Saturday, May 23, 2009

foxden week in review

tuesday was a moto session with darren lill and jeff louder, the lill engine that could says sitting 2nd wheel behind the man doesnt give much draft. considering i've been trying to pack it on to provide a bigger windscreen with my wide ass and overhanging belly. jeff says it gets easier every year but darren says hes putting out 120 more watts sitting 2nd wheel than 1st wheel.

these guys were out at saltair doing laps for an hour in the mega (not mega to j-lo) crosswinds 35mph sustained with 1min intervals at 43mph. see if you can hang, be glad they dont race locally. they would blow that shit up and make you want to quit racing since you just got dropped so hard.

wedsnesday was atrain wanted some pain up emigration.
the train wasnt rollin on the way up but he had a valiant effort to little mtn and about lost his lunch.
then we picked up rachel on the way down for some 45mph drafting sessions in the aero tuck positions. one trip up the canyon was enough for the old buck, dz does it 3 times in 19mins a peice. see if you can copy that. i dont think so.

thursday was a mellow day in the yard, i watched shauna lyn do all the tilling in the back yard and then she gave me a massage. friday we went to costco and loaded up on mexi cokes and hersheys syrup.i needed a new tv to watch the nba finals

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