Sunday, February 24, 2008

hungry in seattle

in the last 4 days i have eaten 2 apples and 1 pro bar.

and im not lying,

im going until march 15th, if you think your hungry now you dont even know.
im trying to match this girl, shes been doing it for 11 days straight!!! but its a race, and if its a race then i will win!
i'll try to get some strength today for some better pics. the weather here is quite rare, sunny blue skies.

you can even see the mountains.

that happens here like 8 days a year.

yesterday was busy, im tired and trying to sleep off an 18 hour time diff.

i scored this sweet road bar and 200 items of new cycling clothing.
if you're wondering what kind or style of clothes come to the slc bike swap march 8th, i'll be unloading it all there for premium prices

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