or anything at the moment but its nice to see a girl ride on my wheel for that many hours on the up and the down, chris was bonked and pulled up the rear just a few minutes later but was blown. im pretty tired, 11 hrs in 3 days and 3 more tomorrow.

need sleepy

i wonder if ali will show up tomorrow, he went to church today. we were at the church of the big ring and didnt see one biker all day.


blow this pic up and see the lost pigeon on the ledge, hes going to chill in the sun for awhile then launch off and glide the thermals.

all these pics are on my phone camera, it kicks ass.
if you have not gotten any pics from my phone in the last few days,
you will.
i saw shannon and jen hanks drive by yesterday. they saw me ridin and honked, we waved and they didnt stop. i called them and they didnt want to talk to me. they just drove off and dont want to be bothered.

the cops came last night

i was staying at this place in st george called the coronado inn, its on the blvd and it sucks.

dont ever go there, i got nothing against the indian/pakistanis, but whats the deal with them taking over every dive motel in arizona, texas, and southern utah. they stink up the place and run it into the ground all for the sake of passive income??

if youre going to own a business like a hotel chain then keep up the place and make it nice.

the sheets were so old you could see through them, the wifi didnt work and it wasnt clean, they dont speak english so every other word is "WHHHATT???" from me, like lil jon', what!, okay!,, yaaaaaaa!!

so im in the office complaining to the guy about the wifi and he tells me for 3 days, ok tomorrow i fix.

i say screw you and tomorrow, ok my friend i give you refund, ok i say. so then this old dude comes in and starts in on me about how americans are cheap and this customer walks in and i told him not to stay here and the old dude freaked out. so i called the po po and they came shakin their heads, lots of people complain about this place, they wouldnt give my money back so i went out in the drive way and told people not to stay here. the old pakistani dude came out and was trying to chase me off his drive way.

i decided to throw some rocks at the window and had to go cuz the po po was coming back, he called them again.

and i dont need to be locked up for xmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i found this cow

i had to break out the leg warmers, over in hurricane it was 32 degrees all day, some snow in the shade and the clay made for some muddy sections but i blazed the jem loop and some extra for 3 hours. the scalpel kicks ass.

i cant handle this bike. it hauls so much ass i dont know where to put the front wheel at high speed.

need sleepy

rippin the dh

hurricane junk yard

pimpin aint easy

nobody said trainin all day was easy. if it was easy everyone would be doin it. see if i can get 12 more in the next 4 days. 15 in 5 should do the trick, jump start it nice.

i know why wells and other pros dont blog daily. they are out puttin in the hours and afterwards they are blown and dont feel like typing.
ok, tbird and j lao, train all day but they dont write about it. they just kick it and dont let anyone know how the life of a pro is.

the brain is fried and you dont feel like doing anything except eating and watching tv.

well thats how it is for me, but i harden up and upload some pics and come up with some kind of daily interaction.
tomorrow kathy, chris and ali are coming down. that should be good times. those 3 have ass problems.

now all were missin is bart and sager, but they have real jobs, wives and family activies to attend.

no time to ride in the sun for hrs a day.
not to worry, i need to hook up with the bear, bionic and linda. in due time.
i need to get out of town and ride, just ride. nothing else. i have to concentrate on it or the hours dont get done.

i get side tracked doing 20 things and by the time i know it, its 4pm and will be dark in an hour.

i have lots goin on and its not easy to leave but its the time of year to pile up the hours and get it done.
its not the gravy train, its normal stuff and problems everyone has. i just set it up so i can tcob.
takin care of bizness.
its a tough gig, but someone has to be the bike pimp,

check out jims new blog
if you ever go to contender, hes the blond strapping young man with salesmanship charm.
we go way back, so butta, dont disappoint the blog readers with once a month updates.

Friday, December 21, 2007

a 4 hour tour

i got down to st george before the big storm. while down here its been windy as hell and cold as... well you get the idea.

its sunny and clear but holy shit i froze my ass off today. i didnt bring any pants or long riding gear so i was out in the wind on the mesa most the afternoon with shorts.
38 degrees with 50mph winds.. it was the worst ride i have done in years.
i didnt bring any food and had 1 bottle. typical day in the saddle.

i wasnt going very fast, barely did probably 35 miles in about 4 hrs. im workin on uploading some pics so in the mean time check this out

Thursday, December 20, 2007

im sure this is right

cash advance

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i wondered why they were called the PACKERS


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

white line fever

drivin through the rockies doin 120 mph with a full load. blazin I-70 through fruita and north to the big city.

yesterday was a long haul, delivered the bikes and all is good.

thursday st george for awhile. rip it.

heres bz sunday at the dolphins game.
they finally won.

1 and 13, that baltimore team i bet feels like jeremy powers and jesse anthony.

goin from 5th to 10th, and 6th to 13th on the last lap.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

kathy bart and ali kick ass... plus i found gully

i have to say that race today kicked ass,

first the pro women, kathy was ripping in 6th , 10 sec off of 5th on the 2nd to last lap she front flats, blazing the dh and has to run a long way to get the spare. dont go by the results, she was up there ready for 5th podium. that sucks bad. i hated that when it happened to me in the past.
it sucks real bad. especially when you are on it and feeling super human.

bart and ali kicked ass in the pros today. i dont know how they both did it, starting 35th and 80th. crazy start and moving up into the top 20 on lap 1.

check out the video. massive like over 100 guys lined up. pure ice and mud, slippery doesnt describe the ground. it was worse than ice with mud.


watching bart and ali move through the field as guys flailed was the best, passing and moving up as others died and dropped out.

so crazy,

bart got 7th and ali wasnt far back in 12th.
check out the mud.

timmy jonson wins, beats page and wells.
the thing about this that surprises me is hes a domestic road pro, he can rip but page and wells can rip the dh, they know slime and ice.

both were on timmys wheel but had slip ups, falls or hit a tree, losing 10 or 20 sec.

tim didnt crash, well or as much that i could see , i was all over the course watching sections and he was steady waiting for the others to wreck.

once they were down he kept it going and thats how he won.

the least mistakes takes the win.
i would rather see him win then the other top 5, but if bart had a front row start he could be top 5 for sure.

it sucks so bad starting back that far and i dont know how he does it, but he makes up spots quick and gets it done.

timmy j on a short power climb

todd aka mcduff 30 seconds off the lead in 3rd.

tim hammering to keep a 10 sec gap

jon page made a 10 second mistake that cost him the race

bart rips the dh on ice

ali on the steps

1st lap madness

i found gully

kathy runs with a front flat...ouch

before the flat, on it and shredding