Sunday, August 31, 2008

magnum PI

the big city is really a small town. if you think you can hide from sly you cant.
this is the smashing young lad who thinks stealing bikes is a game.

klep dog found him working at walmart in the tire section so i will go over there and collect and crack some skulls

one of my eye spies spotted him at a local restaurant last night but i was too late and missed out. one day soon i will find him.
have mercy on his soul

Saturday, August 30, 2008

homo cats

i spent the day moving out of the slc high rises, i hate it but i move every year. due to getting bored, fighting with the neighbors, hiding from the law, or bill collectors, trashing the place, getting evicted, mostly gay stuff like that, i stay in the same town but i've been in 20 different places in the salt lake valley.

its a good thing i dont have much stuff, but when you get down to carrying boxes up and down stairs the small apartment holds a ton of crap.

the house isnt done yet so i moved it all in atrains garage. since thats pretty close to the new house and atrain has a big ass garage with no stairs.

Friday, August 29, 2008

oh hell no

if mitchel was a girl he would look like this


??? dont know her, but would like to
bk aka bitch tits

atrains pool

pain cave at the great salt lake

well i dont think there are many girl racers around here in the valley that read this, so the few that do know tiffany can lay down the watts at any crit. or road race.

but the guys have no idea, unless they got worked at rmr.

an hour at 30mph with some 40mph sprints, i should take credit for the next week criteriums in san fran and vegas

Thursday, August 28, 2008

atrains dog

while atrain was at the cube farm complaining about frozen burritos, i was playing fetch with his dog.

who the hell eats a frozen burrito anyway. what a waste.

i've never had one, and never will.

everyone call this kid and leave a message

the idiot who never calls me back im going to bother him until i get the bike back

if you dont want your number to show up on caller ID use *67-801 915 8066

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

funny in my little sick world

shauna works at a hospital and randomly finds a drunk guy pissing in a garbage can, in the xray room. then someone leaves logs, or nuggets of crap in the hallway, like a trail of bread or trail of goodies to follow to the promised land.

this reminded me of a story that happened with chucky in vegas but we wont go there.

glad i dont work there, i would be fired.

what needs to change, doesnt

*i didnt write this, its from a newsletter i get emailed from

i'm not a client, i just get the emails*

its good so read it and remember what i say is god.

A client tells me he needs his sister to get on board with nursing care for their aging mother.

Another client needs to sell her house - pronto!

Just last week, I needed my missing cat to come back home.

It seems our need for change is nonstop, and yet when we need something to change we actually empower the very condition we don't want.

That's because the energy of "need" - the insistence on change - actually engages more of the opposing condition. You know, "what we resist, persists."

Lao Tzu said it in the Tao Te Ching like this:
"Simply notice the natural order of things. Work with it rather than against it. For to try to change what is only sets up resistance."
Sound familiar? Abraham readers hear this as "making peace with what is" in order to allow the shift. We've got to release resistance in order to get what we want, and that includes releasing the need for things to be different than they are.

It doesn't make much sense on the face of it, does it? We accept things as they are now, and that's what allows change?


Who saw U.S. gymnast Raj Bhavsar's vision board in his Olympic coverage interview? He talks about how he had to release his need and make peace with what he didn't want back in 2004. And guess who ended up replacing Paul Hamm on the team this year?

Raj makes it look easy, but I know it isn't always so. For some reason, we've been conditioned to believe that pushing against something is the most effective way to change it.

But that's not how it best works.

Needing something to change, in order to feel better or gain peace of mind or happiness, doesn't work.

We've seen this in action many times, right? Like the couple who struggles to get pregnant finally gives up (either by adopting or changing their minds) and next thing you know she's knocked up?

Or when we need a new job there aren't any to be had, but when we're happy as a lark we see employment opportunities left and right?

Or how the light always turns red when we most need to get through it?

Needing something to be different than it is is to be in resistance. And resistance is a surefire stopper to your manifesting success.

My suggestion is to recognize where you're needing something to change, and start making peace with it. That doesn't mean giving up your desire, or thinking you can't have it - it just means marrying up acceptance of what is with a light, pleasant, positive expectation of your desire. Raj is a good example of that.

