Thursday, June 04, 2009

thanks but no thanks

rumour has reported im behind the autobus, thanks but if you truly know me i would have claimed such spectacular wit and jokes for myself. why leave it to the anonymous?

i have endorsed the autobus, i know the author, he has told me to leave his identity hidden.

so i will continue to take the heat for you, in order for the jokes to be told and the ego's to be bruised.

you probably know the autobus, hes everywhere. hes fast, and hes for real.

he races fast at mtn bike, cross and road.

he has his own blog

he has funny jokes

and you probably have talked to him week after week and not even suspected him.

thats all the clues you will get from sly, as if i say much more the genius that is road geek may figure it out.

thanks again for considering me for the autobus anonymous author.


Jennie said...

hurry up and write more bus.

Lone-li-Road said...

I hope they write a big story about Ali Skillz Goulet crashing himself at Garden Creek Gap..