Friday, June 30, 2006

im not gonna talk about it

ok, i guess i am talking about it.

its over kill, drugs and cycling. the whole pro tour is guilty. anyone who disagrees with me leads a sheltered life. same with the people who say aliens dont exist or have never been to planet earth. human arrogance is disgusting, i dont exclude myself. i admit i talk alot of shit, but wake up and learn:

1. george bush sucks, or i should say hes the puppet. his admin. sucks.
2. aliens are here and have been here for a long time
3. 99% of tour and pro tour riders and lance are or were doped
4. tyler lies
5. ATRAIN will go down
6. sly is a prophet
7. eric jones is a mutant fueled by cereal, bags of raw spinach, beer and coffee.
8. kday, bz, bg, and many other local fast racers lead fruitful, peaceful, wholesome lives by holding true to their faith.
9. my basso, ulrich posters are friggin worthless now. thanks boys. 2 years ago at interbike i got 300 tyler posters, i thought it was a gold mine. then he screwed that up and i lost out on unforseen millions hawking tyler posters on egay.
now im stuck with 100 basso/ullrich posters. im gonna sell them as toilet paper.

fools pissing away my fortunes in poster revenue. dammit,.

so off my soap box, im bored, no work, no riding, nothing to do except look at the www. good times in the big city.

so instead check it out these funny pics

Thursday, June 29, 2006

i first raced solitude back in 1992

this course has been around awhile, first time i did it was 14 years ago, since then i have been fast, and won, been fat and slow and got last, one year i broke my finger, and the last 2 years i have only been here to spectate. but saturday i will be hammering as fast as possible to test out my fitness and dh skills one more time.

solitude is the best course on the ICUP circuit. fast flowing 1 track with good middle chain ring climbing. i went up there tonight and was practicing my dh lines. if you can rip the dh this is your course. good downhillers can make up or gain 2 mins a lap on normal guys each lap. hopefully i wont need to pass too many, they screw up my flow and i dont like eating dust. so i guess i should climb faster and then not worry about passing anyone. i did 2 laps and was going to leave then i find slowran with the 22 lb rush claimin he has 500 watts. so i did a lap with him and worked him over. that must mean i have 600 watts. i found some deer, some snow and alot of racers getting ready to shred saturday morning. i like the course i race it mostly every year and its because its the best 1 track race course in the state.

heres the last patch of snow at 9000 feet on the mtn. its not very big.

here is slowran "Oh dude, my tires got 50 lbs in them, oh dude i gotta let some air out"
he really needed to stop and catch his breath.

this thing was like 20 feet away but it looks farther.

join my crew

the other day i said horoscopes are gay, well heres more proof.

leos in general. i dont know tell me if it sounds right. atrain bday is aug 18 or some shit, it sounds like him more than me. but i am constantly reminded by the mirror effect and kind of cringe when that happens.

you consider yourself a born leader. everyone thinks you are an idiot, most leos are bullies, you are vain and cannot tolerate constructive critisism, your arrogance is disgusting, leos are thieving mother F*$&%($(@@s and enjoy masturbating more than sex.

hmmm, kind of blunt. i like that.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ATRAIN wreck at dmv

check out the train wreck at dmv.

atrain says hotter than georgia asphalt. 9 guys racing A flite at dmv. thats not fun. why? its 100 degrees, they are fast as hell, and i suck at crit racing. i made it about 15 mins before they went fast and i didnt. i left early and the guys were split 4 x 4. and ATRAIN missed the split.

so dr cross norm and I headed back from the burbs to the big city. 2 hrs today, 2 yesterday. tomorrow is laps at solitude 2 hrs, and the race sat. of course.

over at 9th and 9th.
check it out.

the pink dude is changing his uniform, where's the pink jersey pink dude? get with it.

ever seen an ATRAIN CRASH

derailled, tipped over, bent and busted up. come to dmv tonight and watch me lay down the watts and burst the ATRAIN bubble.

the wolf told me aliens dont live at alta, but in the mormon vaults up little cottonwood.

some famous fortune tellers have told me that the aliens have a secret cave up high above alta and they hold confidential meetings there to decide the fate of the salt lake valley. i believe them but the wolf says otherwise. maybe they are at both, who knows but when the earthquake comes and ruins the valley i know where to go and get some pizza.

