Thursday, August 31, 2006

i dont have anything fun to say

i did a 2 hr trail ride, i shipped some stuff. it was a nice cool day. super D at sundance saturday. i think i will go shred some 1 track and whip some clown hillers.

i didnt waste my time watching gw come to town. i have been raving all day with a fat techno beat.

so its a boring post.

heres a pic of eva, looks confused like shes trying to figure out what im doing.

her birthday is tuesday. happy bday to the 1 year old gillespie.

this is how fast pockets louder motor paces behind me in the aero bars.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i just crushed it again in the big ring

more talk about big ring, you guys love it. bobby loves it. hammer the big ring. pain cave style. i didnt race in heber valley. i rode up emigration big ring and with some watts, did some minor work on the lawn. mostly i supervised, sprayed water from the hose and made sure they did it right. since i was there late this was done upon arrival.

here is climb-um jones and bart layin sod.

if you want to get fast, look at the 2 fastest in town. doin yard work. jones rides from the north training compound and works for a few hours then rides back to the compound.

everyone is doing intervals and watching power meters.

these guys keep it real.

then i rode back to the zoo did red butte and found this fat rattler.

he almost got me.

after that i was in the little ring, blown and tired goin up dry creek. some guy passes me and i cant have that so im tired and going slow but tried to hang. after awhile of watching him flail on the dh, i passed him dave wood style with the foot out and gravel spitting out in the brush.

ripped it down into city creek and now i feel like saturday afternoon. crushed again. so now its time to kick it, watch the real world and im dang thirsty so i should down a gallon of water. my kidneys ache and thats not good.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

stop driving, the ice caps are melting

im tired and have not done a ride besides to the post office. thats about a mile round trip. i decided to stop driving around town. i need to save the polar bears. i need to find a van that gets 80 miles a gallon. i need to drive to cali you know. in town driving is easy to fix for me.

i didnt have a car or get a drivers license until i was 26.

if you want to help al gore then go see his movie. its pretty good and i like the guy.
he likes owls and stuff.

bush still sucks

im going nite riding maybe i can wake up my legs, they are like some rail road ties, and speaking of ties if i cant get my legs going i guess i will skip the soldier hollow race tomorrow night and help bart lay sod, i hear hes got pizza.

oh ya im thinking of going to a bike swap in philly on oct 7th if anyone wants to go i need some one to tag team it through nebraska. but you have to be funny and cool. or i might leave your ass at the hotel.


Monday, August 28, 2006

signed floyd poster=worthless

i wonder how much this is worth on egay
signed in person at interbike last year. i found it on the shelf. i sold 2 of them last fall for $50 each. 6 weeks ago i should have sold it, maybe for $300. dammit.

ok here it is, 200 post of the year.

thanks for reading.


j/k. still short but i got up early and motor paced pockets louder again today. that guy is hard core. we were going 42 mph for like 5 mins before he blew for a minute then he kept hammering.

short ride today, hes getting ready for TT nationals friday. hope for the best. all the fast pros will be there from hincapie to levi, and baldwin.

then i went to the massage, it doesnt take long for an hour to go by. on saturday an hour of climbing felt like 5 and today an hour of rub down feels like 5 mins.
go figure.

then i shipped some stuff, time to liquidate for the 3 biggest swaps of the year. veloswap denver san fran and the coolest of them all the outdoor swap in down town tucson.

people buy like crazy online for xmas from halloween up until dec 23rd. big sales=big $$.

cash cow.

now im goin to the movies, that al gore ice cap melting movie.
heard it was good.
there you go 200 posts and im still kickin

Sunday, August 27, 2006

out of a daze, but its a side show

the 50 miles is a side show for the real game

results posted here

ok so yesterday was hard, i know what im getting into so thats why i dont race 100 miles. im totally crushed 5 hrs in. maybe its the 1 bottle of gatorade i had, or the 1 gu. 8 or 9 pounds lost in 5 hours constitutes dehydration and 20-30% loss in performance. i have a problem drinking properly if you cant tell.

i could barely walk to the car. i blew up pretty bad and it was ugly. tour de homes wooden bridges. walking. barely moving. seized up and blown. so there you go i raced the side show. the real men did the 100, and they finished 5 or 6 or 7 hrs after me. thats hard core. i dont like pacing, i dont like going slow for hours on end to conserve energy. i got my miles in and it was a good day. 50 degrees and cloudy, nice rain in the AM to keep the dust away. stage 2 climb into jupiter is a bitch. 1 hr plus straight with hardly no break. team big bear sucks ass. (name of trail)
nail driver is welcome. deer crest into lower spin cycle area dv national dh course is nice. smooth and about 15 mins of straight dh recovery.

