Saturday, December 26, 2009

that was the fastest week of my life

i guess i must of been having fun. rode down here last week, then went home, sat around and surfed the world wide web, had some sleep and im almost done interviewing my new personal chef/masseuse. i think she has potential.

me and brad took the weekly drive to dixie yesterday, i got in a good day with jen and shannon. its not very warm here but 45 and sunny is better than 25 and smoggy so i'll take it.

i've been doing 3 or 4 days on and 3 or 4 days off and it works great. i feel faster and when im completely rested its easy to bury the bone for 3 more days. totally cashed after 4 days then sleeping and eating.

in a month or so i should adjust this to 3 on 1 off 3 on, we'll take it day by day.

i dont have any problems with this so if you do you can suck it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

so blown you cant walk up 10 stairs

we got the training camp down in sg, 60 today, jersey and arm warmers, shorts. you get the picture. ok brandon here was over dressed. but hes like 5% fat. im packin blubber like an arctic seal so i dont need much winter gear.

i feel a bit better now, better than 5 hrs ago i was blown.

these 2.5 hr rides feel like 5 used to.
i'll probably feel better in a few months.
yesterday we rode on the virgin rim, today was west desert and tomorrow probly more out there. it looked like it was a bit muddy out around stucki a few days ago based on the mud tracks, but now its mostly dried out.

the condo down here is $8 each a night, so if any of you keep wondering how guys with no jobs get to ride all day, watch tv and face book. thats how. its not hard to figure out, the hard part is to find a condo for $25.

brad and brandon ride more hours than i do, like 5 each. i cant handle that. utah hill to mesquite, multiple laps around fun sections of green valley. if i go 3 i cant walk for an hour.

tiesto new years eve, thats goin to be kick ass. so warm it up with this.

heres some oppressive news from atrain

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

can you imagine


the smell in the car with arts ass and i didnt have a shower for 8 days.
just imagine.
it wasnt pretty, and dont forget the burlap.

once i got my hands on the wheel it was white line fever. murdered that boise to hog town.

im going to st george thursday, time to rip trail. im over this winter thing.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the races are over

Saturday, December 12, 2009

cyclocross registration

Friday, December 11, 2009

customer service in bend

for a sweet video of this ice corner check out atrains churchofthebigring

here are some pics from today, it was awesome standing there in the cold all day!!

watching bike races is hard and tiring.

this is my burden

heres a sweet deal on some cross bikes and gear.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

driving to the mid northwest

my predictions are kind of shoe ins and easy.

compton, what fool wouldnt pick her?

todd wells. is another easy pick.
he won barely against j pow last week, but hasnt been racing much this cx season.

its going to be snowy, icy, muddy and slick as .....

these conditions fit him well, and hes going fast so thats how i see it.

ali g, masters. another easy pick.
hes a favorite for the age grouper class, and i dont see how he can lose in slick muddy conditions such as these.

thats my 3 groups, so lets see the predictions come true, nostradamus style.

early in the morning im getting chauffeured to bend, the cyclocross nationals.

many from 801 will be lining up for an hour of pain.

i will be there in camo, with an air horn. giving prize money. livin large, you get the idea.

hopefully ali g can get the stars n bars. hes had an impressive run the last 2 months.
i wish luck to my friends team rico, atrain, dr x, dayna, kathy, krafty, jennie, ali g, the cottles, mitchel p. and im sure i left out a few, but thats all i know whos going.

i will be submitting a short report and race results for most of the races to with shannons help.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

maybe i should have moved to st george

its like 15 this morning at 9am. i had to drive to cottonwood and it wasnt pretty out there.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

winning big

last night at the tables i turned my usual losing luck into 4 hundos. 3 hrs on the 21 tables and some chicks from layton wanted to get on the cash zone. that was pretty funny.
"so what do you do?"
im a professional gambler/blogger and elite cyclist.
"oh wow, u ride motorcycles?"
no, were in town for the rodeo.
one of them claimed to be a single mom of 3 kids. yet shes layin down $5 bets like its easy street. ok its 5 bucks, i had to throw her a few green chips to make it interesting.

today i decided to eat a bit more and see what happens, turns out when you eat, you have energy. i made it 3 hrs in the west desert before i cracked like an 82nd street hooker.

