Sunday, April 30, 2006

these california roadies kill me

its a nice day in cali, about 80 and sunny. there are tons of roadies all over. they wear jackets and long tights. what the? its not even windy. i sell lots of clothing, guess where all the wind proof tights and cold weather clothing goes to? cali and florida. no joke these people are the biggest wusses around. kwait was in town last week, it was like 60 in slc, hes out road riding with slowran and hes crying about how cold it is.
i drove 9 hrs to san fran i was here about 3 hrs spent 6 grand now im driving back. thats a new record. hope i dont get a ticket, this astro van hauls ass. it goes 130mph and gets 80mpg. yaaaa

bart says hey sly where you been all weekend, im like oh, i was out in the puckerbrush.

yo momma is so skinny she ate a peanut m&m and now she looks 6 months pregnant.

thanks for tuning in

Saturday, April 29, 2006

goin back to cali and meet my new main squeeze

im lookin forward to the long ass drive across nevada today. the south bay swap is tomorrow, im goin to meet with my peeps and throw down.
check it out here,

heres my new wife shes a killer,Understated Elegance, wouldn't you agree?? And the tats are so tastefully done.? God forbid she raises her arms

cleared for takeoff runway 9 left

from time to time, i get these fans they send hate mail. sorry to offend the LDS crowd but here it goes.

Response from zoltanpop
zoltanpop( 6)
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Item: hutchinson python UST tubeless kevlar mtn tire brandnew (7236809799)
This message was sent while the listing was active.

zoltanpop is a potential buyer.

OOOO-k Mr. perfect. FUCK YOU , u usless piece of wigger shit. i hope u fucken die.LOL oh and by the fucken way...thx

heres a pic of dry creek thanks to the wolf
as he says "dry creek my ass"
true, check out the flow. i big ringed it, call it skill.

here's a pic of my little bro aaron, last nov me and gardie went to the wedding in vegas. it was so dope.
right gardie?

this just in........ from britney spears, ok brittney gillespie.
before you race listen to this

Friday, April 28, 2006

5 hrs sleep and a dream of RMR solo attack at the gun

5 hrs sleep aint cuttin it. when eva wants to eat breakfast she screams and the kitchen is right above my bed. went to sleep at 230, she gets up at 730. hardwood floors in the kitchen sounds like a herd of elephant every morning. along with the fridge, phone ringing, dishwasher and mice running around right above the sheet rock, i cant take it. what should i do? call dave wood the carpenter.
build a wood box around my bed and line it with sound absorbing foam sheets and foam pyramids climb into that and sleep like a rock. thats what im talkin about

top 5 ipod songs from yesterday
pet shop boys
dj tiesto
4 strings

heres a pic of the foxden

i was dreamin i was at the RMR again. i dont know why they are so boring. the field laughs as i take off like a cross race and get a big lead on lap 1 they scoff and chuckle as if they think i will blow soon. but im laying it down like dave z, they cant chase hard enough and nobody bridges. so i win and they are pissed that they have been had by the slyfox.

its happened before and im sure it will happen again. the prophecy is on my bike.

here is the wonder pony from last week end, he

helps me drive to san fran but check it out, wasted. must have been the 6 hr utah lake loop he did right before we left town.

bucky at 5pm

bucky at midnight

bucky at 1am

yo momma is so fat her bath tub is the gulf of mexico, she farted and caused hurricane katrina.

snap dog

Thursday, April 27, 2006

dont under estimate the power of intention and a mullet

how do you know if you intention is strong enough? well did you get what you wanted? if you didnt then there you go. its easy to figure out. "all pain is asking for a correction" gary acevedo. it just took me a few years to figure it out.

when you put your hand in the fire the pain says go in another direction. another simple concept from the main man GA. simple to say hard to do.

did 3 hrs today and just rode home its 1145 pm a coyote tried jumping me down on the main road near the oaks turn off. i guess my lights look like deer eyes. the sum bitch jumped into my front wheel. good thing i was going like 7 mph. i thought it was a cougar.

some call it hair farmer, dont under estimate the power of a mullet, new kicks or new skids. gotta go with the conti dura skin for the long haul.
i got these bad boys at the swap last week for 20 bux, so i said give me 20 pairs and dropped 4 bills on shoes. snap dog.
nike carnerso carbon mtn shoes. word.


sold like $4000 online today, sweet now i can go to vegas on the way to cali. art says i can give him the cash and he will kick me in the balls instead. maybe i'll skip vegas.

oh ya and art owes me 20 bones for smashing this barrier tonight on my road bike, next to the zoo, i just made him some money so kick it down.

i had to tow my old van over to toms to get it fixed dale towed me down I15 at 55mph while i steered it. all went well.

i got some of these xtr V brake shifter levers for $150 bux a set brand new, dale scored me access to about 100 pairs so buy it now from the husla.

this was me before i got jumped by wile E coyote. im not so pretty anymore.

yo momma is so fat she made the cd player skip.......

at the radio station.

this is me in july

check it out and get used to it.
horner just won in romandie and dropped big jan.

utah radio sux, if you want to rock out get siruis sat radio put it on channel area 33 and hammer to the fat beats.

