Monday, September 07, 2009

fire it up

after a year of mental break down, a summer of facebook,

turn this thing back on after 3 months of sitting around all summer and getting fat.

got pretty bored so i put together a used scalpel out of old mona vie parts, that i ganked from chippos garage.

everyone was wondering when i would get sick of doing nothing but posting crap on facebook all day and start riding again.
well last week i decided to get my lazy ass in gear, then watched all my friends race in pc saturday, wishing i was up there waxing alex and bart.

so everyone probably doesnt check this page anymore so i'll be back on here from time to time. did a lot of moto sessions logging around 4,000 miles on the scooter,
motoing pain addicts, like ali g, kelsey k, jeff l, darren l, tiff p, nicole e,
atrain, stormin, robby s, tbird, lewis from hong kong, one time jeff brought booky and stevey b.
cx season is near, mostly will be at some wheelers with the slyfox cash zone, cross vegas, ohio next week, veloswap in oct, philly, san fran, tucson in nov and hawaii around new years.
busy swap season with some racing and riding mixed in.

time to get off the couch and rip the trail
If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again,. . . . slyfox domination.


UtRider said...

Yeah!!! Now you can motor pace the pros while riding your Scalpel. Your watts will put the scooter to shame!

Team Rico said...

hell yeaaah!!! Just do some rides with me before your too fast..again

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

by the time your blown from riding in circles for an hour, in dec. i should back workin it.

if mark wants to moto pace on the scalpel i will let him.

Trevor said...

lets go for a ride big boy