i cant really remember peoples names, and i forget the simple things in life. like eating.

thats probably why my friends over the years keep seeing me make the same mistakes year after year...

its going to snow here tonight so i guess were going to san diego for a few days before bend.
clint and sohmy ate 3 dinners, killed a 12 pack and just went to del taco. its 12am.

holy shit they can put it down.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

ya its good

the trails, dusty and rocky. my fave, i'll try to go big tomorrow for 4 hrs. well see how much energy i have left. today was like this.

the mind says you have a lot left, the body says ya 2 yrs ago maybe. take it easy.

dec 5th, yes its time to watch cable for 7 hrs.

i guess were going to vegas to win some money. this usually doesnt turn out well for me so i'll just stick to the one bet of 2 g's and lay down on red.

win or lose, i have to walk away. cuz i owe chippo 2 g's and he wont like me losing his money.

Friday, December 04, 2009

personal on the trail mechanic

tubes suck, i have used stans wheels for years, probably since 03 or something. whenever it came out. i cut my 300 gram 1.9" kozmik on a sharp rock and had to put in a tube. that tube lasted about an hour before i pinched it. fixie fixed it, he had a patch kit.

he rode his road bike with 1.3" tires, crazy he doesnt flat on that rocky bitch.

how ever 1min after we split i blew up the tube again, it was running low with 30 pounds and i had about a 45 min ride back to the house down a rocky wash. i tried to save the rim so i wouldnt have to trash the wheel during the last 4 or so miles.

we rode over to barrel and sidewinder, those are some sweet views. i used to live in ivins back in 1990 and there was nothing like this back then. too bad i drive down every week to get what i used to live so close to.

that was an easy 2.5 hrs, except for the last hour on a flat.

darth vader rap series

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

bend cyclocross movie with swearing!! oh my

bart wellens will kick you in the baby maker

spreading holiday cheer

elf dance compliments of sohmy and jones.
maybe i should go out and ride before it gets dark.
tomorrow were going back to st george for 4 days.
next week going to bend, after that i think i'll be down south every 3 or 4 day week end until feb.
thats a lot of driving but im not driving im just sitting there on the comp chatting online with babes all day.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

my boyfriend dale

Once upon a time I tried to convince boyfriend, Dale, why it was wrong to support the meat industry. I explained the atrocities that chickens and cows experience in our harvesting of their flesh.

We happened to be driving through rural Idaho at the time, and he pointed out the cows in the field and said, "They look like happy cows to me."

As a hard core vegetarian who had researched the ugly facts of meat processing, I didn't see happy cows. Rather, I saw miserable prisoners awaiting a cruel and inhumane death.

How could we be looking at the same scene and yet see it so differently, I wondered?

When I worked as a market research analyst, my job was to compile statistical findings in report form. Sometimes I'd write something like, "Only a third of registered voters support the proposed tax increase for education." And my boss would say "What do you mean 'only a third?' A third is a lot."

The difference in our perspectives was our vibration. I saw things through a different filter than my boyfriend and boss did.

That's important because the filters we see through (i.e. the vibrations we flow) affect our manifestations. In fact, what we want might already be here, but we're not seeing it because we're not dialed in on that vibe!

Here's a recent embarrassing example:

My new renters called to inform they'd be a few days late on the rent. No big deal, I said.

But after hanging up the phone, my gremlins had a heyday with me. "Everyone was right - being a landlord sucks! Late rent, heaters going out, neighbors complaining out loose dogs - this is awful."

Since I did nothing to correct gremlin thoughts, and with my "being a landlord sucks" glasses firmly in place - guess what I saw? More problems and hassles with being a landlord.

In fact, I didn't even see the rent payment come in (that they actually paid early)! For two weeks I checked the account, yet didn't register $1200 sitting right there in black and white. I just kept calling the property manager about missing rent!

(It wasn't until tenants confirmed they had a receipt in hand that I began to question my gremlin thoughts. With those glasses off, and dialed on an easier vibe, I could finally see what was there all along that gremlin glasses blinded me to.)

I've had clients want a trustworthy and loving companion, while they tell me about the fun time they're spending with a best friend or ex lover. And drop dead gorgeous women wanting to have beautiful bodies that they're already sporting. And nervous millionaires wanting to experience financial abundance.