My client practiced no longer "needing" his sister to agree with him on what's best for mom. He made peace with the fact that they didn't see eye to eye, and took steps that felt good to him under current circumstances. With the release of that tension, he's actually paved the way for mutual understanding and common ground.

Releasing your need for things to be different than they are takes the charge off, the manifesting brakes off, and allows you to get what you want. But don't take my word for it - try it yourself!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

part #2 gettin ganked

i tried to give this kid the benefit of the doubt but he screwed me again. now if anyone sees this bike or knows this kid adam steinke hes on the sly shit list.

repo the bike and call me. i will come crack some skulls.

if you dont know what happened he broke the ritchey carbon fork off and claimed he was "JRA" just riding along......

then said he was going to pay me a week ago, doesnt call me back, wont answer,

so im going to repo it and re-sell it.

see this bike, gank it.

its kind of smoky out

that big ass fire lit up the mtn last night, clear down town you could see the flames. thats 25 miles away.

im taking credit for any of these 3 guys on the us pro podium this weekend.

jeff instigates this, drags burk, then dave z rides by and hops on the pain train. its kind of stressful knowing if i dont point out a pot hole or let up on the throttle one of these guys will ram me and then take down the other 2.

"sly takes down U.S. pro contenders in moto pace lapse of reason"

not good

so maybe 1 or 3 of these guys will rip it up this weekend.

heres a blog about how fat people should pay more on flights.
xxx so watch out

a few weeks ago i was on a plane and the guy across the hall from me was pretty fat, he couldnt put the tray table down in front of him so he had to eat without it. the chair was small for me, my knees hit the chair in front and i can barely fit. so these people, i dont know how they cram 300-400 pounds in the same amount of space.
or guys like trebon, wicks or atrain, 6' 7" how the hell do you fit in a seat i cant fit it at 5' 9. well get the bulk head but if your on a packed flight, 5 hrs across country or 8 hr to euro land have the sponsors throw down for some 1st class.

watch and see.

Monday, August 25, 2008

rasta far i

if she sees this im dead

im on a mission

1 at a time.

rasta far I

in jamica mon. gotta get down there, especailly when its 15 degrees in the big city.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

14 foot boa gets hungry

Saturday, August 23, 2008

luda yep yep

i came, i saw, i hit right there in the jaw

tbird had to get on this action with JL, i couldnt drop them so i better step up the training.

this video has a bad angle, me and my hair, but if you notice the guy go by as we passed him going 45 down emi, jl is just coasting.

its the cool down sesh.

these guys are not so smooth

listen for the broken arm snap

damn im smooth

like i said last night, i better stick to picking race wins over fixed politics.

i predicted absalon winning.

not too hard, i guess. he wins everything.

check the pics i made below. 3 out of 5 isnt bad, in fact i dont mean to blow my own horn, but wooooooooo wooooooooooo

here are the top 5, full results here

1 absalon
2 peraud
3 sauser
4 nino
5 fontana

wonder what happened to the gringos, my instinct says they cant keep air in the tires like atrain.

who the hell flats 3 times in one day, either learn how to dh or get thicker tires.
ok the chinese course was rocky but you dont see absalon flatting all the time.

atrain flats in every race anyway, road, cross, mtn. so i think there is more to it than tires.
its like self sabatoge. slam everything in your path so you can blame it on the bike. (not intentionaly) the subconsious is very powerful.

im just saying,

but i know how to fire the atrain up.
cast a bit of doubt and see where the fire takes him.

i can say this cuz we are almost the same and i have the same problem.

mens olympic mtn bike race starts in 3 hrs

check out the results here

china is about 12 hrs ahead of utah, the country china is as wide or wider than the whole usa, uses only 1 time zone. so thats like puerto rico having the same time as san francisco.

pretty stupid

im up late, nothing unusual about that. the mens race is easy pic so why not post it.

im going just like the seeding has them. absalon is a dominator,
the swiss are pretty good too.

