Thursday, November 30, 2006

a cure for global warming

i found a solution for global warming its called winter, ya write al gore tell him whats up. its 5 degrees in the slc, get some kind big fan to blow canadian air down into the states in july and there you go. national A/C. kick ass idea im know i loaded with them.

have you ever flipped a rib, what ever that means, prime rib flipped a rib, or flipped my mind.

some people call it a intercostal fiber tear. i should ask doc gillespie. mr anatomy himself.

something is jacked up in my back and i cant breath, so the cold ice race on saturday should be loaded with pain. now slowran has got me chasing points and i cant help myself. pay to hurt in the cold, get worked over and win 25 points.

i cough, sneeze or try not to laugh at the atrain and its pain. he says what you goin to do when you get run over by a train. well i plan to get my legs cut off.

i have fallen and cant get up. i have been to the chiro, massage and energy work and it helps for a few hours then it starts to flare up like gardie and sandy on the mic.

someone kick me in the teeth. i need to get to tucson or mexico. this is too cold, im going snow biking up dry creek. i wonder if it will be dry and i wonder if i will freeze to death

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

puttin in the hours

big hours in the snow its about 18 degrees out right now, i did like 25 mins today. rode down to the uspo in slush, now im goin back to the delta center for the spurs game. ya i said delta center i dont care what the new name is. its stupid, its like me calling the canyons wolf mtn. or parkwest. its like calling me sly or prime rib.

its all the same and you know what im talkin about so im goin to the dc for some nose bleed action on the top row. bring the binoculars.

since the jazz are hot shit this year the ticket prices went from 5 to 19 for the same seats.
some one has to pay for boozers 50 mill contract.

fear the the atrain

thats the best thing i have seen all week

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

its all down town in the big city

i have been living or coming to the down town slc 801 area for about 15 years, i have lived in a few different places around here, 2nd south, 4th ave, A street, 500 east, i have worked in buildings on 1st and state, 3rd and 4th east, 2nd south.

i come down here a lot and i like it. i have lived in a 200 square foot office building with some bikes during the olympics when i sub-letted my apartment for 4 grand.
that was easy pickins.

i have ridden around and worked bike messenger jobs, been in most of the buildings and know whats up when rippin the big city.

sly can rip up city streets and paint the town red.

when they built the trax on main i watched it first hand in horror.

i just watched a show on tv about the demolition and rebuilding of down town crossroads and zcmi center malls.

it was nice to see what they have planned and if you dont know about it you should look into at some web site the city has up, i dont know what it is so google it if you care.

key bank tower is going to wrecked along with the 2 big malls on 100 south and main. they are building like 10,000 parking stalls under ground and 3 residential towers with hundreds of apartments or condos, harmons grocer, more retail space and some office buildings.

the wrecker starts next month and it should be done by summer 2011.

thats only 4.5 years,
its a good idea and it will be cool when its done.

news flash, slowran has new blog, check it here

from my homey in belgium

bowling, basketball or tournament black jack

i have sorted it down to this, my new sport is going to be bowling, 21 or basketball. i might play in some tournament style 21 games. since im known as fat pockets fox, livin the high roller life style in slc high rises. throwin mad cash around like trump. flossin and flyin, jet settin around the world.


i went to the jazz magic game last night, mid court 6th row. i could see up grant hills nose. harpring and boozer didnt bring it, they got schooled by the best team in the east.

i should have gotten some pics, oh well. you guys will have to imagine the best.

then i watched some tournament black jack, its the semi finals of the world championships. thats some good shit.

old dudes and ladies layin down 50 large per hand. thats what im talkin about.

so which will it be??
high roller prime time
strike it out kingpin sly
prime rib throwin elbows with 7 footers at the "energy solutions arena"

who knows but its nice to look at the wall and dream and earn 400k for warming the bench.

