Saturday, March 31, 2007

busy next 16 hrs

i was layin down the power at the short track. like 30 lined up and i did the rmr attack and got a gap for 10 mins then got reeled in, but i still won the semi pro. it was at night and kind of sketchy but i didnt care. so then we watched the real pros and there was like 80 guys kaboom kabush won with wells 2nd.

kathy had the best result ever in 4th. thats like 4th pro in the usa. pretty good if you ask me. and shes stoked.

so now im drivin down to tucson, 2 hrs. get up at 5am and buy some parts till 8am then drive to ftn hills , 2 hrs back. race 40 miles at 10:30.

good times. thanks to bz thumbs mcgee for being my pro photographer
click on the pics to enlarge, check out my sweet arm band. yaaa

naughty swear words

if you dont want to hear bad words then dont open this, but it is funny.

fountain hills AZ, home of the world famous fountain. even at night it lights up. they live in desert and complain about water usage. so im glad to see them puttin it to good use.

super d action today, bob calls it super dumb.
down here there is no elevation to have proper dh action.
it was flat spun out big ring in the 44x11t. travis brown started 20 secs behind me and passed me 15 mins later. it was about 6.5 miles in 17 mins. he got 2nd, i got 6th. its a TT style race so i caught 2 guys and TB worked me over. he got top 10 in the TT yesterday and beat bart so i guess thats ok.
semi pro races with pros so i missed the podium by 2 seconds. that sucks. short track in an hour lets see if the sly trade mark attack from the gun can pull out the win.
dont get too excited the super d's are un-attended by the fastest guys and i thought the turn out was lame. since its not a real stage race all the fast guys are racing short track tonight and xc tomorrow. pros im talkin bout, since their point series and uci points count from those races and there is no prize money they wont do the other races other than what counts.

Friday, March 30, 2007

point to the fence

adam craig likes long sleeves in 80 degrees. what the hell

if you dont know brad, here he is part owner of revolution, and an expert sand bagger.

i lined up and told tomac and longo i was going to win, they were the announcers. then they asked me i sold my life yet. i had to disappointingly say no, then i came up short and didnt win. that sucks but so do TT's and at least im racing and not in arkansas with sager. i got 10th im pissed so i will take it out on them tomorrow.
22 mins somethin, bart got a minute out me and he got 15th in pro. i might need more high end power. we'll see how the 40 mile xc goes sunday. it will be better than 10th thats for damn sure. even

brad pilling got me by 2 seconds in expert. that guy is a sand bagger. hes got a sweet bikers edge sticker on his anthem.

more pics later, my system isnt working right for pic uploads. got lots of time to fix it though. it seems all the fast guys come to the norbas but nobody else. so its a weird place. no spectators or hot chicks just fast skinny xc guys who can pin it for 2 hrs. ya but nat ross is here so what do ya know? i dont know much but i know this place is hot.

jhk only needs a big ring. 1 x 9. and 29" wheels. i wonder how fast he would go on a normal bike and where the hell is tree farm and side show bob

kathy has a blog. Add it to the blog roll

20 minute TT up soon, its all about focus and not blowing any corners. its slippery like marbles on the side walk. dont hit any cactus and hook up the corners.

good times

if atrain was here he would get worked over, and slowran i wont even go there. oh hell.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

its not snowing here

this is what i do to atrain when he rides with me.

its like 70, thats better than 40 and 90.

tommy need wingy, aka wing city.

im goin to hit this place up. its like rib city in fruita. dem good.

i guess the last 4 days of napping did the trick. i rode the time trial a few times today and was puttin out big watts so tomorrow at 1pm i expect nothing less than victory.

heres the sked for the weekend
friday TT
sat super D 3pm
short track 7pm
sun 40 mile xc. with a 5am bike swap in tucson.
ya i cant resist the deals. i got 3 g's burnin a hole in my pocket.

these trails were made for me, twisty big ring power climbs. good times in the desert.

so ya'll have fun in the snow.
cuz sly is soakin up the rays.

