Monday, April 30, 2007

ass kicker

this little guy likes trucks and stuff

im taking 5 days off from training, so i have some free time. i found this sweet jump behind my house, i think the hobos set it up. its got a sick kicker on it.

then i found the pink guys wife.

the green lantern is bailing out of pc/slc.

hes on a world tour. good luck GL, it wont be the same saturday with out you.

you know, towin us around and or just waiting for the next fastest guy just to ride with them.keep us posted on your trip.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

strike a pose

this wasnt me yesterday....

but soon i will strike a similar pose.

its that time of year to pig out on melon. so im going to see how many days i can go with the sweet nectar.

with around 18 years in this biking game you learn a few things, and know people who know more than me.

with the way my legs feel its time to take a week off and work on my tan, watch nba play offs and chill.
being over trained is my worst fear and im on the verge so with that said im hittin the couch.
and remember when its your time to strike a pose all the sacrifices are well worth it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

yeast canyon

maybe you guys saw me parking cars this morning. that was my volunteer effort of the month. packin em in like sardines.

i got to ride around for a few hours with the skinny tire guys. it was good for a change of scenery and not a 9 hr drive.

i picked up the atrain and pinned it to jeremy ranch.

we got lamb of god on the sat radio. it makes him hammer. so he made the break. with 9 other guys and i didnt. me and turbo tried to catch up but he had 5 guys up the road so i guess it was a half hearted attempt. ya thats racing

but i did try hard and had nothin so thats how it goes some times.
60 miles in 2.5 hrs. ya thats more like it.
i forgot my camera in the car so i was going to get some sweet pics of the scenery and the pack tooling around. oh well there goes that idea. maybe tuesday night i'll get some pics mid break.
action pics rule but i got nothin.
so you get these 2.

3 hr nap does wonders

i'll be up for awhile since i spent most the day snoring.

heres the musical kitty

im goin to see how many people call me so heres my #, 801 232 9841.
just call and say, ya.

or whatever, then tomorrow i'll tell you how many people called.
its 1am and im racing tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2007

the pink dude goes LDS

tommy d sent me these pics of the pink dude learing about the celestial kingdom. those missionaries are persistent and non judge mental.
im not mocking, im just reporting.

oh snap, its right in front of buttas and alexs crib on 9th/9th.

looks like bz's luck is turning. he found some skrilla in the road. keep it up bz.
"It pays to keep your head on a swivel." ya dude i know. im like stockton to malone when it comes to green backs on state street. you know the shits goin down when you find, hamiltons, jacksons, and benjis just flowin down the side walk. you must work at a bank or somethin.

any how, how bout them jazz last night!@!?!?!!@@?!
thats more like it.
and over at TNT they had the lowly lakers, with none other than craig sager. the green lanterns bro.

funny but not G rated

for my friends who dont swear. dont open this, otherwise roll on the floor laugh out loud
oh that was the funniest thing i have seen in a few days.
the grenade. oh ya

there is tons of crap on tv. i spent the day sleeping or watching junk like that. good times, maybe tomorrow i will go to a movie.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

bad ass magic

click on the blank space or click here

activate the worm hole

some times i think it would be cool to have a time machine. then i could go into the future and check it out. then come back with predictions and kick ass at the sports club.

i have this sweet hoody i wear around mostly 24/7. its old and says fedex on it.

when im feelin important i go out in public with it. a girl i knew used to work there gave it to me since i would go every day and spend lots of money.

people ask me if i work for fedex and i say no.

then they look at me funny and walk off.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

im still in the big city

i went riding yesterday for about 3 hrs. i was thinking the whole time about why would i go to a norba 12 hrs away. it didnt sound fun so im not going. for some reason i didnt get ready yesterday, i was putting it off, and not wanting to go. then the same thing today. i thought about it all day today and it didnt change my mind any. i was anxious all day, didnt want to go, thinking about why i was going so i went riding for another few hrs. my legs didnt feel any better and neither did the decision of whether to stay or go.

so im not going to waste my time going down there. im staying home this weekend and im going to see what happens.

maybe a big earthquake is coming and that hell hole is goin to get jacked up. now that i made the decision i feel better and it was the right one.

