Friday, October 31, 2008

bo peep

tomorrow at RMR look for me with tecno, red pig tails and a white cane

new road bike

i scored this road bike at contender, i rounded out the package with egg beater ti's, a 27t rear cog and conti gator skins

should be a slush riding bike for the next few months.

i was at contender and guthries today, lots of fire sales. if you want a new bike for cheap go check them out and dont be afraid to barter.

i got this one for pennies on the dollar

check out my sweet pergo floor

ali g takes a commanding lead

i think the voting is rigged

nobody believes in bart anymore??????????????????

or krispy????????????????????

or team rico?????????????????????

Thursday, October 30, 2008



we got married

fund raiser

i need to raise some money for the free 100 bucks 1st lap prime on saturday so go buy this and get a piece of history from the legend

or heres a more sexy legend, the goddess of speed.

bid now and win!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

corrected by mother

if you ever wonder where i get some crazy ideas, i learned it from my wise mother.
i was corrected about the democracy, republic.

The problem is that we DO live in a democracy! It's the biggest problem of them all since we were not MEANT to be a democracy; we are a REPUBLIC. Democracy has to do with the military and martial law. That's how years of brainwashing about a "democratic society" taught to us by the lawyers and politicians (who are lawyers) and our so-called "public schools" (which are government schools) has gotten this whole society thinking we are "supposed" to be a democracy!

using your power for good

What would Samantha from Bewitched look like if she hesitated every time she was about to twinkle her nose?

That's sort of how I'm feeling these days ever since blogging about the (non) distinction between witches and deliberate creators. It led to a fascinating conversation that has me wondering about how our creative power is best used.

Like this afternoon while I was chatting with fabulous fellow coach, Eve Sheldon, I saw my kitty Elsa stalking sparrows and sauntered over to shoo birds to safety. Elsa's displeasure was clear. Five minutes later she had one clenched in her mouth anyway. (Sorry for the swear words, Eve!)

Giving Elsa the evil eye afterwards, I realized, who am I to say birds shouldn't be caught? Is that interfering with the natural order?

Or what about the "unnatural" order? Like when my coworker's grandson was diagnosed with leukemia and everyone joined together to pray for his healing? If it's true that, as suggested by various sources, we each choose our timing and method of exit (on a higher spiritual plane) then should we intend for someone's alternate outcome? Is that, as Byron Katie might say, sticking our nose where it doesn't belong?

Or when Russ is growing irritated that we sleep in separate bedrooms, is it appropriate that I intend he relax and get okay with sleeping alone the rest of his life? Or would it be better to let him be irritated, break up and move on with someone who can sleep next to his side? Or should I intend I get over it?

Or right now - when the garbage truck is pulling up and I check a slight worry that he won't pick up our garbage because it's got window well covers sticking up four feet from the top (?!) - is it appropriate to manifest he takes it even if it might not be best to?

(Maybe all those years of appreciating my garbage man paid off, because he took it.)

And yet - we're creators! That's what we came here for, isn't it?

Or is it?

What about you? Have you ever intended that someone in particular fall head over heels in love with you, or wished your competition for a new job screw up in their interview? Or secretly hoped something bad would happen to the crackhead neighbor living next door? (Oh, that was all me again.)

I guess it becomes a matter of finding our personal comfort level between accepting reality and managing / creating it. Maybe as long as we act with awareness and in alignment with our personal integrity, we're good to go. And maybe I'm making a bigger deal about this than is helpful. (That feels rather true, but I've spent all afternoon on this issue so it's going!)

As far as I can tell, I've got some cleaning up to do. In the meantime, for all the squirrels and birds and deer at risk, I'll follow the lead several blog readers shared and simply intend for "the highest good," release attachment to whatever that looks like, and make peace with squished squirrels and caught birds.

I'm hardly in a position to give advice on this, but I would at least suggest we each get conscious to the creations we're already adding energy to. Lots of us don't realize what we're helping to create (whether it's arguing about politics or gossiping about our sister-in-law - oh gosh, is that me AGAIN?!) - and that certainly isn't what using our power for good looks like, is it?

