Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tri state tour with non stops to the city

non stops to the east coast are the way to go. 3.5 hrs slc to nyc with a tail wind that would have any cyclist spinning out the 56x11.
130mph tail wind makes for 2000 miles in short time.

check out this kick ass tecno remix 4min 50 to 5min 30

just got back from newark the other day, the tri state tour, nyc, newark trexler town, bushkill pa.
one might think newark/nyc is a big metropolis, dirty and over populated. which it is but 10 miles out of nyc in nj the forests are loaded with deer. nj turnpike north to boonton/mahwah/bushkill there were 3 dead prong horns on the freeway. including a fresh kill that was still quivering. with the killer, an suv stopped with a smashed grill.

the east coast bike culture is alive with many deals to be had, and lots of people showing up in the light morning mist.

next week denver

nov. san fran. tucson.

dec bend/kona/maui.

the season of bounty is upon us.

be sure to checkout the sly cash zone saturday at heber, and a halloween saturday at wheeler with the gilly suit and air horn in the woods.

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