learn to swim
im moving some where, change my life around. go to hawaii hang with the locals surf big waves. maybe go to australia for the winter. who knows, i see a lot of change around me. people i know, things, stuff.
everything is on the move. people are shifting and i feel the same. some times i dont know why i do what i do.
but today i need to slow down and take it day by day. all i can tell you is hang on and dont go any where cuz its gettin good and you dont want to miss the best part of the show.
this planet is coming up on something big and you are here in this time for a reason so dont go anywhere. dont check out. just watch the shit blow up cuz its goin off and all this change and shifting is just the beginning.
i just found this video and the music kicks ass. the waves are pretty cool too.
oh ya i need a number plate for east canyon, do you want to sell yours for $50 bucks?
i should call james and get in, we are so tight.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

its only april

ya was having 2nd thoughts about the trip this week. the so cal 2 week thing. it sounded kind of long. it still does but im going any way.
i thought it would be nice to stay around and do east canyon then 7 mile but then i thought for about 2 seconds.... no.

im trying new places and new events and dont need to get bogged down in the same trails and courses with the same people week after week.
besides east canyon has some gay field limit of 300 and its filled up. thats really grand, just limit the racers and turn them away. all for parking stalls.
really stupid, its called car pooling. ever heard of it.
i got some new tires, so i have to go test them out. i was up at canyon trying to get them sealed up, 345 gram kenda kosmiks. its hard but i know the secret, then mike is telling me about fast bike racers and how they are OCD, ADD, or bi polar.
not me, im just a normal guy.
francis said tiesto and ferry corsten are coming to pc. thats sounds rad. i bet atrain will be there.

kday says im in the big ring too much so im riding granny today.
2x9 gives me 2 options. 44t, or 29t.
my power was off track for a few days so watched mtv upside down, now im out for 3 hrs. if i see anything cool i'll let you know.
south bound tonight. back to the beach.

Monday, April 23, 2007

monday funday

bucky calls this a muffin top
stormin came over and stole 200 of my cd's. i guess hes into house music now.
time to ride.
thug life
you know im a true baller

Sunday, April 22, 2007

drunk clubbing city folk stay off the mtn

ok get on the exercise bike for 20 mins a week at least. i found this on myspace from a drunk clubber who never does anything.

Apr 22, 2007 =
I Almost Died Today.....
Today I was on my way up to Alta for the last day of the ski season up there, not to ski (I am mexican) to work and promote this new energy drink for a friend of mine, so there I am heading up by myself with little sleep and tiny hangover, HA... when I got there the snow flakes got bigger, I waited for the gal that was going to take me up the lift to get set up, as soon as I got on that lift and headed up I knew I was not ok, got real sick real fast.. 9300 feet high and little oxygen and the fact that I have never been up there..I know I know, I live in Utah and how do I not ski or enjoy the resorts??? thats just not my thing, I like the sun......I told the gal "oh I don't think I am ok" when I walked in to the resort where the party was going to be I lost my ability to even talk, 20 min laters I am pale white, my heart rate went down and so did I, I have never passed out in my life before, when I woke up I had oxygen on me and felt like I was going to die, It was so so scary, I have never felt that ill ever in my whole life, I could't breath or was truly scary for me. I went back down and called my friend in NY and said "sorry yo, I almost died"... I am not going to lie, I cried like a 2 year old on the way home cuz of how shook up I was.... so I cry....and just to make sure I was not crazy about this I pulled this on it....Jeeeeez they should tell you before you go up there you might die...NEVER AGAIN!

then she writes this.

High Altitude Illness Most people have no problems after arriving in Utah. However, some people experience unpleasant reactions to Utah's high altitudes. Symptoms of high altitude illness can include headache (generally at the back of the head-particularly in the morning), dizziness, fatigue, dry cough, loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, disturbed sleep, and a general feeling of being ill. Symptoms of altitude illness may mimic those produced by hypothermia, dehydration, carbon monoxide poisoning or low blood sugar. Most of these symptoms are caused by a lack of oxygen. At 6,500 feet (1,981 meters), the air we breathe contains about 20% less oxygen than at sea level. Lack of oxygen affects most bodily functions. Our muscles cannot do as much work, our nervous system cannot take as much stress, and our digestive system cannot handle fat as well. If possible, arrive a few days in advance of your planned physical activities to allow time for your body to acclimate. Also for those first few days, stay away from fatty foods and drink plenty of water.Loss of muscular control, blurred vision, hallucinations, and mental confusion are signs to get down to a lower altitude immediately and seek medical attention.
that happens at every race. hmmmm

she shouldnt ride up there or race either. stay in the club. i shouldnt post this but its too funny.

the link to her name, check it out yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

kick ass song while the city sleeps

monster ballads kick ass

chippo likes winger and nickelback. GAY. he says it gets the chicks but i never see him with any.