im going nite riding up there in a few weeks to scout out the blinking sky lights and find this hidden cave. those who dare can come, bring your own weapons, safety is not guaranteed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

horoscopes are stupid

they say when good things are happening but they never are, then they say you have trouble today and i never do. some moron is posting this crap on the internet reading the stars and it never is right. its like the weatherman, they dont know what the hell is going on. so they both suck and im not gonna read it any more. its hot as balls outside. i was maybe going to rmr but said F it. im riding at 9pm in the cool mtn air and maybe going to dmv tomorrow to put the hurt on ATRAIN and norm. that little hill suits me good. blogger sucks and i cant post any pictures. it sucks about as much as the weather man. everytime i count on it, it doesnt work. same with my cable tv and internet. it works whenever i dont need it. then the computer freakin blows up. im throwin all this shit out the window and moving to a cave up by alta where the aliens land. then i will have a nice quiet place to rest where nobody or any electronic electromagnetic chaos wont piss me off.

im gonna kick ohrans ass on saturday.

ohran-texas holdum-slowran-vin-ohran-ass whoopin

Monday, June 26, 2006

i pretty much kick ass

Sunday, June 25, 2006

its kind of hot outside

this is a nice wall, instead of pics of the back side of timp. everyone has seen it before so i wont bore you.

my strength is tempo work for the skinny climbers with over the shoulder pics.

thug life posse

jones gettin drunk

kday livin large

this week was a weird one, but first i just got back off a 6.5 hr ride. it was a long day in the heat. i rode down to american fork canyon over sun crest, then to sundance to provo and back downtown. its like 110 miles or something. first we started out this morning with 6 guys, norm sean spencer and 2 other guys from the shop. once we got to the top of the alpine loop i find out they were going to ride down to sundance then go back up the same climb and then over suncrest again. i was already blown and so was everyone except stormin normin. so i left them while they waited for 2 other guys i wanted to go to provo and do the flat route back to town. so i did that and rode the 3 hrs by myself in a hot headwind back to the big city. i didnt even have my ipod. so i just looked for sprinklers everywhere and got soaked about every hour or so.

the weird thing about this week is i took 4 days off, and that means like i did nothing. but i still had 15 hrs in 7 days. 3 days on 4 off. i have never ridden my road bike in my whole life as much as the last 3 months. i used to be a the type of rider to do like 10 or 12 hrs a week and go to the races and just feel fresh. now days its totally different. im not sure bad or good yet but well see in a few weeks.

last night was a hoe down over blakes new house. hes a high roller banker livin the high life with sue and jones in the basement. the highest hood in the b town. kday shannon, bg rosy, ej sue ty, bobby and his wife came over for a bbq on bz's new grill last night.
those guys did the same ride i did today, but yesterday and with sager. im glad i didnt go with them. its like 5.5 hrs of hammering trying not to get dropped. i let bz go and get creamed, then watched him zobie around the house for a few hours before his glucose levels hit normal.

check out the pics from today and yesterday.
im in the lazy boy for the rest of the night, time to lounge.

heres bz king of rugby

blake needs a couch at the training compound

Saturday, June 24, 2006

ATRAINS dad sent me this pic

heres young ATRAIN learnin how to get it done

Friday, June 23, 2006

cold mackin

i have not done a damn thing today, back down to zero after yesterdays hammer fest. this was me all day today.

im not gonna do anything either. its loungin time and i will take advantage of it. so heres to long naps, eating melon, and stupid shows on TV.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

4 more hours

shammy time, road and mtn. i did 3 different rides today. lunch 1 hr. mtn ride. 5 pm 1 hr. road ride over to millcreek, then 7pm 2 hrs. red butte shoreline back up emigration. now im worked over so im audi, turnin in early for a change.

2 big road rides sat and sunday, if anyone wants to come email me for info. i dont know where or when yet but tomorrow i will. its some 6 hr day down to the alpine loop and back, with a bunch of fast pros. norm, sager, bart, jones. and probably 18 other guys, sounds like a race. i wonder if ATRAIN is coming so i can work him over on the climbs and show him how its done up the gauntlet.

if you want to see somethin funny hit this link

this trail sucks

the chevron pipeline trail, its not even a trail i dont know why i wanted to go this way today but its terrible. up emigration by ruths diner on the north side check out the clear cut brush with lots of grass it goes up and down this steep rutted crap, hiking, then steep rocky drops its the worst thing i have ever ridden. plus its hot as balls. good thing its like 2 miles long. these workers wouldnt let me pass so i dashed it and they tried running after me while smoking and drinking beer. this trail goes down the roller coaster and ends up down in red butte, the lower rollers are okay but the first 2 miles blows. never ride it.

check out my new van

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

downtown freaks

300 south freaks always doin somethin entertaining. check out the pics the dude went off and started breaking windows downstairs chasing a guy around the streets with a belt and goin off. then the 3 fire trucks and 6 cop cars showed up and things started crackin.