Saturday, May 31, 2008

retired life

i rode the scooter about 40 miles today.

its a sweet life.
sat in the park for a few hours then went for a short mtn bike ride.

tour de satan tonight so come down and check it out. 8pm grand america 650 main. eventually end up at the hotel with some racing in between.

check out my pics for the pros at sundance. i was only let down by rock crawler holley.

1 mitch
2 alex
3 bart
4 dave w.
5 robbie, the devo/binghams. i thought he was from revolution but hes from binghams., anyway i dont know the kid but hes pretty fast, the dark horse comes in top 5.

thats pretty good stats. i need a start list for deer valley. im goin big on this one.
i didnt have to pay out the $20 for alexs gas or barts diapers....
i should put it all on red.

results at

Friday, May 30, 2008

sundance prediction

pro race tomorrow, sorry ag. i have to go with mitch on this one. but if alex does win im giving him $20 bucks for gas.

1 mitch
2 alex
3 rock crawler holley
4 bart
5 dave welsh

that junior from revolution/devo is the dark horse. i dont know him but hes only 18 and hauls ass.

and bart has strep throat so i down graded him to 4th. if he wins i'll give him $20 for diapers.

concentration camps ready in good ol' USA

you can get sentenced to a camp in a remote forest labor camp for 25 years for downloading copyrighted mp3 songs.

and more. go google forest labor camps. its right around the corner and im not going.

iron horse 1997

you wont find a pro class like this, or spectators like that anymore.

for the post below, loose change is a kick ass movie. whether you believe it or not i dont really care. but you cant ignore the topics they bring up.

here are some other websites if you want to do your own research.

google video

terrorstorm, endgame, 9-11 mysteries, loose change, press for truth, america: freedom to fascism, clinton chronicles.

6 weeks before the 9-11 larry silverstein purchased the wtc complex including an insurance policy for 3.3 billion dollars that specifies coverage against a terrorist attack.


1.(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
2.(sometimes initial capital letter) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
3.(initial capital letter) a fascist movement, esp. the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.


1. national spirit or aspirations.
2. devotion and loyalty to one's own nation; patriotism.
3. excessive patriotism; chauvinism.
4. the desire for national advancement or independence.
5. the policy or doctrine of asserting the interests of one's own nation, viewed as separate from the interests of other nations or the common interests of all nations.
6. an idiom or trait peculiar to a nation.
7.a movement, as in the arts, based upon the folk idioms, history, aspirations, etc., of a nation.

watch these videos

serious .... get your videos here!

not so serious

Thursday, May 29, 2008

cow- wheres the beef?

sometimes you have to stop and feed the animals

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

steroids the american dream

tour de satan

tour de satan is a bike bar tour in downtown slc. it goes to a few bars and all the lushs get wasted. i go to win the crit in the kinkos dh parking lot. bring cruisers.

meet at 8pm sat night may 31 at grand america hotel. 650s. main. its that big ass hotel that presidents stay at.

in the lobby at the bar. park your bikes out front. bring a lock and meet inside.

then we go to a few bars on state ending up at the hotel.

if you dont get wasted, like me. then come drink cokes and watch atrain get wasted and then watch chucky crash the one-y into a car. anyone who is 21 can come. just show up.
brad k and kenny should come.

master bates calls it the tour de satan. going back to the days of wild rose in 1991.

complete with a temple reflecting pond crit and midnight hobo bashing.

the guys who sleep on the temple grounds on the side walk get bunny hopped.

heres this guy i met in australia. he has more tools in his shop than 20 shops here in slc.
a true tool squeezer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the rental car gas scam

we took a rental on the 4 day trip to cali. it was $13 a day and had 200 miles on it. a brand new hyundai. it ended up getting about 35 miles a gallon for the whole trip.

we put 2000 miles on it and it goes pretty fast. about 85mph, consistently on the interstate.

like the weather here in utah, colorado etc it was raining hard in national park, coming down like buckets. up higher over the pass back to mammoth, they closed the road. it was snowing above 7000 feet and thats the only road to nevada, besides I-80 or bakersfield/vegas. so i decided to go the long way and head south. that left for a lot of white line fever.

anyway back to the story of the rental car gas scam.

when is your car ever "empty"
the gas light comes on.

then you wonder, when will it run out.
well i tested this theory yesterday. and i tested it because the lady at the rental counter offered me a 14 gallon tank on her for $3.40 a gallon. quickly informing me that the local rate was currently $3.80.

so why wouldnt i want that?

i took it.

and i know why they offer this. see they are trying to make money. just like everyone else. nothing wrong about that, they just worked the angle on little on the sly.
just my style.
so i beat them at their own game.

they charge $3.40 a gallon for a 14 gallon tank.