im sure the prospector was loads of fun. not to mention stage 4 and 5. you guys are sick in the head and you might see me line up with bg next summer. its easy to say now. 364 days for that wish to come true.
some guy from denver was a minute behind me the whole day. everywhere i would look back i could see the guy, dangling back. never got up to me, but sure made it hard to cruise. i pinned it from the gun and led the whole way point to point. its pretty cool to not get lost.

so its time to sprint, you know up stairs, up steep embankments, barriers. time to chase bart around in 5 minute circles trying to match the speed and agility.

so i went to the park today and yesterday showed miss julie how to do this

so she started not knowing how to do a wheelie or get over a curb without crashing. 2 days in now check it out. the sly pain cave. i should have gotten some pics of me on the 18" hurdle. i was clearing it without missing a beat. oh well maybe next time.

if anyone else wants to meet at the park we can make a game out of it and bet like vegas. anyone can come i'll show you how to look like bart the beagle

20 pound full suspension. every pound negative counts.
ya those are reynolds carbon tubular wheels. yes glued on NO TUBES tires. if you flat your done.
some dont like the idea, but i have raced on these all summer and used them hard. the same wheelset for the last 4 months of hammering. i like them, and i have to give them back tomorrow.
mtn bike season is done for now, well the racing is for awhile. thanks to chris eldevick at reynolds for letting me beat on them all summer. i have no complaints.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

go the right way+hammering=win the race

im too tired to write anything, i got up early, raced with some crazy 100 milers, bonked and walked some, stayed on the trail and didnt crash, won the E50 in around 4hr 50. and the 100 milers are still riding. crazy, im goin to bed

Friday, August 25, 2006

waste of time

this alley cat sucks ass, some moron does it all wrong, gives out bad address' and everyone is lost.

i went home after 5 mins of riding. it was screwed up in so many ways im not even going to start.

im not going to the club and im not doing another one of those cluster fucks

i goin to eat then go to sleep

alley cat tonight at 10 at gallivan

i might go do some intervals tonight in the city, drop some 1 speeders and pull an all nighter.

i got to get up for this crazy race at the crack of ass 4AM. so i might just stay up all night and see how it goes. race around from 10 to 11.30, go the club for a few hours then see how i feel, by then it should be around 3am and almost time to eat some eggs.

sounds crazy but im kind of wacked out.

i had to drive up to the canyons and get this number plate, its a waste of time and gas but boris wont have it any other way.

last night i was up on the shoreline and i came up on the this big german shepard, no collar, and he was dead tired. breathin hard, tongue in the dirt and dehydrated. he was so tired he laid right on the trail and wouldnt get up. i gave him my water and it wasnt enough so i waited around for awhile and tried to get him up. he was a big dog about 80 lbs. i dont know how he got there but i dont think he was up there with a biker.

i wonder where he is now
maybe the coyotes got him

check out my new websites

hope you know its not really me.

i have some angry hate eminem music firing me up for 6am tomorrow. if you dont like swearing then dont hit this link.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

i found this on the internet

heres the beagle 6 years ago we did moab 2 man pro. he towed me around for half of it, did more laps than me and took the win.

sorry to slow you down bg, but we got the 2 grand.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i must be lucky "click it or ticket" ya right

the lucky part comes later, so read on.

i wasnt lucky in the race tonight, i got my ass kicked. got to say good to brandon, i got smoked. like 5 guys beat me i was seeing stars. i passed kenny on the dh after the lift, then one guy got a flat, so 2 guys worked me over, i lost more time on the dh . im glad thats over. got to clear out the flem, or the webs, whatever you call it. i just took 2 days off and i feel kind of out of it.

its this 10 min lap at sundance, the climb is on pavement and i blew it. then we go down a nice dh trail for a few minutes to the base, get on the lift in the same order we get there then take a 20 min chair ride to the top and then hammer the dh to the finish. actual ride time was 30 mins.

i feel like at the brian head super d, blown and powerless. but the next day was perfect so i think its a good thing.

i dont think im good at short sprints anymore. sprints to me are like these hard 30 min races, super d's, crits and short tracks. that used to be my specialty, oh well

i think i will do good saturday in a long race but this 30 min crap sucks. i better start hammering dry creek super hard cuz chasin bart at wheeler farm is goin to suck.

