Sunday, March 29, 2009

mtn dew and coke

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and im a fan of magna

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i dont claim the prediction...but its pretty much kick ass

if you witness a local guy when hes 17 yrs old winning cat 4 races, you know hes got some kind of talent, motivation and work ethic. 1996 jeff wins downtown crit cat 4 in a last lap solo attack.

the past 5 yrs results speak for themselves, i dont claim the prediction over this race. i was hoping he could rip at a big race and if things work out i hope jeff can hold the gc tomorrow.
watching the cali tour with 2 big breaks to end in heart break, on tv its bad enough to watch, imagine being there turning around with a mile to go and seeing 120 guys ready to eat you up.

i also dont claim to make the guy fast, i meet up with him a few times a year, hardly doing anything. hes out 3-5 hrs a day busting ass to win, and 2 weeks ago we went out to finish up a long ride with d. lill,
climb up emigration in 19 mins, 400 watts 4.5 hrs into a ride is impressive to say the least.

or 45mph flat pacing at salt air while hes on the tt bike in the drops for sustained 5 mins intervals, thats scary to know if you let off the throttle one bit hes ramming your back tire and going down.

hi this is lance from cock shot

Friday, March 27, 2009

i once got busy in a burger king bathroom

im goin skiin down at sundance, just cuz i can.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the ho machine

i know you all like the ho's

Monday, March 23, 2009

im on a boat..bitch

Sunday, March 22, 2009

planes part 2

sleep deprivation-- sleep on the plane, take a light blocking eye mask. if you forget, most airliners have them available. when you get there, take a nap, but dont sleep in. wake up at your normal time to maintain your sleep cycle. take a nap later in the day if need be.

air sickness-- if you are experiencing airsickness, firmly tap half way between the bottom of your breast bone and your belly button for thrirty to sixty seconds. repeat if necessary.

neck strain-- invest in a flying neck pillow. they can be a life saver. they are always available in airport gift shops.

adrenaline surge-- yes traveling is fun. its easy to get hyper, stay out late, push ourselves hard and the like.
just be mindful that you are doing it. i suggest that you have the supplement ADR on hand and take 2 per day while you are on your trip. remember to bite them before you swallow them. this is an adrenal gland nutrition and will keep them from getting drained of reserves.

montezumas revenge-- for a travelers diarrhea, when sysmptoms first appear, pull any capsule you have apart and empty it. fill the large side with the liquid supplement BCT. a dropper works best, but if youre careful you can pour it straight out of the bottle by placing the lip of the bottle against the empty capsule. replace the other half of the capsule and swallow. repeat each morning, preferably on an empty stomach, until symptoms subside.

that concludes our discussion on traveling abroad.

Friday, March 20, 2009

how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of flying

in continuation of last nights lesson please follow todays accordingly.

tomorrow you will get your final instructions.

flying in an airplane brings a whole set of stressors that often derail the process of healing unless they are properly addressed. those problems are primarily radiation, dehydration, prolonged sitting, time zone changes, sleep deprivation, air sickness, neck strain, and the adrenaline surge from the excitement of visiting new places. I recommend you address them as follows:

radiation-- wear the flying protection vials and follow the protocol. take 2 flying protection vials, place them on the body, in a pocket is fine, within 5 minutes of boarding plane. immediately place all 5 fingertips together and tap the mid forehead once, tap the top of your head with the back of your hand once, tap the forehead again with all 5 fingers, tap the chest with your arms in a X configuration while your fingers are extended and your thumbs pointing away from you, one time, then finish by grabbing the right wrist with the left hand and, while holding your hands together, make a light thrust downward over the pubic area. within 5 minutes of leaving the plane, repeat above sequence then remove the vials from your body.
repeat this with every boarding and debarking of an airplane.

dehydration-- drink more water than normal in advance of the flight and then ask for 3 full glasses of water, with no ice, each time the flight attendant offers beverages. drink only water while flying.