but really, who returns the car with nothing in the tank. usually no one. so i tested the theory of an empty tank.

the gas light comes on and i keep driving. i keep going and going, and going.

im watching the miles tick by, 20, then 30.

then 40
then 50.

now im 60 miles past empty. the light came on 60 miles ago.

then 70.

ok 75 miles past E, the car runs out.

now what.

im in draper and about 20 miles to go. so you think im stupid.
i put a 2 gallon can in the trunk and put in a gallon and drove home.

so i returned the car with about 5 miles of gas left in it and got my $3.40 a gallon.

nickel and dime.

thats how they make money. they dont make it on $13 a day rentals. but they might make $15 or $20 bucks on each car in charged gas if you return it with fuel in the tank.

since it is pre-pay at $3.40 a gallon for a full 14 gallon tank.

not really a scam, but when they offer you the tank be sure to realize they are making money any way they can.

not there to give you a good deal.
even if it is $20 bucks at a time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

tecno is coming

ok, mostly its house music. tecno is not the same as house, and progressive house is better than both.
check out these new and old house tracks by tiesto.

i'll be one of the next races bumpin the jams

Sunday, May 25, 2008

trees and stuff

techno kitties

Saturday, May 24, 2008

im into art and stuff




art and stuff

heres another good video, its a ron paul video. i dont promote him, its just a good video.

now go watch loose change

its time for a name change

i have not changed my name for a few months so i was thinkin about dropping prime time, sly, husla, slurrrr, etc. i've been on the www. for the past few hrs. on you tube, stayin up late. reading and watching a lot about 9-11, ventura, government scams and the such.

so maybe my new name should be conspiracy fox. theres no ring to it, its kind of boring and im tired so dont hold me to it.

i need to hit the hay since im gettin up early in about 3 hrs to head on in to mtn. tam. we are spending the night in sac town. by the way this town is a shit hole. i digress, but any way a few weeks ago when we were in the big city, nyc i stopped by the big pit of what was world trade. i was there about 5 yrs ago and its the same big hole. there were some , well a lot of protesters there along with hot dog carts, bag ladies and tourists.

they handed me a flier, an inside job flier and i grabbed it. checked it out and over the years i've heard some of the claims about 911 was staged to gain support for a war. any how its a long story and i agree with it all. it staged and its a con, bush sucks bla bla bla.

its kind of old news, wake up and smell the bacon. same crap different day. then im watching ventura you tubes about 911, i saw about 40 different ones on you tube. videos of the that day, pentagon missiles, fbi stealing gas station videos from the pentagon surrounding neighborhoods. its all on the web for you to see.
but alas most people have lives, dont blog all day, dont want to think they are lied to, dont want to think that things like this happen. maybe things like bush will have the first 3rd term EVER. based on a national "emergency" i hope not, but we'll see.

so heres 1 more video. hope you guys can check it out. i wanted to write something about 911 since i was in nyc early this month but didnt know the time or how. so here it is and tomorrow im sure i will be back to the same lame posts and pics of my travels with superficial content and bragging how i jet set the country in search of used bike parts for pennies on the dollar.

check back soon,
i know you will

Friday, May 23, 2008

jesse ventura for president

if you want to learn the truth listen to all these videos, oh wow thats some good stuff.
i've never agreed with anyone on every topic. he's the man...
and there are so many other more of ventura videos on you tube. go check them out. hopefully you might learn something new, open your eyes and change some of or all of your views on the good ol' usa.

heres a link to little dicky and will bush cancel the this falls election? WHAATTT?? FOX YOU HAVE GONE OVER THE TOP!!! this is a fine gem

ya listen to this PREDICTION. forget race predictions. hows this. lets wait and see....
here, and here. more here

about that dropping resistance thing

copied from an email from

Tuesday's ezine about "The Trick to Change" (releasing resistance) struck a chord with readers - you sent the most responses I've ever received!
You made it clear I'm not the only one who considers letting go of resistance a challenging practice.
By asking for more solutions about how to release the need for change, you showed me it's more of a hangup for folks than I realized.

* * *

Although that shouldn't surprise me, as I recently found myself pushing against.

I know firsthand how easy it is to slip into resistance even when we know better.
My recent example is my e-book. It's been a familiar repeat on my monthly intention list while I waited for "feel good" inspiration to fuel the project.
Inspiration finally hit after flying to Oprah's (my blog readers know that story) to talk about my favorite manifesting technique and even more so since Jack Canfield's "Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction" included my story about it.
* * *
It gave me huge enthusiasm for writing this e-book once and for all!

