Tuesday, September 30, 2008

demo, blood, trucks and boxsters

i was told to wear gloves, ceramic flooring is sharp as a blade.

im lame now so come load this dumpster for me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

throw a kit

Saturday, September 27, 2008

#1 cx fan brings you the slyfox cash zone

im bringin the bell and the cash, next saturday in draper come find me on the trail for "A" and "A+" cash give outs.

just for jennie wade, i will be there for the girls race also, but if you cant grab the cash on a dh one handed then you got no skillz and dont deserve to get paid.

for the B and C class, you dont get the cash, cuz your either sand baggin or you need to ride more, so get out and upgrade to get paid.

the slyfox cash zone will be pumpin the fat beat on the trail, in a hard spot to grab the dollars. with the tecno blazin in the forest.

if you have skillz you can ride 1 handed for a few seconds and grab some money.

each week the slyfox cash zone will be at the local cross races giving out money on the trails.

***some weekends i may be at a bike swap, like oct 11th, oct 25th, and nov 7, 14th.***

read here for weekly placing pics and i'll tell you first hand if im going to the race, just so i dont let you down.

other than that come get the clams.

Friday, September 26, 2008

cross pics

jump dont run

keep your eye on the ball

you make it look easy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

picture worth 100 words

Have a look at this spot from Diesel.


had to copy that from an unexpected source,

and heres the pic of what the...

treefarm wins, lance gets around 15th

after team livestrong started in the 50's somewhere, the top 30 were gone and lance chased and bridged from group to group. i watched him on the dismounts and hes ok, this course is all grass and requires a ton of power, its a zero on technical, with lots of soft grass and some short climbs trebon dropped the 15 man chase pack , split it with 2 to go and took off with 1 to go, he soloed in with timmy j and adam shortly behind.

here is some pixelated video

1 trebon
2 tim j
3 adam craig
4 jon page
5 frishy

others in the top 15, i can go by memory, i dont know the correct placings but these guys were in the top 15 for 50 mins or so.

todd wells
jon baker
j powers
matt shriver

thats all i can remember
check out cyclingnews.com

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

la verdad

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lance at cross vegas

atrain told me lance will show up and try to ride a cross bike around in a grassy park tomorrow night. i came down here just to watch the race, since im the #1 cx fan. cant wait to get in the beer garden run up and throw dollars with all the drunks dumping beer on the racers, while theyre pinned at 180.

i'll take some pixelated video on my phone and post it tomorrow night. then score some posters thurs and see if lance will sign them. they will be worth 200 bucks each.

i have not been on a road trip since may, ok i went to the beach in august but that doesnt count. i have not driven anywhere since may. its good to get out of town for a few days. even if it is crappy vegas.

i better stay off the tables, i just cashed in and now its time stay out.

heres a video i took from cross vegas 07

so while lance probably wont show, or if he does i doubt he finishes, he will crash or take out a bunch of guys.

he will be the media hog, everyone taking pics of the tour champ on a comeback. he misses the spot light, the attention, all in the name of cancer, curing cancer. hes rich from his foundation.
but if anyone one of you would research it, cancer foundations are a big money making scheme like enron, aig, fannie may etc.

there are cures for cancer, there are no magical pills but the cure is in prevention and thats a whole seperate story.

there are even clinics in switzerland that cure cancer.

hmmmmmmmmm, nobody ever talks about that...

its because lance and huntsman are taking your money in the name of fraud.
disease doesnt happen overnight, the human body is amazing and it takes decades of abuse and misuse to develop these killing diseases.
the most tragic is people think they are healthy, then one day the doctor tells them they are sick. in fact they have been living sick for decades and have no clue what healthy means or feels like.

drugs dont help, they mask and cause more problems

another............... WAKE UP DRONES!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

one time of a few today i had to let go and "LOL"

it starts with this.

im selling these used bibs that were owned by dz, some moron asks me, "did you wash these or do they still smell like dave?"