PS - I may be a big talker, since I just chased the neighbor's cat away from an unsuspecting dove in the front yard. (Sigh.)
copied from an email from

free money

looks as if a few big time cx'ers are heading to boulder for some bell ringing action. since i did the drive last week i dont feel like going again. I80 is the way. 6 hrs to boulder. not bad, but im going to RMR/wheeler this weekend with the tecno and the cash.

no lie, first lap winner gets a benjamin, but you have to grab it.
if you miss then the next guy gets it.

so not only do you have to drop bart and ali for the 1st lap you have to not be pinned enough to miss the grab.

100 bux, plus 100 in gee dubs for the rest of the day.

come score the cash and get paid

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dont vote

next week.. dont bother, the elections are fixed, just like pro sports and your vote doesnt count.

mccains crooked chronies (bushs rich wall street brethren) will steal this election like they did the last 2.

dont fool yourself, your vote doesnt count. its the blind leading the blind.
electronic voting machines?? pleeeeeez

just as easy to rig as the slots in vegas.

but still the people line up to lose, (like me)

so 7 days to armageddon

we dont live in a democracy so wake up!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

i dont have any friends

saw my old pal jb at the veloswap, we used to hit the norba tour back in 94 on the nuke proof.
he lives in the boulder area, so i see him walking around and we can remember the trouble we caused in vermont with the po po back in the day.

if youre on facebook and trying to find me its under sly fox so hook it up

Sunday, October 26, 2008

woke up about noon

RIP, my homey easy motha phukkin E.

lets go to cabo, in jan. should be warm and sunny. i need to hit la playa.
get a plane ticket and $200 bucks each should cover this sweet condo for a week.

its not mine, but if 3 of you want to go i'll throw down.

check out the video from my homey easy E.
if you are offended by swear words dont play the video.
XXX rated

Saturday, October 25, 2008

buy low sell high

the line to get in is like 10 blocks long, but i dont wait in lines.

i get in the day before, buy it all, then get in at 6am, 3 hrs before the masses.
by the time these guys are in, im done and have scored all the sweet deals.

this girl thinks its fun to sit in a car for 2 days then walk around carrying loads of dirty cog sets.

look how happy she is, all i did was buy her a cheese burger with fries

if you dont know what this is then youre not really a biker

i got some of these for sager

yesterday we drove to denver, its 6.5 hrs slc to dtown over I80, 8 hrs by I70, i like to drive loops so we'll go back through vail tomorrow.

this is about the 9th time i've been to velo swap and its always the biggest swap of the year.
compared to the others, tucson is twice a year in 2 weeks and in april, trexlertown in may and october, seattle in feb, madison in january and a few in the bay area in april, may and june this is the biggest, there are a few small time ones here and there but they are not worth driving to.
i spent a load on sweet deals today, and have to shake my head at the high prices people want for garbage and at the same time cant believe how many sweet deals there are out there. you just have to haggle and ask, make a deal and sometimes ask for the really impossibly low prices...... and you get them.

i scored 500 items of clothing for 5 bucks each, 70 more pairs of sidis and specialized shoes, 80 stems for 80 bucks, a whole van load of stuff, the caravan is packed top to bottom, gagglioli is here as usual, him and his wife hooked me up pretty good, and i even got some new gx2 carbon ergon grips from kerkove.

this should keep me and my crew busy for a few weeks until we head south to tuck son.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


check out my sweet pergo floor

i will be at the next race giving out benjamins, so come score the cash
thanks for voting
ok, not really the next race. im driving to denver tomorrow. next week at the rmr wheeler double come score the cash.
practice your 1 lap sprints cuz the first guys to sprint 1 lap get paid

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the world is my toilet

some roadie playin pocket pool at the zoo

so i see it every where,

wheres the cash?

workin it at buenaventura
the six pack barrier
dec 2006
dreamin of the good days

oh dang

oh hell no

yes it is
how about a cx barrier jump no handed......
dont even try it

vote on your december 6th race venue

wheeler is the best

Monday, October 20, 2008

my fridge for sale on craigslist

come buy it, i got new one.

ryan ash master is putting in my pergo floor. if you need a handy man call him.

