Wednesday, February 28, 2007

puttin out the watts and ass woopins

ya i was on fire today, there is goin to be some ass woopins down in dixie. im throwin the green lantern in the pain cave for a few hours. there is a hurricane brewin and its bigger than katrina

like 400 watts in big ring.

that vitamin cocktail i was talkin bout is the hot ticket. inject it straight into your arm vein.

this is what it looks like when i drop the bomb.

from the desk of bz

my dad sent these pics for the green lantern, he loves the H3

oh wow i just had a mega vitamin cocktail IV and its like drinking 12 red bulls in a row.
52cc's of energy.

dang you should try that.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

workin on my tan, again

not really, its raining. better than snow. so its a day off, supposed to be sunny and warm so im goin to the movies

i was talkin to the train bout a girl we know. the comments went something like this, "if the markets were as predictable as her we would both be millionaires."

some things never change. i didnt know my blog was so addicting. well to the addicts i guess its common sense. like myspace, crack and mini thins.

prime time entertainment 24/7. thanks for reading

oh but some things do change, on that note, i have to get this mop under control. shave this and save 90 grams.

sup, its hos the p-dog.

Monday, February 26, 2007

super tramp rip off

dh racin in fontucky. dont ask me, ask the green lantern, aka j, say.

what does J say when J gets pissed and wants to throw down, J say grrrrrrrrrr.

he was there. i was at the beach.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

i changed my name to Luda

what are friends, well i have learned people have different definitions of friends. especially lately.

so you must know my definition. the short answer is, i just checked my phone. if youre in my phone then youre my friend, not limited to though, i might know you but not that good. if you get calls and texts from me in the last 30 days, youre in my phone, something like 125 names i just counted. i didnt know i had so many friends. not that, thats a lot, it just is to me. i'm sure people know lots of others, but anyway.
i dont add just anyone to my phone, if i dont call or here from you in about 30 days you get deleted, or black listed like the wonder pony says.

eminem has a different view of friends, some times i agree, some times i dont. if you want to read the lyrics go here, if you dont want to be offended dont go there, its not G rated.
my point is i have a lot of friends. im not bragging im thinking of a lot of things to be thankful for, and eminem is a lyrical genius.

if you feel left out dont, if you want sly texts email me your number and i will add you.

ya like the rapper, what up luda-cris, or 70 cent. cant decide.

hear the most bad ass tecno beat ever made.

this other tune is old skool remix, dj riko say yes to schooly or whistles, that one is pretty good.

thats just for team rico. yaaa

im goin down to tijuanita for a fish taco.

this week im workin on a secret training plan, in order to finish within a 10 min gap of bart and sager this saturday. so im not saying what kind of rides i've been on, all you need to know is its short and hard.
last year bart won by like 15 mins, this year it will be different but i dont know by how many minutes as the green lantern seems to be super motivated as always.

we'll see how it turns out in 5 days. keep the hopes alive.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

dreams, but wait, im at the beach.

ya i just got up and i never remember dreams. they come and go before i get my ass up. but this one is kind of crazy. glad rosie will know its just a dream. bart and rosie have little eva. i was glad i was dreaming of this, and its not real. i was on a plane with eva and they had a washing machine in the back, ya.
so i did my laundry and put eva in with my clothes for a good cleaning, then about 2 hrs later i checked and she was in there smiling and dizzy. then i woke up. good thing she was still alive. crazy stuff.

anyway, long drive now im at the beach and i have got to get some training done on on the pch. 3 or 4 hrs should be nice. we'll see how it goes.

its good to know friends in warm cities, if you know what im talkin about.

if you are back in the SLC, have fun on the trainer, cold air, or if you're like bz, kday and bart hit the slopes.
the scalpel is over hauled and it works like new so i might go hit up some new trails i never ride.
new chain, cables, and a 130mm travel lefty SL, springy and soft like sponge cake.
if you are wondering about my life auction its over and nobody bought it. imagine that. i have to get it on some big tv show. until then, or i come up with a new idea i think its on stand by. the claw told me altruism is dead, murder sells. i cant compete with that.
if you watch the news you know its true. negative stories over good. people want to hear tragedy and live in fear. maybe they dont want to hear it but its shoved down your throat.

see ya at the races
sly in the sun

Thursday, February 22, 2007

its feb, that means east canyon is closed

well its snowy still, imagine that. its so windy up there goin up was faster than comin down. i rode up there with master bates, aka 1 speed 29er guy at wild rose, he was doing the gears today.

gotta love this sweet pic.

so if you were ever wondering about east canyon, stop wondering. its not april yet. you wont get to the top until then. the green lantern is going to san diego to ride with floyd, im going down tomorrow. maybe i'll meet up with them on the PCH.
its going to snow here for a week and im not havin any of that. south bound again. goin to the beach until thurs. maybe i'll find what im lookin for on the way.