time to shift into september 1 hr hard rides instead of 3 hour mtn xc pace.

the hour of power is almost here.

i was hauling ass down 7th east. driving like a jackass. tail gating and weaving. i come up on an under cover cop and he doesnt like it so he slows down to 25 on 7th east. i got pissed and passed him then floored it. then i saw he was a cop and i was screwed so he made me stop and started lecturing me that i was driving like a moron. so i agreed and he let me go. i didnt even have me seat belt on and he was nice and i couldnt believe i got away with this one. i really got caught being a moron.

click it or ticket, i never click it and i dont wear helmets so if you guys think i have a death wish you might be right but i like to live on the edge. im so hard core you know.

i had a sweet helmet on the scooter yesterday and it was drivin me crazy.

my favorite movies

kevlar shifter cables

im not trying to be sarcastic here, im serious, so dont be offended by this.

i think i have taken gram savings to the all time low. these kevlar shifter cables save 30 grams for 2 of them. but they dont last only but a week.

seems they rub on the metal ferrules and start fraying. nice waste of 20 bucks. im glad i saw this they will probably break tonight and leave me in the 11 cog, or better yet on saturday.

sundance tonight, im bringing my straw yoga mat, incense, candles, indian war paint and my new chant to the gods of the wasatch, not for tonight. im starting early for saturday.

dont mind me if you see it, i will hide up in the forest not to make a scene. im kind of weird but unusually normal for a utah resident.

this gives new meaning to 'puttin the wood to him on the climb.'

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i did 70 miles today

i did on the mo-ped, ya it was easy. i was in the big ring the whole day. i-80 west bound to salt air. i need to get one of those things, yaa

i was makin him hurt, could have dropped him at will. not many people can say that. but today i was on fire.

its kind of hard to wheelies and take pics at the same time so i leave it up to your imagination.

pockets louder is doing time trial intervals drafting behind me on his mo-ped. going 33 mph for about 1.5 hrs. if i let off the gas 1/2 mph, he rams me and bad shit starts to happen. so instead of taking him out i had to concentrate on keepin it steady. its harder than it sounds. its windy and the road is kind of bumpy. dont cross wheels or slow down and everything works out.

here is the hardest race of the year, its the most climbing and 1 track of any race in the country.
its about 97 miles single track with 18,000 feet of climbing.

ya thats why im only doing half. some stoner 1 speed guys are doing it solo. ya i know how they do it. they dont have many brain cells left to feel pain. boris the crazy russian came up with this one 2 years ago. its a national hit, right here in my back yard.

Monday, August 21, 2006

for sale

jordanelle, from bald mtn.

top of bald mtn, deer valley

im selling this rocky mtn road frame 54cm $500 with fork.

i stripped it down and was wondering why i have a 34 cog on my road bike and a dura ace 27 tooth on my mtn bike.

last night i was putin out some crazy watts, like jones watts. ripped it from mill d up to the guard road then crest to millcreek and back down town in 2.5 hrs.

its monday night im goin to chill. maybe race the last sundance weds. see if i can win that. its a short crit with a chair ride up to the super D then down to the bottom.

i wonder if any 100 milers will follow me up stage 1, im goin to pin it so we'll see who can hang, and not blow up 7 or 8 hours later. im racing 4.5 hrs. not 12. so im goin to shred it from get go.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

desolation lake

someone died here

2.5 hrs of hammering.

i saw this yesterday

this dude rippin at the xterra.

i was watching this show on mtv, sweet 16. its about spoiled rich kids having a 16 bday party. they are rich and want everything, they get pdiddy for entertainment, new 75,000 cars, 5,000 dresses, the dad gives them anything they want and if they say no the spoiled bitches start crying and get what they want. spending about 250 large for a god damn bday party. what a waste and what a way to raise a kid. give them anything they want. i wonder what happens to these kids later in life. i dont know good or bad, but i think it doesnt teach them how to bust their ass to get something. they just cry and get the world. if i got spoiled like that back then i wouldnt have learned how to figure it out on my own.

i think they are raising dependant incapable crying babies.

now take a 12 year old kid working on 2nd and state at his dads taco stand, fix his bike, take him on some trails and show him how to rip the dh and earn something that money cant buy. fitness and confidence that over flows into every part of his life.

i bet that kid is better off in 10 years.

im goin to ride big C, to millcreek via crest. should be around 2.5 hrs.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

xterra post deleted and im pissed

here is some pro dude ripping the dh

i spent 1/2 hour writing some cool story about today and the internet sucks ass , deleted it and im pissed.

