Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RIP oscar the cat 2008-june 2nd 2009

we picked him up at the pound last august. he wasnt around long, but while i sat in the office all day he would sleep in the cat tree and hang with me all day. we have 2 other cats so the house isnt empty, but its missing the young friendly energy today.

shauna lyns birthday is friday, im going to san fran for a short trip friday night, but i'll be back saturday night for the bon fire taco stand party in the back yard.

maybe we'll save another cat from death at the pound next week.

oscar the cat got real sick this week and after $400 in tests at the vet they said he had a genetic heart problem and he was anemic and was going to die in a few days. there was nothing anyone could have done, he just had a bad draw.

heres a video of moose and oscar.

today the jackass that lives behind me was shooting some other black cat with a bb gun. i just about jumped over and shot him. but i held back and just yelled swear words at the low life over the fence. ya he heard me.


JoshuaMcC said...

Sorry about your cat man. Got a dog I'm a little worried about right now.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Oscar, rest in peace.