he cant hang with the hard core beat this video is layin down.i got this tomac wheel a few weeks ago for $25 bucks. check out the selling price. ya thats the cash cow.

im hittin the trail before it gets colder and wet. then im leavin town early for san diego. the pink dude went global on the www. take your pics and watch for him in the big city. down town. i think he lives right next to me by the maverick. i see his truck there and i see him walking and ripping around town on this cruiser.

he migrates from starbucks by wild oats 4th/7th to coffee garden at 9th 9th. when hes done at one he goes to the other, then when hes done at that one he goes back to the other one. one day i saw him in liberty park. document your sitings and email them to the pink dudes website. oh ya, i saw team rico up on the trail. he was gettin in some 1 track hammer time. good work rico. i saw bart training in the emigration closet. dont let him fool you he puts in the big hours.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

what the hell

check out this little diamond in the rough. couldnt say it better my self. yaaaaaaaa

come on now, its time for a break through here. i have raced the last 4 week ends in 4 different states, cali, az, utah, i-da-hoe.

with 4 different groups of guys and i got 3rd at all of them. today was no different.

what the hell

another windy big ring course in the high desert. just like the other past 3 weekends. big ring, windy, power climbs. im not complaining im just wondering what the hell.

my mediocre performance today didnt help my spirits. i felt tired and off so i turned the cranks over for 1 hr 50, got dropped by cody by a few minutes. us 3 broke the record so something was fast. i didnt feel fast, but oh well thats racin.
and after all these years of doing the same stuff the feeling of tiredness boggles my mind from week to week. different trails, conditions, life effects and driving, course lengths and intensity all take their toll in different ways and im feeling really tired now.
need sleepy.

another road trip and new set of scenery is in the books.
thanks for lots to all who care.
this weekend made possible by the green lantern, slowran, stacy and cody.

word......... im south bound.

Friday, April 20, 2007

red fox trail

im up in boise for a few days. its warmer and sunny here than SLC at 60. i picked up the green lantern so hes goin to ride the 1 speed pro class and see if he can hang.
tom at wobble naught checked my mtn bike and dialed in the new road bike. seems i need some small adjustments to put out the 500 watts.
that took like 2 hrs. then we found the red fox trail up in the foot hills. its like BST, and a lot of riders were out. hit up the baja fresh now we're chillin at some chicks house. yaa

the mind of sly

if you were wondering.

this is what goes on in my head while in the big ring, floggin it standin up hr 199 on the verge of passing out.


Thursday, April 19, 2007


i ripped the bst, the city creek dh was rippin fast. no mud and the tires were hookin it up, nobody out on the trail so i was hauling ass as usual. the new kenda small block 8 was un---real. im not used to tread so it works pretty good and i recommend using tires with tread.

what a concept.

i didnt have the nikon and i missed the pic of a young bull moose right up near red butt. i wanted to chase him but what good is that if i cant document it.

i was wondering how to write this so i guess i will just say it. i think the semi pro class is slacking. the time gaps from us to pro is way too much. i noticed it last summer as i watched them just sucking.

its the same this year. i wouldnt say im fast or a good climber and i can hang at the front. i wasnt expecting that and i think its because the semi pros are now the what the experts were about 10 years ago.
i want to raise the bar for this class and make this class go faster. if they want to race pro, get thrown into the fire these young guys need to step it up. go faster, longer and race pro distance. week after week.

maybe i can drag some of them along for the ride, the young guys have goals of racing pro and i dont so if they want to they will have to pass me first.
here is j lao, ripping up the TT today.
must be steep as hell cuz hes not in the big ring
impressive GC,... j-lao. keep it up. you worked them in the break the other day. glad to see it.
and tbird is waiting for brasstown. take it to the pain cave.
spiderman 3 is going to kick ass, i didnt see grindhouse so i gotta go.

i wonder when climb-um is going to make the 07 debut, and thumbs bz?? what up training compound north is slackiiiiiiiiiiiin

the green lantern is goin national, he lost 5 lbs last week and is pissed. may he set foot on all norba podiums in north america after july 6th.

dont cross a super hero it will come back to haunt you.
aqua man, super man, wonder woman, spider man, bat man, the flash, wolverine and a green lantern.
so you could say puttin out the watts, just like chippo

busy drivin

here are the next stops on the domination tour.

april 21 boise
april 28 santa ynez cali
may 5th fontana
may 12 lava
may 19 heber
may 28 draper
june 2 sundance
june 9 deer valley
june 16 dv again
june 23 12 hr pc duo
june 30 solitude.
thats for big norm. hes making a sweet mtb video so bring your game and catch some air.