* * *
Which turns out was the easy part.
My frustration started when I didn't know what to do next to get it in your hands. (Editing, formatting, a cover, launching, delivery, shopping carts - not my cup of tea!)
So I hired four - count 'em, FOUR - different professionals to do the work for me.
But hiring it out while still flowing frustration about how long it's taking apparently isn't a formula for success. (Were you way ahead of me on that one?)
With each person I hired, we stalled for one reason or another. Lots of wheel spinning; little progress. (And these are highly qualified people!)
Eventually I realized it wasn't them, it was me.
Or rather, my vibe.
My energy wasn't lined up - I was still in the frustrated vibe, aka Resistance City. (Anything that doesn't feel good is resistance.)
So here's how I got the energy lined up (and how you can, too):
I made peace that it's taken this long and reminded myself everything happens in perfect timing.
I remembered my feel good isn't dependent on the status of this project and that circumstances don't dictate how I feel - I DO.
I laughed at my ability to get my panties in a twist over a fun little e-book.
I loved that I was something of a slow learner on this one. (No beating Self up for anything!)
I appreciated this would make a great example for clients of what NOT to do.
With that negative energy cleared up, it was then easy to connect with good thoughts about having the e-book done and delivered, how proud I was of it, and knowing it would inspire and support you in your successful manifestations.

Guess what happened next?

You know how this works . . .
. . . the next day an old friend, who just happened to be a technical geek/ marketing guru guy emailed me "out of the blue." (Right - "out of the blue" doesn't happen - that was my vibrational escrow flowing in through my newly opened door!)
We had a pleasant brief & friendly conversation and just like that I have a new technical partner who is making it super easy to let it all happen. !!
Sweet, huh?

In fact, as of Thursday morning (May 29th), everything will be in place to offer you this beautiful e-book that answers every question I've ever been asked about my favorite and least well known manifesting technique.
Who loves this Universe?!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

salt lake today yosemiteee tomorrow

i spell how i want, it looks better than yo sa mite. sounds like veg a mite.

well here in the big city it was 95* 30 hrs ago. i tried riding to the p.o. that is about a mile. and i barely made it home, it was hottest since last august. then about 7 hrs ago around 5pm i got off my lazy ass and went out for a ride. i had a hoody and my timbuk2 bag. i was ridin around in my middle ring. really its a granny gear. 2x9 i dont have a granny. which by the way, on some days is like real hard not to use. i just slow the rpms down to 30 in the 44t and cross it up like tinker.

i was up by the zoo and ridin real slow, i was figuring out how to ride slow. i never ride slow. i dont know how. i just pin it and hammer. thats why im tired and fried all the time.

well nobody was riding today i guess they thought it was muddy. it rained all night and morning its like 50 degrees now. its nice out, its green, its cool, its cloudy. for a few hrs i was out i only saw 5 bikers and i knew 2 of them, jen hanks was out riding solo.

so im chilling in the green bushes taking this pic. stretching my super tight hammys and no one is around. the trail is not muddy, its just right. a ripper.

until chippo comes by and ruins my day. makes me try to drop him. hes slow, im slow. that just got ugly.

i cant ever ride slow, when i am slow i cant go slow. if that makes sense.
people want to go ride, i dont hate.
i just like to go alone.
most the time, 99% of the time.
but almost every time i go up into the hills i run into someone i know. and they want to shred.
bz wants to shred,
wild rose 1 speeders, chippo, beagle, rico, team blue, kday, and alex.
ok you get the picture. but im not fast any more. the slow pace of a racer is me pinning it to keep up. i cant ride slow still so i ride alone.
i dont like to pin it to keep up so dont pass me and drop me cuz im over the hill.

the bad thing about the scalpel is only has 1 bottle mount.?? dont know why. but for me thats fine. i dont need 2.

chippo needs 4, he's into long marathon type shit and drinks a gallon an hour. so hes testing this new mounting set up. it doesnt work.

get a camel back.

check out the jacket and pants. its like 50 degrees. like i said, yesterday it was 95. and it snowed a foot up at alta.

i wonder if forrest is going to poach it

ok im going to yosemite for the weekend, and north bay, mill valley, sausalito, etc. more picture blogs coming. the tioga pass is open, it opened yesterday, so i will be watching for bigfoot, and a wild bear.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the trick to change

The Trick To Change

You've heard the phrase "what we resist, persists." It means whatever we push against, we actually empower and continue to create.

Which, we know, right? This isn't the first time we've heard that releasing resistance is key to letting the good stuff in. But do we practice it?

It surprised me recently to discover how much resistance I still engage in my own life. (And I'm a pro at this!)

Let's look:
If you're ready to manifest romance in your life, how do you feel about being single? (Do you appreciate it, or are you going to scream if you have to attend one more wedding without a date?)