i cant believe people think this, or even take the time to write such stupid emails,

so i said

"no i didnt wash them, i didnt smell them but they probably smell like dznuts"
then i sent him this link

busting out ROTFLOL, (roll on the floor laugh out loud)
i cant contain myself.

he responds with this gem

"dznutz? i was just joking. I don't know why I can't sell my clean cycling clothes? How about I ship my clothes to and Dave can wipe some nut sauce on them and send them back. Then I can get $100 for them."

oh the joy

Sunday, September 21, 2008


take deuce

check this out

painting sucks

i've been painting this damn house for 8 days, 2 coats primer, (black and red walls????)

3 coats paint, trim, 4 rooms, 2 bath, 2 living, kitchen.... ya it sucks.

who the hell paints a basement black and puts fire engine red for a bedroom

here are the results for steilacoooom in seatac today.

bart made a comeback from last night, still cant think of anyone whos as fast as him with a day job. ok alex grant doesnt count.

ResultsElite men

1 Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com
2 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona
3 Jeremy Powers (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com
4 Joachim Parbo (Den) Ccv Leopard Cycles
5 Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Specialized/Kmc Pb Cal Giant
6 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona
7 Russell Stevenson (USA) Benaroya Research Institute Cycling Team
8 Todd Wells (USA) Team Gt
9 Bart Gillespie (USA) Monaviecannondale.Com
10 Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized

more results at cyclingnews

im the #1 cx fan so were heading down to interbike, watch the cross vegas. im throwin down some cash in the beer garden. dollar bills flying about, its better than losing it on the tables in 5 mins.

at every cx race in utah im giving primes, you have to grab them and i will be in hard spots so the most agile get a prize.

$50 bucks per race, yaaaaa

one dollar at a time

Saturday, September 20, 2008

team rico wins

team rico goes for broke

ali g rides sherpa mtn run up

caveman in the pain cave

alex rock almost spoiled the show,
reed 3rd, dh 4th.
ali g was off the front, got caught, attacked, gapped and flatted.
get em next time

Friday, September 19, 2008

failure is not an option

Thursday, September 18, 2008

husla got hustled

about 9 days ago i found out about the money order scam that i shipped my scalpel to french canada, montreal.

since then the scammer/liar, has emailed me no less than 10 times claiming if i send new tires or money for shipping he would return the scalpel, (more lies)

i was informed of this website, check it out.

my scalpel, in the box still, lame ass blurry pics soon as he got it august 26th post date on the ad. trying to hawk it on some canadian craigslist wannabe site.

i had made travel plans to go to montreal today, go to the address and bash this homos face in.

i called the montreal police and filed a report, (wont go anywhere) and they informed me the address i had shipped the bike to is a UPS store, along with 2 other address' i had obtained for the same phone number by google.

438 777 1792

he doesnt answer the phone, just has some generic lame message and wont call back. uses excuses like hes working or out of town to blow people off, but will continue to email the victims stringing them along to milk every dollar from them, (send more money for return shipping)

wont do it, and then uses the bikes, cameras, rolexs, jewelry, (claims to be a gemolist) as fake bait to lure the trusting sellers into shipping the expensive items.

if i lived in montreal i am motivated, could and would set up a sting and catch this jackass, hes quite arrogant and i hope one day he gets his ass beat real good. if you read this final link, near the bottom some guys are closing in on him and maybe by me posting this i will have educated some readers on the newest, but not oldest scam online.

the real money order scam backed by no monetary value scam.


it works like this, get a credit card company/bank. they issue you those checks that work like credit, he takes those, buys a money order from the same bank with a check, from credit, gets the money order, cancels the bank account, finds something expensive online, mails the money order.

the buyer gets the money order and all looks good, its a real money order, its just not backed by anything. its just a worthless peice of paper.

after you deposit it in your bank it takes between 3 and 4 weeks to run through the banking system.

you think you have been paid a month ago, you might spend the money or not, you think the sale is over and done.