Monday, November 27, 2006

have you ever been hit in chest with a baseball bat

well i have, ya i was 12 and i was in a fight with a kid then he hit me in the chest with a bat, it hurt for awhile. my rib was cracked.

i think prime rib cracked a rib, the other day at the wheeler farm. since you know trees are hard and they dont move.

try to laugh, cough, sneeze or jump a curb and it doesnt feel too good. so sager knows about cracked ribs and broken tail bones.

he likes to skate it up with bros in pc.
smash ipods and break bones.

so i know how it feels, its a dull pain in ass, like floyds bad hip. aches and pains. over the hill at 33.

i should call up climb um and bz and join the pro tour. oh ya and i think wells is into the gay sport as well, oh ya and barts little brother likes it a lot now too.


snow & sven

mark snowbank says its goin to snow tonight at 4pm. so im hittin the trail on the scalpel with the lights up dry creek in the blizzard.

i might wear shorts, depends on the winds.

if you want to go meet me at the top of bobsled for some mud riding around 6pm. im not wating around for anyone so dont be late.

sven nys is the king of cross, i wonder who his doctor is
and i wish cyclingnews would let me copy their pics. so what the big deal, i want it on my screen saver for a few days but they say hell no.

tree farm went to the world cup and got 25th, i know its about the front row start and you can lose 2 or 3 mins if you are not up there, but he is dang fast and sven put 5 mins on him.

now look at it this way, bart smokes us all, tree farm puts 5 on bg, nys puts 5 on tree farm,
thats only in 1 hour.

that is depressing.

last friday was what they call black friday, the shopping day after thanksgiving.

today they call it cyber monday. when everyone is back at work, supposed to be working but do a lot of online bidding and buying.

i dont see it yet, i have a lot of crap online for sale and im waiting to see if they will buy it all.
i sold some junk but i want to sell it all.

i have my whole apt. jammed full of bike crap and i need to move it out, ship it, sell it.

i dont want it, i dont collect junk i move it,
turn trash to cash.


50 pairs of shoes, 300 jerseys, shelves of bike components, bins and boxes of tires, carbon road forks, bikes in the spare shower, ya its kind of a cluster in here. i need to build a bunk bed, take use of the 9 foot ceilings and put a bike rack under my bed.

buy it now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

have you ever been hit by a truck

well i have, 1992 in seattle on feb 14th. ya i was plowed side swiped and it crushed the bike. i was launched up in the air by the windshield and landed on my feet behind the mini truck. a small toyota.

i think someone was watching for me, like they always do.
i was a bike messenger and the pedestrians came running and gasping.

it was a lucky day in the life of a fox, but then again the next day i felt beat up and sore.

that brings me to today. i feel like i got hit by a truck.

yesterday i hit a tree at wheeler, it was good times in the 801, slc mid town. rippin the holeshot with bart and sager on my wheel.

it lasted about 1 minute before i stacked it into a 2 wheel drift tree side.
trees are hard and they dont move.

it bounced me back into the road and i was seeing stars for a minute.
upon body check something wasnt right. i creaked my back and neck pretty good but kept it rollin.

back in the rear of the pack i was hurtin. couldnt get it goin and wanted to call it day about 7 times.

i guess a lot of guys were crashing everywhere. it was kind of slippery and gravel was on every turn, then the mud river bog clogged my shoes with shit.

ya good times.

next time i will try not to hit a tree..

im feelin like an old dude that has fallen and cant get up

it was sunny and nice, it could be 25 degrees and mud/snow/ice. thats hard to ride.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

the mop is gone

you prolly already know this, yes i just said prolly.

i thought it was a joke at first, but its not. he will be dearly misssed on the www. but i have a feeling he is the broom.

maybe today he will come to wheeler farm and be in the bushes taking pictures of sly layin the smack down and clearing 2 foot high barriers stacked 3 deep on hill sides and chicanes.

yes i will be laying it down today, whether that means me or the ass woopins is yet to be seen.

i hope one day to meet the mop, if its in person or seeing him up in a tree with a camera yelling
"keep fighting fox"

ya good times in the 801

im off to ride in sunny cold air.

good day

Friday, November 24, 2006

i dont know why

last night at midnight, 1145pm to 1215am i sat in a car at fashion place mall.

what a horses ass.

the whole god damn city was out standing in the cold so they could run in and buy stuff, shit, garbage and consume mass quanities of more shit.

im not lying here, there were thousands of people at this mall last night.

i know, i was there. i dont know why. i sat in the car for 1/2 hour waiting and watching these idiots stand in the 28 degree cold night air. i didnt get out of the car. i sat there and watched.

in amazement.

the door never opened, at 1201, nothing. 1210 nothing. 1215 nothing. so i left. this was stupid.
the traffic in the lot was jammed.

the cars were everywhere. on state, on the freeway, gridlock at 1215am.