oh ya and im still poachin the wi-fi.

i found britney with a bald head beating kfeds truck, check it out here

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

poachin the wi-fi

i learned that from bz, i dont do horizon milk or veggie burgers but i will go down the road of poachin the wi-fi. sittin at the hotel in a boring meeting. bout ready to fall off the chair. i revved it up and did the road rage today. you know thats the lane splittin UTA drafting, big ring throw up sprints up to the capitol and such. ya its warm, warmer than vegas the other day. but i dont think its lasting long, maybe tomorrow, then thats it. 60 in the SLC. 3 hrs in the pain cave throw myself in the hurt locker a few times. i found this pic of the green lantern 3 yrs ago, without his green kit. dicin it up with shumus and kaboom kabush. wonder if him and bart are going to throw us all around like beginners next weekend. pain cave, ya.
i should be watchin american idol and shave my head bald like miss spears. yaa
Live Beyond FearThere is real treasure at the center of your being. Yet fear can keep that treasure hidden and inaccessible.Fear of failure can keep you from taking the steps necessary to succeed. Fear of being wrong can prevent you from making the choices that are truly right for you.Fear of loss leaves you unable to win. Fear gives power and influence to whatever it is you fear.Yet fear can exist only when you view life through the narrow window of your ego. Get beyond that ego, and fear no longer has any place to inhabit.When you view the rest of life as being separate and disconnected from you, that provides fertile ground for destructive fear. The more fully you realize and the more deeply you understand your connection to all that is, the more quickly the fears will vanish.Stop listening to your ego and you'll stop being a prisoner of fear. Think and act and feel beyond yourself and you'll live well beyond the fear.-- Ralph Marston ( --

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the most bad ass tecno beat ever made

i found this pic of louder drafting the car on the internet. hopefully he wont end up like dave z.
road racing is more dangerous than mtn biking. the domino effect. watch it or die.

i just spent the whole day in the car with slowran and his crappy IPOD, that guy needs to learn how to drive fast and multi task. talk about A.D.D. holy shit.
if you want to hear the most bad ass song ever made check it out here
first listen to the words, the beat and the lyrical genius of faithless.
i watched the news and its going to snow friday. so after i take care of business. TCOB.
for the next few days im leaving before the storm friday. san diego for a week, right before the race in st. jorg. in 10 days.
if anyone doesnt have a job and wants to go, drive, ride and listen to tecno beats email me. im getting tired of pickin up hitch hikers.

desert monsoon

i watched the clouds come in for 4 hrs yesterday, then i went out trying to miss the rain but i picked the timing perfect and the area of most water. boulder city got all the rain in whole area today and right when i was out in back country. 3 hrs of soaking wet trail riding with head winds and what felt like arctic air. the last time i was this cold and soaked to the bone was the 4th of july up on the wasatch crest in a mid summer hail storm and 3 hrs of pouring rain. ya i got screwed.
its raining hard in this pic but you cant tell.

now its sunny, 65 and blue skies.

Monday, February 19, 2007

chunkin the deuce

seems there is some confusion with my message. young franklin here demonstrates "the deuce"

rollin, slidin, glidin. spotin the 5-0, the PO-lice or some homies.
chunkin the deuce. not to be confused with any other "deuce"

do the dew, in memory of team rico & the wonder pony

i heard its snowing up in the SLC, so its cold here at 63, i need to break out the arm warmers.
when i went riding up some dirt road i found this sweet ride.

its up some gravel road on the west side, town side of vegas. its a secret way to bootleg. seems there are lots of hippies camping in the mtns here, burning and dumping garbage every where. its freaky up there. if you saw the movie the hills have eyes then there you go. wacked out sick movie.

would you rather watch this american tv host, or this italian tv host.

ya rosie.

ya and dont say, oh i dont have time for tv. people that say that are liars. i wouldnt watch day time tv but who can pass up TRL

Sunday, February 18, 2007

worked over

im down here in las vegas, the town is packed and im tired. the last 4 days i did some riding with mega hard efforts and its taking the toll. these are the kind of hammer fests that rarely occur, the kind that are harder than racing and the kind that want you to throw up, fall off the bike and pass out.

ya good times.

so i went to bootleg, not for long before i called it day. now i get to sit and rest for 5 hrs watch the nba, which i didnt get tickets for.

this is the boring part about training. waiting for the energy and rest to occur. sit and wait. stand up and get a head rush. sleep, eat and wait. its warm and sunny.
i should work on my tan.

i got some sweet pics, and 1 of slowran makin a comeback on the carbon rush, but im too tired to mess with it.

tomorrow is the day to hit a jack pot so wish me luck

check out my red helmet

Saturday, February 17, 2007

rollin out sly style

this one is for bz, yesterday i was rollin around in the big city. so what do you know i caught up with this guy. you know just meetin people i know in crazy places and times in the big city.
still boggles me.
13 days till the rampage. im out the door for 4 in bootleg. shred it and dont get shred.
tell the green lantern i forgot my helmet.
oh ya i forgot bout the roadies in p-town. stormin takes 3rd in cat 2. team rico pulls out all the stops for a top 80, and sandy the nazi steals the show with a 2nd in pro. impressive.
keep it up, only 2 more stages.

