Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i need one of these too, sham... wow!

i gotta get me one of these

billionairs that lost billions and millions

the #3 biggest loser of 2008 was dikshit,... no lie.

3. Anurag Dikshit
March net worth: $1.6 billion Current net worth: $1 billion
Dikshit designed the software for PartyGaming's successful PartyPoker game, which allowed live gambling over the Web. He left the company and sold a chunk of shares in 2006, the year the U.S. government banned gaming. He recently pleaded guilty to violating U.S. gaming laws and agreed to forfeit $300 million. He could face up to two years in jail but apparently won't be sentenced until 2010. He has already paid $100 million of his fine and will pay the rest in two installments next year.

im going to ski into next year up at alta. 1000 lumens of power and a snowmobile

see ya next year

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 races this week

thursday morning down in provo race up squaw peak in the snow with kenny jones and about 50 other wackos. 10am at squaw peak road in provo canyon.

saturday at wheeler is the last cross race, or the first. its in jan so i guess its the first cx race of the year.
then the awards party at rmr.

cx info here

im not dressing up like ricky bobby

chippo keeps telling me to register so he can order the food, no pre reg. no food. so dont go there and cry if you dont get your bbq.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

over the hill

a few weeks ago i was riding down the street with the beagle, alex rock and rob squire. i used to think alex was a young buck, but now hes getting hitched and hes over the hill like me and the beagle.

anyway rob rides up and starts talking about the old days in 1991, i said, what year were you born? 1991 he says, holy shit im old, i was ripping the dh when he was in diapers.
this kid can drop the hammer and when i was 17 in 1991, he is now in 2008, same with connor O, those 2 are fast for being 17. thats something to look forward to.

i remember when i was 17 and kicking old guys ass too. man that was a long time ago.

i wonder how tom noaker feels, hes 60 and kicks ass of all ages, on a 1 gear too. if ever race 1 gear in utah and noaker shows up try to hold his wheel. there are only 1 or 2 guys that can beat him. at least were not as old as atrain.

old people get up early, i guess i got that goin for me. its only 8am but its saturday, and i got nothing to get up for. we should hit the slopes or something.

if you want to see a weird movie go to benjamin button, that will make you think about wishing your life away for tomorrow.

i was thinking tbird looks like larry king, its not cuz he wears suspenders or is old but the jaw line if you ever see the tbird profile you would agree.

tbird and tiff, high school honeys, impressive since i cant seem to keep one around for more than a year. or 2.

i think tbird and larry king are related, but claims not.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

wednesdays child

thanks to chucky aka truck driver for the def lepard poison CD.

im up at santas house so call me at 973 409 3466

Saturday, December 20, 2008

primetime goes slowtime

i lost interest in this forum, but i had to move that gw video off the top of the page.

if you want to see some weak to mild humor check me out on face book under sly fox
we went to 2 movies in 2 days and
were going skiing tomorrow at solitude so watch out if youre up there, i might go big.

chippo said theres a cross race at wheeler in 2 weeks so go race with rico and caveman, then go to his party and get your season prizes and eat some stuff by rachel.

matt always gives sweet prizes and has a lot of food, thats why hes the master at packin it on.

i probably wont post on here unless i get a sweet video of me going big tomorrow, or if i see some sweet bike parts in mad town in 3 weeks.

in 4 weeks we are going to cabo for a week so that will be ok i guess, unless i get ganked, or knifed by reefer growers while riding up to la paz, until then i got nothing so i'll just keep riding in the slush and selling ugly jerseys on egay. the other day i was riding the road bike on a sheet of ice and crashed twice in 5 mins, it was a plowed sidewalk but it was so cold the ice formed and it was like riding in a hockey rink. it was crazy, couldnt believe i ate it, dang. road bike tires and ice dont mix.
this was the SWEETEST post ever

Monday, December 15, 2008

who throws a shoe? honestly?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

watching cyclocross nationals on

4 laps to go

We've seen Ryan Trebon fire his big diesel engine like this a number of times.

Sometimes it works and he opens and maintains a gap that he holds to a finish line. Sometimes, he uses up all his fuel too soon and gets picked on the last lap. So nothing is assured but Trebon has decided to lay his cards on the table right now and win gloriously or die trying.

Truly impressive racing.

