Saturday, December 13, 2008

ali g 2nd team rico #13

age group races continuing today in KC.

main event tomorrow at 3pm

1. Andy Jacques-Maynes, Specialized-KMC-California Giant, in 41:58.0
2. Ali Goulet, Ridley Factory Team, in 42:38.0
3. Weston Schempf,, in 42:38.0
4. Sam Krieg, Kriegcycling-Sienna-ICE, in 43:32.0
5. Justin ROBINSON, California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized, in 44:15.0
6. Nathaniel Ward,'s Garage, in 44:15.0
7. Nathan Rice, Michelob Ultra-Big Shark, in 44:15.0
8. Gary Douville, Platinum Racing Team, in 45:51.0
9. Adam Mills, HRRC-Trek Stores, in 46:00.0
10. Grant Berry, Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, in 46:05.0
11. Mathew Ankney, Mercy Cycling, in 46:31.0
12. Ryan Barthel, Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, in 46:41.0
13. Eric Rasmussen, Porcupine-Specialized, in 46:47.0
14. Joshua Johnson, Big Shark Racing, in 47:03.0
15. Andrew Crooks, NYC Velo, in 47:18.0
16. Jeremy Gardner, Spokepost, in 47:30.0
17. Jay Strothman, Na, in 47:55.0
18. Aaron Elwell,, in 47:55.0
19. Jake Helmbrecht, Grumpy's-lgr, in 47:55.0
20. Sean Walker, Bikes To You, in 48:20.0

i wonder if bart is goin to get top 5 and if atrain will win or flat or break his frame or crash or have a mental break down.

i found myself in a mid december blizzard today in the big city and didnt know where to go or what to do, no cx race, no skis, no bikes??

so i went to fred meyer and gave out 20 dollar bills to people.

i got to push snow off the driveway, that was pretty cool.


Indohran said...

Mental Breakdown is the Answer to your Question.

Indohran said...

Go to and check Bart's Video out.