HOW STUPID IS THIS?????????????

yet i was there contributing to this cluster fuck of madness.

the deals ?? what deals, there are no deals, its freaking retail.

i dont get this please someone make me get this madness.

fat girls with no coats on running around at midnight to go shopping.

old people everywhere,

kids in shorts with no coat on, oh wait that was me....

ya but i was in the car.

stupid people buying crap at midnight what the hell............

oh ya i think i got good at 50 mile races cuz its boring and steady. no cyclocross skills here.
just put the heart rate at 180 for 4 or 5 hours and try to rip the dh.

thats all to it.

like driving to san fran in 9 hours. except the heart rate is a lot lower, only i spike it on the dh from truckee to sac town. hittin 100mph on the dh passin cars zig zagging in and out, ditching the CHP. and trying to pass people on the left and right shoulders.

me you and dupree, i saw that movie and it reminds me of JRAD and sandy P.
just hope sandy doesnt light the couch on fire.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

utah jazz basketball on thanksgiving day

i just rode out in the cold for an hour with some shorts on, that was enough for the day.
yesterday it was warmer and had a big south wind. i did about 2.5 hrs in the wind. now im tired
im not riding until saturday morning.

last time i went to wheeler it was 3 weeks ago. that warm up of about 40 mins seemed to help my old stiff body. im old, i remember the old days back in 89' when i could just hammer at 5am up to dog lake with no pain , straight 180 heart rate right out of bed.

ya good times.

the jazz are the best in the NBA. ATRAIN hates basketball, he should be on an nba team instead of racing bikes.

riding or drafting behind him is sweet, but his hand eye coordination needs some work.
hence this picture

the jazz are the best in the nba right now, that hasnt happened for about 10 years. hope they can hold it for awhile, maybe get down deep in the playoffs come april.

i never played sports, basketball or football. i ran a little bit and hammered by bmx bike.
for some reason i like to watch nba and nfl, if the games are not too boring and it means something like advancing in the playoffs or getting eliminated.

otherwise it is boring, watching tall geeky dudes run around and big fat guys pile up into 20 man love gropes.

so today is football and basketball watching day. the nfl winners get the john madden turkey with 6 or 8 legs pinned into it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

its about 65 degrees on november 22nd in the slc 801

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

some people dont get it

now from time to time i post these kind of stories and some times these people email me, they say "hey take it easy on so and so" or they might get offended thinking im talking straight to them.

if you take it that way thats up to you. this is for me, not intended for anyone directly. if i have something to tell you i will do just that. not using this blog to piss anyone off.

so here is a list of stuff im glad to make.
instead of complaining about trivial crap im pissed about, here is a list of good things.

these are in no special order, they come to me and i write it down.

1-i dont have to get up and go to work everyday.
punching a clock for me sucks big time
2-i have working legs and arms, i can ride or do anything physical i want.
im not paralyzed or in a wheel chair.
3-im not blind or deaf.
4-i can go anywhere i want when i want, im not locked up in jail. (yet)
5-im pretty good at riding a bike and its fun most of the time. at least i dont suck at it.
6-most people like me and are pretty cool and nice, they help me out when i ask for it.
7-being healthy and eating pretty much what i want. no allergies, no disease, no sickness, no colds, no flu.
understanding what my body needs and giving it that, not being strict but not over doing it.
riding, training just enough for gains and not over training. cokes and krispy kremes included.
8-i know lots of girls but this one in particular, i wont say her name but she is fun, smart, rare, etc. and im glad i know her.
thats all for now, its not much but its a start.

next time you feel like crap look and see what you have, its most than a lot of others and i bet you are pretty much spoiled so dont get down on trivial crap.

dont be sad if i didnt write you down, i have a big list but its personal and i dont want to write it all down right now.
you know who you are.