How could they be so blind as to not see what's already right here?!

The fact is many of us are good at seeing what we expect or what we fear rather than what we want. The trick is to get conscious about purposely looking for the good news and things going right and the evidence of desires unfolding.

Give it a try for yourself! Put on your "got what I wanted" filter this week, and see how different the world looks. Or try on the "life is good" glasses, and watch the world transform before your eyes!

(After trying on Dale's "happy cow" glasses for a while now, I am finally seeing a lot of contentment out there in the fields.)

We get whatever we look for, which is why it's so important we grow skills in seeing what we want, seeing what's right, and seeing what's working. Don't be surprised if you find it really was there all along.
this was copied from an email list im on, written by jeanette maw at

on a roll

it seems the smog isnt so bad so i'll head up to dry creek, nacho mammas has good nachos so i'll get some of that later tonight.

tiestos final US tour date is new years eve in vegas, you cant miss that one. since i'll be in st george that week any way. might as well go rave with all the dudes with their shirts off.

Monday, November 30, 2009

#1 cross fan hitches ride to bend

i drove to kansas city 2 yrs ago with 15 bikes.

i skipped last year, wasnt feeling the love.

since its west coast, probly 8 hrs away. i just decided to go, but i need a ride. so if you want me to wash your bike during your race, drive there fast, and tell you how to win.

email me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

3 clicks past empty

dave harris at the zen cliffs

heres a great clip from a great movie. im sure everyone sees a bit of luke in themselves

we passed joel and glen a. on the new rim runner.

2nd half of rock brothers drug me around stucki and bear claw out by santa clara to the new rim runner loops just barely north of barrel roll. its a sweet trail with good flow some easy climbing and fast rocky dh. who ever made that knows whats up.

thats some sweet ass trail out there, along with the old other main stays you can ride down there for months over and over and not get sick of it.
back in 1990 i lived in ivins and there wasnt much to ride. im sure there were dirt roads all over stucki and blakes but i never went out there. the parkway to ivins wasnt even a road back then. the way to ivins was through santa clara. i used to ride my bmx bike to washington through a black lava laced 2 track that barely existed. right to dixie downs.
now there are so many trails its sickening. they all pretty much kick ass.

so any way i have an apt. in down town slc. i need a winter home in st george. i know lots of guys going down weekly and team mtb race might be renting a condo for 3 months for anyone to stay there and pitch in a per night $$$. i hope that goes down because i will be down there every 3 or 4 day weekend for the next 3 months.

thats a lot of driving but im crazy and cant just decide on one place.

im deep in the pain cave a month now, the results are not slow. i cant really believe the changes that are happening for the better. i could barely ride a few months ago and now daily 2.5 hr rides are hard but do-able. is that a word? i wonder how i'll be on new years, its only 33 days away. im goin with biggie on this one.

the skies the limit

i had to come back to the big city to ship some hella packages. it seems while i was gone the whole world bought all my stuff and i cleared out my living room and loaded my bank account.

xmas is here, and they are all on egay looking for my sweet deals.

im going back down south friday for some more trail ripping sessions.

if you are down south lets hook up.

unlearn what you have learned

Saturday, November 28, 2009

running on empty

heres andy ripping the dh on a broken egg beater, not clipped in.

top of zen with dh, rhonda and andy

its only like a 100 foot drop
since andy broke the pedal during zen loop then they went home, after that dh still riding slow and towed me up barrel trail to a new section drop in off the back cliff to some trail over by stucki, 2.5 hrs in i was bonked and broke off solo up trash hill to get back to green valley.
1000 cals a day doesnt last long and im running low on L carnitine so im not feeling the slow burn with excess fat melting.
i'll go big with 2 more hrs tomorrow.
huge hours.
a few months ago i could barely make an hour in the city.
this doesnt take long to get back.
2 more months i think and i'll be back to normal. 160 pounds and 350 watts should be a good realistic goal.

