Sunday, February 24, 2008

is your sun out

just for caveman

in search of the best burrito, i have been to a few places around the planet, most recently if i must say it again, down under.
im always on the look out for something that matches my faves of slc.
like rubios, barbacoa, lone star. those are the top 3 all time.
out of state in kansas, wisconsin, colorado and here in seatown you get qdoba which is a copy of barbacoa and just as good. some of these places claim to have almost organic or fresh ingredients and are prepared quickly with no seating and waiting required which is a must for my style of instant gratification.
down in arizona you get la salsa. that used to be my all time fave but they moved out of slc for some dumb reason. i used to go there every day back in the 90's and all my biz couldnt keep them around. if you care they used to be right next to cafe rio on 4th south. right in my hood.
while down in canberra gram said once there was a mexican place in town but it moved and he didnt know where.
that sucks because i have not had any mexican food in 3 weeks, and its going to be at least 3 more weeks the way things are looking now.
anyway, canberra australia is the capitol of the country and its roughly the size of slc, less populated but the same size as the valley.
we found one burrito shop in downtown and i must say it was very lame, no black beans, "brown refried paste" smeared on a very white tort like a butter spread????
heaps of white rice, some creamy sauce that was so bad i wouldnt tell atrain to eat it
no less than 6 pieces of dry cubed chicken?? eeewww
some kind of cheese sprinkled so lightly i couldnt even see it.
oh generously piled green lettuce, probably iceburg but it was pretty green.
the old stand by...cubed tomato pico salsa.
all this for 10 bucks. really bad and lame. i didnt even eat all of it. i was pissed and wanted to throw it at the lady but didnt.
they have no clue how to make mexican food. i could be rich if i opened a barbacoa franchise down there.
who wants to eat indian and chinese all the time???

cuz thats all they have down there


B-Horn said...

Yeah! No awesome Mexican food, just canned Hormel for the Gringo's! Let the caveman's try to do it!!!

Forrest said...

I grew up in Baltimore, at the time there was no Latino community, hence no Mexican food at all in the city. It was seafood, Greek, Italian,eastern Euro food and Asian. I did not get exposed to Mexican food until I moved to Colorado out of high school. I was instantly hooked. I think I have had at least 3 burritos every week since then. I feel your pain of the burrito withdraw. You needed to make your own down there, but then that means you actually would have to turn on a stove.

Forrest said...

From CNN
Ten guys women should run from:

The "Liberated" Man
I used to have a friend who said, "I seem to have a very liberating effect on whatever man I'm dating. We go on three dates, and the next thing I know he's moved in with me, he's quit his job, and his car is up on blocks in my yard."

Certain men are more prone to this type of liberation than others, I have found: Carpenters, river guides, and flamenco guitarists all fall into the category of men who are perfectly willing to hand themselves over to the care of a good woman, as well as visual artists, stage performers, and racers (ski, bike, boat) of all kinds.

Sohmy said...

I thought I saw you cruisin the MTB on Dixie drive this weekend?

The Racin Caveman said...

Ya. Fish is easy enough for me to cook. But somehow I still end up paying someone else to make make me sushi. I wonder if that would change if I lived up-side-down in Australia?