heres diamond bob geekin out on free wi-fi.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

thumbs mcgee is on the cutting table

bz aka thumbs mcgee, i think this is how he broke the key opposable digit.
dont tell anyone, looks painful

ever feel like you work too much, dont have any time for anything, sick of the rat race?

ya i bet,

take a nap and evaluate your life and maybe quit your job and move some where warm. get a wife or husband, or if yours sucks get a new one.

it starts with a thought, then you turn it into reality.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the 50 year trail

i want to meet this chick with the machine gun leg.
thats so kick ass.

tommy need sleepy

i've been tired, sleepy mucho. got in 12 hrs of napping per day. it started friday night i went to bed at 1am, woke up at 3am from dripping rain, then stayed up the rest of the day.

i've been sitting around poolside in the sun. i have not done anything except lay around. the tan is workin out great. yaa

quote of the week from bionic dave last weekend.

sly: what time is it?
dave: i dont know
sly: we've been out about 5 hrs.
dave: oh really, wow, that long.
sly: im thinkin, holy hell this guy doesnt have a clue about how long we've been out, and probably doesnt care. its raining hard and windy and its only half way done. this is a long ride.

hammer on, 5 more hrs.

meet up with snake and pick up some chicks. yaaa

Monday, March 26, 2007

i found my new house in tuck son

thanks to bz for keepin me updated on the hottest radio tracks straight outta the audi.


its up north near oro valley. a house with 2 chicks, 2 dogs and a spare bed room. free wi-fi and sunny skies. what more do you need, well there are lots of trails too. sweet

bz crashed last week and broke his thumb, he's now know as thumbs mcgee, he emailed me this pic of jones and suzy. at target in the SLC.


now i have to work on my tan. if somethin cool happens and im not napping i will tell you later.
its really nice here, they have a kiddy pool and a sand box, its just like PR, but no world cup pros.

the green lantern is on the world cup film crew in puerto reeecko, its his bday so go over there and say somethin nice cuz his ass is all skinned up.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

chillin on the rez

if you know where this road is i will give you a free used tire. i know snake knows so he cant participate.

if you have never driven through south east utah you are missing out so here are some pics.
mexican hat rock, castle valley with sand and stuff. i go this route a few times a year to break up the monotony of I15.
my favorite town in AZ is tuba city. its next to the rez and thats where the babes are. i was gettin gas at the corner store and this drunk indian walks up with his suit case and asks me for a ride across town.

hes wasted and i say no, then he says i will give you 20 bucks, then i asked him why he doesnt call a cab and he told me he doesnt have any money.

well i guess he was so drunk he didnt think i would ask him that.

this fall im movin out of the winter inversion some where warm, some where down here, its 80* right now, i think i can handle that in january.

i stopped off in flag to see big jonny but he didnt call me back so i left town for warmer sunnier skies in tuck son.
i guess he doesnt want to hang with sly

Saturday, March 24, 2007

i saw climb-um & susy in moab

the road to moab, up high on the little canyon rim, just 7 hrs before i was riding on that road.

we started at 6am in the dark, chris P from white pine only needed 1 gear. i call him crazy he says hes stupid.

im done riding, my bike is ruined from mud, im blown tired and hungry. its 4pm im riding to the house and climb-um says hey sly, hes walking down the side walk with susy q. how the hell does this happen. they just rode poison spider and so did i. i never saw them out there.

yaa good timing. this is what it looks like 7 hrs in when im blown and cant ride anymore in a straight line. the gold bar, golden spike blue dot trail, poison spider its a bitch after 8 hrs of rocks.

i rode this crazy 90 mile loop in moab in 9 hr 45 mins. dave came in 10 mins later, he broke the chain and cleats and stuff. bad luck.
i never have ridden my bike that far in one day. forget the miles, 90 miles is easy compared to this.

i did lotoja once and that was gay. 9 hrs of smooth roads. this loop is rocky and steep. sandy, from the colorado river up over high cliffs. its hard and it was made harder because this one guy showed up, we call him bionic dave and now i got to see why first hand. holy hell i got pushed to my breaking point trying to hold him off in the last 4 hrs.
this is after a granny gear climb for 1000 vertical little canyon rim.