im so pissed im going to go smash some boxes with my base ball bat. yes im crazy.

i am not going to retype all that information.

here is what i wrote about

1 the xterra at snowbasin KICKS ASS
2 why utah racing is lame compared to xterra. ROAD MTN, CRITS WHATEVER HERE SUCK
3 the courier 1 speeders are so lame for not telling me about the alley cat last night.
they dont want their sorry ass' to get skooled. YOU GUYS ARE SCARED PUSSIES
4 ATRAIN SUX has a bday party 40 year old dude, and doesnt tell me
5 kday and pilling raced mtn bikes at xterra and showed em whats up. KDAY DROPS THE HAMMER
6 i cut my pony tail off. NOW IM SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING
7 sara beat like everyone except 1 guy and then dropped 100 guys in the lake swim
8 im going to race xterra one day AND WIN
9 im still pissed i lost that post and had to re-type this lame post. YES THIS SUCKS BAD
10 im going to motor pace louder tuesday on his vespa, then im going to do wheelies on it
11 the pink dude was at rubios today and i said "whats up", he said "nothin"
12 im going to go shine lasers at pedestrians right now

Friday, August 18, 2006

performance enhansing doctor

in a back and forth email chat with dastrup we talked about elizabeth king the performance enhansing doctor.

now you have to understand this is not what you think it is. not like the medical tour doctors that administer blood transfusions, testosterone patches, vitamin shots and who knows what ever else.

i guess i decided she fits the the enhancing category, only by making one healthy so the body can do what it was meant to do.

so we are both healthy than ever, dastrup lost over 32 pounds in 3 weeks going to see her and i have lost over 50 since march.

so i guess thats performance enhancing.

gallbladder cleanses, liver stones, pancreas stones. they are all working out the stones as i type and its pain less.

you guys have to stop listening to the "doctors" they are idiots and dont have one clue about health and or any worth while advice why you are sick, (yes you are sick and dont even know it)

all you have to do is a little research on this topic on the internet and there are loads of proof what im talking about.

but nobody believes me cuz im not a doctor, or a college grad, i dont have degrees and diplomas showing i studied nothing but shit for 15 years.

i have common sense though and thats all i need.
hit this link.

if you want to see some gall bladders and stones check this gross shit out.

yes this is in you. i dont care who you are, you have these and they are making you sick, and fat, and slow. so you say ok sly im not sick, im not fat, im fast and nothing is wrong with me. ok fine, i have a rebuttle but thats for in person so if you want to talk in person come see me at the races.
or email me. i have all the answers to the universe.

i just rode dry creek again and i was going fast so next week the 26th is the 100 and 50 miler up in pc. the e100 is a hard ride. tinker is coming and will probably win it again, i bet in 9.5 hrs.

im racing 50 and shooting for 4.5 hrs. i feel fast and my bike is super lite so i hope it all works out. i rode the stage 3 downhill yesterday while i was in deer valley and i know where to go so no excuses.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

toads wild ride

here is nick and nash, huckin the drops. yaaa huck it.

i was rudely awaken early today, 830am. i dont get up early. i dont go to bed early. normal is 1am to 10am.

it was dh free ride day at DV. chair lifts are for clown hillers, today i was rippin it up. check me out shreddin the log

heres the pink dude today over by contender. walking the bike, he must be blown. every time i see him hes going to star bucks. heres a prime example of adrenal fatigue.
the pink dude demonstrates how low energy makes you walk the bike on flat ground, just to get back the pep in the step, by going to one of the worst companies on the planet, just to feel better for a few hours.

i got this jack hammer sub woofer and stereo put in the silver bullet today, i got to go pick it up and pump that shit.

nothin like the tecno beat with a jack hammer. yaa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

wild rose 1 speeders and master bates

jeff bates goes by master bates, zeus the world champion xc skiing 2006, you know the guy with 1 leg. he can drop most mtn bikers. hes fast. patrick and some other guys i cant remember.

i was riding by wild rose at 730 and those guys were leaving for a short sprint up dry creek.

i had to go just to rub it in, you know the big ring.
they like to hammer up the climbs standing up and sprinting until they pass out. then they stop and get the pbr's out of the back pack.
chug it then sprint some more.

they ride rigid 1 speeds like its cool, "hey look at me im on a 1 speed" i call them gay.

but the gay guys at the wild rose convinced me to ride on their team at 24 hrs moab. its the gay class you know the 1 gear bike with no shocks.