Friday, February 16, 2007

if i didnt ride i would be doin this

ya a true baller, all star weekend in vegas. should be a good time, now i just need tickets. since i got more game then nash and boozer combined.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

ahhh south bound again

i just rested up for a few days, ate a lot of crap and now im feeling chipper and spry. ready to head to vegas for the next cycle of riding in the sun. i woke up to snow and rain in the SLC today. it wont last long but i got a chance to rip it up in sin city again, so why not. i got nothin else to do.

well last night i was flyin laps in traffic. 5pm rush grid lock down state/main 7th east, s. temp.... it was good times in the slc. splittin lanes and not getting hit by the H3. an hour of high intensity drafting and dropping the UTA's finest.

also yesterday i was doing this gig, 37 deliveries for the salt city couriers. a few hours of aggressive
ag·gres·sive /əˈgrɛsɪv/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[uh-gres-iv] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing: aggressive acts against a neighboring country.
making an all-out effort to win or succeed; competitive: an aggressive basketball player.
vigorously energetic, esp. in the use of initiative and forcefulness: an aggressive salesperson.
boldly assertive and forward; pushy: an aggressive driver.
emphasizing maximum growth and capital gains over quality, security, and income: an aggressive mutual fund.
(of a disease or tumor) highly invasive and difficult or impossible to treat successfully.
pertaining to a risky surgery or treatment, or to a medication that has grave side effects: aggressive chemotherapy.
driving i pissed off more than a few people.

the 1st big race of year on skinny tires is tomorrow, i know some guys goin down to shred or be shredded. hopefully it goes well for DH, team rico, bryson, stormin and who ever else is down there. too many to list but thats all i know anyway.75 in vegas sounds nice, im sure it will be 85 in P-town. so big ring it and dont get dropped.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

jake the snake

bringin back the memories of jake the snake back in 95' when i would work him over at decker dash.

strike a pose, get used to it.

from potato boise to the slc, flag, tucson, the ATL and back. yaaaaa

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the ATL

not to be confused with the STL, or the SLC. the ATL, aka the hawks are down at the DC gettin worked over by memo and ak47.watchin the game, mackin and chowin on the goods. do the dew, cherry pies, donuts. got to support the local maverick.

i got a few days off the bike so its time to refuel.

check this video i stole from go ride. its a getto link, click the blank space.this is childs play. you know krispy can huck 30 footers. once married and has a kid. von does this stuff in his sleep, and joss well i guess hes gettin old.i recall seeing the green lantern do this last week end on a 29er hard tail.


today is the 1 year anniversary of fat sly, 1 year ago i started the 23 day no food cleanse. 210 pounds of lovin, it was hard, it sucked and now its 364 days later. 60 pounds less to climb the hill. 17 days to the 1st race and its on track, so im pigging out on quality lays and pepsi items. dreaming of lost memories, days of frustration and suffering.

nobody has to do it the hard way. there are cures for everything here in SLC valley. insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer, headaches, you name it, its curable.

you need to find the answer for you and trust what i have to say. its easier than you think. you dont have to live in pain, lack, or sacrifice. its all a big lie.

dont buy into the lie. i said F the lie and check it out. its hammer time. yaaa

This was sent by a Police Officer in Southern California!

This fine upstanding member, of the infamous ! 18th street LA gang, decided one day that he would try to car-jack a semi truck at gun point. The gangster jumped up on the driver side, while the truck was in motion, and stuck a gun in the drivers face. The only problem was that the truck driver opened up the door and knocked the attempted thief, off. He lost his balance and fell under the wheels of the truck. At which time the driver slammed on his brakes, resting on top of him and decided that this was the perfect time to whip out his Fuji Disposable camera....Say cheese homie! Have a nice day!!:))

Monday, February 12, 2007

killing across the street blows my auction sale

well this is just shit balls. some ass master has to go kill people across the street from the den.
i live 2 blocks from this cluster. helicopters and sirens goin off for an hour now. then the ksl guy calls me and says they are doing news about that all night. hope people are ok, not the dead ones. but this jackass killer is one reason this planet is going to hell in hand basket.

i should have gave him a benjamin before this shit happened.

holy hell

back to the drawing board , thursday night. see if i can get on then.