ok thats enough, im sure it will be time for a break after all that.
i've been waiting for it to get over 50 so i can go ride. i have been napping for a few days, not doing much so im feelin kind of lazy.

i wonder if sager is really goin to ride a 1 speed saturday

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

learn your comp

i was checking around the web and found some good info on these guys. a lot of similar names at the otter and the cactus cup.
even the infamous roadie at the otter. seems he had a good day sunday and melted when it got hot down in the desert.

see what i mean, check and compare.

norba in az results

otter results
there might be a good show down next week end in so. cal.
im on the melon and going to shred.


movin up

people ask me why not race pro, sand bagging it with the amateurs.

well i like to win., or if not win then do a good ride near the front. i like to rip the dh with nobody in the way. following a train of guys on a dh is a big kick to the balls. while the top 5 are ripping it up gaining minutes.

i dont want to get shelled by kabush by 20 mins and dice it with some tool for 40th.
pros are supposed to get paid. why should i race pro if none of them do. no money no prizes, no cash. whats the allure?

i know the top 3 guys probably get some money but other than that its a free for all.

i dont want free bikes and parts. i ride the stuff i think is best and lightest. parts that work. i dont want to put shit on my bike cuz the team said so.

i dont need pressure from teams to do good, i do that enough on my own.
i dont want to be 5 or 6 rows back on a short track and get pulled 5 mins into a race cuz that race is all about start position.

i have never won a big semi pro race, i got 2 coming up in a week or 2 and deer valley in june. we'll see what happens but right now i have no intention of moving up.
the cons out weigh the pros.
no pun intended.

its not the fact im looking at the glass half empty,
i do what i want and its not fun to race at the back in the dust and waiting for so called pros to get out of the way on the dh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

kid rock

We've travel this land packed tight in mini vans And all this for the fans, girls, money, and fame I played their game And as they scream my name I will show no shame. I live and die for this.
i was goin to stay in town this weekend and ride. but i found this race and im goin up to see tom at wobble naught. eric ransom lives in those parts so it should be a good race.
if anyone else wants to go, page me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

get your autographed copy now

boris gave me a 100 of these post cards. he promotes the E100 races with 10 different people on each one, gives them out to advertise his race series. so now im famous, along with 9 other people included kenny jones, lynda, dave h, and some other people who like to ride for 10 or more hours.

they are going fast so get yours now.

driving for 10 or more hours gives me time to think, about what i did right and wrong. im talking about analyzing my race performance, what i can do different. work on weakness' and race the strengths.

i came up with this, im not comparing the people in this story just the situation. 2 weeks in a row i was up against the same thing. 2 guys on the same teams, doing the same tactics. now i know there is a lesson here for growth but i cant figure it out yet so if you guys know, please enlighten me cuz i dont want it to happen again.

2 guys following, letting me work more.

2 guys faster than me, sitting and watching. hanging back for the kill.

2 guys on the same team or wearing the same kit

2 courses similar in length and terrain, short power climbs, not selective enough to get big time gains on steep climbs or long twisty down hills.

me cracking near the end and getting dropped.

me not drinking enough.

so the obvious is dont be at the front, and drink more. but im looking for something bigger and deeper than that. maybe there is nothing more, and it comes down to waiting and hydration.
i was upset yesterday about the way the race panned out at the end, those guys were better and i shouldnt have ripped them. i probably would have done the same move if i could have. its frustration nothing more. i dont like racing that way, thats why im not at a road race every week. ya i know all the roadies (burk, j-lao, dh, team rico, turbo and more) are laughing. ok get your kicks
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile

Sunday, April 15, 2007

blame it on the wind

to keep the theme going i named this for the wind storms we rode in today. 2 guys dropped me with a mile to go in a killer uphill head wind. they followed me all day then i was blown. ya dont lecture me about pulling into a head wind with 2 wheel suckers. these 2 from cali on the same team just followed me all day, i tried everything to get rid of them and it didnt work so i guess they were stronger and did the roadie move at the end. so i got 3rd in 2 hrs 40.

since we were racing at the same time as the pros i didnt get any pics except for this gem.