then one day you check your bank and its 5000 in the negative. the bank will just take the money out and the jackass had no intention to pay you.

so i had travel plans to go up there today and find this scum bag, i had 3 address to check while in town, but the police informed my all 3 were UPS stores, with mail box pick ups. he just goes there to get the stolen items. so i have nowhere to look, but someone local that was scammed as i was will find him,

he is reading this, so to you jordan cote, if thats your real name. as he would and does say to his victims "go flower your damn hat"

and i hope you get hit by a bus or break your legs trying to run from all the harm you cause.

heres some email/info so you dont get scammed

jordan cote 765 beubien st. e
montreal qc canada h3b1t4

jordan allen
1235 notre dame west
dorval quebec canada
h3c 0b1

alex johnson
3484 boul des sources
dollard des ormeaux quebec
canada h9b 1z9

and check out my scalpel on sale now, hurry and dont score.
if you were a poor bastard suckered into sending him the 3 grand i dont think he would ship it and steal that guys money as well.


and here he scams more with rolexes, jewelry and cameras


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

seize the day

is it right to sit around and get taken advantage of, up in arms,

or to take matters into your own hands and do what needs to be done in the face of fear and adversity?

Monday, September 15, 2008

oh wow

suck it steinke

adam steinke wont answer the phone,

he wont talk or call me back,

his voice message says "this is jesus"

no lie, call and see for yourself.

801 708 9612.

but he will text like no other and wanted to tell me hes taking me to court for not paying him back for him stealing my bike.

this moron takes the cake for stupidity.

i told him if i see him on the street im going to bash his face in, he said the judge likes guys who make threats.

ya i dont deal with bike theives and stupid ones at that.

after the voting i decided not to pay him a dollar, so does anyone wants to come to court with me and tell the judge what a screw up this kid is

i doubt he will even do it

seems im on the wrong track for all this bike thieving drama, need to meditate and get clear.

norba/blue wolf is gone, about time

some new company is trying to re vamp the norba series. which is good. frosty and crew jacked it up pretty bad.

read more here, hope it works out.

there are lots of mtn bike racers, nobody wants to pay 75 bucks and get nothing, race at a ski resort on dirt roads and switch back descents.

with all the people showing up at events like sea otter, downieville and 12/24 hr races all over the country someone should get a clue.

its not the racing, its the promotion.

if you have not been to a so called norba event in the last 4 to 7 years you would have seen 5 guys in your age group, no prize money for pros and zero spectators.

i remember days in 1992 when the expert field was 250 guys all ages lining up for a 25 mile 2 lap race at mammoth mtn.

the pros would walk with 5 grand in prizes for the win and guys like myrah, ned, rishi, wiens, tinker and tomac
were heroes.

those days are long gone

i should say adam craig passed me at deer valley 2001 when he was a junior, that was depressing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

reed rips emi

reed looks fast for cx, i put him in the top 5 and top 3's at some events. he can start fast, has some power and the skills to turn. his draw back is the climbs, but cx is flat and hes got the watts.

pre season top 6

chris p
team rico

i may have to revise this in 2 weeks.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

paint the house wax on wax off

i'll be painting all day, went to lowes and got some valspar and a roller, .......sounds great.

heres ali g rippin it up emigration last night. watch out at the cx races next week and for the whole year. ali g is on fire

22mins up emigration, he was deep in the pain cave

crispy and bart dont have a chance

dont forget hes 12th pro at kansas city last year, and took down the beagle a few times. thats no joke. plus he didnt race mtb all year, means freshy fresh not fried from 50 plus road races crits, rmr's and a full mtb sked.

bring the bells, sly is the #1 cx fan of the year.

bloggin like no other

Friday, September 12, 2008

i gave up the mtn dew for team rico

team rico, aka ricardo rico

here you can have these. i cant tend to them any more as the cats attack and eat them. i had to leave them out on the porch and the dropping temps have started to take a toll....

i gave up the cokes and mtn dew 3 weeks ago, it does good for the add and ocd. im an addict, by default.