he pedals fast, small gears and keeps going all night long like lionel richey.

he stops and fixes his bike, changes clothes, eats a lot and i dont.
he will be on your wheel, or i will be on his, then he stops and then re-appears minutes later like he never left. while he stopped i kept it in the big ring. soaking wet and riding mud most of the day. it was cold, cloudy and i dont know how nothing happened to my bike. its really jacked up from the sand and mud but i didnt break anything. except my legs.

i dont know who got 3rd, maybe 3rd came in like 3 hrs later. about 30 guys started. some on 1 speeds. i think most people dropped out since it was so long and hard, the weather and cold.

while i was on on the rim i got some pics but you can see my camera got wet and didnt work.

check out the rim ride at

my time here is done, im goin to tucson tomorrow to sit at carmens pool for 4 days until the time trial at the nova.
white line fever.

Friday, March 23, 2007

wet sand is better than dry sand

it rained all day and we went riding in the rain out at 7mile canyon with chris p, fred and slowran. we rode like 5 miles and got muddy and soaked. yaa

its better than 90 degrees in the heat and sun baked. i even am bringin 2 tubes, 7 co2's, and tools.
i need to take the xm portable, tecno house beats all day in the middle of the desert, when you can do that you know youre livin large.

then we cleaned the bikes and bought some food, i decided to take some more drinks and gear. check out the pics

camelback 50oz, 2 bottles, mtn dew lots of blocks and candy. its goin to be dark at 6am so i will just follow the fast guy with the lights.
so when you get up tomorrow think of me, riding.

then when you go to lunch think of me cuz i will still be riding.

then when you go dinner think of me cuz i still might be ridin.

chippo is bringin over the hippy chicks so i gotta go
that mtn dew is strapped on with bungee cords.

yaa, heres chippo tryin to find the trail

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the rim ride

well i would like to tell you guys i was down here shredding, you know riding all day in the sun and stuff. but i sat on my ass resting and walked to the maverick. i have seen many guys i know wreck their races or goals by over training and thats not my style. you may think i ride a lot put in big hours but i dont. compared to most,

people ask me if i train 7 days a week and i wonder if they are serious. like they dont know its the rest that makes you fast. not the hard training. i see guys ride and ride hard, train big hours then go to the races and get crushed,... and they dont know why.

all you have to do is sit on your ass a few days a week and rest, then magically you feel like superman and can hammer for hours with no pain in the legs.

its a simple concept that many dont understand.

the 2 kings of this rest concept is jones and bart. those guys train hard, but they rest more than anyone else i know.

so the moral of this story is dont think you are lazy for watching tv all day 2 days a week you might just be rested enough to go to the races saturdays and slay the competition.

mikey sent me this email,

Chris, my friend knows this guy. I guess he sold all his shit on ebay about six years ago and wrote a book about it and went on tour and shit. Here's the URL. Also, send me your email address, so we don't have to keep using this gay ebay message board. I didn't get to hear your radio thing yesterday, was it fun? Also, were you on CNN? Mike

i dedicate this poster to all the utah roadies who sit in a pack in a race and talk until the final sprint.

heres a pic of bz's giant hard tail. 13th floor, 1 south main. lookin over at BST, dreamin of ripping fast 1 track.

its sittin right where it should be. cuz its not gettin on the podium. there are too many scalpels in town to allow a hard tail with the fab 5. to the lamen thats the top 5 at the ICUP.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sly goes global

ya i got some emails and stuff today, some phone calls.

i got on the radio, but still no bids on my life. i am waitin for the rich dude to kick down the cash.
CNN, local news in phoenix and Tbird called me from LA. he saw me on some show called "now thats ridiculous"

thats good times.

im going to moab tomorrow for the rim ride, after that im headin south to tucson for a few days before the norba. its only 99 degrees so im goin to sit at the pool and work on my tan.
hope it all works out. im bringing 2 bottles (instead of 1)
and 4 bags of clif blocks. that should do the trick. goin light weight and droppin the hammer early. see if i can git r done in sub 8hrs.

i know you scoff and laugh but lets see the watts then scoff later.

master? i only know one master. JB

more emails.

