Monday, March 31, 2008

the farthest tip on the island

the lighthouse farthest point on the southwest corner of the island.

this is looking west can you see the yucatan. ok maybe not.

the farthest southwest point on the island, its not the red dot on this map, its way down in the southwest corner.

we drove south, checked out some beaches and drove to ponce. tomorrow we will contine the round trip of the island heading east into the rain forest.
check this out

Sunday, March 30, 2008

beach gaming

tomorrow im swimming over to that island on this map desechio, its a big ass mtn in the ocean. it looks far away, maybe it is. but i dont care. im down with sharks and rip tides.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

we finally made it to the beach

jump in.

rincon, west coast atlantic/carib. sea.
its pretty hot here.

this place is far away,start it off with a 2 hr delay in slc, 3 hr flight to texas with 4 hr delay there.

get to miami at 1am, leave at 7am. 3 hr flight to a remote beach island, 3 hr delay trying to get lost rental car, 3 hr drive in traffic to warm sandy beaches.... hmm, a lot farther than i thought.

1000 miles in the ocean from miami. 4000 miles from san diego, 11000 miles from sydney. thats pretty far.

that was the longest 24 hrs in my life. doesnt sound bad but it was the worst ever. i got jacked so many times, waiting, laying on floors, driving 3 hrs only getting 70 miles in grid lock. wow it was crazy. but we finally made it to the beach and its pretty hot. were staying about 200 feet from the beach, i hope a big ass wave doesnt come in the night.
i saw this native roadie guy riding down the side of the road, the last few weeks i shipped a few items down here they bought off me from the internet.
since this is usa territory the shipping here is the same as ogden or provo. $1.65 costs to send a pair of gloves here, thats stupid but good. this guy i saw was the one who ordered the gloves. maybe, had the same ones i sold. long shot, but maybe.
one random thought.
when i get bike stuff in a city, i remember where it comes from, then i sell it again. weird thing is the people that buy a few of those items live in the city where i just got it. it has happened way too many times not to be coincidence, but energy i focus on, or energy of the item. why would the people from the city i bought it from buy it back from me, having me re-ship it to where it was originally?
it happens all the time and its boggling.
it has happend in seattle, madison, denver, san fran, tucson. those people should have just went to the bike swap and they would have scored sweet deals.
i wonder if todd will win tomorrow like boom boom kabush in fontucky

airports airplanes and csr's suck ass

csr=customer service rep. =unhelpful useless jackass.
what else is there to do at 230am, this airport is old and filthy. its the worst i've seen besides la guardia.

there are hundreds of people sleeping on the floors here, its a small city. all the stores are closed, the terminals are locked down, all these poor bastards are sleeping on filthy black carpet because the airlines screwed up all the flights and left them stranded.
ya im sure it happens all the time. thats why i drive. driving here would have taken 56 hrs straight. i guess i'll sit here in the chair until 530 and get the plane to the beach cabana

if you have watched planes trains and automobiles or seen the series airline on a&e. thats how it is.
i have always hated airports, the delays, the people, sickness, food, everything. but i keep coming back for more.

missed delayed flights, lying people, the idiots down here are on another level.

i bet if i had to deal with pissed people all day i wouldnt be much better at it.

i have not been to florida in awhile and i know why, this place sucks worse than vegas. plus they dont speak english here.

thats expected in another country, but not in san diego, miami or harlem.

i wonder when this hell hole is going under the atlantic, i hear atlantis is rising soon.
maybe mount serrat will blow up and end it all for this filthy hole.
tsa sucks more, they wont let you bring toothpaste or co2 cartridges but they dont give a rats ass about the 3" blade on my key chain.
maybe they missed it, but 7 years ago they wouldnt let the file on a toe nail clipper through.
they are too busy searching shoes, x-raying lap tops and stealing peoples shampoo, i got on the plane with a pocket knife, i wonder how much other stuff they let through, what a waste of time, money and its a big joke.
long lines to steal your lotion creams shampoo and toothpaste... another broken system that needs overhauling.
talk to hilary and obama, they got it all figured out.
i wonder where the beach here is, im goin to find it. its 85 outside and 65 inside. turn off the god damn ac

Friday, March 28, 2008

mtb race news official launch

shannon b, gettin it done

what the??

Thursday, March 27, 2008

the trail is dry

it snowed today.

for real,


every time it rains or snows i go up there and its vacant.

seems all the people in the city dont understand the dirt in this area, it snowed 6" up there and it melted and the trail was dry 6 hrs later.

didnt see one bike today,
thats a good thing.


3:05 pm

im goin to warmer climates
i wonder if they have wifi on the beach

like sager said, have fun in fontucky suckas

i'll update you from the hammock

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

knight rider

25mph up emi. uphill,
45mph dh.

times that by 3 and you got yourself a workout.
im talkin bout me, its tough ridin the vespa all day.

didnt get enough

im cold
WE passed AJ up emi, tri geekin out. climbin in the drops/AERO TT STYLE. work it AJ.