1 absalon-- france
2 sauser --swiss
3 vogel ---swiss
4 stander--rsa
5 nino ---swiss

hope wells and craig can rip it and get a medal. but really i think 1 or both will be lucky with the top 10.

prove me wrong guys. come on, shred it.
if sager was there he could beat them all, hes beat them all before. mostly in pre season and training rides. plus its not at altitude so thats a bonus.

youre missing out on a star studded field of 30 pros down in brian head.

nobody seems to be into racing team big bucks anymore. wonder why.

im giving up on politics, my billary vision was outlandish, you can have your fun and call me crazy. im wild, crazy and on the edge.

if youre tired and fat, cant figure out why check this out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

ya good one, put a blanket on greenland

these morons seem to think they can save the greenland ice sheet by covering the continent with polypropylene blankets

A-- for effort

F-- for over complicated waste of time

china womens olympic mtn bike event

ever since the chinese women popped on to the world cup a few years ago i smelled a rotten egg.

those chicks were fake, they rode huffys with cotton full finger driving gloves. didnt know a thing about bikes and came to the worlds in new zealand and got top 5 or some shit.


its the same in all the other sports, a few years ago china introduced a ton of athletes hopped up on whatever to get ready for these games.

im glad they didnt medal.
they are fake and cheats and i wonder if they will be racing next season internationally, since there is nothing to race for anymore.

watch and see.

results here

Thursday, August 21, 2008

yes i did, fox confirms what i didnt predict

the anticipation is thicker than my mid section.

im going out on a thick oak tree branch 20" diameter and saying obama picks billary for vp
and sometime next week the white hair dude picks romney.

call me crazy,

those are my pics

update 10pm friday.
looks like biden is all over the media, we'll see tomorrow


no final results 4 days after the event.
cyclingnews, no final results

last week during the race the results were posted late each day, the day after the event.

get with it.

i guess the race is over they dont think anybody cares about the final stack up.

i didnt race the event but im not impressed with the organization, results, streets being blocked off, the courses are ok, but 3 of the 5 could have been better.

thats why im not doing the work, cuz i dont want the hassle.

ya race walking

this is up there with curling.

at least bmx is legit.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

open it up

open up the hurt locker, ali g and dave cole team ridley trainin for cx.

following me up emigration is bad for you, you should stop.

bart wants to go next week, see how many watts he has left in his old age.

so everyone knows jeff won the tour of utah, i had an invite for anyone who wanted to donate if he or any other utah racer won a stage and he won the hard one up snowbird so

these guys kicked down the cash

matt ohran $100, blake z, $100, kris nosack $30, mark nielson $20, caveman $20 and me.

donated the cash and are keepin it real.

in case youre wondering how someone wins a race like this, its like going to a job everyday. you just dont wake up and say oh wow im going to win a pro stage race, its years of daily training and racing, you get up and go to work everyday, even if you dont feel like it.

jeff and burk get up and train or rest everyday. its a year long project to get the perfect day or week of racing.

also for little pay than most normal jobs. so i thought a few extra would help out, i dont know what the prize money was or who won the the car but 300 bucks now days doesnt buy much.

in the old days

before i had this web site i had some crazy stuff goin on. i remember i could have had a few good stories. so why not tell them, 3 years later.

i used to live in this old crappy apt building down town on 300 s. 400 e. it was remodeled but old, it was cheap around $500,

3 years ago, aug, 05' this 21 yr kid died on the roof taking a bunch of drugs, then his sister found him dead sitting up there, this was about 3 augusts ago.

that wasnt the story but i just remembered that as well.
he was a smart kid who worked at the pie pizza shop. used to fix my comp and had all the free programs,
anyway i was sleeping one morning around 9am in this studio and some dude comes running through my only room, goes to the front door and books it down out side. he kicked in the bathroom window as the fire escape came right up at foot level out back,

kicked it right in, didnt break the glass just knocked the whole panel inside and ran by me waking me up, 5 sec later 2 cops following him rip by and im asleep thinking if this is real or a dream, so i go outside and they caught him he was in a chase and picked my house to ditch them.
if he would have went up 2 more floors he would have been on the top of the building where that kid died and would have been trapped.
wonder if he would have jumped, surrendered or got shot.

atrain sent me this, i dont know why hes cooking bob, diamond bob, or bobby flay?