Monday, November 20, 2006

playstation 3 a waste of time

friday night i spent in the back of this van

in san fran, downtown in the big city. SOMA district, in a best buy parking lot. lots of "van campers" parked around, homeless dudes on mattress' right under the 101 freeway. good times.

thing is they dont scare me, i feel right at home with these van campers.

anyway there were some dudes sitting in chairs at the best buy at 1am waiting for the store to open so they could get some ps3's.

i wonder if they got any, i dont know, i dont really care anyway.

i have made a few calls to see if i could get one or 2 with ease and there are no easy ways. klepdog says he waited in line for 3 days and got a 60 gig then sold it for $2700.

i dont believe him, he lies. klepdog the klepto, if you remember this guy like 3 years ago in the snowbird hillclimb his friends painted the porn on the little cottonwood road all the way up to the bird. like miles and miles of porn, big 20 and 30 foot dicks and boobs.

he works at the foothill binghams now and is retired from racing so go give him a hard time.

ps3's are a waste of time.
getting them
buying them
playing them

2 yrs ago i got about 20 of the ps2's and sold them quickly on egay and made about 1000.
go to walmart,
bring 3 friends
buy 6 at a time then go list them for $50 more on egay.
some guy paid 50 for shipping one.

thats old skool, trying to make money the slow hard way, so i will leave it up to ATRAIN and vermin to find me some.

ALI G, says one of his inlaws works at wal mart. he cant even get one.

screw this its a waste of time,

i played downhill domination and mastered that game about a year or 2 ago. its the only time i smoked stormin normin in a bike race.

too bad he doesnt know how to jump curbs and rip trail, i would like to see that kid race a mtn bike once.

in sport.

that would be funny.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

nice weather but no motivation

i wish i could get the motivation to do some big hours, its not happening.

with this weather i should be riding all day. today i was like a slug. didnt do much. but finally got out the door only for 1.5 hrs on the road.

maybe its the driving. it burns me out and its like a race and takes days to recover.
i feel slow and not in race cond. i think this double race weekend coming up is going to kick my ass.

but i will go and race and try to hammer.
i will remember i am in training for march and april and these results dont mean much to me. ya i like to do good but its all about next spring.

i will keep it rollin and see what happens.

things have been bugging me lately

1 people who are late
2 slow drivers
3 lame sellers at swaps
4 traffic
5 flat tires
6 some muscle pain in my ass
7 cheap people
8 paypal
9 flaky people
10 my low motivation to ride

thats a lot to be pissed about so im goin to make a 20 list of things i like tomorrow or some time this week.

because its all mirrors, so what i see is what i get.

hopefully your new baby doesnt do this.
god help us all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

cannondale sounds like mormon dale

dale tries the best magnum pose i have seen lately.

i just got back from cali. i spent the better part of the day in the drivers seat hauling ass. i just did 1500 miles in 42 hrs. i dont stop much, i had a nap on the sierra summit.

there is no snow up there.

its dusty and looks good for shredding trails.

this guy had about 50 of these old crappy bikes for $500 to $2000 each. i asked him where he got them.

in france this summer at garage sales. the are supposed to be collectors and nice, but they look like hell. he said it cost 6 grand to ship them all back over here in a sea crate.

i wouldnt buy one for $20.

check it out

if atrain doesnt get a girl friend soon i found a tall gay dude in san fran for him. plus there are lots of fags down at the depot tonight for him.

come down and score, if he can you can too

Friday, November 17, 2006

san francisco castro

there is a big rainbow flag here, lots of guys walking around holding hands and making out on the street.


atrain should move here.

the velo swap is open to sellers friday from 3pm to 8pm. i got into town at 3pm. left at 4:30 this morning. drove here in 9 hrs solo.

i spent most of my money tonight, it opens at 6am and to the public at 9am. i will have spent 7 grand by then and will leave town. im not going to oregon. im driving a bee line back to slc.

kaskade is at the depot and i will be back in time to make it.

its a short trip but a good one. robert gaggioli was here tonight and i bought him out. a bunch of new campy gear in boxes. i didnt really buy him out, i gave him $500 for a bunch of free parts he got. yaaaaaaa

i wonder if fast freddy will be here selling coffee

navigators truck was here and burkes old road bike is for sale for only $4500. wow what a bargain.

im sleeping in the van so i hope i dont get robbed. i have a big knife so dont F with me.

i heard the mop has a brother, the broom. check it out, funny.