prolonged sitting-- get up from your seat frequently. this happnes, more or less, automatically because of all the water you're drinking. spend some time moving around while you are up. take a stroll to the back of the plane, do some stretching, move your body around. if you find that you tend to have fluid pool in your lower limbs on long flights, you may want to purchase support stockings at a medical supply store.

check back tomorrow for your final instructions on air sickness and sleep deprivation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cure for jet lag

time zone changes...

to program your body to the local time zone upon landing, rub the spleen 21 point (left rib cage halfway between the armpit and the bottom of the rib cage) for 30 seconds. Immediately following, rub both ears beginning at the bottom and working toward the top as if you were trying to unfurl or flatten the ears with the thumb on the back of the ear and the index finger rubbingt backward on the front. do one pass up and one down. if you are less than 3 hrs away from going to bed upon landing, then wait to do this upon waking up, preferably prior to your feet touching the ground. this by the way, eliminates jet leg in virtually all cases.

dr kevin millet, practices tbm in slc utah

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new meat on team mona vie

since tbird is on the mona vie juice

with bart and alex g. he had to break down and ride a scalpel.

at sea otter...

dang if mitchel can pull a top 5 at sea otter i wonder what tbird can do.

should be good times.

so he brought the old steed over to the foxden to sell, so probably nobody reads this hack of blog anymore and better yet the guys that do are not going to throw down for a used sworks. so im probably wasting my time posting it here

$2500 for a used xtr fs dually....

ya whatever ok, pay up and its yours.

i just wanted to take a pic in the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

luck of the irish

you know its a good day when you find 20 bucks in the gutter

900 east,...... bitches!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

michelin man

i thought this pic looked like T bird, but he said hes the michelin man compared to him.

first is... ya right..

i think he needs some pain up emi today, video maybe later, ali g likes the pain cave so he drilled it up emi in the big ring. cx season in 250 days... get ready

alex and bart need to lose a few lbs, must be all the fruit drinks

Sunday, March 15, 2009

wow this blog is laggin

went to alta again, went to the beach again, went big ringin the road bike again... bla bla

how many times or stories sound the same.. boring. until i find something worth bloggin about you wont be gettin much here so dont keep checking for an update. i wont be bringin anything funny , just boring.

3 yrs worth of riding, racing and traveling.

how many times can you write a different story...

ripped a trail,

blazed and dropped everyone at the ride/race.....

rode the same trail in st george or shorline 500 times.....saw everyone gettin mudddyy......

rode up the canyon.... for the 800th time...

straight lined the double black diamond moguls at alta...

sat on the beach all day......


when i get a space ship or a time machine i'll let you know, that would be a good story.
until then i'll be keeping the CTL under 100 by doing this

Thursday, March 05, 2009

chippo gets waxed

i wonder how many guys will wax him at the race in st george

heres my top 3 picks for the podium

bart g
alex g
chris holley

this guy says i need a haircut

last time it got cut was 2 years ago today, ya thats for real, its pretty long. 16", 4 more inch and im shaving it bald and selling it for 3 g's.

slyfox bail out

get some.

if youre in town this weekend come down town to the fair grounds and score some sweet deals at the sports am bike swap.
team rico will be there doing a wife swap, not sure how that works but you can talk to him in person.

fair park at 1000west north temple. access about 100north 1000west through gate.

they charge $5 to get in but if you ask me for $5 bucks at my table i will give your 5 bucks back.

thats the slyfox bail out plan.

or if you want , come buy some of my jerseys and junk. im bringing around 400 items of jerseys, shorts, jackets, gloves, shoes

if not then buy it from some of the other guys.

opens sat march 7th at 10am. there will be a big line forming at 8am so dont be pissed when you have to wait out in cold for an hour.

or come at 11am. and dont forget im giving you 5 bucks but you have to ask for it.
sometimes thats the hardest part.

Monday, March 02, 2009

atrains fave song