for a fix like crack or meth i go to the maverick and get donuts, licorice and mtn dew.

not a good thing for the blood sugar.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

for reed

sign ups for next weeks cx race in park city, new link works now


threats= ass woopins

i have been in email contact with genius 29, i threatened him with canadian mounties, my bat, a home visit and a grand larceny charge.

he says he will wire the money to my bank monday.

we'll see.

lotsa paypa

i need someone to work from home to make lotsa paypa,

posting my stuff online, pays $25-30 bucks an hour by commission.

must not be stupid, have lotsa free time, like to bossed around by me and not screw shit up all the time.

dumbass', lazy irresponsible need not apply

i dont have a 401k or health plan, but its tax free.

no lie, no joke.

email me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cx race in pc next week

flyer emailed by flahute, promoted and ran by i dont know?

Falling Into Cross

Cross Season is finally here!
September 20th at The Canyons Resort,
Park City, Utah

Knock off the rust, throw on some knobby tires and start running with your bike

Two Categories of racing
A-- ­ The Usual Suspects and anyone who thinks they can go fast

$400 Guaranteed Cash Payout

60 Minutes at 1:30PM

B ­ Everyone Else and anyone who thinks they can go fast but cant

$250 Guaranteed Cash Payout

45 Minutes at 12:00PM

Additional Prizes provided by Scott Bicycles

Raffle from 3:30PM-5:00PM as part of the Jeep 48 Straight Event!

More info on that at www.48straight.com! $15 entry at www.sportsbaseonline.com.

Add'l $5 for Day of Race Entry

For more information contact sportsbaseevents@gmail.com

if you dont want to drive 4 hrs to moose cross spend 100 bucks on gas go to this race.
you might win a few clams $$$.

drama in the den

i hate writing about this but it pisses me off so bad i do it anyway. i cant believe some people, seriously, in true utah style, what the frick are they thinking?

i forgot to tell you about my stolen titanium nuke proof in berlin 1994. that was a sad day. i hated that day so much i forgot about it until last night while i was staring at the black wall trying to lower my heart rate below 120bpm.

locked and ganked in the middle of the day in a busy park. snapped chain laying on the ground.

what the frick

i emailed genious number 29 yesterday about my scalpel.

i seriously cant believe how stupid people are, or so helpless feeling they have to do such actions to make themselves feel they are in power.

holy frick

i dont know what else to say but frick because my vocabulary will explode as want to smash this guys face in with a bat.

here are a few emails i got from him last night at 1am mtn time. thats 3am east coast. i dont know what the frick this guy was doing up at 3am but who the frick cares.

i hate displaying this drama, but as bobby would say, just ride. or its about me me me and you attracted it.

holy frick

I was forced to stop payment when the bike showed up with two shot tires.....then even worse a cut brake cable and in used condition when it was clearly described as brand new.


my response

what is your problem, if you dont want it send it back.

you didnt even email me about the problems, or you didnt even complain about them, you just rip me off??????

send it back or i will have to come get it at your house and that will not be pretty.

blackmail in the den.

2nd email

Send me two new tires, a bottom bracket and a new brake line and I will fix the check.Until then I spent a lot of money already. If you are legit I am sure you have no problem doing this. Not to mention you were suspended from ebay!

ok dont mention it..... dumbass.

1st off, new?? read the auction genius. god these people are stupid. it doesnt say new , USED IS NOT NEW.

