Saturday, December 20, 2008

primetime goes slowtime

i lost interest in this forum, but i had to move that gw video off the top of the page.

if you want to see some weak to mild humor check me out on face book under sly fox
we went to 2 movies in 2 days and
were going skiing tomorrow at solitude so watch out if youre up there, i might go big.

chippo said theres a cross race at wheeler in 2 weeks so go race with rico and caveman, then go to his party and get your season prizes and eat some stuff by rachel.

matt always gives sweet prizes and has a lot of food, thats why hes the master at packin it on.

i probably wont post on here unless i get a sweet video of me going big tomorrow, or if i see some sweet bike parts in mad town in 3 weeks.

in 4 weeks we are going to cabo for a week so that will be ok i guess, unless i get ganked, or knifed by reefer growers while riding up to la paz, until then i got nothing so i'll just keep riding in the slush and selling ugly jerseys on egay. the other day i was riding the road bike on a sheet of ice and crashed twice in 5 mins, it was a plowed sidewalk but it was so cold the ice formed and it was like riding in a hockey rink. it was crazy, couldnt believe i ate it, dang. road bike tires and ice dont mix.
this was the SWEETEST post ever

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Indohran said...

It looks like Sly is suffering from the Winter Blues. Go south my friend and recharge those batteries. Sly says Blogs are 2008, Facebook is 2009, what's 2010? Anyone have a clue? If you do?start it, biuld it, and then get rich.