Friday, November 27, 2009

no big deal

hypios and rock brothers

to some of my readers this may sound like no big deal.

going south to ride, we've all done it lots of times over the years. when the weather in the big city gets cold, cloudy and smoggy, we head 4 hrs south to moab or st george. my fave is st george. the trail systems down here are excellent. the weather is almost as good. 60-65 today.
so the last few years i've been off the bike, living "the real life"
it wasnt me, and i wasnt sure why i was doing it. over the past 6 weeks i've done a lot of thinking about why. why i chose that life and if it was what i really wanted. at the time it felt ok, but now i look back and see what my friends told me. most of them told me why are you doing this?
i dont really know, but its basically dumping all of my energy into 1 person and forgetting all about myself.
not good, and it didnt have a good ending. i have always known to keep true to myself, but i didnt do this. i strayed from my true path and i wasnt happy with myself, i fell into a deep cave of self loathing and who would want to be around that.
i created such a dynamic polar relationship i drove her to force me to change, on my own. back to what i once devoted every hour of my life for and every bit of energy i had to. whatever that was im not sure, an OCD ADD eccentric bike rider. big deal, its not like i was world champ or making tons of money off of. it was a passion that died and when that happened i died. who would want to be around that.
i wouldnt.

so today reminded why i used to come down here all the time, just to do this jem loop. i would drive by myself 4 hrs and ride it for 2 hrs. then a few times i would drive home 4 more hrs. it seems silly now, but i once knew what made me be alive.
today i wasnt thinking and obsessing over my past, most the day i was with fellow bikers and my worries were gone. everything was easy and the flow was back. im sure i wasnt super fast like the old days but the feeling of being on a mtn bike ripping flow 1 track made me remember the old days and why i would drive all day to get out of the inversion of salt lake to come down here and even for a few hours forget about my easy/hard life.
easy/hard is both because its not hard, but i make the easiest life i know hard and i make things more complicated than i need to and im working on looking at my blessings rather than my problems. because in the long run my problems are just not that bad compared to many other people.

so im back regularly on the mtn bike shredding trail, over the last few months i've been so slow i couldnt ride uphill, so i did 1 hr city rides. but over the last month the weight is falling off and the effort required is minimal to ride trails. in 2 months i'll be up to full speed again and once that happens the goal is not to fall into this pit, its a yearly cycle i want to avoid.

yesterday i got out with some locals in the mud and snow, it was cold and smoggy.

today we got out with more friends, old and new. the hypios, the rock brothers, passed chippo going the other way, (wrong way) and even for a few minutes alex g. while he passed by me at hr 100 goin what seemed like 40mph.

more tomorrow in green valley, there are some new trails on the rim cliffs, probly not too long but its a good area to rip around for a few hours.

oh ya and brad g was out on the road bike for 4 hrs. thats gotta be boring.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comprehensive Methylation Panel with Methylation Pathway Analysis

Comprehensive Methylation Panel with Methylation Pathway Analysis.

website here

order that $500 test and send your blood in the mail, this is a genetic mapping test and will tell you your mutations, why some toxic chemicals affect you and not your brother, or friend. your riding buddy that slams crap all day and still hauls ass. why are you sick and tired, and why these pollutants in your environment affect you and nobody else.

its because everyone is different and everyone has different genetic make ups that affect their own way of life.

i've been learning about holistic healing and health for about 10 yrs now. trying to figure out health related problems for myself and friends. since i make it no secret i hate drug companies and hospitals for health related problems.

taking a prescription drug is not the answer, it will just make you sicker and cause other problems later down the road.

so since i know smart holistic people here in the big city, i have been making head way with my health, mental and physical.

basically its caused by metal toxicity, you get metals in many ways. the salt lake valley is loaded with pollutants and the doctors i have been working with have tested peoples hair in this area and several metals in their body are off the charts, (not good)

last summer i had some old mercury silver filling removed from my molars, i still have 2 left and need to get them taken care of.

after 2 weeks of residual pain (in june) it seems to be better. now this wont fix the problem as the metal is pulled from the teeth into the cells of the body, where it sits and causes disease and other energetic problems. for me it was the obsessive thoughts about random tramatic experiences, thoughts of insanity and craziness.
low energy, attracting me to sugar and caffeine, just to feel normal. which that causes other problems with weight gain and energy crashes.

the cycle is complex and chronic. its like there is no hope and some times i feel crazy and worthless. i dont know what i would do if i didnt meet these knowledgeable holistic energy healers.