2nd i never got an email or 1 complaint from this guy, his actions are way overboard, this retard sends me a money order and cancels it???

how the hell do you do that, it says MONEY ORDER on the money order. this is not a check. canada at its finest.

so the tires are a month old and they are dirt baldys , BALD TIRES, he says they are worn out.

frickin retard, he wants 2 new tires, big deal. email me and ask. are people really this frickin stupid????? ok so now he wants a new bb, its a cannondale SI bb30 ceramic bearing bb. the bearings dont last long. i admit when i packed it they were a bit rough. i injected some wd40 into the bb and it spun fine, the bearings were rough. i thought about including a new set, so hes right there. big deal anyway. ask and you shall receive. i can get a new set out of the mona vie team garage for a minimal charge. not the 200 bucks on egay.

a broken brake line? holy shit, a 10 dollar item. 30 with labor if youre retarded enough not to know how to do it yourself.

once again, this ass hat has my phone number and has called me, emailed me 5 times before he got the bike, wondering if i got the payment, calling, emailing me 5 times if i send the bike,

calling me again saying the wheel box showed up and im trying to rip him off, calling and emailing me while im at the beach trying to kick it.

holy frick im about to implode, i have to stop writing this.

ok who thinks this guy is a major retard.

the bank rejected the "money order" whatever. puts my account in 5300 negative. im not howard hughes. this causes a bunch of other problems, because this guy has no social skills. he wont answer the phone either. imagine that.

30 days ago he was , wheres my bike, wheres my bike wheres my bike.
now he has the bike and wont pay for it.
and wont answer the phone. god people are stupid.

new poll. make your votes.

i hate drama but this is over the top.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

stolen bikes

i have had my share of stolen bikes.

first was in 1991 my team raleigh got ganked off the front porch here in the salt lake valley, 1200 e 900 s.

then a year later in moab my klein with titanium manitou stantion tubes disappeared from city market. i brought it in the store and some jackass bagger put it outside. 5 mins later it was gone.

about 7 years ago i sold 2 rocky mtn dh bikes to a fag in indonesia. this is when paypal was young and there was lots of fraud. a lot more fraud then there is now, they stole credit cards from australia, opened paypal accounts and tried to buy as much stuff on ebay as possible. i got suckered into shipping the 2 dh bikes fedex which was around 900 bucks, plus the bikes the total was over 5000.

a month later paypal takes the money out of my account after i had shipped the bikes. i got stiffed, but i found out the bikes were sitting in the fedex hangar in indonesia. they wanted another 1500 to re ship them back to me.

at least i dont think the guy got them, but fedex probably sold them to an abandoned package company for 10 bucks.

well i stayed cleared of the scams for 7 years, with all the knowledge and info i have learned about fraud, i got scammed again today, well it was 27 days ago, but i just found out the scalpel i sold to a fag in montreal the money order is bad and i got screwed for $5300.

it takes 27 days for the so called money order to clear through all the red tape of the banking industry.

its not a fake money order its a real one, i checked it out. seems he had a bank check, paid for the money order with a fake check then mailed me the money order.

a new law on ebay now is nobody can pay with check or money orders. its paypal only.

so i tell you this story to beware of online thieves, they are always looking to scam someone, i have sold a lot of bikes overseas and avoided it for a long time. not everyone is a crook.

but im going to t town bike swap next month, and while back east i will drive up to montreal and see if this fag is still living in the address i have, i will bring a bat and get my scalpel back. i dont like getting ripped off and i will do what i can to find the 19 pound scalpel.

if anyone knows some mafia in montreal email me, i will put a bounty on this retard.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 11:05 PM,

eBay Member: bikehusla <http://us.mc353.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=checkout@ebay.ca> wrote:
eBay sent this message to Jordan Cote (number_1_habsfan).

Here's the invoice for your item,


Dear number_1_habsfan,

Thank you for your purchase. The total for your item below is US $5,295.00.

Personal cheque; money order.
Item #
Item Title
ebay item #130243488289
08 cannondale scalpel carbon not recalled sram xo lefty
US $4,895.00
US $4,895.00
Shipping and handling via USPS Express Mail International:
US $400.00
US $5,295.00

Jordan Cote
765 Beaubien St E
Montreal QC H3B 1t4
(514) 245-9321

for all you commuter types

ok, for the short list of commuters i know, team rico, chad, tiffany, kday, forrest. forgive me if i didnt mention you.

i got this safety vest for you.
battery powered with signal lights, rechargable battery and remote control blinkers on the bar.

forrest would be the most stylish owner.