oh ya and paypal fixed my account but they still suck.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 words. paypal sucks

i caught the mop

PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by regularly screening the accounts in our system. We recently reviewed your account, and we need more information to help us provide you with secure service. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive account features will be limited. We would like to restore your access as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Why is my account access limited?Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
Nov. 15, 2006: We have received complaints from at least one buyer who indicated that either they purchased merchandise from you and never received it or that an item they received was significantly not as described.The following steps may help you resolve your merchandise complaints:
If your account has insufficient funds to cover the amount of a pending refund, please add funds to your PayPal Account.
Send an email authorizing PayPal to process the outstanding refunds in full. You can contact PayPal by clicking "Help" at the top of the page and choosing "Contact Us". From that page, you can send an email to PayPal with your request.

so what does this mean? people pay me, it goes into the paypal account. it adds up like a bank account. they just keep paying and paying. all day long. i cant get the money out. its frozen, for god knows how long. maybe a week. maybe a month.

oh but keep shipping your orders, keep selling your junk, keep paying us 3%. we will just keep you money for safe keeping.

ya thanks A$$ MASTER

ya screw you automated peice of garbage. some jackass in LA said he didnt get his $700 wheelset. ya so here's your tracking #.

it was delivered 3 days later.

"ya well i didnt get it"

too bad, its not my problem. so paypal gets to go through some red tape bullshit. hold my account and give this fool his $700 back and i lose out on the money and the wheelset.

this is not the first time it has happened. more like the 50th.

its gettin old, fast.

this is paypal lickin me dry. they charge 3%. so go do the math. 99% of all the sales go through them. like 40 to 60 grand a month.

"here sly sell my junk"

ok i need 20% of that., "ya but thats a lot" ya no shit. ebay takes 12%, then paypal. then what do i get, an ass rippin from the big biz.

im done sellin peoples bikes. except for the ragin cajun.

WANT TO SEE MORE HORROR STORIES. ya im not the little dutch boy with the finger in the dyke.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

free bart and sager

i dont have an image for barts new T shirt, but here is one for the ragin cajun.

they got dealt the tyler.

if you dont know what that means or want more info click on their sites. im glad i dont have to race pro.

sunny and cold

im sellin these for $3 each, i have about 90 of them so if you want some email me.

thats the rockstar gettin it on
holy shit mtn man ATRAIN, looks like hell

i was up before the sunrise. it was cold. i had shorts on. i went outside and froze my ass off for 4 mins then went back to bed.

im taking the cx bike to san fran. well i better since i will need it sunday.
im going to crush some dirty messengers in the city friday, and saturday night. ride up lombard and work them over on the gay fixies.

god damn fixies are stupid. really come on now, riding in traffic with no free wheel or brakes. death wish, come smash me bus, please hit me, crush my skull into the pavement.

f-ing retards.

las vegas was built on my broken dreams. i win 100 bucks then think, ya its my day. then they fleece me for 200, i leave in shattered memories.
bart and atrain say give me the cash, then i will kick you in the balls instead.

dear friends, they always care for the best of me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

back to the winter

i am remembering the good times in the 90 degree heat of july and recently of 2 days ago.
i rode over to the PO and it was cold.

then i shipped a lot of stuff. its xmas buying season and people like to buy online. they like deals and they like the husla so i guess im in for it. 6 or 7 weeks of mad shipping. then im going to take a week off in the sun and go to mexico or something.
i need to work on my tan.

pickin some cotton, i could work on my tan

dale converses with kenny

i found out where the mistress is from

here is the dilemma, im going to san fran thursday. swap it up fri nite and sat. then drive to portland for this big race. im not a uci pro or i dont even have the license, or im not that fast anyway for that cat. so i guess i will be in the B class. that should be a good time, and i might even be able to dice it up with the leaders.

thats a lot of miles going solo.

so who wants to go? i will pay you $200 for the weekend all expenses on me.


oh ya and i went to borat the movie. and this guy is a dumbass, he is like ATRAIN.