now i didnt go into full details but i just want you to get an idea that im figuring it out and on the right track to finally fix my life time battle.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mona vie meets the sly cash zone

tecno tuesday

im not sure where im going for thanksgiving, eating other peoples food, and being around kids isnt my idea of a holiday. small talk and pretending to stuff your self with mass quanities. most peoples houses have more germs than a 3rd world country and its a potential swine flu out break.

maybe i can wear a mask like those asian people

Monday, November 23, 2009

im puttin in a super brutal cyclocross season

feed bags

ktown needs a feed bag

it snowed last night so i went up to red butt and bobsled, its mostly melted in the sun. everything in the shade is frozen and about 6" of fluff, but its easily ridable for the skilled athlete such as myself.

i wonder where i'll go tomorrow

a day in the life of sly

hope im not beating a dead horse here, as i know my thoughts and feelings produce my reality and results. so i wonder if im constantly thinking of the past and what i once had if im in a downward spiral or getting off this pity party and choosing new actions instead of old non working behaviors.

instead of sitting at the computer all day and obsessing over shipments and sales i wanted to get out to the races and just do nothing but stand there and spectate. it doesnt bother me as much as one would expect. you know watching races, some guys say it kills them to watch. but im over that. ya sure its fun to race if your at the front or feeling it. but if you are slow and getting shelled its no fun. at least for me.

so im not sure where the cash zone is going for the future. i seem to be bored with that as well. its like wearing the same halloween costume everyday of the year. not exciting and fresh. im not feeling the tecno at the races and the energy isnt there so its a real buzz kill.

i wont be in town for the local cx race saturday and im not sure if i want to go to the last race in a few weeks. i also dont want a prize at the party, again. these races are for the racers, the party and awards are for guys that worked hard and got results in the series. its not for me who just stands there and yells.

so i bring this up because i dont want a prize. the prize is when someone is killing it and doesnt take it so serious that they can take some money. its a bike race, its not the end of the world if you lose 2 seconds to enjoy the moment.
i hope everyone who reads this can recognize that.

so heres what i get to decide what to do everyday.

usually, like a few months ago i pretty tired and run down. i usually got up around 9 or 10. felt like crap and walked 20 feet to the office and started right in on email and shipping.

but now days i wake up around 7 or 8 with no alarms. ever, i dont need them. i've got this new place downtown and its in a good location for me, with no car. i have everything pretty close by, fedex, usps, shops, stores, food. so im trying not to buy a car, i dont think i have to. as i've gotten good at carrying bikes on the scooter to and from pick up points. also bike boxes one handed to fedex, and empty bike boxes from the local shops which 4 are within 1 to 2 miles. so thats good.

i hate morning tv, its so bad and waste of time. ya im sure you think all tv is bad but i have some good shows on history and discovery. for me its like learning visual. its not stupid mindless sit coms loaded with drug commercials.

i dont think some people recognize the learning value on some programs. books dont do it for me, i need visual stimuli.

i dont have a real job to go to, so i can do anything anytime. but you have to get shit done, so you have to have some kind of self management. mainly check the sales for the day and get them sent so people dont freak out and complain a lot. which they do any way.

farming out 1/2 my work so i have more time to do whatever. paying people to post 300 jerseys. leaving inventory in multiple locations in town and paying people to ship it as well.

i have a bit here but im trying to get out of this endless cycle of buying and selling. if i can find the sweet deals and thats it. thats fine with me.

emails, shipping, posting, putting out fires with unreasonable people. if i can avoid it i will.

so after about 2 or 3 hrs of doing this from 9 to 12 im pretty tired of sitting and typing. then i can start boxing things up and get the orders out. this might take 2 hrs or if i have some wheels and bikes it takes longer. usually try to get all this done by 4 or 5 since the po closes at 5 or 6.

now its dark, usually i would like to go ride in the afternoon after all this is done so im not hurrying around and worrying what didnt get done on a mid afternoon trail ride. . . . but i didnt ride much trail this year anyway and its dark at 5. so,

maybe i should eat or ride in the dark. the last month i have been riding in traffic in the dark with no lights.

some old kodger stopped in the middle of the road and got out of his car walking in the dark waiting for me to ride by and informed me i should get some lights.

