Thursday, October 08, 2009

if anyone is stupid enough to get this i guess they deserve to die

you got to ask yourself, why is the media bombarded with fear and "free" flu shots. why does the government care about your health to the point of having free drive up flu shots?

they dont give a damn about your health. they want to make you sick, to the point of death. 1 for population control. and 2, to make tons of money off your health care insurance before you die.

if you dont believe this you are part of the lemming heard that needs to be exterminated.

survival of the fitest, or smartest.

thin out the world population by eliminating the weak and stupid.

anything thats plastered on tv in fear is the key to learning what not to believe.

you also have to understand this doesnt kill people over night, it takes years to wear down a human immune system. unless one is very young or old and already weakened and sick.

my friend is a doctor, he told me a family relative has a 4 month old baby, within 48hrs of the vaccine the baby died.

you will never hear this on the local nightly news. the media is controlled by the same people trying to kill you. they put whatever they want to scare you with on the news. they wont report these kind of deaths, and or they will be blamed on something else.

the US government just indemnified the 5 makers of the vaccine, which made it possible for no one to sue them.


krisw said...

so, you don't give the flu vaccine to a 4 month old, not indicated until 6 months of age. I'm not in the govt and I got a flu shot and my kid is getting one. I'd rather have the shot than influenza.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

thats too bad. everyone has been misinformed. people dropping dead overnight would be too obvious. thats not going to happen in mass. in later years other diseases will manifest. this is the seed. you along with everyone else will forget what the cause is when that day comes. no way anyone is injecting me with mercury. question everything. believe no one. its ones choice to do what they think is best. im just trying to lay out some info.

hope the best for anyone either way what they decide.

dug said...

um. really?

so your source is a guy who believes that George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie are, um, reptiles?

wait. really?