expert rider at team revolution, ripping it up at moab 24 seen here on the dh

got 3rd in expert by 12 seconds

go turd ferguson

Sunday, October 19, 2008

pics from

atrain, the throttle with chippo with the head tilt, means hes in the pain cave

reed follows bart

first lap lead train

ali and jj

ali , jj

team rico

Saturday, October 18, 2008

watch and learn

dastrup does it gluten free

reed takes the 1st lap for the 10 spot

team rico

alex and samurai

bart and chris p.

heres one of me in 2006 at wheeler

out at the race today it was 75 and sunny. dusty even.
if you want to learn how to jump barriers watch bart, this 24 incher single was a monster and even ali g tried it once.

i dont usually want to race anymore, but today i was missing out. the course was flat with lots of twisty flowy trail, with a few single barrier dismounts which are easy to jump. thats if you know how.

jumping anything under 14" or so seems easy, but to the rest who cant or dont know how its easier than it looks.

its about timing and doesnt usually take a lot of strength. you just need to commit and know you can make it.

now before you try jumping your curb and smashing your rear wheel into an egg, there are a few things you need to practice.

mostly your timing, this depends on your speed, if you are going slow then its front wheel first then kick the back up with your pedals. since your clipped in, this means just yanking up on your pedals.

hard to explain, easier to show, and do.

if you have speed you can bunny hop both at the same time and its an instant 2 wheel launch and landing.

watching most today smash their rear wheel into the log made me cringe and realize how many people dont have a clue how to pick their back wheel up even for small obstacles like a 6" log.

im not trying to make everyone feel bad, or sound like im cool. even known i am., thats another topic.

but to see a lot of racers just smash their equipment, or just creep over the log and lose so much speed just bothers me for some reason.

if you guys, like kelly glen, want to learn how to hop stuff email me or bart and i will show you. its takes practice like everything else but when you get it down you will save your heart rate spiking into the red with dismounts and make it look easy like bart.

ali and jj

its hard to tell sometimes if guys are going hard, like today bart was sitting in and his head wasnt cocked side ways, when you seem him suffering just look for the head tilt, like this one.

that means hes going in the red zone.
but today he could get gaps over krispy in the turns and hopping these 2 logs, since the finish was near the jump it looked like an easy win, a flat course with long straight aways fit for any roadie.

but it looked easy, as the fast guys make it look easy. when you feel good and heart rate is low at speed you can haul ass, sit in and pick your corners to throttle it out of.

it was a close finish between the 2, third and everyone else were miles behind.

1 bart
2 krispy
3 jj clark
4 robby s
5 connor O

im not sure of the 4-5, i wasnt paying attention at the finish.
lots of flats and mechanicals also, sucks to see fast guys at the start finish way down because of chain problems and flats.

thats easy stuff to fix, fitness and luck is hard to come by.

chippo donated the $40 in 10's for the 1st lap, 2 first guys got 10 bucks each, i paid 60 in singles so come next time and get the cash.

im going to veloswap denver friday so i will miss next week, but in 2 weeks come back for the double at RMR and wheeler, i will up the prize money to $100 each day.

thats a lot of gee dubs

if you feel left out cuz you race in the morning, and im still in bed, upgrade to the noon and 130 race and you can come get your teeth kicked in and make a dollar to 2.

if anyone knows ken stryka chord tell him to email me, i need his wheelset thats for sale.

zander cage

i was reminded of my all time fave movie the other night when it was on tv.

the most kick ass movie ever made XXX

watch the clip and the sweet soundtrack

xXx Xander Cage is an extreme sports athelete recruited by the government on a special mission.