really,.. you are standing in the middle of the road walking behind your car in traffic causing a bigger problem than me.

maybe i should adjust my sked a bit, with a mid afternoon 1 to 2 hr trail ride at 1 or 2pm.
now im still pretty slow and 15 hrs a week isnt going to happen for 2 months. so 90mins a day for the rest of the year is plenty. theres 22 hrs left in the day to do whatever so im sure i can figure it out.

thats about all i have to do everyday, its not much but sometimes i cant finish it. i wonder about all the others that do 10 times as much and never have down time to do nothing.

there was a big bike expo in san fran saturday but i didnt want to go. im pretty over driving 10 hrs and trying to haggle with guys over some bike gear.
the next one is in mid jan. maybe i'll be up to go to mad town by then.

going to st george friday for a short weekend. that should be a good change.

i dont have any good pics to add today so you get a long ass story. heres some tecno.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

house party at saltaire

photo by shannon at mtb race

team rico leads bart and ali g

last night was probably the best house music i have heard live, holy hell i dont care if you hate tecno if you cant feel that beat you have problems.

atrain says hes playing the ipod pushing play no look, thats the extent of that? the skill comes in the creative mixing and mastering beats, building it up and breaking it down. i think i posted about 15 videos on facebook last night since my phone has like the best sound card available and will only send 20 sec max videos. i didnt bring anything good to make a sweed video.

we rode out with a fun crew of alcoholics, ok well a few were pretty hammered, humbert, todd, jamie and kels. holy shit she was wasted.

if you bring a back pack i guess this means your the "E" dealer, some wasted fools trying to buy drugs from me, maybe its the hat? or the hair?

i'm buzzing my head bald in march. im over long greasy locks, 2 g's and its off!

so if you were ever thinking of going to a house party you should, if you never would do that you should go anyway.
im still trying to grasp not going with shauna, i guess she was there with some guy. she informs me a gay guy. like no one else but a gay guy and me would go with her to a house concert.

she wants to go to cross races and hang and doesnt even or never has raced, i hope she has the sense not to at this point in time attend such events. i couldnt stand the thought of her dating the security guard or any other replacement that wants to get in her pants. so i had to end all comms and get togethers,

call me crazy, i dont want to be going skiing, on trips, bike races, lunches, donating money for her expenses and cat support while shes dating and cooking dinners for some next best thing.
i guess im old fashioned.
today i got a ride up to heber with alex and back with carl to attend the state cx champs in heber, it was cloudy and cold with the last race in a semi flurry snow blizzard. the snow didnt stick but it windy and cold.
ali, team rico and bart rode around in a circle jerk for 55 mins until ali punched it with 1/2 lap to go and took the w over eric by 10 feet. bart was 10 sec back and alex g got 4th.
congrats to ali g and erika for the A CLASS wins.

i wonder if i will be ok if she goes to matts cx final party, it next year. not next week.

ali g has been dominating the masters gp series this year.

nice work

Friday, November 20, 2009

blind sided

if any of you check this regularly (i dont know why) the last year has been pretty lame with nothing exciting or nothing at all. the last 5 weeks have been pretty much the hardest of my life. if you know me personally you know the story. if you dont then im sure if you keep reading you will get an idea.

i thought my life was pretty good, a 6 weeks ago, or 2 months ago. or 6 months ago. it seems i wasnt paying attention to the details and i had a sense something wasnt as it should have been. then life knocked me on my ass and the last 5 weeks i've been trying to digest and catch up to what has happened. most of the days i just sit and think what the fuck went wrong. how i could have changed it, how or why it happened and where the hell was i when the path went down the wrong road. i was too into my bubble i guess, watching stupid shows on tv and burying myself into a job im not too fond of right now. getting off track with racing and riding. totally abandoning the sport i've done my whole life. not even touching the bike for months at a time and when i decided to make changes in sept. it was way too late. the whole month of sept i rode a bit, i was so fat and unfit it disgusts me. it took like a month to feel normal again. then that brings me to swap season and the last post i wrote while i was in nj/pa/nyc. looking at that post just makes me sick, the pics i have and memories of what i once had and didnt know it makes me sick.