it rhymes with blob

but he thinks im into gay homo swimming dancing, not that theres anything wrong with that.

we will find out who obamas vp is in a few days, this is like waiting to see if i won the lottery.
whos it goin to be?
billary? oh boy..

on another note, sunscreen causes cancer, and so does diet coke. if you want sun protection put aloe vera gel on your skin. its better than 40 known cancer causing agents in a bottle.

if you want caffeine drink real coke or one of the other 50 drinks with caffeine.
all the chemicals to make diet taste sweet are more addictive than the caffeine and sugar and cause cancer.

have you ever seen a fat person drinking diet soda by the gallon and wonder why theyre still fat?

i dont.

the most toxic a current night mare of mine is public pools. what a place to get jacked up.
i never get in pools or hot tubs.

hey everyone, lets go swim in piss, diaper drool and chemicals. yay!!! if the human waste doesnt kill ya the chemicals to fight it will.

wow, i'd rather stick a hot knife in my eye.

6.4????...... come on

Sly Goes Primetime 24/7 at Blogged

Monday, August 18, 2008

dude check out his balls

from the mind of ali g

i told ali and bz to get there own blogs, there is enough crap on this site as it is.

this flyer needs updated pics.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

why is curling an olympic sport

im sittin on my ass watching badminton on the olympic giant nbc.

thinking why is this a sport with olympic medals, and ping pong, then my mind wanders to curling in the winter olympics, and if those gay sports can make it when will cyclocross be introduced as a winter olympic sport.

i think never, bikes and snow? mud? ya curling is more exciting.


or this

yesterday i caught up with jake, aka snake after snowbird.
i wondered why he didnt smoke lance last weekend. "i was off the front for 1st 3 hrs, they came by, i said "lance, is this hard", he was like, "ya", then took off up columbine, i guess he wasnt goin that hard.

snake finished leadville in 11th place, then came to salt lake for the tour, yesterday he finished 30 mins behind jeff.

heres snake in this vid, off the front.

takin the flat route, louder wins tofu GC

its been awhile since the last ride, so i set up the new cx ride with road tires, so i can rip the flat route.

i might start training with flahute, nobody else can hang with my watts.

scored this ride over at contender. switch the wheels or tires, and rip dry creek.

i forgot how bad canti brakes suck. or maybe its just how bad avid shortys suck.

burk just tells me zirbel wins the TT, jeff takes overall.

pretty sweet.

since jeff dominated the race yesterday, he wins the $100 prize i said would go to any utah guy for the stage.

caveman, krispy, mark and bz donated $160 between them, if anyone else wants to throw down leave your comments.

mona vie team manager chippo throws down a hundo.

thats $360 total.

jeff has to buy diapers.

free plane tickets from slc to vegas, i got mine set up for cross vegas/interbike. not to race, but if its free then why not take the week off and head south.

2 free roundtrip, 2 nights hotels.
i gave out a lot of them, in fact im quite amazed how many of the people i know who dont even want them. like ali. what up?

free trip to interbike, what gives?
well its too late, they are gone.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i scored some rock racing garbo at contender, signed hats, bottles and posters by mr clean himself, tyler and his side kick fast freddy. couldnt handle the dh on the alpine loop.

worth $500 on egay

bz workin the ht on the hc

tbird could shave some grams by shaving his chest like chippo does.

louder wins stage 4

sager: tell deez to drop the hammer.

sly: sager says drop the hammer.

deez: tell sager i dropped it already

mr simon, isnt little cottonwood off limits....

ali G passes up his chee wowa to tommy d in the feed zone,

nice socks & sandals

3 miles to go in todays 100 mile stage with 15,000 vert. jeff burk and blake caldwell spinning the 9% grade like its flat.

i tried to get in the lead group then the cops kicked me off the road

tbird didnt do too bad either,

jeff can make up a minute over caldwell tomorrow in 7 mile TT, but he only needs 8 seconds for the overall.

chippo got dropped by bart, alex and bz.

super duper crest loop.

ride from milcreek up to alta over to brighton rip crest to milcreek then down to the hood.