Monday, November 13, 2006

rollin deep in the 520

im a machine, drove back 11 hrs straight. p-town to slc. got back at 2am. busy catchin up and the like. gots to get paid.

towin a trailer loaded and with minimal stops helps the time fly but by no means was i going fast.

its just the steady pace of keeping it rolling. no down time, no drive switches, just me the and road.

before i left the warm sunny weather in got in 2.5 hrs. it wasnt long enough but it was nice before the long drive.

saturday night i was in tempe. all the hotels were sold out so i was left in the back of the van with the 100 new jerseys and the hard floor.

saved me $150 anyway. i wasted an hour at 11pm driving around looking for a room but they were booked.

oh well, it was an adventure.

and i found this sweet dirt road on the back side of south mtn.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

90 degrees

i was up at the crack of ass 5am, sold a lot of junk. bought more junk. filled the van and the trailer with crap. buy and sell, haggle then ride.
got in almost 3 hours on the road. it was windy and about 80 degrees tonight. 90 in the mid afternoon sun.

good times. even got a drunk cyclist T shirt from big jonny.

and i saw this punk riding around and trying to look cool.

Friday, November 10, 2006

29 hours later

somehow it took me 29 hours to get to tucson. its pretty jacked up. im out in downtown tucson riding around with drunk college kids. this town is about hippy homeless van living bikers, drunk partying college kids and old people.

i was following some drunk kids down the street, near the trolley they have small tracks running down the middle of the road. this chick gets in the groove and it hooks her tire, then she falls over going about 10 mph, lands on her face and scrapes it up. her friends took off and left her so i stopped and i was hoping to score but it didnt happen. besides it cut her lip and i dont want aids.

i was riding down the main bar street 4th ave, they have an old school trolley and a lot of bars. everyone rides bikes down here. thats how it should be. its warm and sunny 99% of the time. its nice out right now. im trying to get the legs moving. i have been on the road since 4pm yesterday.

god dammit, the van is towing a trailer and 3 other people. they all hate me. i dont talk. i am a social night mare. they ask me 20 questions and i have one word answers. "ya" "no"

i just want to drive and ride, then buy then sell. thats all. i dont want to get to know anyone.

dont bother me. i am white line fever burning up the road.
tomorrow im riding more. today i did barely an hour and that was lame.
phoenix is a hell hole its almost as bad as LA or NYC. cars and traffic jams every where.
vegas sucks too.

get me out of this coffin i need to hammer some trails.

doctor cross DRX has a new blog check it out and i will post the link next week.

im going to hammer with some drunk fixies.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

it is time.........TIME TO GO

the rain is here, snow is coming and im outta town. yaaa

it was nice weather this week. hope you got to get out in it some how. now kiss it good bye until march or april.

big hours are in order this weekend in sunny az. thats all i have to talk about this week so i will keep bringing it up.

white line fever.

i wonder if bart will win saturday. dont count out the tenacious beagle but sager is pissed and has some anger to put the hurt on everyone.

wish i could take part.

it will have to wait a few weeks. stumptown classic is next weekend. i might go to that. i will be in san fran next saturday, its 10 hrs from there to portland.

white line fever yaaaaaaaaaaaa
rip up the road like a dave z TT.

YAAA dave z is a freak of nature. back in 96'. yes im going to reflect on better days and greener pastures.

i was 22 in 96. i was skinny and faster back then. i had long hair and i kind of looked like mitchel peterson. well ok not that tall and skinny but anyway..

racing the snowbird hillclimb august 96, dave z passed me and worked me over he was like 17 years old and did the race in 44 mins.

levi won and did it some where around 43 mins and that is still the record.

ok so now i can brag,

1 levi
2 dave z
3 sly
4 T bird
5 tom cook

i think burk was sick that day. i dont remember though my mind is frail in my old age.

ok im hittin the road.

i'll try not to get a ticket or flip the van.

thank you

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my ass still hurts

i went to bed early and got a lot of rest but my ass hurts. i heard they make seats with padding. i should look into it.

since i have about 10 aliantes sitting here on the floor.

i was riding around in sandy today and i saw tmac in his truck then he tried to stalk me.
i like to ride no hands sending text messages on straight flat roads.

heres a good one i sent out today.
call this number and you will see. 801 296 7163

i rode around and its nice out, did you notice

tbird went up to pc for 5 hrs in the sun, now i feel like sleeping for the rest of the day.

check out my sweet apartment

its a bike shop in a house. its packed and i have way too much shit.
atrain came over and was disgusted.

i like clutter.
im going to az tomorrow so i hope you get snowed on. im audi for another ride. see how long i can last. i'll be in the van all day tomorrow so i'll make it count. 2 a days. yaaaaaaaaa

i got this skin suit from ron kiefel. i heard back in the day they would put testosterone patches on their nut sack for quick recovery.
i wonder if any is left on the chamois?

im not goin to look but you can buy this on egay.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

pseudo democracy, voting is a con game

you are thinking, what the hell does that mean?