Friday, October 17, 2008


i've said everything that needs to be said, i've been doing house work and yard work, and real work.

come tomorrow if you want some free money. 70 and sunny.

its so nice it will make team rico cry

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

atrains favorite music

he sings this, but doesnt want anyone to know.
its his theme song

Sunday, October 12, 2008


i hate airports, but you can get pretty far faster than driving.
new t shirt
i blew a fuse in the house so if anyone knows how to fix it come do it, cuz i dont want to die crossing wires. its not just a flipper. its a blown fuse, it needs to be re-wired so half the house doesnt have power. i use the extension cord to the back room so i can work on this blog.
i was at DIA earlier today, wasted a few hours there. but i made it home back to the big city. snow in the mtns. all across the rockies.
wish it was warmer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

trexlertown pa

in the country lays a famous velo-drome. seems the bush fear mongering of market collapse and credit shortage is nothing (not surprised) but lies as people gathered in droves to swap, sell and buy.
maybe its the weather, or probly not. swapping is at the all time high in east PA.

home of marty nothstein and erin hartwell, we hooked up some sweet ass deals in the farm land today. it was a fruitful day. now im tired, up at 3am mst. 1.5 hrs east of the big city is a small country town loaded with bike tards and tons of bike crap. if i wasnt limited by transport and money, i could spend 20 grand. easy.

a few deals of the day
30 pairs of sidi genius 5's for $60 each (new)
speedplay x1 titanium pedals $10 (used)
speedplay titanium frogs $20 (new)
20 dura ace 10 speed cogsets $10 each (used)
2 bobby julich used skin suits $40 with signed bobby poster
well of course i got way more than that, i just dont want to list it all.
that didnt take long to blow through my wad, the drive back was nice. then i hit the hay.

dale was at the patagonia outlet in newark yesterday and bought $180,000 retail worth of clothing for $20,000.
seems someone needs to liquidate.

i wonder who won in heber

and to watch team mona vie rip it up in heber with 2 new team mates
for live updates all night

bart g and alex g throwin it down in the wind storm, or causing it.

im west bound a.m.

Friday, October 10, 2008

a bull market?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

its all good in the hood

we got to the big city on a new 767 with tv's in the back of each head rest, non stop slc to nyc in under 4 hrs.
thats pretty sweet considering is took 3 months with a horse and wagon back in the 1800's. non stops are the way to go.
once off the air train at jfk we got the fly rental car and hit the belt way to staten island, traffic wasnt bad and the skies are clear with a 70 degree breeze blowing over the verrazano bridge is the gate way to the nyc harbor.

tomorrow i have high level meetings with trump, and maybe we will meet up with bike snob and get on cash cab

but the best part of the day was givin a shout out to a black lady like this at the hotel lobby with a "its all good in the hood" t shirt.

she was workin it and i had to say something.

sunny and 70's for the weekend.
i have to say i wont be missing the rain and snow in heber sunday.

good luck to dr x, hes gettin a few votes for the W.
more than chris p.

nobody has faith in the porc, team rico going for the win in the 30 degree mud fest.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

fox pays gould

i never saw her blog before

bobby sent me this


get paid

race cross

cut the goat cross

2008 Cutthroat Cross

When: Sunday November 16th 2008

Where: Hunter Park, 3600 South 6000 West, West Valley

City (Parking on 3500 South side of park)


Cost: $15, Day of Registration Only

Directions: Highway 201 Westbound, left on 56th West, right on
3500 South, Hunter Park on the left

Schedule: Mass start for each group

10:30am “C” Juniors, Beginner Women, Sufferin’ Men (30 Min)

11:15am “B” A & B Women, Slower Men (45 Min)

12:30pm “A” A & B Men, Superfly Women (60 Min)

You choose your category, but here’s your chance to STEP IT UP.

Raffle Prizes for All !!! Cash payback for the A group.

Come check out a great new venue!!!

note: Not a series race

For More Information:

east bound

big city

snow is coming sat for rico, heber, rain, mud, snow. you sick dog.

i hope it rains on moab too. 2006 floods are coming.

bring the thunder, pain and rain

and snow

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

check out the new cyclocross website, pick your fave cx'er

i've been doing some urban assault

this guy has a sweet trail down the side of his house

did you know sore muscles after strenuous excersize are caused by lack of calcium, take over 1500mg a day and see the difference. take the right kind of calcium with magnesium.

Monday, October 06, 2008

tommy need wingy

Sunday, October 05, 2008

i lifted 20,000 pounds today

we found the flying pig bus over off redwood road
hope he can hold it with 1 hand.

stormin and wolf helped me move shaunas heavy ass wooden furniture out of storage, atrain carried the pillows cuz hes weak and lame.