if you dont want to read more of this sob story just turn this blog off because im sure its going to keep coming for a few months.

i debated even writing this, but as i abandoned my bike, i did the same with this blog. i need an outlet to write and doing it on paper in private doesnt work for me. i'd rather lay it all out for anyone to see.

im pretty much misunderstood because im a recluse. i dont show much to many and this usually plays against me.

the last five weeks i moved out of my house, split with my gf, lost my cats, almost lost all will to live, lost interest in work, in eating, in pretty much everything. if it wasnt for some friends that helped me out over the last month i dont know what or where i would be.

so i must write to be creative, to outlet some thoughts, like riding, hammering the big ring up a steep climb until you pass out or throw up, moving energy into some positive outlet.

so i pretty much set this whole pain thing up myself, to force myself to face some deep dark caves i have been avoiding my whole life. pushing someone close to me away to the point of them making the moves to force my own growth. its pretty much the worst thing ever but i think back and i knew this was coming and i tried everything in my power to avoid it.

if i want something better i think i have to travel this long dark tunnel alone and its freaking me out like no other horror movie.

getting back to the basics.

on my own again, no one to take care of but myself and that alone is way harder than probably 10 kids.
getting back to some meaningful hours on the bike , with focus and determination that only a few others i know have, that matches me.

nurturing a passion that has died , dried up and blown away with nobody at fault but my own.

finding a balance, that has eluded me my whole life. not too much and not too little.

finally learning the biggest lesson of my life, it was a very expensive lesson and it cost more than money is worth.

hopefully learning to apply these to future events so i dont have to go through this again.

maybe next time i'll come up with something more light of heart and funny.
until then i need to write and get this out.
i dont usually go out to raves or clubs but if the best dj in the world is out at the salt lake i would think anyone would want to see at least an hour of it, even if it is at 2am

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tri state tour with non stops to the city

non stops to the east coast are the way to go. 3.5 hrs slc to nyc with a tail wind that would have any cyclist spinning out the 56x11.
130mph tail wind makes for 2000 miles in short time.

check out this kick ass tecno remix 4min 50 to 5min 30

just got back from newark the other day, the tri state tour, nyc, newark trexler town, bushkill pa.
one might think newark/nyc is a big metropolis, dirty and over populated. which it is but 10 miles out of nyc in nj the forests are loaded with deer. nj turnpike north to boonton/mahwah/bushkill there were 3 dead prong horns on the freeway. including a fresh kill that was still quivering. with the killer, an suv stopped with a smashed grill.

the east coast bike culture is alive with many deals to be had, and lots of people showing up in the light morning mist.

next week denver

nov. san fran. tucson.

dec bend/kona/maui.

the season of bounty is upon us.

be sure to checkout the sly cash zone saturday at heber, and a halloween saturday at wheeler with the gilly suit and air horn in the woods.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

if anyone is stupid enough to get this i guess they deserve to die

you got to ask yourself, why is the media bombarded with fear and "free" flu shots. why does the government care about your health to the point of having free drive up flu shots?

they dont give a damn about your health. they want to make you sick, to the point of death. 1 for population control. and 2, to make tons of money off your health care insurance before you die.

if you dont believe this you are part of the lemming heard that needs to be exterminated.

survival of the fitest, or smartest.

thin out the world population by eliminating the weak and stupid.

anything thats plastered on tv in fear is the key to learning what not to believe.

you also have to understand this doesnt kill people over night, it takes years to wear down a human immune system. unless one is very young or old and already weakened and sick.

my friend is a doctor, he told me a family relative has a 4 month old baby, within 48hrs of the vaccine the baby died.

you will never hear this on the local nightly news. the media is controlled by the same people trying to kill you. they put whatever they want to scare you with on the news. they wont report these kind of deaths, and or they will be blamed on something else.

