Thursday, January 29, 2009

call me vicente

we did the zip line tour and 200 foot rappel,
yesterday we took the aqua de motos out in the pacific and chased pelicans and sea lions
tuesday we went to todos santos and the hotel california.
tomorrow is the atv 4 wheelers in the desert/beach rip a thon.
i hope the snow melts by the time i get back.
when we go down to the outside restaurant for breakfast they say "whats your room number?"
its 2131, hola mr fox...
hola amigo, you can call me vicente.
im famous down here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my middle name is danger --peligroso

this tunnel you have to swim to, its right near the arch, right through this tunnel you can swim to the arch but i didnt dare.

the waves rip through it

on this beach in playa grande, its on the pacific tip, its about 1/2 mile from this arch. its not accessible just to walk to. its seperated by ocean and cliffs that jet out into the ocean so you must wait till may or take a water taxi out.

there are big red signs on this beach not to swim. people die here all the time from the under tows are the worst in the baja. the beach is so steep the waves are big and the ocean will take you under and there you are with the fish, dead.

so anyway we swam out in the dead zone to get this pic. some old people saw us come around the cliff and they almost passed out. they were yelling at me and said i was stupid.

i said ya i already know that thanks, but see it can be done. they thought it was crazy but they are old and dont know about sly and how i roll.

this is the rock on the pic below on the far left, the big seal rock, the kayakers can paddle out from the main beach, its about 1/2 mile out.

this is the last piece of rock on the baja, you cant see them but the sea lions are out on the that lower part sun bathing.

heres a pic of the arch in may, every year for a few weeks the tides go out far enough to get on the tip of baja in the sand.
every other time of year its 10 feet under the ocean.

like this one

the big ass boat cant go close since its under 10 foot deep. come back in may and walk under the arch
there are condos within 1/2 mile up the beach where all the rich people live. were staying at a friends place with all the rich people and they want tips for everything. all the locals think if youre white and american, if youre here then you must be rich and they want to sell you everything and get tips for saying hola.

she crashed us, ship wrecked in mexico. good thing theres wifi

we took the buccaneer boat out to the arch

Sunday, January 25, 2009

la playa grande cabo wabo

delta has direct flights to cabo from slc. thats pretty sweet. i have not been down here since dec 31st 2000, when me and bart rode down from san diego. we didnt ride the whole way but chippo didnt even make it 3 days. he went home cuz he couldnt hang with the kilojoules we were puttin out. back in 92, 93,94 i rode down here the whole way with a sag wagon. its around 1100 miles from san d to cabo. 1 road, old beat up paved road. lots of fish taco stands along the way. and lots of 100 mile sections with nothing.
its a good trip. you should try it.

but nowadays you have to skip riding through tj or you might get capped.

since i have long hair people randomly try to sell me drugs everywhere i go. i dont know if its for real or a joke. i cant believe how blatent drug dealers are. no wonder they get caught.

if you know alex rock hes in hawaii this week gettin hitched, wish him luck. seems he found a nice girl.
anyway his wifes parents hooked us up with this sweet condo on the beach of the pacific at the very tip of the baja. its way nice and they have wifi with cable.

what more can you ask for
wifi and cable, sun and blue skies with an option to head north on route 1 to la paz. i might get out and do some rides but im kind of busy workin on my tan, sleepin and gettin massages.

the whales are in view and we probably will take a tour boat out into the ocean tomorrow and spear some of them.

its been a tough day, i need to catch up on my beauty rest.

maybe i'll get some sweet pics tomorrow

Saturday, January 24, 2009


it rained a bit down south, but you have to know where to go and where not to go.

if you dont want to ruin the trails or get muddy.

to the locals, i didnt ruin your trails. when i went on barrel, zen, green valley, jem, and VRRT. there was no mud. a few soft spots, a few small water holes. lots of open trail. i didnt pass one biker the whole 3 days.

thats amazing,

i dont understand it, maybe i was going so fast i just float over the top.

who knows, it will probably be sunny tomorrow and the water will dry up by tuesday.
nice timing.