"Cyclocross mag" "Trebon has a commanding lead over this race and I think that the only person who could beat Ryan Trebon is Ryan Trebon"

straight from the sager handbook

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ali g 2nd team rico #13

age group races continuing today in KC.

main event tomorrow at 3pm

1. Andy Jacques-Maynes, Specialized-KMC-California Giant, in 41:58.0
2. Ali Goulet, Ridley Factory Team, in 42:38.0
3. Weston Schempf,, in 42:38.0
4. Sam Krieg, Kriegcycling-Sienna-ICE, in 43:32.0
5. Justin ROBINSON, California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized, in 44:15.0
6. Nathaniel Ward,'s Garage, in 44:15.0
7. Nathan Rice, Michelob Ultra-Big Shark, in 44:15.0
8. Gary Douville, Platinum Racing Team, in 45:51.0
9. Adam Mills, HRRC-Trek Stores, in 46:00.0
10. Grant Berry, Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, in 46:05.0
11. Mathew Ankney, Mercy Cycling, in 46:31.0
12. Ryan Barthel, Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, in 46:41.0
13. Eric Rasmussen, Porcupine-Specialized, in 46:47.0
14. Joshua Johnson, Big Shark Racing, in 47:03.0
15. Andrew Crooks, NYC Velo, in 47:18.0
16. Jeremy Gardner, Spokepost, in 47:30.0
17. Jay Strothman, Na, in 47:55.0
18. Aaron Elwell,, in 47:55.0
19. Jake Helmbrecht, Grumpy's-lgr, in 47:55.0
20. Sean Walker, Bikes To You, in 48:20.0

i wonder if bart is goin to get top 5 and if atrain will win or flat or break his frame or crash or have a mental break down.

i found myself in a mid december blizzard today in the big city and didnt know where to go or what to do, no cx race, no skis, no bikes??

so i went to fred meyer and gave out 20 dollar bills to people.

i got to push snow off the driveway, that was pretty cool.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

huslin is also known as ballin here in the big city

heres a video from today at alta, i was ripping it so fast, cant you tell.
then we launched some rocks and balled it up

Tom Danielson added you as a friend on Facebook...

Thursday, December 11, 2008 3:30 PM
"Sly Fox"

We need to confirm that you know Tom in order
To confirm this friend request,

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Thanks,The Facebook Team

i think deez is going for 900 friends like saul raisin so hes adding everyone in the community.
but really, deez has 1800 friends. so hes over double saul raisin.

heres a pic of me in pro cycling paying lance, he was too busy holding troy weeels wheel here and didnt want the dollar, so i gave it to the guy in last with the fake afro.

Monday, December 08, 2008

solar lap top charging bag

i just scored one of these, they were not available all summer until today so if you want some email this company and get one now

Saturday, December 06, 2008

cx race in draper

it was warm and sunny today, nice shorts weather.

i didnt take any pics and heres a boring story.

we missed the C race due to me not getting up, paid some 5 spot lincolns to the B race and juniors, watched sherwinator crush the pro women and most the B class men. then watched reed hang with bart for half the race until his front tubular came off, that sucks.

alex g is on form in december with a 10 second gap to 2nd. the little paved climb brings out the fit guys and hurts the heavier ones.

no wonder mitch won the last race here, its probably a 3/4 mile paved uphill stretch thats just long enough to pop the weak links in your chase pack.

anyway then i rode home for about an hours worth of shammy time.
before that i took the road bike on this smooth buffed out course, its smoother than RMR and if any cx course is made for a roadie like turbo this is the one.

its so non technical and smooth i had to throw up.
RMR or hell of the north has more gravel and bumps than this course.

2 alex g
3 rico
4 alex r
5 jonny hintze took out atrain in the sprint for 5th.

robbie squire flatted while in 3rd, ali g spent the week in cali and had sea level syndrome. reed was on the best ride of the year and blew his tire off the rim.

atrain cant sprint cuz he starts out in the 12 cog and gets bogged down.

if alex g is this fast in december its going to be crazy in march. oh dang, i think hes sick of getting smoked in the march april races so hes copying barts yearly cross/ski plan.

wondering why crispy did 4 races and called it quits mid season, why bart, ali and kathy are not in portland racing cx big time, and why sager lives in ptown and doesnt race when hes the cross crusade champ?

maybe they are saving it for kansas city next weekend. sounds like a fun trip, but i went last year and it was the most boring 3 days of my life, other than watching 3 one hr races over 3 days.

i cant handle that kind of white line fever and down time.

this was a pretty boring week on the primetime blog, i have to come up with some new material. i lost interest lately.

were going to cabo next month, and madison. so the next 3 weeks until jan i dont see anything other than monotony abound.
we might go to deer valley if it snows, but i dont see that happening for awhile.
thx to theresa for some passes. i dont go to pc to ski unless i get hooked up like that. its better to go to 40 mins away at solitude.
but im not going to ski on ice and packed blow snow for $50 bucks a day.
week 3 of road riding is done, now tomorrow its supposed to be 50F and i will try the longest road ride since april of 3 hrs. since its going to snow here monday morning.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

britney is makin a come back

in dedication to the come back, this brings up the memories of me and bart going to the delta center concert with 10,000 screaming 13 yr olds.

back in 99'


i added some vintage britney at the top and bottom of the player

check out the kick ass tunes

boats n hoes

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

fox on trampoline

cbs = see B.S.

ummm no.....

i emailed this chick and told her about gardies back sack and crack waxer up in pc.

hope she takes care of that