the US government just indemnified the 5 makers of the vaccine, which made it possible for no one to sue them.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

cash, gilly suits and wheeler farm

i cant wait to wear this around at wheeler farm and bring the fat grip of cash

but without that gun n scope, maybe a chainsaw instead

Thursday, October 01, 2009

blanket creek with hitler

Friday, September 25, 2009

i found the fox den

shauna lyn and big hoss

we went down to vegas for interbike and stopped off at the gold n silver pawn shop on the strip. the pawn stars on history channel sunday nights.
this is the original fox den. i bought it from back in sept 2002. we drove it around the country for about 90k miles. seattle to tijuana, san fran to vermont, canada to new mexico and every where in between.
i sold it to a guy here in salt lake about 4.5 yrs ago and i saw it yesterday in vegas parked near the venetian. it still has the canyon bicycles bumper sticker and now its california plates. i dont know who owns it but its weird to see it parked there.
the emotions ran high as i feel i have found a long lost family member.
long live the foxden.
also checked out cross vegas, the most popular but basic cross course every made. lots of spectators, zero technical ability. all on thick grass.
the best thing i saw at the show was the new cannondale lefty simon. its not like an old ELO, computerized display with a bar mounted joystick lever. its kind of like an sworks brain but for the lefty and has way more features. its not in production but it should be.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my dogs are barkin

23,000 some steps walkin around this park today ridin 17 famously fast roller coasters.

this 2nd vid is top thrill dragster, 0 to 120mph in 2 sec, going up 350 feet vertical.
thats 120mph bowel evacuating speed. i didnt make the vid, so the timing is off. forward it to 1min 30sec.

Monday, September 07, 2009

fire it up

after a year of mental break down, a summer of facebook,

turn this thing back on after 3 months of sitting around all summer and getting fat.

got pretty bored so i put together a used scalpel out of old mona vie parts, that i ganked from chippos garage.

everyone was wondering when i would get sick of doing nothing but posting crap on facebook all day and start riding again.
well last week i decided to get my lazy ass in gear, then watched all my friends race in pc saturday, wishing i was up there waxing alex and bart.

so everyone probably doesnt check this page anymore so i'll be back on here from time to time. did a lot of moto sessions logging around 4,000 miles on the scooter,
motoing pain addicts, like ali g, kelsey k, jeff l, darren l, tiff p, nicole e,
atrain, stormin, robby s, tbird, lewis from hong kong, one time jeff brought booky and stevey b.
cx season is near, mostly will be at some wheelers with the slyfox cash zone, cross vegas, ohio next week, veloswap in oct, philly, san fran, tucson in nov and hawaii around new years.
busy swap season with some racing and riding mixed in.

time to get off the couch and rip the trail
If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again,. . . . slyfox domination.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

welcome to the no post blog worse than atrain and bart g

we dont blog anymore so stop checking back. stop following me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

trainers in june

name the cat 1's that dont like riding in the rain and win a prize.

this is my tabby moose, he likes to chill in boxes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

billy vs vince

Monday, June 08, 2009

respect the van

Saturday, June 06, 2009

treasure island

bay bridge, treasure island, alcatraz.
San fran today. 65 and sunny.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

thanks but no thanks

rumour has reported im behind the autobus, thanks but if you truly know me i would have claimed such spectacular wit and jokes for myself. why leave it to the anonymous?

i have endorsed the autobus, i know the author, he has told me to leave his identity hidden.

so i will continue to take the heat for you, in order for the jokes to be told and the ego's to be bruised.

you probably know the autobus, hes everywhere. hes fast, and hes for real.

he races fast at mtn bike, cross and road.

he has his own blog

he has funny jokes

and you probably have talked to him week after week and not even suspected him.

thats all the clues you will get from sly, as if i say much more the genius that is road geek may figure it out.

thanks again for considering me for the autobus anonymous author.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RIP oscar the cat 2008-june 2nd 2009

we picked him up at the pound last august. he wasnt around long, but while i sat in the office all day he would sleep in the cat tree and hang with me all day. we have 2 other cats so the house isnt empty, but its missing the young friendly energy today.

shauna lyns birthday is friday, im going to san fran for a short trip friday night, but i'll be back saturday night for the bon fire taco stand party in the back yard.

maybe we'll save another cat from death at the pound next week.

oscar the cat got real sick this week and after $400 in tests at the vet they said he had a genetic heart problem and he was anemic and was going to die in a few days. there was nothing anyone could have done, he just had a bad draw.

heres a video of moose and oscar.

today the jackass that lives behind me was shooting some other black cat with a bb gun. i just about jumped over and shot him. but i held back and just yelled swear words at the low life over the fence. ya he heard me.