Friday, September 25, 2009

i found the fox den

shauna lyn and big hoss

we went down to vegas for interbike and stopped off at the gold n silver pawn shop on the strip. the pawn stars on history channel sunday nights.
this is the original fox den. i bought it from back in sept 2002. we drove it around the country for about 90k miles. seattle to tijuana, san fran to vermont, canada to new mexico and every where in between.
i sold it to a guy here in salt lake about 4.5 yrs ago and i saw it yesterday in vegas parked near the venetian. it still has the canyon bicycles bumper sticker and now its california plates. i dont know who owns it but its weird to see it parked there.
the emotions ran high as i feel i have found a long lost family member.
long live the foxden.
also checked out cross vegas, the most popular but basic cross course every made. lots of spectators, zero technical ability. all on thick grass.
the best thing i saw at the show was the new cannondale lefty simon. its not like an old ELO, computerized display with a bar mounted joystick lever. its kind of like an sworks brain but for the lefty and has way more features. its not in production but it should be.

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