i had to head out to catch a plane so i pointed the man wagon north and floored it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

the 3 step plan in is action

im on step 2 of 3 for the plan of death avoidance.

get out of the the salt lake valley.

went to alta tuesday to practice gs turns in the bumped out trees
then rode a snow trail in pc to see if i still had cat like skills. i do.
went to st george, stayin here til sat.
catch a plane to cabo sunday

whoever went to st george last week should come back, its still sunny and warm.

if you want to see how dirty the air is in slc go change your car air filter and see what youre breathing.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

clear air


i went outside in the valley for a minute without a gas mask and didnt make it back to the house before i passed out.

they had to call the medic

so before i die, i have a 3 step plan.

im goin to alta today
st george tomorrow
baja sunday

by the time im back it will be feb and i will have a sweet tan and the air will be clear.

on the news they say stay inside, but the question is why is that better

its the same air, you have an open door to the toxic sludge, so your furnace has a filter. big deal, it doesnt work right.

they say on the news dont drive or light a fire.

do you think anyone really does this
no they dont give a rats ass

thats why there is this problem to begin with.

dont blame the weather

year after year the same problem, but it gets worse. everyone waits for the wind to come and blow the problem away.

no snow till next tuesday.
im outtttta death breath

dv isnt deer valley, its darth vader

Friday, January 16, 2009

ho made pie

i like pie, and i like ho's.
td says its a i da ho pie shop.

if you live in salt lake you dont need to be told how bad the air sucks, and for the next week its getting worse. its already terrible so we went up to alta for a bit. its nice and clear, and packed, snow and people.
i dont really understand why they need to drive down the canyon in a big backed up line going 20 mph, the road is dry and its uncalled for. i want to ram them up rear like mizzy does best.
we'll go to pc tomorrow and rip dv. all day. sun up to sun down.
i dont want to be in the valley right now, st george sounds nice and i dont have a mtn bike so im not going down there.
cabo in a week, it cant come soon enough. im not riding in this crap air for 5 mins.
rip trail down south. you dont want to be up in this shit hole.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i like hores

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sheep jumpin

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ali g rips bc

last summer, of course.

Friday, January 09, 2009

happy cows are not in california

they are in wiscaaaansin.

we were up on the sears tower a few hours ago. just like ferris bueller. its on wacker street. i bet rod blagovich has on office on wacker street.

at 4am im getting up to drive to mad town, its a blizzard here and the 140 miles i hope wont take over 2 hrs. we got the prius, but the tires are bald.

nothin new there, i still can blaze it, no prob.

the happy cows are up north, they make cheese in the mid west, im going to pic up a dub of cheddar.

in case your wondering, thats a 20" wheel of cheese.

i like cheese,
do you like cheese

if you want some call me,

if you dont have my number,
too bad

its snowing a lot and the beach is windy and frozen so i wont be getting a tan here, but thats ok cuz were going to cabo in 2 weeks.

if you want to meet us down there go ahead, we have a spare bed.

everyone else i asked doesnt want to go, they all have lame excuses like

no money
i have to work
no passport
no time
busy training
allergic to sun
scared of getting killed by mexican mafia

dont be a crying wuss

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

busted up and beat down

i think i cracked some ribs today, stacking it hard a few times up at brighton with marky mark. its hard to breath and its not cuz its at 10,000 feet.

i chickened out on hard coin so we blazed thor, snake, crest and milly. then i had to go cuz i was blown

they opened up milly bowl today and i dont have the skills to rip that, so i watched them blaze the cork screw

this is moose, hes kind of fat and lazy.

he got this cable stuck on his mid section the other day. i had it rolled up and he crawled into it and then couldnt get it off so he just walked around with it on.

he was mad so he came and sat in front of me so i would help him.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

i fell off the lift

sling dog

im lookin for a quick lunch

Friday, January 02, 2009

crazy mike is bored again

Thursday, January 01, 2009


i just wanted to post something on jan 1 2009 so here you go