Tuesday, February 24, 2009

photo time with ali g

the cav doesnt mess around, i think boonen is washed up, its early and tommy is a classics rider so im sure he will do some crazy rides next month, but the cav is a pure sprinter and tommy boy cant hang with the speed so i say suck it.

photo credit by ali g.

if you want to follow the life of ali g jr. aka ethan read it all here, the life and times of a sub 1 year old talented blogger.

spring fever is in the air, seems just like last week we were moto pacing up emigration, ali and tiff want some pain so i say BRING THE PAIN

i was bookin around on the mo ped yesterday with no gloves, it was like 60. and the snow is all melted out of the front yard which is north facing so to me thats a big deal.

sunday night i stopped by chipotle for a chicken burro, i started to worry when i walked up to the door and there was a big pile of puke no less than 10 feet out of the front door out on the sidewalk.

some one got sick, this is the first red flag not to eat at this particular establishment on this particular day.

anyway i proceeded to buy a burro, and stuff it down the pie hole. we went home and i was sick no less than 30min later, oh it was ugly.

the location of said establishment is chipotle 1400e fort union.

over past 36 hours i have thrown up no less than 7 times, i will leave it at that but i should have taken some pics as i have not thrown up since 24hrs moab 2001.

it was ugly

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