"let the american public think they have a vote, say, or choice in who is elected. its a big con game and i will never take part in it.

its a side show

its a con

it makes you think (the tax payers, voters) you have a say. you dont have shit to do with it.

its already been figured out.

the government is a scam, they do what they want when they want. your vote has no validity.

when will everyone wake up?? who knows.

the electronic votes are manipulated, the rich win, they buy their way to the top and pay off everyone helping them.

al gore should be president.

that was fixed,

who ever wins the elections has deep pockets and will get what they want and make you think you had a voice in picking them.

its a scam, yes i said it 3 times.

my ass hurts, here is why

i put this seat on my cross bike 3 weeks ago, thats all i have been riding since then. its a carbon seat with no padding. ya its light and i like it but it sucks for long or mtn type riding.

today was almost 4 hrs and dry creek is a rocky bitch. with crappy brakes, no shocks and skinny tires it beat the hell out of me.

the scalpel just plain hauls ass on the rough stuff.
the cross bike sucks on the dh.

im glad i have the scalpel.
i put my new ipod in the washing machine and now it doesnt work.

why dont they make those things water proof

72 degrees on november 7th

does anyone know who this is???

check me out, im goin so fast im turning these steps into flames
its warm outside so im going for 4 hrs. 3 tomorrow then driving to tuck son with chucky.

riding 4 hrs a day for the rest of the weekend and then seeing if i can walk on monday.
hope you sorry bastards have fun racing or riding in shit this weekend.


shreddin and rippin

dont forget....
my name is prime time.

Monday, November 06, 2006

65 degrees on november 6th

rippin and rollin at wheeler, pic from flahute.

more pics here and here

im going riding. too much work and the temp is great. TIME TO GO

Sunday, November 05, 2006

jumping some cyclo cross hurdles

this is not me, but maybe dave iltis got some good ones. we will see.

today was a fun race at wheeler. i got to show off in front of everyone and jump the barriers.
1- they were not so high, so that was easy.
2- they were spaced far apart, that was easy.
3- it was fun to do it.
4- bart was sick and still can whoop me.
5- sager rips the flats and puts out watts.

too bad i didnt have so much speed, to stay with bart and sager. i was ok, but i've had better days.

im going to tucson thursday so i wont be racing next weekend. then the weekend after that there is no race and thats good cuz im going to san fran.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

sleeping and haircuts

thank you, but no.
this IS NOT me.

in the last 2 days i have been real lazy. the 2 days before that i killed it. well i got some riding in but thats about it. 2 hr naps and sleeping 10 hrs at night plus. today i wasted the whole day doing nothing. im hungry again and so im goin to the mav for some 2 pounds of family mix.

i moved a bunch of crap out of my office and into my house. now i dont have to go anywhere to work. its in the other spare room. thats good for many reasons. i can now sell crap and when i want to sleep i can go 20 feet away and watch mtv.

another yaaaaa

since august i have had 4 haircuts. before that i had 1 in 2 years. ya so what the hell.
i cant seem to get it right. and now its really short. last week i went to the $4 shop and the hoe gave me a mullet.
i liked it at the time but my friends have been pointing and snickering. so i had to clean it up some.

i dont care about hair cuts or style, or clothes. i wear t shirts and shorts 365/24/7. thats how sly rolls.

they ask me how i want it cut? i dont give a rats ass, just cut it off. pony tails are hard to groom. i let it get greasy and leave it. put a hat on and cover it up.
so i dont know what to tell them.
just make me look hot.
hook it up.

tomorrow is the race at wheeler. i wonder if i will feel good, since all week i have been out of it and almost sick again. low motivation and not feeling like hammering. that always has different effects and i never know until about 10 mins into a race.

i guess i'll watch tv for 7 more hrs and see what happens.

exciting stuff but thats all i got.