10hrs later im blown but done. why do girls have so much crap, holy hell.

check out the free cash on wolfs blog, come in 2 weeks to cx race #3 and i will be sponsoring racers with $1 primes.

first lap winner gets 20 bones.

if i was rich i would hand out 100 benjamins per race instead of dollars.

that would be sweet, race and get a 100 bucks from a rich dude.


chippo would be rich too cuz the whole city would race for a lap and get paid.

Kimbo TKOd by no-name in 14 seconds

Heavyweights: Seth Petruzelli (11-4) def. Kimbo Slice (3-1)

How: Ref stoppage in 14 seconds

Turning point: Petruzelli dropped Slice immediately with a jab and pummeled him with punch after punch until ref Troy Waugh stopped it.

Analysis: The ramifications here are numerous. Even if the television rating is big, the goose that laid the golden egg was exposed by a fighter who previously was known only to the most hardcore fans. In the long run, that is devastating to the company and for MMA on CBS. The future is very much up in the air.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

frozen goat and bigfoot

let the husla sell you some skills

ok, i copied that.

so watch these

rain mud and cowbell, the dark horse pulls through for mona vie

my top 3 got blown out of the water with the rain, mud and thorns. ali g broke his bike on lap 2, bart flatted his tires and legs, peterstak was hangin tough with 2 to go and mitchel blew his doors off on the dh. wow that was something i thought i would never say...

anyhow if you get dropped by mitch on the dh then you need some serious work on the off camber muddy turns.

no offense mitch, you dropped the hammer.

check out the poll, only 2 people picked the dark horse for the win. its a crap shoot and its not a science. but i am surprised at krispy's mud riding skills.

top 6 today in the mud bowl horse station draper utah cx #1
1 mitchel
2 peterstaks
3 reed w.
4 team rico
5 alex g
6 bart

i didnt get any pics, i was too busy pumping tecno and handing out money.

too bad i wont be here next week, were off for an east coast swing to get my scalpel back.
see ya in 2 weeks, with more tecno and more cash.

utah cx home page, results, sked and old out dated pics

armin van buuren in park city

gardie aka francis, was in bed at 10pm, i bet so was atrain. you have to be proud of francis, he is hoping to bring his A game to the announcer stage tomorrow at cx.

they didnt want to rock out with the best dj in the world. he was in pc last night and rocked the house. holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeett he can work it.

check out the sweet video

team hiro, gollum and truck driver

last week at cross vegas i scored this pic for bz, check out kelli emmetts hiney on the 24 hrs of moab team registration.... hmmm

Friday, October 03, 2008

beat a dead beat horse

mike wolf found this on 4th east 17th south

while the masses are entertained by dog and pony shows, watching presidential debates, vice debates, here say, i'll do this and that elect me bullshit, paris and britney, the bush administration is up to real issues. but you wont see this on tv, its secret and they wont tell you want youre not supposed to hear.

so we'll scare the shit out of you with doomsday topics, like wmd's and market collapse scenarios.

give us our 900 trillion before we have to leave in 3 months or the world will end.

who believes this crap, sorry to say most of you do.

the poll on the side here, is to say of course hes not a doper now, but then.

you dont win 7 tours in a row drug free, i dont care if you are superman.

and all your rivals got caught. so that means they were doped and you were not, so they even couldnt beat you while they were??
holy shit this is so beating a dead beat horse, hes a fraud and a doper and all of you that dont believe it well i have a ski resort in miami to sell you.

lance should be glad he got away with it and ride off into the sunset never to race again. but no, he wants more, hes a gambler and wants more, more more more.

top picks tomorrow, that course has tons of goat heads so whoever doesnt flat the most will win.

its twisty too so peterstak in my mind is out

bring 5 wheelsets with stans.

1 bart
2 ali
3 team rico.

i am god so what i say goes.
for those of you that voted on this poll, what the hell are you thinking?
who out of town can beat the guys i listed? nobody, who sam krieg? he can steer about as good as krispy, and none of the above?
who then?
chippo? jon g? atrain? linde?
at least nobody picked free sager. that was a trick answer.