Hi, We just wanted to tell you good luck with this adventure. I wish I were more like you, what you are doing would scare me to death. But a simpler life does sound nice. It's nice to hear someone doesn't think lifes all about things they have you are proof we all could live without all our things. Again good luck on getting bids I really hope this works out for you. Donna
Hey buddy, if you sell can you send me some money? Getting married this yr. and could use it, just a shot in the dark, hey and thanks for the consideration too

You don't know can I have $100? More if you can spare....Thanks!
I saw on CNN today, you look sad I hope you find what you are looking for. You have a big heart but there is something making you very unhappy. I thinking about you, wish you the best... Sincerely

is this for real? was i on cnn, who knows but this is a sampling of what comes in.

kenny jones told me yesterday he did the moab rim ride last saturday on his 1 speed. that guy is koo koo loco, he was out there for 13 hours and got to the poison spider portal at 9pm in the dark. he had to walk 3 miles down off the cliff.

ok thats insane

1 speeders get my respect, always have, always will. even know i say you are gay.

i dont know how the hell you can do 13 hrs in 1 gear.

click on the blank space

i stole this from martini, since its so funny, watch it at the end. thats the grape lady, and heres the grape ladies son.

but wait there's more,

brant watching the grape lady, yaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, March 19, 2007

hardest ride of the year

i was seeing stars and almost passed out up on the dry creek, me and the train passed about 30 people then we caught these 2 one speeders right on a climb and i pinned it in the big ring. the rest of the ride was me hauling so much ass i was shooting flames off my bald tires.

i dont think i felt like passing out on a climb since i tried following sager and bart 2 weeks ago.

oh hell that was pain,
i still dont know who that 1 speeder was, he was ripping the up and the the dh. nice one.

heres an email i got today. well i got a few emails, some are not worth posting. some haters, to all the haters out there: get a life,

dont hate,...... imitate.

if you dont have anything nice to say then shut your pie hole.

Q: Cris: This is AJ from KZHT here in Salt Lake. Time for an interview? Email me here: - I'd love to get you on the air to talk about this posting... AJ

gary was gone, then today he appears.... boggling.

i might be turning into big jonny, posting emails all the time.
i have not heard from gary D for over 3 months. i thought he moved or got locked up, or just hated me.

i post this cuz i think a lot of people are sick and dont know what to do about it. i hope someone reads it and can figure out their health.

since the doctors just want to sell drugs.

Congratulations on you early season fitness. I thought you may think this little bit of info would be cool.
I have recently found what I think and hope is the last piece to my health performance. As you know since my trip to Elizabeth I have been doing better but I wouldn’t stay consistent and some times feel as bad as before, and go back to fasting for up to seven days I wouldn’t go longer because I didn’t want to stop training out right like I did before. So to keep a long story short I have conformed through trial and error with different foods I have Celiac disease I feel just as good after staying three or four days away from gluten as I do after as much time fasting with the exception of not having to tone down the training due to the low caloric in take from juicing. I would have never figured it out with out the full tear down and cleans Elizabeth helped me do. All the symptoms from celiac can be diagnosed as so many things it explains why so many people can go there whole life with out ever figuring it out. Of course the doctors would rather give you a pill than tell you to eat different because they don’t make any money from that. I do need the doctors to do the blood test because the extra expense of gluten free food is more expensive, it’s a tax write off.
Happy ridding Gary

its time to hit the hill, hit it hard, slowran and ATRAIN think they can hang. i handed it to one of them yesterday, now the tall one thinks hes the man.

hmm, we'll see if the train is on track.
i dont think it is.

news from the green lantern

he gave up blogging, or maybe its the warm sunny beaches, hangin with tw. winning under ground road races in PR.

the green lantern sent me a note on the phone.

"i just T boned a dog at 50k downhill and tore my ass open. at hospital now. all well's fault," of course it is.

"this is going to suck"

thanks for the update

let me know how the snorkeling goes with the salt water on your raw ass.

steak, seafood, salad, sizzler

can anyone identify this well known racer and/or bike shop employee, here in the SLC.
i have to word it this way or it will give it away.