If you're tired of living paycheck to paycheck, wanting financial abundance, how do you feel about your debt? (Discouraged, resentful, or at peace?)

If your desire is to lose weight or get healthier, how do you feel about your body now? (Like something needs changing, or have you made friends with it?)
Loving the very thing we want to be different can be a pretty good trick, huh? I mean, if I truly loved these hips of mine I wouldn't be wishing them smaller.

But until I do love these hips - or at least get neutral about them, they're not going anywhere. We find ourselves stuck in the very thing we wanted to change.

Because as long as we don't like it, or look at it as wrong or bad, we are in resistance. And that resistance creates MORE of the same. More big hips, more lonely nights, more financial shortage.

So if you're convinced that needing things to change actually prevents them from doing so, the next question becomes how to let go of that resistance. That is, how to get okay with something you are definitely NOT okay with.

i didnt write this, i copied from an email from
subscribe and get your own if it interests you.

and here is the rest of the email.

Tips & Tricks: Releasing Resistance
Here's what I've learned through my own and clients' experiences when it comes to releasing resistance: you can't fool the Universe.

You can pretend to be in love with your single lifestyle. You can try to make peace with mounting debt. You can say affirmations about loving your body ... but until you really DO (make peace and love), Universe isn't budging.

Because it can only answer what you vibrate. So if you're flowing "I gotta make more money" or "I need to drop some weight" or "I'm tired of waking up alone," that need for change is what keeps change from happening.

Did you catch that? It's subtle, but big.

So how do you vibrate no resistance? There's only one way: that's to actually let it go. To release your need for change.

Which means making peace with what is - for real. No pretending or faking will do.

The goal is to get okay with the fact that someone owes us money and isn't paying; to be able to truly smile when we see our gorgeous bodies reflected in the mirror; to learn to enjoy life and ourselves now - without needing something to change first.

That acceptance is exactly what signals Universe for the change!

That doesn't mean you have to let go of desires. It just means you want to get to a place of enjoying what is and eager for what's next. Flowing the desire for something new along with accepting present circumstances.

"Happy on the way" is the way Abraham puts it.

It helps if you just learn to focus more on what does make you happy, and less on what doesn't. That refocus itself is a big vibe-shifter, and the reason that a commitment to "feeling good" works so well.

(For those of you who'd like professional support in mastering the balance between acceptance of "reality" and desire for change, feel free to shoot me a note.)

Fun Resources

Cool new e-book coming out next week - mine! Stay tuned and I'll let you know how to get your hands on an in-depth description of my hands down favorite and most powerful manifesting technique, which I've found most people have never even heard of (let alone practiced)!

In the meantime, my fab friend Mark Romero is up to more cool stuff. Check his latest work out on You Tube. (His 20 minute Tranquility piece recently triggered one of my most incredible connections to Source!)

PS - if we're not already, let's be Facebook friends and Powerful Intention buddies. I always welcome opportunities to stay more connected with you!

As always, thanks for reading and please be in touch!

i dont take pills

i dont take pills, never take drugs, or had alcohol. maybe you know this. maybe you dont care, maybe you think im bragging.

well i probably am.

probably about once a year i get a random pain, im old, my back, tooth or something like that. i had a 200mg pill of advil last fall for a root canal. it knocked it out in 10 mins.

root canals, i've had a few. 200mg knocks it out cold. headaches? i never get them.

95% of headaches are caused by dehydration. figure that one out, drink some water, or take some drugs... if you dont drink 3 liters of water a day you are chronically dehydrated. and thats if you dont do anything else. thats if you sit on your ass all day... 3 liters. figure it out.

i think more than a few would rather take drugs, after all they are safe... right,, the doc says its ok so he wouldnt lie to me. you couldnt have been more wrong.

or maybe he doesnt know any better either.

here take this drug, dont drink any water, we cant make money off you if you are not sick, dont buy our drugs, maybe if you take them long enough your organs will fail and we can operate on you.

next time you have a choice to take some foreign chemical, that does have side effects and causes more damage than it fixes.

think twice,

or maybe you dont care.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

chucky went for a ride

EBAY FEEDBACK the greatest thing since the model T?

in short, ebays new feedback policy is very very very lame.

it went into effect yesterday. already i see how much of a massive mistake this is.
I cant put into words how stupid this new policy is, and how disappointed i am for what this means to the seller community.

this is so terrible its like katrina, tsunami phuket, aliens landing and china earthquake.

this is along the lines of giving pedestrians the right of way to walk across the freeway when ever they want.

that is a whole other story i might get into later. hand holding the timid and weak so they feel warm and fuzzy inside.

lets take all responsibility away from them, the buyers and make it so overwhelmingly safe for them,... pedestrians/buyers, that they dont have to use any brain power to decide on their own whats right and wrong.

i dont know any way else to put it, i am very very very disgusted with the new ebay policy and i am currently looking for a new job.

you might see me at wild oats as your cashier.

for more info on ebays new policy read here.

****Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers.
Buyers should leave honest Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings****

Feedback changes - May 2008

eBay's Feedback system continues to evolve as the community and marketplace dynamics change.

The eBay Feedback system was originally designed to provide a simple, honest, accurate record of the buyer's and seller's online experience to ensure safe and satisfactory trade. It was driven by the belief that through a transparent reputation system, members could hold each other accountable. Over time, we found that the transparency of the Feedback system made some buyers reluctant to hold sellers accountable. For example, buyers fear retaliatory Feedback from sellers if they leave a negative

Therefore, we've made a number of changes to eBay's Feedback system to continue to improve accuracy and accountability. These changes should help to differentiate and reward sellers who provide a positive buying experience on eBay.

Monday, May 19, 2008

ceramic bearings

i dont think people know how much drag is in their bike, in the bb, hubs and der pulley bearings. with all the grease, the old grease, the sticky new grease and the hard old chain pulley funk that builds up on the drive train and in the hubs.

i didnt know, i thought about it over the years and thought no big deal. i'll just train more, weigh less and do the norm.

now the norm isnt good enough.

what if you are thin, powerful, and fast and you still dont get the job done.

sure you might feel good every other week, once a month and throw down a good result.
is it worth it?

all the time, money and effort put forth to get your goals?

i dont understand why someone would spend so much time, money and effort on something and miss something so blatently obvious, like bearing/grease drag.

if you are into racing and looking for an edge to make you go fast then get some ceramic hub bearings and der. pulleys. you will not believe how fast they are and also you wont believe how much energy you have been wasting pushing your bike up those long climbs.

tribute to bryson and gardie

thats raad

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i have been putin in the hours

on this hog, it gets 90 miles a gallon. we did 140 miles in 2 days. ya thats serious shammy time.

we made it up elbow fork in milcreek. then its deep snow pack. it wont be clear for a month.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I was off a bit..

ok, predictions are tough. I think i did ok, off a bit, thats the name of the game when you lay it all out on the table.

well these guys laid it all out on the trail.

Friday, May 16, 2008

have fun at the hollow

i wont be there,
if you care.

here are the final pro picks. see if im close tomorrow afternoon.

1 alex g
2 bart g
3 dave welsh
4 chris holly
5 brad pilling

dark horse kday and reed wycoff.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ripped up bbq alley

fatty said thats the new 08 jersey, nobody has one yet, except him.

if you are going to the draper stan crane race next --next monday, the 26th you will shred the bbq alley. its laced with nails, dogs and kids. with some family cookin in the backyards.

i ripped down that today, and clarks, and jacobs ladder.

i had never been down the ladder dh,

and i didnt go crazy fast but i smoked brads time at 3:32 or so.

next week i will dominate that dh with different tires and some memory knowledge for a sub 3 min on on the scalpel.

i met up with krispy, marky mark and lovely, then up the dirt road we saw fatty so he rolled up to the ladder with us and burned another lap.

thats how you roll dork style, flying blind on maxxis 310 rear. by the time i got home that was almost 3 hrs. i havnt ridden that long for about 4 months. so really the perception is 9 hrs. so i will submit 9 hrs shammy time in the monthly log... cuz its all about perception.

beat a dead horse

some say a glass is half empty, others say its half full. its perspective and how you look at things. optimistic or not.

so if you think gas prices are high, they are higher than in the past yes. i remember in 2003 when i drove a big van around the country a lot it was $140 a gallon. and i was in hawaii that year and it was 1.90 a gallon, i thought that was a rip off.

but my friend lives in barcelona and he says its 12 bucks a gallon over there so be happy you dont have to pay that.

i dont think i would see as many F350 jacked up red neck trucks on I-15 doing 85 black smoking everyone with their hemi engines and bigfoot size mud tires.


happy valley

i was thinking about why so many multi level companies come from happy valley
for those that read this and dont know about provo i would like to take this time to educate a bit about the small secluded town of provo utah. located next to the utah lake, the small twin of the great salt lake. nestled in a valley between the lake and the high timpanogos wasatch 11,000 foot high range. it goes steep quick, in a valley they call happy.
about 40 miles south of the big city SLC on I-15, its home to BYU, and many LDS families. named after a fur trapper named provost
multi level marketing companies, too many to name but including nu skin, xango, tahitian noni and mona vie.
these people eat up that concept for some reason.
home to the brothers gillespie and their parents. raising them on good moral values and hard labor on the peach farm.
turbo and family,
the brothers gibson are not native to provo but soon after leaving the nest they migrated to this conservative LDS community.
epic adam, kanyon kris, holley riding, the list goes on and on. too many bikers to list. lots of normal people and ron lindley the super D inventor.
the utah cyclocross founder chippo is from provo too. ronnie price on the jazz went to a small college in orem, a suburb of provo.
so i am wondering today why all this comes from a small town in utah.
i dont know.
there are many others/ things to list but you get the idea

