Sunday, May 10, 2009

ppa is for real

we spent the day up in t town, the home of marty nothstein. track super hero.
the omish showed up and wanted to buy some bikes. that was a sight to see.

i didnt get a ticket but i saw these natzis walking around and i would not ever live here. this place is dirtier and more packed than nyc/san fran combined.
traffic jams are worse than nyc.

after you live in utah (the golden bubble) its bad to see such poverty and filth in the usa. ya there are worse places in the world but this is usa. philly is the bottom of the barrel.

ok that was a bit overkill but you get the idea.
people are moving out of town because of the organized gang and fraud called PPA, i wouldnt live here, but if you keep getting parking tickets and fines then dont own a car. people are too dependant on their beloved.


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