43 minutes of pure power at 450 watts

this is my sweet ride, with pegs

ya thats right ive got the power, just sometimes it doesnt come to work.
2 days ago i was on fire, hammering up emigration. you see barts house is at 6000 feet, downtown is 4300 feet thats a pretty good short climb home. 10 miles door to door. no headwind up the canyon so i laid it down for a new personal best. 43 mins, thats about 10 mins off my old time of 3 weeks ago. things are looking good. and since it takes bart or jones about 40 mins , ATRAIN SAYS it takes him 35 but we'll see how he does at the gila. probably takes him that long in his big ass truck.

so i have to give some shout outs to my posse, these are the people and friends who really keep it real, helping out sly in the darkest of hours, some are for health, some are business related some are old racing buddies.

kevin millet at
gary acevedo at
elizabeth king at
megan oberer the light worker

ryan and dan, alex, butta and dont forget alison, leo and syrus at contender for sweet deals and lots of wheel boxes
dave, rich and chan at guthries both locations more sweet deals, support over the years and more bike boxes
mike hanseen, pratt and robby at both canyon bicycles stores, yes more boxes and sweet deals
matt happe, ryan at keep it rollin with more sweet deals and lefty tune ups
brandon firth at stein erickson, lots of rentals for sale

gardie jackson always giving me his old bikes to sell, like 8 or 9 over three years.
bart g for hookin up a sweet house up the canyon
all the guys i raced for making me almost throw up trying to not to get dropped
eric jones, bart, chucky, greggy, racer, kyle g, zep, blake z, chan, sean young, ATRAIN, max lawson,kday racing, alex rock, buttafucco, jeff bates, world champ skier steve cook, jeff louder, burk, cole the wet jet, slowran back in the day, jeremy frank, brandon firth, heinrich the mutant, jj the messenger, linde T smith, clubbum maddox, mizzy and pete, i can work them over on the dh, bill harris in so. cal, tom cook the retired rmr and cx master. t2 todd tanner super fanatical trainer. last but not least al butler, one memory was us in the tour of st. george 2003 in the road race 4 of us got away, carl swenson, todd haggeman. i was going fast back then and al dropped me even when i thought i was on form and feeling the power. he won the stage race i got 2nd and was totally cooked. i still think what a waste everytime i ride up emigration or get on the skinny tires.
im sure i forgot lots of people but you guys know who you are.

yo momma is so fat she sat on the curb and turned it into a driveway.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

why not, everyone else is doing it

enough of reading everyones blogs, heres some crap i do every day. mostly boring but hey the blogs i read are pretty boring. some guys dont even update them but once a week. like art or todd w. kyle g is pretty good at it, and bart the beagle. maybe i can out do all of them. we'll see.
zepp started calling me the god father a few years ago, i think its a good title. the god father is making a come back to xc racing, so watch out. im sure i can win some local races in expert. then move up to semi pro in july for the deer valley norba. and kick some ass later in the fall at wheeler farm. hopefully all goes well.

i rode about 2 hrs today, down to revolution, saw chan and ryan gave me a smashed rat. happe was naked. yaaaa good times in the shop.

then i went up to canyon at millcreek had to pay hanseen some skrilla. i dont remember 4500 south at wasatch being so steep. ouch, good thing i have an xt 34 cog on my road bike. it comes in handy for a fat old guy.

rode back down to the office and fell asleep on the couch, i thought maybe i would ride home but it didnt happen. i went to the movies instead. saw american dreamz, that movie sux. but i still think you should go see it. bart and rosie would like it, since its about their favorite show on tv.

last weekend bucky the wonderpony went with me to san fran. we hit the local swap and dropped 6 g's on some cheap goods to sell online. it was kind of lame so im driving back to the south bay swap on sunday. maybe i'll go alone, that nevada drive sux. plus the sierras are burried in snow so you got I80 or bakersfield. hmmmm those routes are boring me. maybe i'll fly.
probably not.

i think my 06 debut will be at hammer at the hollow or decker dash at thanksgiving point. i need a flat course since my climbing weight is not the likes of jones or the beagle.

170 lbs isnt what you call climbing form, but it should be 150 in 4 weeks. keep hammering and it will be there soon.

boris the crazy russian called me last night, he wants me to host his race tv show on the pc channel. hmmm, i wouldnt say im ryan seacrest but it might be fun.

what i try to do everyday.
text message everyone on my phone 4 or 5 times a day with random stupid yo momma jokes
ride 2-3 hrs,
eat some oranges
go to one world cafe
sell $2000 of junk online
sleep 9 hrs , thats hard with barts baby upstairs and mice in the ceiling running around all night
ship 70 items that i sold
get some clothing for rosie to post
make sure and drink 3 liters of water
all that keeps me going 23.5 hrs. then i like to watch the history channel or viva la bam.

yaa good times.

just so you know.
the slyfox comeback is based on health improvements from finding out and getting rid of tapeworms in my intestines last febuary. for the last 2 years i have read and studied about my symptoms of health deterioration? talked to so called experts, spent alot of money on standard and holistic remedies or lack there of.
i think ive got it figured out and lost about 40 lbs so far. 20 go and there should be a new world champion.

also reading the natural website. it has natural cures for every common disease most people get.
and you can fix it yourself for pennies from your local health food store.

eat organic
no drugs, this means tylenol or cold medicines
drink water like a gallon a day
dont go to mcdonalds
eat alkaline forming foods. not acid forming.

disease cannot develop in an alkaline body. only acid.

enough of doctor fox, read the website.

steve z used to live here but he got sick of it and moved to boulder.
he emails me some funny links sometimes.

check it out

also heres a link to a movie about the state of this screwed up country

This is from Joe Mercola’s website. Ever since he put it up, he has had problems with “someone” "the freaking loser government" jamming his website. Spread the film around by emailing the link to your friends, not by attempting to use the path at the end of the email.

my camera is at the office, i'll post some pics tomorrow of bucky sleeping. word up

dont get hit by a bus

yo momma is so fat she sweats butter, and syrup. then got a full time job at dennys wiping pancakes across her fore head.