Monday, March 24, 2008

in a month i should be world champ

rippin the dirt again with no sleeves, warmest day yet. i heard some guys named kday and big mule were rippin at 5pm but i was on the road rollin 60psi with a fierce tail wind down 7th east.

by the time i got back up around emi it was 530 and i was goin solo, then in the distance i spotted the blue train with alex g and dave welsh in tow. it was big mule pullin the pack so i bridged, while in the pain cave rollin 125 watts up dry creek we passed mark and krispy goin down but i couldnt talk so i kept climbin. i was dizzy from the 2 hrs of shred and didnt even take a pic. dang that makes for lame blogging.

70* tomorrow, i think i'll ride more mud and pack out the trail.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

selling your sheeeaaat

i read something somewhere that the average american has at least $1200 worth of sellable junk in their house that they dont use.

im not talking furniture or big heavy items i mean small knick knacks or sports equipment.

a few weeks ago i cleaned out my apartment, i gave a few big boxes of stuff away at the bike swap and i still had a lot of bike junk, stuff like
used cogs
used tires
used chains

parts worth nothing, missing pieces and old used ripped clothing

used bibs
used tubes
used spokes

used everything.

its junk i pick up at bike swaps in big buy outs from shops, its not stuff i want. it just comes with the deal. they dont want it and give it to me.

so i sold all of it for around $2000 on the internet. they bought it all,

if you have a box of junk just post it on the internet with a title "box of junk buy it now i dont want it"

people will laugh and bid on it. then charge them $20 for shipping and they want your crap.

stuff you think is worthless is worth good money to someone, you just have to sell it.

if you dont want to then thats a whole other story and why you should sell it all to me.
i cleaned out some friends garages in my day. paid them a flat rate for a big pile of shit. theyre happy, im ok with it, i sell it and make profit for my gravy train life style.

see how that works

if you dont want to cash in on your own junk then sell it to me.

bike broker sly

spit vacuum

try to let it go far, then suck it back up.
ali touches himself,
we saw bz and climb-um. then jen. upper dry creek is mud still. wont be dry til april 5th.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

shreddin rippin railin 2 wheel drift

norm, aka the pink guy.

heres his grams.

3 more tomorrow, feel the burn.

march suffering brings may smackdowns.

dead horse point

Friday, March 21, 2008

the flying tomato

check out thin and thinners blog, its pretty funny.
the picture of the guy passed out in the toilet with the dog!!!
witness the raw power on that kid

low bridge

i got this at the maverik

if you can name where this tree is you win a prize
puttin in the hrs, the snow is melting fast.
3 more hrs tomorrow.
rmr is gay.

old people

this old bat made it to 100, i wonder if i will.

cokes and adrenaline...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


for mark

get down wit the sickness ooo waa aaa aaa

watching tv

i better take a day off. so tomorrow its 3 more on the lower trail system. lets check out how much snow melted in 3 days

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

coke and a smile

we got in almost 3 hrs up around the local bst, slc trail system.

it was too hot for arm warmers today, if you take my special lower line trail system it works in some upper avenues pavement sections to avoid the upper dry creek and all the mud. we rode dust all day from the zoo over to ensign peak.

if youre ever bonked like me and around 11th ave and about 800 east at the firehouse there is a coke machine outside for 50 cents. and it takes dollar bills.

so we got some cokes and all was good.

blow up this pic and see if the moose shows up, hes back in the bushes a ways, looked closer live.

looking west above ensign see the salt lake way out west.

i was layin down about 125 watts on the climbs

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

salmon and NBA

a few weeks ago when we went to seattle i scored a whole fat ass salmon, some lobster and scallops at the pike street market, well i waited and waited and tonight i get to chow on some sea food.

im on a sea food diet, what ever i see i eat.

also the main event on TNT tonight is jasons brother craig sager with the #1 in the NBA houston in the west and #1 in the east ray allen and the big ticket KG, should be barn burner, houston is on a 22 game win streak, 2nd longest in NBA history.

atrain will probably be watching it

up over by the zoo the trails are shaping up nice, upper roller coaster, red butt, lower bob sled, bst all fast and tacky.

i spotted linde T, dave w, gary and kday racing. in their sweet sky blue kits.

you know its time to ride when scott kuhl team is puttin in the hrs.

linde thinks his scott spark is light at "20.8 pounds"

it doesnt compare to the scalpel SL so dont even try.

Monday, March 17, 2008

the bobsled glacier

i like the header pic.
sweet, shes hot.

if you're thinking of going riding this week up dry creek over to city creek dont try it unless you want long hiking sections with deep snow, frozen packed snow and messy sloppy muddy trails.

if you dont care about that then go rip it, after the top of bobsled glacier, 3 feet thick still. its a ripper.

probably wont be dry for 2 weeks, or april 5th. if it stops raining and snowing.

be like the cricket

Saturday, March 15, 2008

porc detour

we rode up sand flats road which is packed like pavement, at the porc turn off keep going on the dirt road. it goes to colorado, i think i went to far. then jumped a fence and was riding through the junipers looking for the right trail, then i came to a cliff and the trail was at the bottom, it was north facing and had 3 foot snow banks, i hiked down and chippo was on the right trail watching me flail, post hole my way off a cliff. then the seat broke, its kind of old so it might have been cracked. ripped down porc rim to the road and back to town. too bad chippos helmet cam didnt work, we could see me launchin the dh passin him and makin it look easy.

i bonked at about an hour, go figure. 40 miles, 4 hrs, need sleepy.