70 miles 12,000 vert.

mitch wins snowbird

normy, pete k.
tbird is going to blow it up today.

climb um gets hitched

nothin like gettin hitched in the forest of the wasatch,

susy & eric tied the knot

theres a bun in the oven, i'd like to see the calves on that kid in about 17-18 yrs. 2027 norba tour, thats some serious genetic vo2 and power to weight ratio.

2003, 05, 06 state champ (s) (sue 2005) are breeding a world champion.


Friday, August 15, 2008

team rico writes in from the road

ricos ride around most of utah (RRAMU)

text from the tourist.

"70 miles to nephi, 80 to go, 0 gallons of gas burned.
touring rules!"

ok rico, keep us posted.

i have to get back to my bacon wrapped scallops and garlic.

mona vie garage is open

over at chippos house hes got the mona vie tents open, all those boxes are cx frames, everyone gets 2 matching bikes.

check out the sweet paint.

i picked up my cx bike over at contender, its set up for the flat route so i dont have to ride uphill.

climb um jones is gettin hitched tonight at brighton, fire that wedding planner.

im going to miss the down town crit at 7pm.

bring the pitch forks and paint cans tomorrow up white pine, the devil is in the house.
tbird is bringin the pain train

Thursday, August 14, 2008

tour of utah day 2

bart and kathy, fast and famous.

the working man and the injured pro cyclocrosser.

shit, missed the pic...

caldwell and lill at the summit

had about a minute, and held it into the windy dh and flats for 15 miles.

it was really windy, hard to motor like that after 80 miles and 15,000 vertical.

i picked up beagle at the hospital, gave him the pink helmet and we ripped up big mtn.

lots of celebs chillin at the top.

ali g, pimped and flipped collar.

major pain cave, the front group looked pinned, and worked.

except burk, he was relaxed and probably doing 200 watts. too bad i didnt get a pic of tyler. he was hatin it at the back, looked like death and barely lost 10 feet at the top.


first 2 had 20 sec, then the next 10 or so were in a small group.

the rest of the field was blown.

late edition, coming down big & little mtn we picked up a train of 5 guys, i told them to get on the pain train, at 30 mins back im sure nobody would care. there was a stiff head wind coming down emi and i hope nobody has a hissy fit, its not like they are in contention for anything.

these guys were fried, a little drafting didnt hurt trebon climbing up big 4mins off the main field with his ride clean team van.

as we got down by the zoo the road wasnt closed, the canyon wasnt closed, but thats understandable.
the post office stop light was backed up with traffic, no closed lane for the race.
im not sure if the top guys got a closed road but when i saw this i was pissed. like foothill was gridlock, these guys are riding in mid afternoon traffic to research park,

ok its a mile but its busy as hell and they are riding in the gutter. cutting and weaving in traffic to wakara way like a bike messenger.

holy shit that was stupid.

close the road, give up a lane for an hour.

how hard is it.

i wonder how traffic will be for the alpine loop, suncrest and snowbird.

someone is going to get hit.

basketball good, football ok, baseball hell no

i hate baseball, sorry epic adam, jrad, gardie and half the other american public who craves nascar and watching chew spitting "athletes" on steroids.

id rather chew glass.


How is it that baseball and softball are being removed from the olympics, while something so utterly gratuitous as "synchronized diving" remains?

If you can make a competition out of two people diving at the same time, why stop there? What about synchronized pole vaulting, or synchronized hurdles?

olympic sport.....really?

even the chinese divers suck.

come on

ok, not really they won like 5 golds already in diving.

this is a dive where he felt gassy.

my new of old fave insult is dill hole.

real life beavis

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T of U chipotle wins day 1

jason donald garmin chipotle takes the win today in just over 4 hrs, the field finished with the same time.

jesse gordon was in the break all day with 2 other guys, then got caught for a pack finish.

bryson perry in 8th overall.

see you on big mtn tomorrow

from plants to cats

harold, hes dainty and shy.

i can barely take care of myself, i dont get the people that get married at 20 or 22, have kids and by 30 have 4 or 5. not that theres anything wrong with that, i just cant imagine it myself.
cant manage to find enough time, money or will power for much more than myself. call me crazy, but its mandatory to take care of yourself before you take on such other responsibilities.
so they say start out with plants, if you can keep them alive for awhile your ready for pets,
i have had 2 plants for 2 years and they are doing fine, in the beginning i was in a older building and they were dying. come to find out after i left there was black mold in the walls. i blame that for the plant sickness. since then the plants have grown big. so its the obvious reason.