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

blogging mania

this is about the funniest paragraph i've seen in awhile,
a short FYI, ron lindley from provo invented super D, if you dont know this guy hes been around the mtn bike racing world since before me, hes like 50 or something now and when i was 14 racing for the first time he was a local expert ripping it up with stenger, smedley and the late rich perrier. over the past 10 years hes been mostly running a few local mtn bike races mostly now super d's and dh events.

he showed it to team big bear awhile back like 10 years ago and they put it in the nationals. but ryan here writes this gem.

pretty good and read the whole story here

I read a post in Kathy Sherwin’s blog about one of her Super D events last year where they had to lie down, get up run to a cone, grab their bikes run back to where they started, drop the bikes off, run back to the cones then back to their bikes and started racing. Ya, I did this crap in middle school and got a ribbon for it….jack tards.Utilizing a lemans start adds no value to the Super D event. If you look at the more epic Endurance Downhill (Downieville-type) events, even those that are 2-3 times longer than the average NORBA Super

i agree, it is pretty lame. but funny



go catch the dopers, instead the waste their time measuring tt bars.

freakin this is so stupid i want to throw the couch off the porch.

like it matters anyway

dry creek time trial to city creek

ok whats with all these dirt time trials all over salt lake, draper, orem??
this is an oldy that i started over 10 years ago. i didnt do this time this year, but last may i did. 28mins

if you ride up in salt lake the dry creek climb over across to city creek. its 28 mins flat. start the timer at dry creek canyon at the speed jump entering the trees, its a flying start and it ends at the pond at the mouth of city creek as you exit the final 1 track dh. there are lots of people on this trail and its dangerous to ram everyone so watch out.

28 mins total

splits are 9mins up the climb to the first flat area and the look out to the valley.
20 mins to the bobsled drop in. and finish with 28.

i didnt do the climb the fastest, bz and bart used to just time that climb in 8mins flat to 9mins. im sure they would beat that now so everyone go rip the dry creek climb.

see if you can big ring the whole ride!!

oh ya and i had used to time the bobsled dh, but it was awhile ago so its around 4 mins and it was on the old entrance, the western entrance, im going to go try a new time on the scalpel soon with the new eastern entrance and see how it goes. 4 mins from the top of east to the bottom where the wooden jump goes over the small stream before the little climb at the end. dh only! no super D finish!

golfing with jones and bz

at least we know jones has a back up job on the pga tour.

my race predictions might be premature, but thats the name of the game. i go big, on and off the trail.

ok that sounds cocky, some cant take my dry sense of humor.

anyway i need a start list to make an accurate prediction. other than lining up or seeing whos there first hand.

brad pilling hasnt raced much, i dont know what his deal is. maybe hes on the road. he wont call me back. and his side kick abbot, i think he needs to ride for fun more and it will click.

chad harris is taller than racer and faster than chucky, i skipped him. hes probably the true dark horse, mitchel is a euro pro now so who knows where hes racing this week. and the other local heber fave brandon f. he shows up to every race year after year hankerin for a beat down like a meth addict.

oh then there is chucky, hes a globe trotter these days. last month he hit 9 countries in 17 days and didnt ride the whole time. anyway hes in sydney this week. he rides twice a month and gets top 10's still. the bikers edge trio jake, jonny and nate, the samurai needs to upgrade to pro, hes a sandbagger.

if one looks at the results you will see a few newer names pop up into the top ten here and there, taylor foss, quin bingham,
so i will work on a new top 5, i might shift them around a bit. i need to meditate on this and gaze into the future.
if shannon b. can keep his tires pumped up you might see a break through ride. oh ya and the youngest gibson is back from kentucky so he might show up.
but who knows cuz i dont have a start list

the misses just bought one of these, she said i could drive it. besides, she owes me. she needs some defensive messenger lessons from the pro.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

feelin good goin early

the online mtb booky thinks the race is too early to call but i dont.

heber race saturday, pointin to the fence callin out the top 5 plus a new dark horse

1 dave welsh

2 alex g

3 chris holley

4 bart g

5 k day

dark horse reed wycoff and the 2nd dark horse alan obey if he shows up.
hebers own spannring is retired, too bad.

