Saturday, May 23, 2009

this is why road racing is gay DQ's at sugar house crit???????

i was at the sugar house crit today handing out money and the stupid bitch missy the "official" came and kicked me off the course saying hand ups are illegal and they DQ'ed 3 or 5 guys they saw taking "hand ups"

what fucking joke

I hate missy and her stupid fucking rule book.
and i dont even care if she reads this. im sending it to marek too.
USCF sucks balls.

god thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard of

and her attitude has to go, ban this witch off racing.. what a buzz kill
and this isnt the first time this witch has given me trouble shes yelling like a banshee at me at the hell of the north telling me not to drive on the dirt road.

what the fuck is up this girls ass????????

i hate her!!!!!!
im never doing a UCA or road race in this town ever again along as shes around. do you understand how stupid this is that they DQ riders for taking money

somebody fire this girl, she isnt doing racing any good and she deserves to be fired.


Anonymous said...

What a joke, it is shit like this that reminds me why I hung up the racing shoes. Johnny O

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a hug.
Ill agree with you if you will agree with me the same for the SBO chick at registration for hell of the north and all the CX events. (same bad attitude)
what these people dont realize is that while we all are competing, we are all still there to have fun, From now on when I see them Im going to just acknowledge them by the name "fun-killer"

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

now you know what pisses me off, to the point of screaming profanity at this computer screen. stupid people like her that ruin the races, no wonder why there are no spectators and the same 40 guys lining up year after year. way to run a race series. i should blow their gay race series up and put on a real show with 10's of thousands of spectators, entertainment and fireworks. whos the genius that moved this race to memorial day weekend anyway? bunch of jack fuckin retards running the show. dont know a damn thing about marketing 101.

ya pat t cakes, i think your talking about dirks daughter britney shes got the same lame ass attitude as her dad. dirk cowley, bitchy and pissed off all the time. just like i sound right now.

this missy witch is 5 notches worse than britney. believe me.

Lone-li-Road said...

Wow! ha ha Don't let them know how you REALLY feel?!

I'd say it sucks that they don't allow things like that, because it was kinda fun, but they do need to keep it safe. They are looking out for the pack's best interest in the long run.

I'm 2 bucks richer though! YEE HAW!! ha ha

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

road racing is gay. im never going to spectate or race in any RMR or UCA race ever again.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

keep it safe from what? dumbass' that cant ride their bike to begin with???

sounds more like power hungry jack ass retards that have to put their foot down whenever possible to make them feel better because when they got their ass handed to them in 3rd grade, or their dads smacked them around too much so they have to take it out in authoritative manner.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

marek says "its not a cyclocross race"

like their UCA road racing series is above that. oh ya we here at the UCA dont condone free money hand ups. we like to make this race suck so we drive people away at every chance we get.

we are so above mtn biking and cyclocross. we are classy and snobby road racers. and its so serious too. wow all your road snobs that disagree with me need to wake the fuck up. its a bike race.

we here at the UCA are going to squash anything and everything fun. like riding around in circles on smooth pavement is fun.

HAVE FUN----- SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

2 YRS ago in st george i went on a road training ride with a few of my pals that happened to be on dirks FFKR team, i of course wasnt wearing a helmet and dirk told me not to ride with "his" team if i was going to endanger myself and "his team" with my tom foolery.

to that i say SUCK MY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

Its a free road and a free country i will ride with who and where i want how i want and im not going to listen to some old crotchy fuck who wants to bitch about me not wearing a helmet

KanyonKris said...

Wow, vent-o-rama.

I can see if she told you no handing out cash, but dumb to DQ the racers - should have just given them a warning if anything.

I don't need an organization for me to have fun on my bike. To much organizations ruins most things.

StupidBike said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Come give hand ups Monday. I will feed you afterward.

Anonymous said...

that lady's attitude is awful, she looks for anything to complain about. Officials get paid through our entry fees so even if they are going to knit pick everything racers do they should at least do it with a smile. thanks for the buck.
rider formly known as the pimp

Team Rico said...

CROSS RULES! Road racing and fun dont go together

JoshuaMcC said...

For the record, we at the BPW Race Series welcome and encourage the Sly Fox Cash Zone. We do not however, allow any "hand-downs". Please keep your hands above the riders waists at all times.

Anonymous said...

I f they were so concerned with safety she would not have been standing in the road 50 feet after the finish of a 30mph sprint trying to get the pack to turn into the parking lot "in the order you finished" so they can write numbers down. The USCF officials are so clueless, they have cameras, timing chips and every rider has a big ass number on their back and they still can't get the results right. Last year at Hell of The North she was yelling at a girl on the start line because her hair wasn't braided and it might cover part of her number. Pretty sure that is not in her dumb ass rule book, plus there were only 5 women in the field. Thank God Ohran has enough sense to keep the USCF far far away from the 'cross series.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I spoke with "someone" who raced it and asked how they did. They told me they finished with the pack but they had a guy in the brake. "road racing stuff"

LAME! seems like everyone always finishes with the pack and even if you have someone in the brake, what good is that for you?

Nate Page said...

So why don't they ban feed zones too?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

stuffed up by rule "3d6" no feeding in 1 hr crits....

doesnt say no hand ups. jacktards.

Anonymous said...

Re: I f they were so concerned with safety she would not have been standing in the road 50 feet after the finish of a 30mph sprint trying to get the pack to turn into the parking lot "in the order you finished" so they can write numbers down.


Seriously? Now that's fucking clueless.

Alex said...

Don't worry, the fun continued the next day at the Jordanelle crit. That same evil woman (bitch face missy) started yelling at me and lecturing me at the start line. she said my number was too wrinkled. it's kind of hard to keep a number perfectly smooth when i don't have a full zip jersey....everytime i have to go to the bathroom i have to wrinkle my jersey to get it over my head. she sucks. i always thought cindy yorgeson was evil, but she's nothing compared to missy (at least she was only strict about the real rules). It's time to file a complaint with the USCF. Let's at least try to get her banned.

Alex said...

Everyone annoyed at this woman should send an email complaining about Missy Burke's behavior at recent races. Here is the Officials contact info for USA Cycling:
Shawn Farrell

Anonymous said...

what's gay is that they make you buy or rent a chip but they weren't using them. Another reason Im not racing. There's a reason they get 200 racers every Thursday night at Rad Canyon BMX- because its run by the ABA, not USAC

Marek said...

wow fox if you were so offended why did you come talk to me about it...
I would have handed you the priem bell and let you hand out all the money you wanted. That would have been fun and Safe!! Sorry no hand ups at crit... one guy reaches for the money, falls down and down the whole pack goes down. It has nothing to do with the rulebook...though it is in the book... its all about safety.

Anonymous said...

After personally driving down from Park City, I felt the compelling need to explain the increased opportunities of potential crashes with Cris Fox. Although he did not agree with me, Cris understands that road racing, unlike cx racing or mtb racing, is inherently different from road racing. I asked him not to offer $ like that in crits. I believe that it only increases danger by creating a distraction from a racer's responsibility to focus on the course and the competition. After 20 years of racing, I have never seen premes offered on the sidelines like that. The officials are trying to keep the race safe for all of us and I applaud them for their efforts.