some times we had fast tail winds on this dirt road dh, hittin 50mph. then on the way back uphill we were goin like 5mph.
i couldnt believe nobody was near us. we were not goin any where fast but these 2 just sat behind me. yaaaaaaaa rmr at its best.
i was in the big ring all day, tried hammering the climbs and ripping the 1 track but they were on my wheel all day.
this one guy i dont know who he is but hes like 120 lbs 5' 5" from columbia then the announcer said hes some road guy.
figures he raced like one to a T.
going 3 mph on a climb then attacking me like track racer.
now that is really stupid, ya he won but it pisses me off and i told him that. he kept claiming he was blown too.
i dont know who won the pros i left, im goin to this bike swap in berkeley so no podium time, im on the road north bound.
oh ya i met jeff kerkove, he set me up with some new ergon grips/bar ends, thanks.
and my rear brake was broken the guys at sram/avid put a new caliper on it this morning the piston broke off. i think my bb bearings are blown too
norba 2 and 3 in 2 weeks, santa barbara fontucky.
i better start the water melon. getting dropped on the last climb is a ball breaker

Saturday, April 14, 2007

blame it on the rain

i dont like flailing or excuses but im going to blame this on the rain. or my tires. im not the pro team truck full of maxxis tires or power washers. clean clothes, prepared meals. ok thats enough.
thats why i dont race pro, cuz im not one. semi means amateur.
i was wondering how those guys put up with travel, training on the road, food, rest, mud, rain crappy weather sickness, missing everyday home town luxuries like your fave place to eat, your own bed, friends etc. the fast guys that hammer and win week after week in different time zones all over the world, thats not me. im the, you know the working guy that pays the bills buys the parts and gets all the glory.
this is a one man show goin on over here all the wins and failures boil down to me.

having watts comes down to not spinning the wheels in the mud going nowhere.

i thought tree farm won, but i had to leave and get warm. it was soaking wet and cold the course was a shit sandwich, i didnt like it but what can i do, it got delayed 3 hrs, not a good way to spend the afternoon sitting in the car with the heater on wondering when the pissing rain will stop.

i can call it day and go home get ready for the long one tomorrow. im not here racing for 10th so i was around 10th and pissed.

when im done im done so i left early. my bike and clothes are wrecked. i dont have a team mechanic so what, i need replace the brake pads they are gone, go to the car wash and fill the bb with sand, oh thats what that popping noise is. go to the bike shop get some brake pads, wash the clothes and oil the chain 10 times. the course tomorrow is sandy so i dont think it gets muddy.

i watched todd wells go from 3rd to 15th with one crash on the dh. thats got to suck.
well riding around in a grassy field in mushy soup sucks too.
the climbs here are steep

Friday, April 13, 2007

lets be positive

california sucks. i dont know why i keep coming back. too many people and cars. ya thats the positive side of it.

i just paid $125 to race a 20 min short track and a 40 mile xc. that better be some damn fine trophies for that kind of jack.
little normy won the TT last night. i think its cuz i didnt go. kathy, thin and thinner and bryson are here, and turbo. i dont think anyone else from utah came out. i could be mistaken but that never happens. the green lantern almost came out with me but went to dtown. bart and jones are training in secret from the closet.

i have not been here since 03, i got 3rd that year. the course is longer and different so i did a lap, it took 85 mins. x 2 laps. thats a long race. i guess im used to it. the last 3 weeks have been over 2.5 hrs any way. its not 90 degrees so i can get away with 1 bottle and some blocks.
oh and guess what, its all big ring. ya its hard big ring but who cares. i must be puttin out
the watts to be hammerin gears like that.
i wonder when this place is going to fall in the ocean, its way over due.

this is a big race, they have like 50 things goin on at the same time. norba should take notes and copy them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

fitttty means loud

bart likes it at 18. but i need it loud. if he was here he would jump out and hitch hike.
atrain would stab his ear with the ice pick.
especially tonight. judge jules global warm up is crankin the beats and it kicks ass.

where im goin

drivin on I-80 battle mtn nevada, its the arm pit of the earth.

that thar is arizona. hurricane utah is 7 miles north. we raced on the border, just like dem polygamist types.

what the hell did that mean i dont know.
nice pic though.
check out my new plate "00" ostertag style in the hizzzzzyy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

tommy need wingy

i killed that bird

i forgot to get a free sager T SHIRT for the podium. over night me one green lantern,, and this turkey was good. i bet you want some.

i changed my name to luda

what the hell, its cold

im leavin town early, i cant take the cold. im gettin soft,

im goin to the beach.

slay the otter.

short track sat, xc sunday plus a bike swap. good times on the west coast.
check out the new song, overseer slayed last on the play list.

i dont ride in weather thats rainy under 50 degrees or snowy.

