Saturday, December 27, 2008

over the hill

a few weeks ago i was riding down the street with the beagle, alex rock and rob squire. i used to think alex was a young buck, but now hes getting hitched and hes over the hill like me and the beagle.

anyway rob rides up and starts talking about the old days in 1991, i said, what year were you born? 1991 he says, holy shit im old, i was ripping the dh when he was in diapers.
this kid can drop the hammer and when i was 17 in 1991, he is now in 2008, same with connor O, those 2 are fast for being 17. thats something to look forward to.

i remember when i was 17 and kicking old guys ass too. man that was a long time ago.

i wonder how tom noaker feels, hes 60 and kicks ass of all ages, on a 1 gear too. if ever race 1 gear in utah and noaker shows up try to hold his wheel. there are only 1 or 2 guys that can beat him. at least were not as old as atrain.

old people get up early, i guess i got that goin for me. its only 8am but its saturday, and i got nothing to get up for. we should hit the slopes or something.

if you want to see a weird movie go to benjamin button, that will make you think about wishing your life away for tomorrow.

i was thinking tbird looks like larry king, its not cuz he wears suspenders or is old but the jaw line if you ever see the tbird profile you would agree.

tbird and tiff, high school honeys, impressive since i cant seem to keep one around for more than a year. or 2.

i think tbird and larry king are related, but claims not.

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