Monday, September 08, 2008

i have a cyclocross bike

but it has road tires, i rip the flat route. i dont think i have enough watts to race C class. so i wont.

the cyclocross chippo poll is over. seems i sparked a fire and he got his act together and decided to stop procrastinating and organize another fall series of cross.

12 races on the sked, check it out and buy a season pass. it seems like a lot of racers are hankerin to get the 700c knobbies rollin, smelling tubular glue, want to get muddy and suffer for up to an hour.

especially caveman and team rico. bring the bells.

check it out at http://www.utahcyclocross.com/

sked here

there are a few races before that.

and for those that hate, voted no on the poll, get back to your golf game, or bowling.

if you dont know who chippo is , then youre missing out. hes a bit ocd on the blog posting.

hes the founder and president of the utah cross series. this is the 13th year or something ridiculous.

im selling this pimped out scalpel carbon, go buy it.

and if youre tall, like yao ming.

buy this XL scalpel from atrain.
its got 180's for pushin the big meat

Sunday, September 07, 2008

mirror image

this was me all day yesterday
and will be the same today.
NFL kickoff
i wonder which game atrain will be watching
farve at miami in the new jet green kit.
workin it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

double duty and trouble at walmart

i drove up emigration 4 times today on the moto, jeff is going to tour of misery next week, i wonder if he will win that, not that he cant, but road racing is a crap shoot.

ali g wants to enter the pain cave this fall for cx. 3.5 trips between the two of them and a drive up to bart g's.

atrain and the beagle want some pain but have yet to step up to the plate.

100 miles a gallon. $3.85 at the top stop and a sunburn

im not sure who is running the cx races around here. when, where and if there will be any.

im sure some one will do it.

seems to be lots of bees out, i got stung 3 times in 2 days. they fly into my legs and sting my neck. going down 215 at 55mph i cant see them coming.

i dont seem to be allergic but they sting like hell.

in case youre wondering, jeffs time up to the top of little mtn is 20mins 30 secs. im not sure if he was going hard though. last week when dz and tbird went they did it under 20mins and averaged 385 watts for the 20 mins.
there are some numbers for todd n. and piotrek, eat your heart out.

i found that genius adam stinky at walmart, in the tire shop slaving away. i drove up in the tire bay and he was standing there, i thought he saw a ghost.

heres a brief synopsis:

sly: hey

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????

sly: wheres my money

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

sly: wheres my bike

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaa??? story story story. aaaaaaa i was going to call you.

sly: ok whatever jackass

stinky: i got a new phone number.

sly: no shit

sly: give the bike back today

stinky: ok i'll meet you at 4.

the jackass wants a refund on his deposit.
i got the bike back with a sheered off ritchey wcs carbon fork.

he paid 700, owed 300, broke it and wants a refund. i'll sit on it for a few weeks and decide how much to pay the golden child.

that kid is a moron, if you want a sample of what goes on in his brain read this
i feel bad for sohmy, he is only 1 of his 5 buddies.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


not sure if its confusion, or eccentric, or liking to sign long names when autographing fans or checks but i noticed a few on face book, and would like to suggest a few more







how about





Monday, September 01, 2008

chaos in the den

aaaaaaaaaaaa, i cant handle 3 cats. how should i handle 2-5 kids.

6 seconds

garmin gets snubbed in tofu by 1 second, loses again by an inch in the uspro.

jeff dejected in 5th, 6 seconds down. tbird in 10th

cheer up young lad

down in brian head alex g racked up a top 10 in the xc, word on the street is dave welsh smoked the semi pros. nice work

team holley in 4th, firth 9th
and young robbie squire dominates the juniors, nothing new about that. watch for that kid in a few years of racing pro. you have another dave z on your hands there.

when someone that young can hammer like that at 18 thats the sign of greatness.

back in 96 dave z was a spry 17 and got 2nd in the snowbird hillclimb to levi. thats the sign of talent.