i picked up this old skool tioga kevlar disk drive wheel today. check out the tomes rippin it up at the 1992 cactus cup with the disk rear wheel.

this one wheel once sold for $500 bucks. back in the day that was like $2000.


check out the specs on tomacs 1992 hard tail. its 25 pounds.

i wonder if i could go back in time with the scalpel, like 1989 and race the norba how i would stack up against old skool ned, tomes, myrah, weins, etc.

that would be funny. and they would flip over the 20 pound scalpel.

puffy dmx russel jay z yaa

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it snowed last night

i do what i want

Monday, April 09, 2007

millcreek mile 6

east side bullies, these guys pushed me off the podium rock, just like in the race. they both tag teamed me into submission. bart the attention hog. check him out.

i went up past elbow fork and it looks like this. there are some patches of ice before this, so if you dont have any skills on the road bike you cant get this far up the canyon.

big ring up millcreek, that felt easy. good times.

this is right past the mile post 6. i walked up to the top of this snow field to see if ended and it didnt so i went down pipeline. stopped at canyon for some food then rode over to the zoo, jumped on shoreline and ripped it over to dry creek and across back down town.
3.5 hrs. so now its time to watch tv.

i had to copy these from matt, its too funny. ya i never crashed on my bike when i was little i always ripped it up.

i changed my name to prefontaine

not cuz im a runner, but i like his style. i dont run, except up volcanos.

Great Quotes from a Great Runner.

"Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, 'I've never seen anyone run like that before.' It's more than just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative."

"A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more. Nobody is going to win a 5,000 meter race after running an easy 2 miles. Not with me. If I lose forcing the pace all the way, well, at least I can live with myself."

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift."

"I don't just go out there and run. I like to give people watching something exciting."

"Something inside of me just said 'Hey, wait a minute, I want to beat him,' and I just took off."

"What I want is to be number one."

this guy kicks ass, im goin up millcreek to check on the snow levels, shred the gulch, get road miles on the scalpel. i'll post pics when i get back.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

dont steal my bike or i'll kick your face in

buy it now on egay. i have about 50 of these so buy it all.

im trying to raise gas money for the double norba trip to so cal in a few weeks. im goin to hit up the norba 2 and 3, miss the 40 miles at 7 mile pass thank you.... i dont feel like following bart and sager, and probably jones for 3 hrs on dirt roads. so i will pay TBB $50 and get a podium shot at glory with some fontucky action. i got a place to stay so who ever wants to chill in LA for 10 days, ya lets roll.

all my fave shows on mtv are gone, cribs, boiling points, rob and big. a lot of others are gone too. so i've been watching deal or no deal. they should put me on that show i would clean up. go all the way and the banker could kiss my ass.
the other good show is discovery planet earth, with the slow motion sharks killing seals in africa. that reminds me of racing. im the shark, the predator, killing soft fur seals all for glory.
remember, all the norba XC main events and the sea otter is on "SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!"
said loud with a deep smokers voice, preferably red neck with veins popping out of the neck.

its easter or something

ya gears are for watches, or steep climbs in park city. there are no climbs in the desert the last 3 races i never used anything but the big ring. the master laid down the law, ya its stupid to pull but thats how i race, i go hard then get better. i dont follow wheels i destroy them.

chippo raced yesterday, he beat one guy so hes on the up and up. now hes at the pool in vegas at the mirage and says there are lots of hot chicks. i bet hes not talkin to them. bald head, rug for a chest, skinny shaved legs. ya not the best way to hook it up.

matt love has some cool videos over on his page check it out. the shit hits the fan, free ride jumps and some girl digging through garbage.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

we went to the chollo challenge

ya its the chollo, like ali G, gansta chollo. it was hot and dusty. 88 degrees 35 miles with lots of whoops and sand. i was in the big ring all day so its my style of course but the green lantern duo forced me to pull for 22 miles then i cracked and limped in for 3rd.

oh well.

10 guys, 3rd place, 50 bucks, 2.5 hrs in the heat. 1 water bottle.

35 miles. all in a days work.

bart and sager came in together just like last time, i rolled in 3 mins later, then chris holley, 4 guys dropped out with heat stroke.
ya good times. results here, im sure in a few days.

i only did this cuz it says dont get on the animals, if the sign wasnt there i wouldnt have cared.

im goin to the catholic cathedral right now for easter bastisms, not me, just some friends. i dont think they would allow me to join anyway.

i have more pics so i will do those later
white line fever.