hes fat and has attitude, the dominator.

oscar, aka cheddar, trying to fit in.

we picked up oscar at the county lock up last week, hes young and playful.

if i had a bigger farm i would get more, its a sad day to see all the animals caged up ready to die, so if you want to save a nice cat or dog go to your local jail and save a kitty.

im not going any farther than this, no dogs, pigs or snakes. no baby foxes, in my head im barely 20 so 3 cats is enough.

the massive tour of utah pro prize

i claimed to pay 100 bucks to any utah homie that could pull off a stage win, i would pay more if i was rich but i can come up with the 100 for any of the guys on canyons team and jeff and burk.

jeff and burk are the most likely but you cant count out a lucky break, turbos sprint, dh's tenacity or nate, alex, todd on having a great day.

my main prize was to reward jeff if he can win the tt sunday, its a short 7 mile ride but its the last day so most wont be fresh.

so then marky mark kicked in 20, so did caveman.

if anyone else wants to thrown down a donation for the TT win sunday leave your comments.

im sure if i was going for the win like tbird or jeff a small bonus of 500 bucks would sweetin the pot.

im takin the scooter up big mtn tomorrow so if anyone wants to rally a posse lets hit it.
bring paints cans and tecno.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

boat to caracas venezuela

gotta get home, this heat is killin me

this zip line jungle is pretty sweet, its not just 1 line, its 8, you go from start to stop to another line that zig zags through the forest. one stop is 30 feet up in a tree house in a mango tree, a few small hikes and you find another starting ramp with plank netting foot bridges swingin in the trees.
after caracas we fly to beijing to check out the last week of competition.

ok not really, that would be sweet but im not howard hughes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

jungle fever

its so crazy they make you wear helmets

check out the wild dogs

i got some crazy video of this, maybe i'll post it tomorrow.

i have to hit the beach, it gets dark here at 5pm utah time.

rollin deep in the jungle.

that kid adam steinke called me, heres the story, he calls to tell me he was riding over to my house to pay me and he rolled up off a stop light and the carbon fork broke off, "ya i was just going about 5mph" it broke clean off, oh ya, i was riding over to pay you, i got sick and missed 2 weeks work, lost your number and had to get it off gardie.

does anybody believe this pile of horse shit

he owes me $300 bucks. not the fort knox, my feeling is he crashed, rammed his roof rack into something and comes up with the oldest story in the book. JRA, just ridin along.

heard it too many times kid.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

irie mon

we've been chillin wit da homies, the rasta farians, , its irie mon all day. the rock, the bump, whatever. no silly hand shakes. its too easy on the beach. irie mon, we got hooked up down here better than i've ever seen it. eatin on the beach, 3 restaurants in this private beach resort,, ac cooled room with cable and wifi, 50 feet from the water, i've been watching olympics at night, since im so blown from laying around.

snorkeling, boating, hydro bikes, yesterday was the jeep trip to the pitons and the volcano, those massive volcanic cones shoot out of the beach up over 2000 feet. i guess ophrah has some fat pad on the beach down there and she likes it here, i dont know why.

tomorrow is the jungle zip line canopy tour, i think i might move here. 200 miles south of puerto rico and its like a whole different island, smaller, cleaner, more natives, better beaches and sites,

if youre looking for a small island get away come here, its better than hawaii.

27 miles by 14 wide, sounds small but it takes 2 hrs to drive down to the town with the volcano and its only 25 miles away with about 10 mtn passes, i guess around 10,000 feet of climbing that would be a good 2 hrs on the bike, steep twisty roads, 90 degrees 100% humidity up and down the whole way.

no flat route here.

they have some freakin hot hot
hot sauce, if you want some text or email me i will get you a bottle. they sell tons of it here.
how bout the olympic swimming, that dude from israel named nimrod
no lie, check it out.
bob costas "nimrod goes for the win"
great stuff.