lets see how that one pans out

bz will flat, rico will cry cuz he thinks hes fat and slow. chippppo might get 7th or 8th.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

48 state road trip in 4 days

read the blog here
i saw this on the news and it looks cool so im going to do it, but im going to make my own route since they avoided all of california and most of tex ass.
we are going some time this summer and we need a few more drivers so if you have a week to kill sittin in a van and listening to tecno,
lets rip the interstate!!

husle the dh with prime rib

i thought about doing this for awhile so i thought i would give it a try. i dont think im the best, but i have a few things to show beginners or sport class riders, especially if you are timid on the dh and dont know a few tricks i have learned over the years. my problem is trying to put actions into words. lean here, brake here, weight balance, gear selection, visualization, confidence and intention. etc.

i might have to practice being an instructor but im sure i can.

in the past a few girls, have asked me and mark, married girls, bobs wife, andys wife ? maybe, nancy, teresa, i think. i cant remember all if they wanted an instructor. but i'll have you passin kathy on the dh in no time.

so i think i would say your first 2 hr ride/lesson is free and if you like it and want more i have to take you to the bank. or if you sweet talk me you might get a few rides for free.

2 hr ride will involve some uphill riding to get to the dh and a few runs on local dh tracks.

so if you want to know some secrets to pick up some time on the dh email me.

check out this wacked story

Friday, May 09, 2008

hammer down

i hooked up the new tires posted below and took them out for a test ride. it was super fast.
also i took out the seals on the rear hub, on 4 bearings. seals pop out and then i sprayed t9 in there. same with the lefty bearings. those wheels spin forever.
the bb30 ceramic bearings were sluggish so i sprayed some t9 in there too.
i ordered some ceramic lefty hub bearings and pumped up the tires to 50 psi.
that bike goes a city block with 5 pedal strokes.
oh ya i got some ceramic XO der pulleys $$$ retail $150, oh wow.
a new sram hollow pin chain, sprayed all the grease off it with t9 and this drive train has no drag at all.
if you want to test the drag/friction on your drive train put it in the big ring and rear mid cog and kick the pedal/freewheel backwards, if it doesnt go over 3 times/spinning around backwards, without stopping you have a lot of wasted energy.
like gummed up chain and pulleys or too much grease in your bb. also spin your wheels, by hand. if they dont go for over 5 seconds with out stopping you need to do some kind of maintenance.
predictions for tomorrows mud flat massacre?
if i had a start list i could do better, but whats wrong with last week? alex, dave w. and bart. top 3, dont know the order. but last year alex flatted and got 2nd. but the race was in june.
im waitin for kday, bz and rico to come into form and be the dark horse.
i've been informed that bart flatted last year and alex won, and alex won today anyway, i wonder if bart flatted

Thursday, May 08, 2008


stuff that kicks ass

the ironman movie kicks ass

this oakenfold tune kicks ass

and the tires below kick ass.

so go kick some ass

from dastrup, did you try this?

this is what it feels like when i get back from vegas.

this video below, in utah, by some conservative friends i have could be considered "R" rated so if you are offended by "R" rated material, dont play it. its not visually bad, the lyrics i find funny, but some might not.

consider your self warned

tires for rico, and you too

ALL NON UST TIRES!!!!!!!!! tubeless tires suck, stans rules, tubes suck too, they are for kids with training wheels.

with normal NON UST standard tires.
i am god, what i say is law.

the best front tire ever,

too bad they dont make it anymore, just like many others that are extinct.

like farmer john...

inspired by the tomes in 1988

i found this long lost friend in san fran last week.

sweet tire, 1.7" wcs ritchey zmax carbon. lite weight, good front or rear.

sworks dirt baldy doesnt last long but works good in the rear, pretty lite and kind of wide for a 1.9"

for smooth trail riding with minimal rocks maxxis 310. not for every course, works good at sea otter (smooth) and park city deer valley, sundance or other steep courses

ritchey zmin 1.7" usually run it rear but i tried it up front, its ok but not perfect.

sager is a tire guru, he knows whats up but his post is biased based on sponsorship. im not saying hes lying, but there is a conflict of interest. good post, honest, to a point. i agree with it too, so if that makes sense take it for what its worth.

other wise these are sweet tires i ride, so indulge.

keep in mind im not sponsored. i dont have to ride anything, or brand. whats on my bike is there cuz i like it. i like it so much i use it. so next time you see me or my bike dont ask me "do you like that tire, grip, lefty, whatever" its my pet peeve, and quite annoying.

its pretty self explanatory i like it or it wouldnt be there.

please think of another question that involves a little more brain power.

thank you


and remember UST tires suck, they are heavy and heavy, and pretty heavy. if you might need them if you ride around in mine fields, or if you live in iraq.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i got it cut about 14 months ago, since then nothing. im going to sell it next year so dont make fun of my mullet

at this website you can make up to 3 grand for 20". thats pretty sweet.

mine grows fast so it should be there by 2010. by then i think the market will go up too.
since last year its grown 8"

start 3-07

last pic 3-08

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

goin back to cali

no sleep til brooklyn.

this is for all my dead homies....

check out the old skool dura ace brake set. if anyone knows the year you win a prize.