so i said ok.

i dont know why, maybe i want to sprint around in the middle of nowhere at night on a rigid 1 speed for no particular reason.

or i like passing people, you know go insanely fast for an hour try not to throw up or crash on the dh, or some rocky cliff drops.

try to clean the nose dive at 2am and show them how its done.

sounds like a party.

they want to beat racers 1 speed team, chucky bucky kenny and heinrich.

bucky just moved to kentucky, so i wonder whos on the team now. "bucky in kentucky"
i dont know why. oh its lindsey wilson college.
whoooo hooooo. i hope you are reading this bucky. you are missing out on the st george training compound.

anyway im on the wild rose team so they would lose anyway.

last year chucky the trucker took the gold and the wild rose got lapped.
now they called in the big dogs and we are taking the gold.

everyone thinks the race season is over, but im ready to roll.
cx and 24 hrs, night rides and more cx.

racing until december.
sounds good.

heres the top of shoreline at 830pm tonight.
practicin rippin the dh at night with no lights.

i figured out the low energy crisis for every american. i know whats up. i know why everyone needs coffee, uppers, drugs, sugar, red bulls, rockstars, mt dew, cokes, caffeine and the other 500 crappy drinks on every street corner in the usa. its called the drug store, come in here buy this shit eat it everyday get sick then pay us to cut organs out of you and sell you drugs for the rest of your life.. wake up everyone you are being sold out.

adrenal fatigue, these stimulants kick you while your down. i will tell more tomorrow, i have some glandular herbal supplements and they work.

maggie the dog

maggie is kickin it

maggies parents

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

snowbasin trail shred

the last 14 days i have been tired, and some how feel good for a few hours on saturdays for the race. then tired for 6 days. this last week it didnt go away. we were racing the wolverine and i had no pep in my step.

you could say i was tryin but the foxtrot was sort of like a turtle.
it was good enough to ride in group of 5 guys but thats about it. today it was the same, the pep hasnt returned but i figured out how to fix it. i will let you know if it works.

we rode up at snowbasin today, 2 hrs at a snails pace. it was nice and only 65 degrees, cloudy and rocky. i have not been riding up there for over 13 years and forgot what it was like. ed should do a race up there. they have lots of trails, really rocky trails.

the xterra is saturday and im goin up to check it out. maybe its my new calling in life. i have had a few hints from different sources and im thinking of trying it out next year. maybe if i can get motivated to train in a sest pool full of chlorine and 1000 differents peoples bodily fluids, blood, spit, flem, piss ya whatever else, gross
. i hate public pools. its the closest thing to the sewer.

i have swam in pools before for training but i was 14. back then i would run 10k's real slow like 45 mins. maybe i could do xterra like bucky and be fast like ned. ya sounds hard, maybe not.

here is something else.
at the races people see me win expert, i think ok thats good but no big deal, its expert not world championships. people ask me who my doctor is, you know the jokingly team doctors of the tour. implying i have some hook up with something undercover or like some performance enhancers, they are probably joking but still everyone wonders how i can be where im at after 4 or 5 months ago being so far behind or so fat. its nothing but being healthy and modifying a few lifestyle choices. you dont know how sick you are, you dont know how good you can have it until you get it. some people get mad when i say i cant climb, when im so slow on the climbs and rip the dh then win. if i was a climber i would be racing pro and beating guys like bart and jones, they can climb. when i race the norba and jhk does the same trail as me and puts 20 mins on me, its not on the dh its on the climb, ya so i cant climb, i judge myself off the best and when im near the guys mentioned above i wont say i cant climb. but for now im slow on the U.H. and if you guys understand health and know how good it can be ala natural dont judge the comeback because its only just begun and wait until next spring i will show them how to go fast.


Monday, August 14, 2006

im bored so here you go

Sunday, August 13, 2006

some late pics and few thoughts

i have been way out blogged by the mop. who needs cyclingnews or velonews when you have the mop getting shots of tbird and turbo 5 feet away and they dont even know it.

i bought a 4.9 milliwatt laser at the outdoor expo. i like it alot, it shines for 5 miles. and 4.9mw is just under the legal limit of 5mw.

i can shine it on people and they look around trying to find me. it makes me feel undercover. like the mop. oh and i wonder if he knows its harward not howard and is waiting for some one to correct him.
dh used to race mtn bikes 3 or 4 years ago, FYI, we got history.

im not going to post novels about races or a gig of picture files. i have ADD and cant even finish reading his posts.