more than a coincidence

the wolf sent me this picture, not sure why.

saw bart and roj up on the trail head this morning. cant figure out the timing on this. keep seeing guys i know all over in the desert.

yesterday me and the green lantern almost got shot. a few minutes later bobby and crew rode by and i still dont know why the timing is there but im missing the message.

maybe its so i told that guy to get the hell off the hill and save them from shrapnel.

dont know.

since im retired and dont golf, i can watch from the deck and then go get the maxfli that just landed in the lava hazard.

scored 35 balls last night. when i move down there my new hobby will be hiking through the desert picking up white gold.

im sportin the hawaiian baggies tonight on 5, so check it.
i dont think im crazy. but im biased.
crazy to me is:

getting up at 5am to go to the gym

riding a trainer for more than 10 mins

or training in slush for more than 5 mins.

working on the 13th floor of building.

eating mcdonalds more than once a month.

driving more than 5 miles in traffic every day to go to work

hucking a 20 foot or bigger cliff on a dh bike

wearing a lime green kit

riding a rigid 29er
just to name a few. not that there is anything wrong with that stuff. i just think you are crazy.

then click on voller sterne.
i gotta figure out how to put that on this page.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

70 degrees with dust and short sleeves

ya so its nice up in the big city but they dont have sun, cleaner air, dust and stuff. so check out this attempt at my film.

its a start, im going big with a new angle at mtb filming.

i got another funny email today.

check it out

Are you dying? Or are you trying to wipe away some major sins? Or are you just one very crazy generous guy? If I had the money, I'd do it. I'd also donate to Juvenile Diabetes since my niece was diaganosed and I want a cure for her! Good luck in your mission. I want to see the videos!!!! Please send me the email links!!!!

no im not dying, im well alive and doing more than perfect. it seems people think i must have a death wish. in fact its the opposite.
if you want something then let it go. if it comes back you were meant to have it. if it doesnt than oh well.
im not talking about stuff. its all replaceable. its pretty much meaningless to me. i have the bike and some sun, maybe a burrito. thats all it takes to have a good time. ok well some friends too.

about the sins, ya i have had my share, and if this would erase them i think it would be too easy. im not doing it for that either. i will explain some simple things tomorrow on the tv. hope you can watch.

sly in the sun


Saturday, February 10, 2007

workin over the 2 dopers in the big ring yaaa

we were thinkin how to rip this dh.
im takin team rico, and the wonder pony to steamboat for that free full throttle. those guys are the kings of energy drinks.

you know how i got this pic?

hammered them in the big ring, got a gap and waited for them to come up on me.
yaa... watts.

bart on the new scalpel, green lantern on some gay 29er hard tail with 900 gram tires.
ya those bikes are for tall guys with names like gibson.

you know i can talk like this cuz we are down and i know whats up. if you guys dont know whats up then check yo self. bart barely drinks coke let alone anything else and if sager was on something he would be world champ or something. anyone who trains 20 to 30 hrs a week can get the results he has, ok maybe eat a burger once a week. come on now put 2 and 2 together here and set him free.

ok, i dont know what shes doing but it looks like shes kind of retarded

Friday, February 09, 2007

workin on my tan

ya down in the sun. got in 2 hrs of trail shredding.

this is just for bz. i was out in the middle of nowhere ripping the bear claw poppy and saw the green lantern, bobby and newby. it boggles me how i can be lost in the desert and see guys from the big city, if you know what im talkin bout.

i got a call from ksl 5. they want to put my auction and story on the news tonight with an interview, im gone so it has to wait till monday night.
watch it 10pm monday ksl 5.

that should get some rich dude to kick down the cash.

big hell ya

i got a few interesting emails this week, here is one.

I am simultaneously in respectful awe for,and extremely concerned about,you and your very brave/ extraordinarily idealistic plan.Either you are truly inspired/enlightened,or you must be suicidal.I trust you have considered this decision very carefully.As long as you are not hurting yourself,then I am blown away with admiration for an act so altruist,and truly subversive in today's mess of a society which devours it's own with greed and self-preservation.Anyway, that said.I must confess,I am in a little need of help.I don't know if you only like to help people randomly,who are not asking for any help,but allow me to give you a brief summary of my situation for your consideration.I found your ad, because I have been desperately searching for a car that I can afford,now for several months.Mini-vans tend to go for good deals,so I usually look for them.I am a waitress/single mother,and basically broke.If I cant get a car,I may lose job.(No characters left)Can you please help me?

from warm to warm

or cold to warm. alta was nice, the desert is better. i come here to ride trails and stuff. not mud and haze.

so its like this, ride eat sleep. thats about it. some people dream of the life but its not all its cracked up to be.

chicks dig glory, so here is the green lantern in street clothes and no helmet. can you rekognize