5 pro bars in my kitchen.
shipped 1st class world wide.

sly goes global.

rollin deep in the 818

in a few weeks, check out north bay, sausalito, san rafael, mill valley.
san fran has the highest gas prices in the country. just FYI.

i bet in a month it will be $5 pg.

climb um jones the utah legend

and remembering the good times with this old gem... ah the memories.

do you remember the times...

when bart didnt ever win,

or climb-um would show up hung over and win by 5 mins or 10....

or when he got 7th at deer valley norba when steve larsen won?

or when the chicken got the best of him at junior worlds in 1992?

yes, then there is the halloween party at the compound 2006.

flahute said...
Famous and retired? Must be Marty Jemison.
6:37 PM
Racing Green said...
A hint or two, never associated with a doping scandel and domestic racing.
6:58 AM
flahute said...
Louder is still racing, and was Euro for awhile.Burke is still racing.Turbo is still racing, although not as a pro anymore.Jemison was caught up in the USPS/Armstrong scandal.Are we talking road or mountain here?
10:29 AM
Racing Green said...
mtn is the sport and sly fox frequently mentions a body part.
8:19 PM
flahute said...
Glen Adams?
10:01 PM
primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
eric jones, you cant block me from the game? unfair!i dont flahute knows him, steve wasnt in town when he used to beat bart every weekend, and sager.
9:54 PM
flahute said...
I didn't know that Climb-um was a pro ... thought he, like Sly and Bart were "semi-pro" ... and what's the body part involved?Sly ... I've been in the 801 for 6 years now ... went to several ICUPs in 2005 to support the Cutthroat team by "guarding" the beer, and I seem to remember Eric standing atop the podium more than Bart, when they were both wearing the Biogen purple.
6:17 AM
Racing Green said...
Come on Cris it's my game I can exclude you...Next time i'm in SLC I'll give a prize to both of you (june or july). Eric had a few years there where he was getting paid, not to mention representing at the world championships in 92 (or 93) and 96 and a partial Euro world cup season in 2001 (where he made the velonews what's hot list)
2:27 PM
primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
6 years, so 2002. if you did watch the races back then, not saying you didnt or trying to start when you did, but even before that, 1991 to 2001 ej was pretty good, mostly undefeatable from 98 to 04, in utah. he did good in 05 and 06 but not to the extent of 98 to 03. top 15's at norbas, a few top 10's at high mtn norbas and almost every utah mtn bike race from june to august.

climb-um the legend.

RIP 2007.
a big ass pair of calves, rest in peace.
disclaimer: i read this, again, and it sounds like an obituary. its not. hes alive and in hiding. drivin brown and engaged to susy Q.

Monday, May 05, 2008

central park

we spent the morning sleeping. then decided to get up and go to central park. it was a nice spring day in the big city. we walked a lot. went into the park and walked some more.

there are always lots of road bikers in the park. i wanted to shred in traffic but it didnt happen, oh well.

i thought i saw lance ride by, there was a big commotion and it wizzed by. maybe he did a big bike tour sunday, ?? dont know but i should have done that too. some big city tour i dont know the name of it but it looked mellow.

but i spotted pockets louder on the plane from newark to slc. comin back from romandie. thats weird.

delta has tv's on the back of the seat, so i got to watch nba and no deal in filopino land.

i was in an elevator with a usada chapparone?

i asked if i could take the picture of the lanyard and badge. she quickly said(snapped!) no and flipped it over.

you think the elevator is awkward without saying a thing, looking at your toes, ... think again.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

boat touring

i got dragged around town today, again. i cant walk far before my dogs start barking.

slc is pretty clean compared to the big city. im a sheltered guy from the desert.

cant take the city life.

since t bird doesnt blog, when he does he never says how the race went i'll do it for him.

and check out the gila monster win. if you dont know how hard the monster is, its 100 miles, 12,000 or so feet of climbing, and the last 45 mins is uphill, like snowbird steep and just about as long.

my other race prediction: off a bit, i posted tbirds link on the right here ---------------------->
a few weeks ago.
well he won the monster. ok technically the guy sat on and didnt let him take the overall, so he won the stage and 2nd is ok by me so im not complaining.
this was from today, got it off velo.