i will keep it short and sweet so you dont get lost in the mumbo jumbo and get a quick concise feeling of what goes on.

i think ATRAIN got smoked today, normie blew it and took 2nd with his head hung low.

i wonder if normie won the wolf creek

kinkos downtown. lots of action goin on. ya right. im goin to the salt palace for to score some outdoor goods. word is they sell samples for cheap. then i can relist it on the web and make some easy clams.

then i have to fix my internet and bike so i can rip it up later. i caught myself this last 3 week in the bart g mode. no riding and trying to rest. my biggest fear is racing while tired. i hate it, so i sit and look at the wall.

in 13 more days the last race will be over then i plan to ride big hours for 3 weeks on the cx bike.

im eating raw, mostly salads and fruit for a few days, maybe 4 days. im takin it day by day because last time sucked.

some people are addicted to crack, im addicted to sugar. get the monkey off my back.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

everytime it rains the internet doesnt work

comcast sucks, so the wind blows and it rains a little bit. everytime the internet doesnt work. call and wait on hold for 30 mins, get transfered and hung up on 10 times. everytime.

today was a waste of time. i went to the wolverine ridge and blew up my tubular on a rock. i raced 2 guys and 5 experts. nobody else was there, the bull elk and chris holley. brad and bobby. some other guys. we started racing and the pace was like a sunday stroll. i rode around with them for about 20mins then hit a rock trying to catch bull elk on the dh. i forgot how rocky that dirt road is. it really sucks. i should have stayed home, rode 5 miles on flat then drove home. went to sleep and the internet doesnt work.

you know the web is my way of life, you cant shut me down. you cant expect me to not update this silly blog or do my biz with out the www. i need tech. i need it now. comcast sucks, i feel like crap. im tired and hungry.

i need to post some parts, alex stole my camera today. he has the pics from today and last night. and sara rippin the dh on the orbea. yaa.

dh skilz payin the bills. at least she didnt blow up the stans.

i need to lay off the sugar its makin me tired.
bz says climb-em got 9th at aspen today. that sounds pretty good.
better than 3 guys in the middle of nowhere in the high uintas.

klep dog is in the hizzy, ricky bobby wannabe

Friday, August 11, 2006

TOFU downtown crit

jeff has the yellow jersey i think he will want to win the stage.

here is the stupid thing about this weekend.

1-snowbird hillclimb is tomorrrow morning. they moved it from 8-19 up a week. this is gay.
reason 1. they want everyone to race the hillclimb at 8am and then wait around for 5 or 6 hours up at snowbird to watch the finish of the stage 6 final climb.
this is gay.
nobody is going to wait around for 5 hours after the 1st race.

2-leadville is tomorrow. this is gay.

3-intermountain cup finals in evanston are tomorrow. this means anyone going to this race wont be able to do 1-nationals in aspen, 2- the snowbird hillclimb, 3-watch stage 6 TOFU.
this is really gay.

4- snowmass aspen colorado norba finals are tomorrow. same day as leadville and TOFU stage 6 and evanston.

this is the gayest of all.

what the hell is wrong with promoters.

i guess there are too many races and nobody cares about conflicting events.
ya i think thats it.

i wonder if i will see the mop, not know its him and but then i will because i see him hiding behind someone.

clue for mop: act normal. your cover is not blown.

my new sram XO black box rear der. is 15 grams lighter than the alloy cage model. this will give me the edge in the morning to hang on barts wheel.

time to watch a race,



Thursday, August 10, 2006

mt nebo or bust

the five-0 shut me down.

me and atrain drove down to utah county to watch the alpe d huez TOFU. we got stuck behind the caravan and this guy. i should have passed him and then blitzed the pack got to the front and let burk draft the silver bullet.

atrain does photography.

jeff and burk blew it apart, 2nd and 4th.
thats pretty good.

now you might say, well why didnt you guys get up the climb first before the race?

ya i know, i left later than expected and didnt even see the guys in last until 20k to go. we heard TMAC on the radio and didnt get to see the leaders so we went home. im not goin to drive 10mph behind the caravan of 30 cars for 1.5 hrs to get to the top for nothing. i turned it around with 20k to go and headed north.

im hittin red but and atrain is hittin little mtn.

i got back downtown and right next door i thought someone threw me a bday party.

turns out its just a bunch of old fogies, geriatrics livin it up in my neighbors parking lot.

excitement mixed with anticipation

my spirits and head dropped as i head out for some trail shredding.............