Wednesday, February 25, 2009

its all on facebook

Sly is obama is a gifted speaker, makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy but really is no better than bush.
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You and Eric Rasmussen like this.
Eric Rasmussen likes this.

Blaze Rippington at 8:34am February 25
who is this obama cat i keep hearing about?

Sly Fox at 8:40am February 25
people think the pres, whoever it is has control, but he has little to no control. hes a puppet installed by the men behind the curtain, to look nice, shake hands and make people feel nice about the decisions he has no control over . the guys behind the curtain stealing all your money have the control, and tie his hands, he cant do anything. he just talks good and everyone likes him.

Brock Cannon at 8:47am February 25
that's about as spot as i've heard. glad to hear not everyone is oblivious to the real "operation" going on here.

Sly Fox at 8:49am February 25
see below, sly knows everything. atrain

Mike Sohm at 9:56am February 25
it's the party man! it's all a big party!! woooo

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